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Silver City VII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:43 pm

No? Nothing? No more ongoing news regards the previous quest? As if waiting for an update, Masami did not get it. He was slightly disappointed yet also horribly worried for how that previous quest ended into unanswered suspense, then nothing else regards that matter. He had hoped that he would get into another request regards it but... perhaps, but hopefully not, did Masami get discarded? Although he did not quite complete his mission in a way that was satisfying for everyone, and that he was aware of this, Masami felt upset over the thought. But oh well, that is just how life goes sometimes. Forcing himself to accept this, Masami finally stood up from his bed and wore his overcoat, taking another request. This time, it was written in Joyan. Masami was skeptical about accepting this at first, although it was delivered at the exact same date as the previous aristocrats, because Masami was a Joyan whom had quite a dark past that he, himself, caused. It was reputation's fault for letting other people who Masami was, but this certain requestee was persistent. For each day Masami did not reply to the request letter, another one would pop up unto his doorstep. Perhaps, but hopefully not, the aristocrats received such treatment because Masami did not take notice of the Joyan letters? Because he had nobody else's letter to accept, Masami automatically took on this certain request and went out to meet in the Silver District. One who calls themselves "Ramune" decided to meet up in a certain location in the Silver District, they even wrote the coordinates in the letter. Although Masami's heart beat in nervousness, he even wore his mask for such an event. He will go straight to the location that was written in the papers. Now or never.

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Silver City VII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Fri Jun 26, 2020 3:32 am

After thirty minutes or so, Masami had finally reached Silver District. He stood in front of a small ramen shop that he walked pass before, on the same day as the day he had a boba tea session with an acquaintance. Masami checked the paper one more time before entering, making sure that it was the correct venue. Although the signs say exactly how it was written in the paper, Masami had been doubting and he could not stop. So, after a few moments of awkwardly standing still in front of the entrance, his eyes glancing from the paper and right at the restaurant, he finally took a step inside. There was nothing too special in the shop, however, but it was extraordinarily Joyan. "Excuse me...?" he asked while looking around, making tiny, small steps as the soles of his shoes continue to interact with the wooden floors of the restaurant. Immediately, he was greeted by a Joyan woman. She had straight, black hair that reaches the floor, having a completely Joyan outfit. Upon seeing Masami, she smiled, and Masami didn't have the time to inspect her appearance.

"Ah, you... it's definitely you, finally!" she greeted, holding both of Masami's hands tightly as she leans closer, having a face of awe. She spoke in Joyan and had a completely different tone compared to the messages that was written in the letters. "Err..." Masami replied, lightly making steps back, only to be pulled closer into a hug, "p-please... distance..." As if being choked, the embrace was too sudden rather than comforting. The boy had to tap the woman's back twice, just so she could release him. "Are you Miss Ramune?" he asked her, offering the now-crumpled paper in his hand. She replied by shaking her head, making a traditional bow. "My father is out at the moment, I am her daughter. You may refer to me as Miss Neru."

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Silver City VII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Fri Jun 26, 2020 3:44 am

Neru held Masami's hand and pulled him outside, preparing for their retreat to the Lower District for shopping. Now that he wasn't being hugged, Masami finally took his time to inspect the woman. She was, or at least, had the appearance of a young-adult, and was taller than Masami including those wooden sandals. She wore a purple yukata, sakura-accessorized, and was definitely a foreigner from Joya here in Myras City. "I have been a fan of you!" they praised, stopping in front of the restaurant's entrance to gaze over Masami with a gentle... slightly-obsessive smile, "I've watched about three of your performances before we moved to Fiore!"

Masami was waiting for the moment where Neru would become disappointed to know that he may have permanently left Joya, his heartbeat signalling such a nervous feel over all of it. "Oh, I see." the blond chuckled back, tilting his head a little, not even sure of who this Miss Neru is. "I can't wait to shop with you, I'm so glad the letters reached you!" she could almost float in the energy, "When I learned that you were in Myras, I just couldn't stop writing!" The thought surprised and overwhelmed Masami, slightly being creeped out. Wait a minute... how did she even know that Masami was in Myras, and where? Has someone been spying on Masami or was this because of the reputation he earned through the past few months? Nevertheless, this was still a request from an aristocrat. At least, Masami could get some money out of this. Sooner or later, they would have ridden a ride on the way to the Lower District, so that they could shop for cheap materials. After ten minutes, or perhaps less than that, they are finally in the new venue. Masami had only let the woman drag him around, hoping that this would not go on until nighttime.

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Silver City VII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Fri Jun 26, 2020 3:54 am

"Where did you get that scar?" Neru asked the boy, lowering down as she placed his palms over her knees to grant herself a good look on Masami's face. She even had her fingers gently holding the lip down, even without Masami's permission. "A few days ago, I was scratched by a metal corner. It healed, however I bit it by accident." he responded, lightly pulling the woman's wrist away from him. She nodded then stood right back up, giving herself a moment of thought. "Alright, let's get you some medicine." Once again, she pulled him away, directly towards a small stand that sells different sorts of herbs and spices. It was the same stand as the one Masami visited before, with the previous aristocrats. They took more Jewels that it was worth, and Masami was slightly scared that it might happen again, but the woman was persistent enough to ignore Masami's light pulling in regards to not wanting to shop in that stall.

Nevertheless, the woman grasped a good look over the product, then pointed at a single box that contains herbs in which Masami could not completely identify. "How much is this?" she asked with a smile, but something was off. When the shopkeeper replied with "One-hundred-thousand Jewels.", the woman used magic and tied a thread over the shopkeeper's neck. "Lower." she replied, her face completely changed into a scary woman with blood lust. In the end, the price lowered until it was only of ten-thousand Jewels, and she happily gave the box to Masami. "Wow, thank you." he replied after having his palms filled in with an herb box, which was actually already an ointment. However, something was off. As the woman continued to drag Masami around, his mind stayed over the appearance of the thread that lingered upon his mind.

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Silver City VII [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:04 am

The shopping did not end here. They went through various shops, one of them were fabrics and supplies, in which Neru had to negotiate and forcefully bargain over the unfair treatment of prices. Masami did not even expect nor think this was possible, perhaps the only solution to these are scary women asserting dominance over numbers? She wasn't just an aristocrat, she was a negotiator. "All these for such a cheap price. You're amazing, Miss Neru." Masami just had to compliment her due to his amazement. If she wasn't here, then Masami would never have learned that it was possible to negotiate like this, else he'd simply have his Jewels sucked off by unfair prices, so on and so forth. The woman giggled, placing more items on top of Masami's hands. "You need to learn this if you want to live in this sort of places." it was silly, but Masami will not lie that it was the truth. Before he could forget, the two of them almost coming back to the restaurant before the sun had fully set, he tugged Neru's sleeve and asked her to stop walking. Hopefully, he won't get himself negotiated like this. "The corpse puppets..." finally, he asked such, his heart trembling as he lowered his head, still looking at her, "was it you?"

The woman's smile converted into a sick frown, slightly disappointed in the boy for asking. "Yes," she answered directly, flicking Masami's forehead, "I just wanted to have a good time. I know what you did, but I won't hurt you." Then she leaned closer, whispering unto Masami's ear as she gently pulled the items down from Masami's hands. "There's something odd about you, Kita." Neru stood back up, his hands behind her and giving Masami a bright smile before waving goodbye and entering the location. Masami was told to keep the items beforehand as a fan gift, but he was confused yet also scared over the statement.

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