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What's Mine is Mine [NQ][3]

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It was a beautiful spring morning with the sun piercing through the horizon shifting the sky into a vibrant pink. Kon looked out from his window watching as eagles lazily flapped away from him in the distance. Resting his hands upon the wooden windowsill, he pictured what his day would be like, more administrative work, more tedium, more monotonous work. He had been cooped up on the floating island, organising paperwork for months now. He wanted to, no, needed to get out and stretch his legs. Do anything besides remain there. He had been given reports of something all too familiar for him at this point. The mine was having issues or the workers were causing problems again. Not wanting to work, “Perhaps he should improve their quality of life?” He thought to himself. “Maybe let them see their children?” He had organised to take their children and re-educate them on the island, maybe if they saw how well off they were doing they’d be more cooperative.

With a languished sigh, he pushed off the wooden frame as it turned to gold. But first he had to prepare for today, he had already completed his daily hygiene schedule bathing, brushing hair and teeth, trimming nails, all that remained was deciding what he was going to wear. For now, Kon stood bare chested only wearing a pair of boxer briefs. Two options were available to him, formal or functional attire. Past experiences with the miners showed him that the first was completely unsuitable as a result he let his suit remain hanging neatly folded and pressed by his bedside. Instead Kon withdrew his white, previously navy blue uniform, bleached as a result of his magical encounter with the entity inside him. Kon’s attitude towards the being was unchanged, he had become accustomed to his heavenly body magic, it would take him a while to acclimate to whatever was happening within him. Somehow he suspected it was only the beginning of things to come.



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Binding the looser uniform tight to his toned body, he readied himself rolling his artificial shoulder in its socket as he headed out the door. Exhaling an icy breathe, Kon clutched his chest. It was truly an uncomfortable experience, feeling cold but not cold at the same time. The spirit inside him did seem to distract his other inner demons, such as the damned soul of Midas that clung to his gauntlet with an unyielding passion. In some ways he was thankful that it was suppressing the corrupting forces twisting him against everyone around him. Whether it could continue to resist the corrupt was something that could only be answered over time. Grasping the golden doorknob, Kon pushed through those thoughts as easily as he walked into the next room, an extended hallway. His companion, timcanpy, raced to Kon as he began to close, barely making it through.

Travelling down the stone corridor, he nodded as various members passed him. Opening an unassuming door, Kon was welcomed to the main clearing of the floating island. Grass lazily blew in the wind, various vessels were held tethered its perimeter, ready for use at a moment's notice. Kon’s own personal aerial ship stood less than 50 meters away from him, fully stocked to go anywhere from Worth Woodsea all the way to Hosenka City and back again. Now lacking his teleportation abilities, Kon would largely be reliant on vehicular transport for extended travel. This is not what he would be using the ship for today however, instead he would use it to hopefully make amends with the miners who had been working so diligently. Lined up a group of children ranging from 5 to 16 all dressed in the same unisex suit, with the males having identical side part fade hair cuts while the females sported braided patterns mimicking those seen in Bosco, just one sign of them integrating Kon’s heritage for their own.



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Clothing and general appearance were not the only things that were being replaced, formal linguists were also teaching them Boscoi alongside the Fiorian used by the rest of the country. The re-education that they were receiving had proven to be quite effective, in less than 6 months, they were primarily using adopted tongue and developing into the tools of the future, Kon had envisaged for them. It was times like these that gave Kon pause, only a few years ago he would have fought against these but now he was the one committing the crimes. The hypocrisy wasn’t lost on him, nor was it something he’d forget about any time soon. The vivid reminder of this was the children dressed like dolls all piling into the aerial ship without hesitation. With the ship loaded to capacity with all but the youngest children remaining, Kon entered the vessel and disconnected the ship from the island with his men pushing the wooden craft from the craggy soil.

Their destination would be the Dawncliff Mine, the venerable lifeblood of the people that lived in the area, either for working in the mine itself or to get the raw resource and forge it into something better. Kon respected both occupations equally, the skills of a miner were just as valuable as the smith that used his ore. What he couldn’t respect was their continuous refusal to help the syndicate. Perhaps after seeing what had happened to the children, they would submit. Despite the mild spring weather, the chill that still clung in the air cut the children to the bone, Kon couldn’t feel it numbed by his icey heart, but he hadn’t invested so much in them for them to just die and so he ordered them to hold up in the cabins within the ship until they arrived.



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Landing near the mine by a clearing made specifically for aerial ships to go, Kon began to survey the area around him. There were dozens of men lingering around all stopping their work dropping down their equipment with immense vigor. He was curious just how willing they were to protest against him. One by one the children trickled out of the cabin through the front each, now wielding razor-sharp blades, all taking a position on the railing of the ship looking out to the miners. Looking in horror the men could do nothing but watch as Kon spoke in a booming voice. “I have tried to be civil even helping you against your issues with the mines, but you have forced my hand, bear witness to the fruits of your resistance.” One by one the children starting from those closest to the white-haired mage, slit their throat from ear to ear, teenager, pre-teen and toddler alike.

The youngest was the first to go as the blood left their bodies. A mix of horror, anger, fear, and disgust filled the men's souls as they beat their fists into the ground and watched as the children, their children fell back into the deck. The crimson fluid continued to run down the side of the ship before dripping onto the ground. “This is what you get for defying me! for defying the syndicate! you get to watch your children die, over and over.” He roared as he drew forth his healing abilities and restored each and every one of the children, with the only revealing evidence being the bloodstains on their clothing. Shellshocked by what they had just seen, many grabbed their equipment and returned to work, the whites of their eyes clear as day with tears running down their face, others remained stationary stunned by what had just occurred. Others had fled, these were the men he was most concerned with, having chosen to flee on the stationed train.



