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Silver City VIII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:14 pm

He would almost have forgotten all about the previous interactions about the Joyan mage. After a day, Masami just had to come back to the same restaurant, believing that the previous quest didn't end in a way that satisfied Masami. "Good morning." he greeted upon entering the same shop, but was greeted by the same woman, who was about to leave the restaurant by the time Masami entered. "Oh! You're that boy, what brings you here?" she stopped in front of Masami, hands on her waists, wearing the same attire as if she did not change clothes at all. Her hair was still quite damp and she had a leather bag hung on her right arm. There was nothing else to inspect, and Masami wanted to get straight to the point as usual. "I want to learn how you did that." he tilted his head a little, as if referring to something, such an occurrence. How can he forget the corpse puppets? Thus, the woman laughed, leaning closer for a whisper. "My, my... you're quite the terrible one." Masami had believed that she said this due to the fact that the magic was not intended for normal users, and the controlling of corpses was not something a normal person would do, but then the boy was curious, and she just had to get herself amused.

Then, she grabbed him by the waist and dragged him outside. "I'll teach you while shopping. Trying to ruin the business by distracting me?" although that was merely a banter, Masami held out a shocked expression, wanting to beg to differ. Of course, that wasn't his intention. He didn't even know that she worked here, assuming that she was simply just an aristocrat's daughter. She wrote many letters and those have already stopped, perhaps it's Masami's time to respond to the letters this time?

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Silver City VIII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:22 pm

Masami prepared multiple lines regards convincing a person into teaching him their ways, but too bad the woman was too persuaded to even decline. It wasn't a lie that she was a fan of the boy, so it was easy for Masami to get what he wanted immediately but... this wasn't the way he wanted it. He carried her bags as they strolled around the Lower District, shopping for ingredients to sell to the upper districts, still threatening the people into lower the prices of their overpriced goods, all of these weren't new. "Your scar was healing." Neru, the woman, leaned closer when she checked Masami's lower lip. "Ah, yes..." he didn't want to directly tell her that the ointment was not effective, but it was better to tell the truth than to lie, "it was not healing as quick as I needed it to." The boy forced a smile upon his face, looking away so that he would not lean as close to the woman. She giggled upon the answer, the two of them still walking, "My, that's a shame." it did not seem like she was disappointed at all, but her tone of voice revealed some sort of surprised reaction from her, as if having it answer some of her questions. Then, she halted upon seeing two townsmen run in the same alley, and Masami halted as well. "You see those?" she pointed over them, obviously a victim running for the thief, but it seemed that the rest of the people are too used to the scenario to even bother. Neru swirled her finger up in the air, molding her mana into a piece of thread, then upon tapping the air, it was as if the thread flew over to the thief's ankle, then she pulled so that he'd fall down on his face.

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Silver City VIII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:31 pm

When a loud thump could be heard from afar, the victim finally caught up to the thief, holding the thief down in order to immobile him. Neru giggled one more time before grabbing Masami's wrist without permission, then she ran just like the rest of the people. Automatically, Masami had to follow, without even having the time to process all of the scenario. "And, that's how you become a hero." laughing as if she was used to it as well, Neru did not show any signs of stopping all these sorts of pranks anytime soon. Once they were in a more quiet area, Masami tried catching his breath although the woman did not seem like she was tired at all. "Do the same thing I did." this time, it was an order, offering a hand for Masami to hold so that he would be able to lift himself up. He knew what to do, because he was watching clearly when all of those happened. After taking a deep breath, Masami pointed a finger upwards, then swirled it over the air, imitating the woman's gestures. It wasn't going as exactly as Masami wanted it to be. Instead of threads, it was a thin ring of fire that the blond's mana extracted. Nevertheless, the woman laughed and walked away, wherein Masami would follow without looking away from the finger, thinking he'd better focus. "You're a fast-learner." she mentioned, Masami not being sure whether this was a compliment or a friendly banter because of Masami's efforts. It didn't take him more than a minute to stop, taking more deep breaths from that mana extraction. The ring of fire immediately dispersed into the air afterwards, as if it did not exist in the first place. "Ah, you'll get used to it." she added, making hand gestures that meant "follow me" and Masami willingly did.

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Silver City VIII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:43 pm

However, he wasn't scared at all despite being with a woman who had attempted to kill him and his guild master a week or so ago. Masami still continued to stare at the tip of the finger that swirled around the air, playing with fire, a rule the children's parents would implement so that nobody would get hurt. After a while, the ring of fire finally twisted itself into a thread-like substance. "Miss Neru...!" before she could look to check up on the boy's progress, the fire disappeared, as if it wasn't there in the first place. "Ah, oh..." the boy frowned in disappointment, but immediately forced a smile right after, scratching his nape in response as a single hand held unto all of the stacked items, all of those without staggering, not one bit. When the woman saw this, her eyes widened. "Masami, try throwing that thread on me." an order as if she knew exactly what was happening, she made a step back and nodded. With confusion, Masami followed nevertheless, and spun the same finger into the air, the fire twisting into a thread-like substance, quicker than before due to finally having a target. Slightly, he was scared that she might get hurt, so he looked away upon tapping the air in Neru's direction. When the thread was finally wrapped around her neck, as if choking her, he did not know what to do next. Before he would panic, the woman held the thread down, lightly tugging it to catch the blond's attention. "Look at me." she mentioned, and Masami did. "Relax!" she smiled this time, along with a giggle, and it was effective. When Masami relaxed, the thread disappeared, but what seemed to be a red tattoo had stamped itself upon the woman's cheek. "Now, watch me."

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Silver City VIII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:53 pm

This time, she warped another thread, but over a random person. For some reason, this one felt stronger, and quicker than before. Masami raised a brow and Neru smiled at him, aware that he got the idea from why and how it happened this way. The victim of the thread immediately choked himself unconscious, but Neru made sure that he would not die; she didn't had anymore need for more puppets. Right afterwards, the mark below her eye disappeared, and Masami was left silently in awe. "Unlike me, your magic is... made for supporting, I guess." she shrugged, as if unsure compared to her previous statements. "Don't worry, it didn't hurt. It just stung a little at first but... you'll get better at it." Masami wanted to ask more after this, but he felt as if he was asking for a little too much. The woman wasn't just a Joyan, but she is considered one of Myras' aristocrats, and her clothing has been making her appear richer than the townsmen here in the Lower District, so that's a thing. In an hour, they would finally come back to the restaurant in the upper districts, and Masami stayed there to rest for a little while. The restaurant was heavily Joyan inspired, and Masami was not willing to practice his magic under roofs of wood, however he was provided free ramen to spend some time with, considering it as a reward for today's request. Then, before Masami could have left the restaurant, Neru had to say her last words, knowing that they will part again. "Your mask," she said in an eerie tone, not smiling at all this time, "you better watch out for it." with her hand pointing at it, Masami had no choice but to feel anxious until the end.

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