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Silver City IX [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City IX [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:35 pm

Countless of letters, Masami felt as if it was better to take all of them despite having to leave Myras soon. The client was satisfied of having Masami answering only one letter, but this time the Joyan had felt like visiting the same ramen shop to at least get some payment in return. One of the benefits of being mage in a guild is that people recognize your efforts and pay you. He quietly sat waiting inside the ramen shop, then met with the woman he was waiting for when she finally served his order. A bowl of ramen, served hot with lots of garnish, very Joyan-scented and Masami knew that this was no counterfeit. "Good morning." he greeted once more, then the woman smiled back. "What, here again?" Neru bantered, having to place hands around her waists because of the familiar situation. Masami snapped the chopsticks and mixed the ramen, having it ooze more of that fresh smoke that symbolizes how greatly cooked this bowl of ramen was. "I came here as a customer," Masami uttered, then picking up one of the letters from his pockets, held between two fingers, "unless you want to become my client for today?" Cheeky smiles, something the woman adored and appreciated off the boy's jest, she lightly giggled before pulling the chair in front of Masami in order to take a seat. "I know what you came here for. How's the magic?" he had a palm supporting her cheek, blatantly interested and showed with a tapping of fingernails upon the tabletop. As if being judged, Masami lightly blew through the ramen raised in chopsticks, having to munch before he'd answer. Although not saying anything else, he energetically raised a fist in front of him, the thumb raised to the side; he wasn't sure if he was doing well, that's why he came here!

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Because then he would be enjoying his meal before they went off, they still had some time to stall and chat. "I'll reward you for our conversation, tell me something interesting." she leaned closer, as if trying to say something. In response to this and instead of being flustered, Masami gently pulled the bowl and turned away, as if being possessive over his own food. "I managed to conduct them, successfully." he chewed and swallowed the food before uttering this, although he still had some food left over his mouth when he spoke. The woman's face it up, but Masami was not sure whether this was genuine or not. "I will also be leaving this city soon, I just wanted to thank you." hasn't he thanked before? He forgot, but surely it was better to thank twice rather than never. The woman did not seem to know what was up, so perhaps she was not in the mountains when the blond trained with Tomoe? It wasn't entirely questionable, considering Tomoe's slightly... no, he appeared to have been very frightened when Masami was unleashing his magic, but then the caster himself wasn't aware of the occurrence. "How nice of you, boy." she replied, but seemed to have been left unsatisfied. Not exactly sure what she wanted, Masami continued to eat. "Just so you know, I'm not as nice as you think, but I appreciate the effort."

Masami raised a brow at her, then genuinely smiled. "Of course," tapping the chopsticks upon the mouth of the bowl and slightly imitating her facial expressions, Masami felt relieved to have been aware of this the whole time, "nobody in their right mind is capable of playing with corpses while acting nice." At least, let the boy have his own fun, just like the woman's same medicine.

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Although his intentions may come off as vague, Masami's impish nature will forever stay despite his very unpredictable reactions at moments like this. Upon scanning the woman, the blond had believed to have checkmated her; or in Joyan, this is called 'tsumi' meaning there's no other way around it. He felt as if the woman was annoyed to have felt the feeling of being used instead of using, but neither did they matter to Masami. "Alright, let's talk." her eyes appeared to be fiery, and Masami's neck felt as if being choked by thin strands... no, he was being choked, in fact. The woman's threads were too thin to be noticed by plain sight, but it was definitely there. Masami felt the mana engulf through the now amplifying pain, although he acted as if nothing was happening as he continued to slurp from his meal. The stinging feeling of bleeding from something too sharp, the cold air piercing through those small gaps of flesh. If he isn't careful about his answers, he would definitely die. "I honestly only cared about the money." she uttered in response to Masami's silence, because he doesn't feel like answering nor dying anytime soon, and instead analyzing the woman's character. Strict, giddy, and chaotic. Those types of people will do anything for money, not necessarily good or evil as long as their greed is fulfilled. For the woman, perhaps it didn't even matter to her what heroes or villains are, as long as she gets recognized and gets something in return. Masami didn't need to ask unto why she thinks like this, rather, because characters are personalized like this and was aware due to the countless of characters he has played in the theater. "The next time we meet in Hosenka, we won't be acquaintances anymore."

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That was a bit too overwhelming for Masami to accept, surely knowing that this woman would be willing to play the villain. If she knew Masami this way, then does she also know that he will be owning the theater in Hosenka? Or perhaps... she was already on to him in the first place. Knowing that someone he was acquainted with, now becoming the villain of a certain story, slightly hurt him. The boy looked at her with disdainful eyes, blatantly not amused with her answer, even if he was in no position to act this way. Certain purple flames engulfed all over Masami's surroundings, causing more peace for others as only Neru and Masami could see what was happening. "You dare to defy me?" he asked, simply that of a question, as the threads cut and kink due to the temperature. Neru jumped back in surprise, looking around to notice how nobody else was reacting to this. "Seems like what you see is your greatest fear." immediately, the fire rushed back in, but Masami was no longer being held hostage. With a smile stamped upon his face, he continues to consume what was left over the bowl. "These are very well cooked, by the way." now, he was mocking her with no shame at all, and his neck continues to bleed. Many of these scars have boldly manifested ever since he left Joya, but it wasn't as if he was ungrateful about these but... he has more stories to write in his letters. His current client didn't seem amused as well, as if forcing herself to become evil this whole time and wasn't willing to comply to what she wants. In a few moments, Masami would leave after being rewarded, just like how she promised it would be like.

"Fine, do what you need." she sighed, walking off as Masami continued to consume his bowl of ramen. When she came back, she had a letter in one of her hands, then threw it on top of the table, her eyes were filled of disdain... no, they seem sorrowful, very similar to Masami's mother. The thought had left him extremely alarmed, causing him to pull himself up by placing his palms on top of the table to lean closer, analyzing her facial expressions in such a shameless way. "Meet me in Hosenka when the time comes," then, she pulled her sleeve, revealing darkly purple-colored veins, glowing from the inside of the skin in her arm – however, she leaned closer as to not let anybody see, "by then, I would be able to know more about the curse." As the boy tried to keep his calm, he couldn't get his mind off of the veins. The fact that she called this a 'curse' was enough to unsettle him, knowing that these are almost the exact same thing as the one from Masami's mother, and that they never ever heal, like what a 'curse' does.

Sitting back, finishing the bowl with a last sip, he nodded. "Thank you." afterwards, he simply took the package and went off. Like she said, they will meet again somewhere else.

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