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Farming Simulator X789 °3 [Rania]

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Rania was still stationed in Marigold Town; the southern city was busy on this very particular day, and it seemed that there were still more things for the young Paladin to accomplish, before she continued her journey. Rania was currently no longer working at the local hospital and after offering them her services for several months, the healer decided that it was time to continue her journey somewhere else. Much to her surprise however, it appeared that the people of Marigold were still struggling to keep it together after the most recent demonic incursion in the previous years. It was a blight that befell the whole country and everyone suffered, some more than others. In Marigold in particular it was the theatre, which was usually a popular and far and wide known place of entertainment and arts, that was struggling to continue from where they had stopped.

The theatre itself had been broken into shambles, not completely of course but it definitely needed remodelling. Many of the famous actors and actresses had left to return to their home, other countries or simply their home cities in order not to suffer from these circumstances any longer and it seemed that the theatre had suffered a lot of losses that it was struggling to regain. Because of this, people who were traveling through and had some time to spare were asked to visit the theatre and offer up their help. Anything they could do, be it with the play itself, or rebuilding the stage or assisting the actors and everyone else involved as helpful at this rate. Rania had done so several times before, mostly because it actually yielded a decent reward and was always a good time. Rania enjoyed helping people, so this certainly wasn’t a problem for the Paladin. Even though she did believe that her magic was meant for greater purposes, she didn’t think it would be a bad thing to spend more time here in Marigold.

With that in mind, Rania had returned to the theatre and introduced herself to the manager who was handling all the volunteers. Rania was one of them of course and so they already knew each other. He appeared to be extra fond of her healing abilities and always pointed out that he thought that it would be a great idea for her to simply start by checking with all the actors and actresses if everyone was okay and continue on with the workers that were rebuilding the stage. Rania too thought this was a good idea and began walking around the area to see if anyone needed help. There were a few cases here and there where the workers had some minor injuries by lifting the wrong way or accidently cutting themselves, but other than that they appeared to be just fine. Rania was able to help mostly using her magic and she did this for the remainder of the day. At the end of the day, she was paid a handsome sum of money for her services and left the theatre to return to her home.


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