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The Longest Break [open]

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#1Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break [open] Empty on Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:10 pm

Azure Fenic

Even though most of his time had been spent in the higher districts Azure couldn't deny his roots, growing up he was more or less raised in a low-class village so he could understand the hardships some had to face. The Goat's Beard Inn wasn't his favorite places to stay but it had to do, for now, the information that he was able to gather thus far has been exceedingly useful as now he doesn't have to pay for anything at a cafe in the middle district along with having Bandits in his pocket. His room was spotless like no one had even slept there at all. With what little time he had left to himself Azure unbuttoned his jacket neatly placing it on the bed and opened the window to gaze at surroundings.

He sometimes wondered how life would have been if he hadn't responded to his brother's letter that day but is then met with a server head pain. This just might be the longest break that I have ever had thus far, he thought to himself sitting in window frame not that he was had any complaints about it running off on some random info hunt. The scholar wanted to interact with others and above all create a bond with someone, however, it would seem that would be put on hold.

"The city of Myras what secrets do you hold within you?" he asked himself "Whatever they are I'll find them and hold them ransom." he finished pressing his back to the frame allowing the wind to hit him while relaxing. Azure began to relax a tad too much as he started to fall asleep only to be jolted awake by a loud crash, now he would think that it was one of the many people he 'befriended' but it was just a mine fight taking place just outside the inn.

#2Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break [open] Empty on Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:37 pm

Azure Fenic

The scholar watched as two bandits duked it out in front of the inn When he realized they were members of the Hori group Getting involved would look bad on my part better to leave them alone he thought plopping onto the bed. Where did things go wrong? he asked himself Thinking back to when he first arrived, all the fear and uncertainty made life hard along with not knowing anything from the tongue to culture "Thank god for being a quick study." he muttered reaching into his pants pocket and pulling out a note he wrote to himself about his ultimate goal "Ya that's what I want from all of this..." he said aloud sitting up and looking at the clock above the bed realizing he slept the whole morning afternoon away.

Though he hadn't gotten any word from the guild in some time he thought nothing of it as it just meant that his skills were not needed for anything as of yet though he has had moments where he questioned some of the members of this group and their motives but he wasn't one to talk. He knew what the guild asked of him and still sign up anyway thankfully his parents are far enough to not be affected by any of his actions well that's what he hoped.

Azure walked around the room all though it was more pacing around, in this case, thinking of what to do before he headed back to the guild to relax even more and maybe get some dirt on the others just in case. The scholar looked out his window looking at the start night sky, extending his arm as if he was grabbing at a star. He grew tired and bored with his own thoughts running around his head so he turned in for the night.

#3Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break [open] Empty on Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:48 pm

Azure Fenic

It was now morning, the sunlight illuminated the room causing Azure to cover himself with the covers as it was too bright for him and he wanted a few more minutes of rest before officially starting his day. He rolled about for a few minutes until he the sounds of everyone else starting their day in the inn though he knew the moment he left the room they would pretend to be happy to see him. Why did their opinions of him even matter it wasn't as though he knew any of them on a personal level all he had was the information they don't want in the public. The scholar sat up with his crazy bed head and did a quick arm stretch before actually getting out of bed and heading to the bath to hopefully wake up. While in the tub Azure thought of his idea person and their perfect ending but could never settle on the perfect setting for it.

After the bath, he did his routine of doing his hair then brushing his teeth but he still not fully awake so he dressed himself the best a half-awake person could and sat on the bed hoping that someone would just burst in and have a mission or something for him to do, his game of blackmail was starting to go stale at this point but who knew what the day would bring him. He stood up and shook his head like a dog would when they get wet to fully wake up his eyes light up with energy showing that he was ready for the day Maybe I'll meet someone interesting today? a question he always asked himself with a carefree smile on his. Azure left his room and slid down the handrail nearly crashing into some of the workers "Let's keep up the good work everyone!" he told them with innocent intent behind it after all he was doing in the name of fun. Walking outside the inn he took a deep breath let out a small sigh before skipping his way up to the middle district for breakfast.

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