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Conquest: Orias Stone Circle

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Conquest: Orias Stone Circle Empty Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:39 am


Progress expanding the reach of the syndicate had slowed down this month, Kon had expected them to have complete control of Worth Woodsea, but yet reports were lacking in the dense forest. He, personally, had lost track of time during the month, lacking memories of long sections. Perhaps there was interfering with his mind, tricking, playing with it, Midas’ own demented soul didn’t have that sort of influence, meanwhile the other entity residing in his heart didn’t seem to have such hostile intentions at least none that he could perceive. With the rest of his group seemingly failing him in such a simple task, the burden fell upon him to take over parts of the forest. To the best of his knowledge the Orias Village had been seized alongside the mysterious Zagan Treasury how Joshua had managed to take it over he had no idea. Kon in the meantime had begun his trek through the forest using a Thought Projection looking to diplomatically take over the Orias Stone Circle by talking to the people of the neighbouring village.

Using the projection was still something he needed to become used to, normally he would push undergrowth and low-hanging vines away from him, but instead he just passed through them as though he were a ghost, a truly unusual experience. He had been able to reach the stone circles after a roughly 20 minute walk, having been unable to get there directly without prior knowledge of the location, instead reaching there by starting elsewhere in the forest. As he drew near and near, Kon couldn’t help but notice a magic aura around the Stone Circle. It felt as if there was some sort of barrier shielding it from him and potentially other magical entities. He did however notice one thing, a tiny crack forming in front of him. The barrier was a lot weaker than he had initially sensed, was the energy source failing or did it know Kon didn’t mean any harm, he didn’t know. In any case, he managed to pass through without any pain or pressure.

Drawing to the center, he scanned the monument, taking in the detailing of its crumbling marble structure. It was ancient pre-dating civilisations long since forgotten, the creators lost in the chapters of histories. Said to have been carved by the elves by some, others woodland spirits, Kon held no opinion on the matter and instead was determined to take the ruins and tighten his grasp within Worth Woodsea. Reaching the center, a powerful bolt of blue magic shot out into the sky before exploding, sending out a cascade of lights and noise. “An alarm?” He thought to himself, before noticing the rustling bushes all around him.

Dozens of gnomes rushed out at him, some wielding spears others wielding staffs ready to cast magic. Those that dared attack him flew through him as if he were butter. Kon meanwhile rose his left hand and spoke in a command tone. “If you don’t want to die, or lose your monument, let me talk.” Hushed words were muttered throughout the group before what seemed to be their leader approached Kon talking in broken-Fiorian. “What...want....human?” “For you to serve under my organisation and me.” He responded face expressionless. Anger coursed through the gnomes before the leader halted them in place. “What is needed?” Shaking his head, Kon explained further. “You will work underneath me and maintain your autonomy relatively speaking.” Nodding a few times, the leader of their party extended a hand, Kon tried to return the offer but instead his hand merely phased those gnomes. And so pulling away quickly to avoid a scene, he nodded even bowed to the creature before departing with the flick of a wrist.

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