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Set Afire [Caius]

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Kurisa felt like going about and typically working at a Casino today. It was not a mission, but out of mere boredom. She heard that the Casino in the Crimson Quarters had some shady dealings and she wanted to know all about it. She had her hair up in a ponytail white her voluptuous body was covered with a bunny outfit that gave people sinful ideas. It was what all the women had to wear, but some had different colors and designs. Hers specifically was gold that changed to white as she turned. The lighter the area the whiter it'd appear to be.

As usual, she wore pantyhose and flat dress shoes. Her lilac eyes gazed around as she opened the large two doors that were the front. Every bouncer ignored her and checked her out as she went passed. They probably assumed that she was one of the boss's girls as he always kept attractive women around. So far everything looked normal with extravagant designs of course. They had a large fountain in the middle, a buffet that VIP's could enjoy and a bar with free drinks. Kurisa swayed her childbearing hips as she tried to see if this rumor was true. Was there maybe a secret entrance? The music was quite boring sadly and the people only just check her out, not suspicious at all, right?




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Set Afire [Caius] D3wqyw_XoAAVfrl

Hosenka City. A place for leisure and relaxation. It hadd hot springs, restaurants, and casinos sprawled out throughout the area. It was a shame that he wasn't there in person. No this time he was there as a thought projection. Currently, he was stuck with issues in Marigold that required him there in person. It was stressing him out to the point where he needed a break. That brought him to one of the shadiest casinos in the city that required all females to be in bunny costumes and all males in suits. It was a place he was well known. Despite not being there in person, he was still allowed to bet and just put it on his tab.

Caius was standing at the blackjack table showing 14 on board. He was on a losing streak but he felt good about this one. He tapped the table and the dealer tossed him a card. A king of hearts. He busted. "MOTHER FUCKER THIS BITCH IS RIGGING THE DECK. I'M GONNA COME HERE AND SHOOT UP THE PLACE IF YOU DON'T DEAL ME BLACKJACK MARK MY WORDS" Caius berated the dealer as she cowered on in fear. It was loud enough to attract the entire casinos attention. Some pit bosses managed to come over and calm him down as Caius signed and headed over the bar. He sat down to watch some sports to take a break. "Bunny girl get over here and keep me company" He said as he beckoned her over with his hand. She looked familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it.



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Her icy purple eyes gazed around to see how every man was in a suit that matched the class of this area, rich. She faked on a smile and walked to the bar. Her eyes were set on the bartender who looked back at her with a smile. "A tray of drinks right away." She demanded sweetly. She was practically having perfect customer service skills. She put the tray on her right hand and walked off into the crowd who were busy playing their games. Greed was a hefty Sin on a person's life since it can dry out your hope and destroy you more than the others.

As she was just drifting off into the crowd she was called for. He seemed to want company. Did the girls here even do that? She looked around and saw some flirting with the gamblers while giving them drinks. 'I guess I'll do it then.' She coldly thought and walked towards the mysterious man. He wore a black suit that seemed to have no other color. She didn't seem to know who he was from behind, but she then walked towards his side and leaned against the table. Her lilac eyes lightened as she saw who it was. "C-caius?" She blinked a few times confused while having drinks in her right hand. Her eyes then swiftly looked away, cheeks painted a pinkish red. "Do you always ask for any woman's company?" She mumbled shyly.




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One of the bunny girls got the message and headed towards him while handing out drinks to other patrons. He turned back to the game on the lacrima TV while he waited for her to finish up. When she arrived, he heard his name stuttered which confused him. The casino owners he knew well but not the bunny girls. He darted his brown eyes over to the side and was surprised to see an old acquaintance of his.

"Kurisa? What the hell are you doing working at this shit hole?" It was the nephilim that had helped him previously in Marigold Town. At first, he thought she would be any enemy but she ended up helping him extort some mob bosses. Anyone who did that was a friend in his book. He shifted his body on the stool to face her and crossed his legs and answered her question. "Well I'm here by myself and a man so do the math. I've been losing at the tables but at least I was lucky and got the hottest server."

The angelic woman was looking banging in the bunny costume as he ogled her down. Despite that, her face turned red in embarrassment by him seeing her in this state. Of course, he was going to mess with her further. "Nice rack by the way. Unfortunately I can't touch. You caught me as a projection again." He set his elbow on the table and held his head up with his fist. "So are you stalking me now? What's the deal?"


