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Exterminator: Purging The Hounds {Quest}{Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Exterminator: Purging The Hounds {Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:55 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Aldenwald, a small village that lies right outside the boundary of Dahlia was a place that held the forgotten population of a people. It was true that these folks were probably considered fools for living outside of the city and away from the constant and consistent protection of the Daeva's Eye Guild that seemingly guarded the city walls against intruders. But then again, I have no idea other than that they were in need of help unfortunately from my own kind in a sense. The dark races had been picking them off in increasing numbers at a consistent rate. Reports of folks leaving the protection of the village traveling between the two towns being snatched up in the darkness and never heard from again. The request had come from the mayor of the town,  I guess I might as well meet up with him and discuss the full terms of this mission. Though granted I am really not in the mood to kill, let alone those like myself. This felt like hunting a misunderstood creature or a beast for its natural way of existence.

Lucian walked into the town, there was no point in looking at the natives, they seemed to eye him with a sideways eye that couldn't shake its dissent. They were wary even more so than the Dahlia folks they seemed to be but who could blame them. Out here they were on their own, more like livestock than human beings. Just waiting for the moment to be snatched up like fresh food. Walking through the city, Lucian made his way to the largest building in the town. The grand building that served as the mayor's house and town hall, was rather modest compared to most but it was definitely still the only building that deserved the distinction. Walking up to the door, Lucian knocked on the door and walked inside. The mayor seemed to pace at the end of the grand hall, his hair grey despite his young age. So maybe from the great stress that soiled his form constantly, it was easy to decipher that was the cause of his premature grey hairs.


#2Lucian V. Crimson 

Exterminator: Purging The Hounds {Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:57 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian continued forward as the mayor continued to stride back and forth, after noticing Lucian he quickly approached gripping Lucian's hand in a firm embrace, shaking it up and down with violent and craze excitement.

"Please mister mage, I'm glad you're here. As I'm sure you have read the request, let me go ahead and give you the details. We want you to specifically hunt some of the adult Lycans in the area. "

Leaning backward Lucian let him continued keeping his eyes solely on the mayor, as he focused on the parameters of his mission.

"The vampire covens in the area are under control with some wards we have placed on our homes. But as I'm sure you've come to find out, these werewolves have no direct deterrents other than silver and that is rather hard to come across. So if you can cull some of their numbers we will reward you handsomely."

Lucian knew that he would have to kill his own...But if these Lycans were unjustly hunting humans then those sins couldn't be excused, I will have to do what I need to do. This is not enjoyable. Having to choose between both halves of myself. But these people need help plain and simple. I just pray too many don't make me kill them this evening.

" It will be done."

The mayor prayerfully shook his hand and nodded in thanks, as the mayor went to continue a bell rang out, the sharp ringing cutting through the air. The mayor got up and prepared himself. Clearly that was a message system to alert to some sort of danger that was around. And judging by the mayor's reaction, someone has seen something.

"Sir mage, that is the bell for Lycans! We leave it to you, sir."

Lucian pushed up from the table, sighing as he cracked his bones, this was going to be a got damn drag...And I really don't feel like it but here we go I guess. Lucian walked out of the building doors, he smelted at least 5 of them. The night air was warm from the summer heat, from the recent setting of the sun, the glow bugs flew around the air lighting up slightly as they danced in the starlight.

"I suggest you all come out. Let's get this over with."

Lucian crossed his arms and stood in the center of the largest clearing of the town square. He could catch sights of the various people peaking out from their homes, their curiosity getting the best of them rather than their fears. He could care less about having an audience but this definitely wasn't going to make things any easier. Five large werewolves jumped from the top of various buildings, black and brown in color they all seemed to smile with their maws of razor-sharp teeth. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as they circled him.


#3Lucian V. Crimson 

Exterminator: Purging The Hounds {Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:00 am

Lucian V. Crimson
"I smell...Wolf on you human. What are you?"

The most abrasive of the wolves ask as his black fur shimmered in the light.

"Your reckoning."

"We will tear you apart just like any human, regardless of what you are."

The lightest brown of the wolves of seemed to drool in anticipation.

"I do not want blood, but if yall don't leave, then I will be forced to kill you."


The abrasive wolf collapsed to the ground in a heap as Lucian snapped his windpipe, as he cracked his neck. The corpse laid on the ground in a heap, the death gurgles were pitiful, to say the least. The other four werewolves rushed forward together all of them roaring at the death of their comrade, dodging the first ones attack, Lucian pushed into him one with red fur, the two of them crashing into each other like a ball of fur.

The other two werewolves one with deep brown fur and light brown fur attacked together in synchronized attacks. The two swiped at him with vicious claws, dodging backward the light brown one jumped from the dark brown's back catching Lucian in his retreat.

Dropping under the lunge attack, Lucian pushed up with his legs to kick the werewolf in the gut. Rotating to the back of the of light brown werewolf Lucian pushed his hands through its chest, plastering his heart against the ground.

Lucian prepared for the next attack, the three remaining wolves had regained themselves, standing side by side, Lucian could tell that they were going to probably split up and attack again. Lucian let himself transform into his half-wolf state, the people in the buildings seemed to shake in surprise, but their fear was nowhere near worth the reaction or worry. He was handling their problems for them.


#4Lucian V. Crimson 

Exterminator: Purging The Hounds {Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:04 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched as the werewolves seemed to react to his transformation, they seemed to grow angry even more so madder than they had been before, Lucian couldn't blame them but it was what it was.

"You kill your own kind!"

"Because I am human as much as I am a wolf. You kill them more than necessary."

The wolves snarled and growled, obviously angry.

"We kill because they are like a disease. They spread further than they need to. They attack us. And so if we cut their numbers and run them to death. Then so be it. The children, the women, the young, and the old, they all deserve death."

Lucian walked forward and prepared for the next engagement. The werewolves mobilized one attacking from the roofs. One from the ground and one with a direct lunge attack. Reacting to their attacks, Lucian grabbed the wolf with the direct lunge attack and threw him into the one from the ground.

Preparing to finish them off, the one from the roof landed on Lucian biting at his shoulders and digging into him with his claws. Lucian flipped backward and kicked the werewolf in his head, the creature unlatching as he knocked off.

Separating from them again, Lucian prepared for the next attack. As the one from the roof returned to attack again, Lucian prepared for the attack and swung his leg up. Focusing his magic into his legs, he brought down his leg in a vicious ax kick that cracked the skull of the approaching werewolf.
Turning back towards the other two remaining wolves, Lucian waited for them to attack again. As the duo prepared to attack again, Lucian gathered the mana into his arms and prepared for the two attacks. The two werewolves attack from either side, pushing out with his arms, the fire and electrical energy ran its course through the full ends of the bodies of the werewolves. They both were shocked to death and singed beyond recognition.

Transforming back to his human form. Lucian went back towards the meeting hall. The mayor came out cautious of him as he approached. Handing Lucian his payment, Lucian took it in his hands and prepared to walk away and go back to Dahlia, this city and its surrounding areas were becoming increasingly annoying. Maybe it was time to see if other werewolves that are worth dealing with rather than this bunch. Clearly they were far too gone for any true conversation.



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