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False Prodigy - Erebus [Quest]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

False Prodigy - Erebus [Quest]  Empty Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:34 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus approached Magnolia Town a few days ago, and since helping the shop owner, provided with the large sum of money and stolen goods, decided to lay low until the end of the weekend, now with it being a warm Monday morning, he woke up and prepared to go make a living as per the usual.

Erebus had recalled a party he was invited too was cued for the night so that meant errands were underfoot, after all, Erebus had to make sure things would continue to his liking so that he might collect debt after the fact. The target to meet with, Giuliano-- An extremely rich business man, with a penchant for cutthroat nature. He leaves all that behind when it comes to family, as any caring man knows family is always first. He is a loving husband and a doting father. Well-versed in nature- and light-type magic, he can also be quite a force to reckon with if one gets on his wrong side. There would be no wrong side tonight however, when they met at the party building they instantly collaborated and the show was about to be underway.

Giuliano explained that he Luca would be using magic, only that he wasn't and that it was really going to be Giuliano, and not even Luca; much less the guests could know otherwise. Erebus was escorted to a grand hall at the party destination. Erebus was caked in dark robes, his green hair showing from under the hood on his head. Erebus waited for all the guests, profiling the curious and the keen so not to allow them to cause an upset at the party. Once everyone was settled in, they watched Luca pretend to perform magic, with the dark room glowing an ethereal green and flowers springing up across the wall decor. Erebus used this opportunity to hide behind a pillar and turn invisible, when he came out, no one would see him, however, his eyes were laid out to watch anyone who might gander towards the loft at the top of the room, where Giuliano was casting spells.
Erebus would calmly tap the shoulders of anyone looking in the opposite direction from the podium where Luca was, simply and direct, he made sure to keep everyone invested, and if they weren't he would harass them into drawing their contact off Giuliano. At the end of the party, which drew out late from afternoon to evening, Erebus acted like an assistant helping the folks out the door, and where work was due, money was cue. He approached the boy Luca, bowing to the fake's "eloquent" abilities. He then kissed Luca's mother at the cheek, thanking her for her son's powerful and beautiful chain of magician-ry before going to meet his business colleague; the infamous but commendable, Giuliano. "Thank you for everything Rogue, I do hope you stay in town to help me further, I pay handsomely." He dropped a bag of jewels into the Unavoidable One's hand. A tilt and nod and Erebus smiled before disappearing into thin air.


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