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He was a projection, of course. He first asked about why she was working here, her rack being nice, and lastly, some stalking. She glared while blushing red taking a step back. "I'm not the projection here." She spoke in a rather aggressive shy way as she probably would hit him a little if it wasn't for the fact that he was a projection. "Are you sure you're not stalking me for some reason? You seem to appear everywhere I go." she tilted her head to give him a stare. Slowly, she bent down to get an earshot towards his fake ear. "I'm here to investigate a shady dealing of some kind.~" She teased shyly as if his real body was here, her chest would graze against it.

Being this close to him made her feel off without even knowing why. Her eyes cornered towards the ceiling which she was gazing at a camera. She felt off so she stood back up, faked a smile, and put down a drink. "Well, sir if that's all you wish from me. They don't want us coated up to only one person without buying our services.~" She teased, but also serious as it was their rule, not hers. She had to go by them.




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He enjoyed watching Kurisa squirm at his comments. Her face had gone from a soft pink to a full on red blush. It must have been torture to be seen dressed like this in front of someone she knew. If only he had a camera he could use it as blackmail. Maybe he could grab some camera footage from the pit boss later if he asked Afterwards, she tried to pull out the reverse uno card and say he was stalking her. "Listen I'm a demon in a shitty part of town. This is basically my second home. You're the one that's out of place here angel" She responded by leaning towards him. Her breasts almost spilled out of the top and went into his though projection. Was a damn shame he wasn't there in person. The reason was she here was to investigate a shady dealer. The thought of it caused him to burst out laughing.

"You're going to have to a be a bit more specific. I'm pretty sure everyone here has done some shady shit. You my friend are on a wild goose chase." Their attention turned to the cameras. It was true this place was strict on the girls that worked here. Not only did they have to serve but also some needed to meet a quota of tips or risk getting fired or worse beaten. Some would do unspeakable things to avoid that. Caius reached in his shirt and flashed some jewels to her making sure it was in the camera shot. "I'll buy your time then. So tell me who you are looking for."


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She gazed at him into his fake yet beautiful eyes, his scruffy face was making her wish he was there. She had a thing with grazing her hand against the rough look. Her desires had to be stopped, she didn't really know him all too well. Perhaps he could be a friend first or maybe the only thing he could be. She over thought it as she remembers all her failures in relationships. Her eyes slowly closed halfway with her beautiful lips curving into a smile as he threw jewels at her. It was somewhat funny to her as he paid for her services.

"Well you see, I just know there is this event in the backroom behind that bouncer." Her eyes looked towards the direction. A man that was no mere human stood by a door that was obviously locked. The guy was about six foot seven, white hair with horns. He had sunglasses on and his suit was gold with the undershirt being white. Her eyes went back towards Caius's eyes. "I heard they like to catch people and take them somewhere or so that was what one of the women that were here said." her fingers twined against the stem of the wine glass and brought it towards Caius.

Something felt off as she stood up. Her eyes saw some people walking towards them. "Looks like they found me." She chuckled and smiled. "Guess I'll find out where they take me." She softly spoke. As she got ready for them to arrive she lastly wanted to say a few more things. "Caius, if you like a show - perhaps they'll give you one behind that door." She joked but was also serious. They gazed at her. "Boss is calling for you. Let's go." They escorted her as Kurisa was so willing to go pretending that it was just some innocent calling. Her eyes gazed as she saw some people go towards that locked VIP door.

They lead her towards the door on the other side of the bar that another bouncer was guarding. The hall felt long as she was being led towards a dark room. "Perfect. Lock her down." A dark man's voice spoke as she was pushed forward. She held herself up with her hands that were soon cuffed. They grabbed her and took her to a room. It was going so fast to where she couldn't keep track of faces. Being tossed around, dressed into a different outfit until they had her stand there. "She's ready." A woman spoke towards someone else. Her hands were tied behind her back, pulled towards a group of other women who were also tied down. Was this what she thought it was?

After a half-hour curtains started to rise as hundreds of people sitting in their chairs watching. On her sides, there were people paralyzed, tied up and chained so they couldn't escape. She was in the middle as one by one people bid on them... Everyone was in different outfits. Her? She was a french maid...




