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IV. Dharvur's Pledge 🔹

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IV. Dharvur's Pledge 🔹 Empty Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:31 am

Name: Dharvur's Pledge

Slot: Body

Type: Armor

Class: Unique

Weight: Heavy

Quantity: Limited

Element: Earth

Durability: 2x S-Rank


Requirements: None

Set: Dharvur's Tribute

Pieces: Dharvur's Guidance, Dharvur's Pledge, and Dharvur's Redeemer

Lore: Somewhere in the scorching deserts of Desierto, the Spiral of Tal-Rasha was located in the middle of nowhere. The Spiral of Tal-Rasha was a tall tower that spiraled upwards. Inside this Spiral, Tal-Rasha had stored quite some knowledge. Many attempted to locate the Spiral of Tal-Rasha, however, it was nearly impossible to be found in the vast deserts of Desierto. Though, those who did manage to find it were greeted by Dharvur. Once a warlord, he pledged to guard Tal-Rasha's Spiral after the mage saved his child from a fatal illness.


  • Speed: -60


  • Minor Earth Resistance: The user receives a Minor Earth Resistance.


  • Name: Dharvur's Haste
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements: Dharvur's Pledge
    Type: Self-Buff (Speed)
    Element: Earth
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user increases their speed.

  • Name: Into The Sand
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Dharvur's Pledge
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Earth
    Range: 25 Meters
    Cooldown: Once per topic
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user can only use this spell once. They may turn into sand and move elsewhere within a range of 25 meters of where they were standing. The user breaks apart into sand and moves away like a gust of sand elsewhere. While they are turned into sand, they are invulnerable.

Set Bonus Spell:

  • Name: Dharvur's Sandstorm
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 400
    Requirements: Dharvur's Tribute
    Type: Supplementary/Debuff
    Element: Earth
    Range: 30 Meters
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: It is said that when someone would find the Spiral of Tal-Rasha a sudden sandstorm would occur. It would make it incredibly hard to see and coordinate movements to advance towards the Spiral. While the silhouette of the Spiral could be seen in the distance, no one would ever reach it. Someone else was present there along with them in the sandstorm. Someone who would decimate everyone before they reached the Spiral of Tal-Rasha. This spell creates a sandstorm around the user with a 30 meter radius. Everyone in the sandstorm suffers from Half-Blind and an Endurance debuff.

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