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Now that he bought her time, Kurisa would be able to relax and explain why she was here. She pointed to the door guarded by a man even larger than him.  Caius remembered him from dealings in the past. A little rough around the edges but a fun guy from what he remembered. She went on to say she heard rumors of people being captured and kept there. Caius just shrugged his shoulders at the mention of it like he didn't know what was going on. The look on his face was easy to tell the gesture was sarcastic. The truth was he had captured many women, men, and children and sold them here. Hell maybe there was some he captured being sold today.

Before he could respond to Kuri, some men came and corralled her to the back room. It was something he had seen before again and again. The casino owners offer them a high paying bunny girl job only to be sold out in the back. It was brilliant to be honest. Hope was the best bait. However, these idiots didn't know they were carrying a nephlim mage and a powerful one to boot. Shit was most likely going to hit the fan. He couldn't wait to see. Before he headed back there, he watched the final quarter of the game on tv. While the matters at hand were important, he had money riding on this game.

After the game had ended, it was about to check up on Kurisa. There was no explosions yet so it didn't seem like she broke out. Maybe they finally upgraded to the anti magic cuffs for victims like he suggested. The cheap bastards were still using plain metal ones last time he was here. He wandered to the auction house floor towards the front. It was just in time as the curtain opened up. Low and behold Kurisa was smack dab in the center of the stage. Her outfit was one of a French maid which was the most common tastes of these buyers. Usually it was put on the most beautiful girl which he could agree on. Some other had bunny outfits, cat outfits, and swimsuits. Any costume you name it they had it. Caius made eye contact with her and gave her an OK symbol with his hand. "Break a leg up there. Things are going perfectly." he would shout out as patrons bid on other girls. Even if he wanted to break her out he was useless now. He was more interested in the chaos that was about to happen.


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She stood there with a serious face as she had to act like she did not want to be there. Many of the girls were crying, calling for their family or someone of the sort. She on the other hand looked like she was pissed. Some rich people liked that, they liked the idea of breaking someone. A beautiful goddess being broken by their master was an ideal turn-on in their heads. Her eyes locked with someone's, Caius. It was obvious he couldn't do anything anyways besides bid, but why would he bid on her? The thought made her chuckle with a small pity smile.

"SOLD! For 3 million jewels and a vase collection from their families treasury!" He looked at the white-haired woman with cat gear on. He swiftly shooed her away as he was getting the next girl. Kurisa's eyes shifted to look who was next. It was her as there was no one else.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a fine jewel with us today. Not only does she look like a goddess, but she'll also treat you like a god and will be fun to break!"
The man yelled as he yanked her ropes towards the stage. The lights all concentrated on her as she was the center of attention.

"Five million!"

Men and women looked at each other as they were unsure. Bidders like to trick each other into bidding the most and some actually knew what goods they were getting. It was always tricky. Kurisa looked at all of them, vulnerable yet glaring at them with her cheeks red.

"I'll like to break her alright." A man spoke. He stood tall as he had long black hair, red eyes and wore baggy pants. His chest was covered in tattoos with a symbol that was known to her. It was the Joyan mob that owned this place. "Twenty Million." He gave a rather cold facial expression as he tried to fake his true interest.

"ANY OTHER BIDDERS??!" The man that had her in bundles spoke. If no one else spoke then he smirked. "Here you go! Get her in the black room." He yelled out to him. The guy looked at Kurisa and chuckled. "He's never interested. Curious." He threw her towards the guards her escorted her to the black room. 'Now to get alone with him... It'll be fun to get him to work for me.' She thought. Before she was gone, she winked at Caius. These ropes were magically bounded. Once she got in that black room they'd cut them off.


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The bidders were off to the races. One by one the girls on stage were given to the lucky man who bid the highest amount. The cat girl next Kurisa was next as the spotlight hit her. She made eye contact with him and tears streamed down her face. She started cursing him out as the gavel hit selling her for 3 million. Just then it hit him. It was a girl Maria he captured a few weeks ago outside a bar. Not paying her words any mind, Caius let out a Tiger Woods fist pump in celebration. A big commission was coming his way.

As she got dragged off the finale was about to place. Kurisa herself was up for sale. The bids went higher and higher and it brought out the competition between them all. That all ceased when a man bid an unprecedented 20 million All the other builds bowed out as she was sold to the owner of the club himself. A rare occasion as he normally wouldn't buy his own products. Either way that was the end of the auction. As Kurisa got dragged away she gave him a wink as to say she was fine. That was all fine and dandy but he had a commission to collect.  

Going into the back room Caius was as giddy as could be. He walked up to the reception in the back and spoke to the bald man in the suit behind the counter. He flashed his membership card to give to the man but he couldn't grab it. Damn thought projection. He had to read it out loud and have it manually typed in.  "I sold the cat girl and the one in the maid costume. That's a 50% payout to me. Wire to my account friendo." The half about Kurisa was a lie but he was a hustler. 10 million was nothing to joke about.  Unfortunately their system caught onto his lie. The funds for the cat girl went through without a hitch but nothing came up in his name for Kurisa. There went his hustle.

"Sorry man I got nothing for that maid broad. If you want you can talk to the boss" the receptionist st would say. Caius agreed and they would lead him to the back room and hopefully where Kurisa was.


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The guards locked the door from both sides after they pushed her in. Her body was jerked towards the left as she was grabbed by the man. Her head tilted to look up into his ruby eyes. He gazed at her intensely with silence between them. He looked like he was in his late thirties but super fit. Licking his canine his eyes started to study her. "What a treat." He pushed her towards his couch, Kurisa landing on her bottom. The guy grabbed his sword to slowly cut pieces of her fabric from a few feet away. First, her sleeves to reveal her black bra strap and then the middle of the outfit in general till he got to the midsection of her belly.

His smile was wicked as he closed in on her. While he didn't realize his sword napped the rope that bound her as it was a nudge away from being off. She just had to wait for a distraction. Suddenly, a knock came from the door she entered. "Who is it? I'm busy." He angrily as he was about to get his 'dessert'. "It's important, boss. A-apologize." The guard spoke before opening it. As the door opened it revealed her body being mostly revealed from the man cutting her dress. Once he turned to see Caius, she finished the binds and quietly got up. She couldn't see who was there as the guy who bought her was in the way.


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"Harada baby! Did you miss me?" Caius yelled out with his hands opened up in the air. That was the name of the red eyed man who had bought Arisa and one of the co owners of the casino here. He was not pleased at the interruption. Kurisa sat in the background with her top cut off exposing her black bra. Weird he always figured her as a white bra type of girl. Caius kicked himself in his head as if he waited a few more minutes he probably could seen more of her. No matter. Now it was time to focus on the task at hand. His payment. "Sorry to interrupt your little date but I brought this girl here. I need my 50% cut as per our agreement. Crunching some numbers here that would be about 10 million jewels. So pull your pants up and bust that wallet out."

The co owner did not take kindly to that. He slammed his fist on the wooden table nearby causing it to shatter into splinters. Harada was a powerful and dangerous man that probably equaled out to the equivalent of an A rank mage. He wasn't to be taken lightly. "Bullshit Caius! This girl came from her own volition. You had nothing to do with her arrival here. The money is mine. I'm sick of you trying to exploit my business. Enough is enough" He took the sword and slashed it through Caius to bisect him at the waist. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't actually there. The thought projection formed back as Caius laughed.

"Ok that was just a dick move. Uncalled for. For that the price just went up 15 million and I want the dealer that dealt me bad hands earlier shot. Otherwise I'm coming here in person to unleash hell." Harada gritted his teeth in anger as Caius awaited his response. It was always tense between the two of them. He used to be on top of the world before Caius came to town. Ever since then he always seemed like a 2nd in command. The tension between the two had finally snapped. 20 million was nothing to joke about. "I don't need to pay you if there is no girl." He took his sword and turned in on Kurisa. He lifted it behind his head and prepared do do a vertical slash downwards at her.


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She sat back and relaxed as he was going towards the man at the door. The voice was familiar to where she tilted her head to see who it was. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw who it was, Caius. 'What is he doing here already? Oh well, good timing.' She thought and giggled quietly. They argued about money and how he supposedly sold her alongside another girl. He seemed to really be into this trafficking business. Will he always be like this though? Caius threatened the man by coming here face to face. She wanted to say something, but she held her tongue.

The man that owned this business turned around with his sword to a position in front of her. She sat there relaxed, gazed up at him with her lilac eyes. Her beautiful fair skin that was revealed from earlier shined from the light above them. She looked at Caius for a moment, into his deep black eyes that made her want to travel to the abyss herself. "Look at me!" The man yelled. She showed no fear but gave a happy smile towards Caius before looking back at the man. "I fear no one." She taunted him. "You little bitch!" He snared and slashed his sword downward into her.

All Caius could see was her arm not moving at all, but in reality, there she sat still smirking silently. The man tried again, slashing his sword into her again and again. "WHAT IS THIS??" The sword continuously kept going through her body as if she wasn't there or as if it was going through water and light itself. "Are you another projection?? No..." He glared at her, "I could touch you...". He dropped his sword as her body stood up. "Now, are you going to give the man his money? I think you owe him double now for the trouble." She pointed her finger towards him as if it was a gun. "I can show you more tricks.~" She stuck out her tongue.

"O-okay! I'll partner up with you instead and g-give him his share. Just don't hurt me - whatever you are.". Kurisa sweetly smiled. She went up to Caius and crossed her arms. "There you go." She simply said to him and gazed up at him. She was unsure what she was feeling, but for now, it was good to ignore it possibly. She had no idea how things will turn out. Greed and Lust always ran into each other somehow - one way or another.


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Caius was surprised when he didn't see Harada get knocked down right away. Instead, the sword slash struck down on Kurisa. He held his arms up to cover his face from the blood splatter as if he was there in person. However, there was nothing. He regained his composure and saw him slashing his sword multiple times into her with no effect. It must have been some type of magic of hers at work. She intimidated him with threats of more magic which finally caused him to cave and drop his weapon.

Caius clapped at her efforts as she walked up to him.. "Not bad rookie. You're starting to get the hang of this business. Play your cards right and I might even throw in a cut for you." Despite being part angel she did have a ruthless side to her he liked. Especially when she got the white hair in their previous encounter. Harada reluctantly gave the order to wire transfer the money. Caius looked at his lacrima phone to see the money go into his account. "Like always a pleasure my friend."

Turning his attention to Kurisa he pointed at her chest. "You probably should find the dressing room to cover those honkers up. I think there is one nearby. So you found your shady dealer. What now?"


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She listened to him to have his turn in speaking. He talked even about how he'd share a cut, but the truth was she did not do this for a cut. Her eyes blinked in confusion and glanced away. Once he pointed out about her chest she turns away. "If you don't like it then d-don't stare." She spoke flustered in her breathy accent. She stormed towards a dresser to find some dress that probably belonged to a woman he also bought. She did not really care where that woman was since she had her own situation to handle.

She turned back to look at Caius and walked up to him. Her head tilted up to look straight into his eyes, "I was wondering something..." She then walked so she was beside him instead, her head tilted towards him. "Do you mind if we grab a drink? Get to know each other a bit? It doesn't have to be here." She insisted. Her face was a little pink since she never really asks people this. She either gets to know them in wrong situations or by them just telling her. She felt anxious a little even as she squeezed her forearm with her right hand. "I get it if you don't. I just wish to know you more." She was mainly honest about that since she didn't really want to say why. Kurisa ignored the man who was just sitting there dumbfounded, but soon just ran off. It didn't matter though since her attention was on the man next to her facing the opposite side.


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Caius chilled out in the back room while Kurisa went and changed. He tapped his foot pondering on what do now. Now that the auction was over there wasn't much left him here. He supposed it was about time to leave to his real body and focus on Marigold. There was still missions to do. Before he could end the spell, Kurisa entered the room wearing a gorgeous dress.

Being the creep that he was, he eyed her down as she struggled to speak. She finally built up the courage and asked him out for a drink. Caius was taken aback at first. "Really? Not many girls find slavery charming but I guess this is a crazy world." Caius rubbed his goatee before throwing his hands in the air. "Fuck why not. I'm in Marigold right now but might be moving soon. Any where in the southern cities you can find me. I guess I owe you one drink at most. For now I'm out. DUECES" Caius chunked up the deuce before his through projection faded out.

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Her shyness turned into something else as surely he agreed to it, but he seemed to want to do it another time. Her big heart seemed to shrink a little bit as she did not know why specifically, but she had a bad feeling about it. Was it because of what he said? It wasn't the slavery that was charming - far from it actually, but it was the adventure and she felt like there was some good in him that was hiding. Maybe she will bring it out of  him or maybe he will bring the evil within her out. She was afraid of such a thing.

Being evil wasn't what she wanted.  In stories and in life the ending of evil stories turn out bad for both the evildoer and their families. She wanted a family, someone who will love just her, eyes that will stare and gaze at her body and realize that she is all they need when it comes to companionship or making love. She went towards the club section and ordered some drinks. The bar area had some strippers, people getting it on and speaking about rumors about anyone they could. Sighing softly, she finally got her drink and rested her head on the table.


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