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Bringing forth his otherwise infrequently used nephilim abilities, Kon rolled his shoulders as his wings took form and rose him off his feet. It had been months since he had even tried to fly, he previously didn’t need to just simply relying on his teleportation abilities. And unfortunately Kon no longer had said abilities outside of some sparse teleportation to the guild building though that was a bit different. Instead he would be chasing after some commoners that were on foot trying to catch a train. Something he was less than successful at with three hopping on the last carriage while he took out some of the stragglers with a cluster of ice daggers, piercing their legs, pinning them to the ground, freezing their wounds stemming the bleeding. He didn’t want to kill them far from it, instead he wanted to have them return to work until their fingers bled.

Scarred for their own wellbeing more than their fallen comrades, the men retreated further into the train passing through carriage after carriage while Kon flew adjacent to them and threw icicles at them every now and again. At this point he was just toying with them as though they were his play things. In fact he got a bit too cocky when he lost focus and was struck by a tree branch. The sprig broke cleanly but Kon’s imbalance left him slamming into the side of the nearest carriage, piercing through the metal frame head first. Colourful language left Kon’s lips as he felt blood enter his mouth. His vision remained blurred as a constant thump, thump... thump, thump echoed in his head dominating over the whistle created from the train passing through the trees. Running his tongue around his teeth to check they were all still accounted for Kon rose from his position, pulling his wings back into his frame, it looked like he would be fighting them in the train itself.



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Slapping his face with his silvery hand a few times, Kon’s vision sharpened revealing just how much damage he had done to the train. “Damn.” He thought to himself, that will be a lot to repair. The entire left side of the carriage was missing, he was surprised to see that he had even managed to do that much damage in the first place. This wasn’t the first time that was the case and he suspected that as more time passed it’d be a more frequent occurrence, Kon’s strength had been tapering off but there was definitely room for growth. Moving on from the administrative aspects of what had just happened, he made his way through to the door of the next carriage hoping to find his prey. Instead Kon was assaulted by what seemed to be a cheese board and a bottle opener, the first being stuck into his face and the other to his stomach in quick succession.

“Oof” Kon mustered as he hastily clicked his fingers together separating him from his attackers and healing himself in the process. His quick use of magic had another undesired outcome, the already weakened frame of this carriage was beginning to crumple around them. One of the men had been killed in the incident, receiving a pole to the skull. Meanwhile another stood firm, he was a larger gentleman in both physique and height, burly, wiry black hair, skin coal stained wearing nothing more than a burgundy t-shirt and leather pants. His name was still unknown to the Guild Master, but he would learn soon enough. Crackling his knuckles the man looked at Kon with an unbridled hatred as he reflected his motions but with an almost apathy in response. Before any words could be uttered, the miner charged into Kon and threw him into a corner.



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Falling to one knee, Kon winced in pain as he exhaled slowly. A piece of wrought iron had burrowed it’s way through his defenses and into his chest cavity scraping against his right lung with each breath he took. Blood combined with sweat rain down the right side of his face concealing his black eye while his golden globe glistened in the moonlight. Spitting out the congealing blood in his mouth, he struggled a smile at his opponent suffering from far greater injuries as Kon pushed him with far greater force into the opposite corner. Gingerly he tore the iron rod from his body, turning his vision to red briefly, before bringing forth an ice dagger and stabbing himself in the very same hole, letting out a howl as it touched his pale skin. Rapidly the cells around the wound reconnected with one another, causing the gap to disappear entirely with no evidence of it ever taking place. Wobbling as he rose to his feet, Kon looked around at the damage that they had made.

Fighting against someone like Kon tended to have this sort of destruction. The roof was torn off completely, the furniture shattered to pieces, the sides of the cabin meanwhile had been blown off entirely and were scraping against the train rails below. Wanting to know more about who and why the man had attacked him, Kon tapped the side of his temple creating a mental bond between the two of them. Entering his mind was cloudy and downright painful, knowing there would be nothing to be gained from talking to him in this state, Kon threw three identical ice daggers into the man’s broken frame. Each dagger turned him slowly back into fighting form, Halting the man with a raise of his golden gauntlet, he commanded, echoing through the man’s mind. “Stop it I just want to talk...”



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Staggered by the forcely voice lingering in his mind, the man came to a halt, fist mid-swing, as if paralyzed. Kon knew all too well about his intimidating presence both physically and mentally, but he had never seen it displayed so prominently. Recognising the man wasn’t moving any time soon, Kon’s gaze shifted around the cabin spotting a liquor trolley doubled over in the corner. Blowing away the debris between him and the alcohol, Kon strode forward and plucked two glasses and a bottle of whiskey from the ground. Chilling the goblets, he poured two fingers for the two of them before releasing the man from his mental shackles. “Sit” He demanded once more. “Why did you run?” Sliding a glass towards the man.

Clutching his drink with two hands, mind and body still rattled from the clash between them earlier. He spoke with telltale signs of a lifelong smoker, wheezing and scratchy. “You’re a monster, I have nothing to gain from remaining here, I thought it might be best if I ran.” Taking a sip from his own drink, the fragile crystal cracking as he rose it to his face in his steel fist. “A bit late for that now, you should have done it when I wasn’t around.” He remarked, handing the bottle to the placated man. Impossible how could those low-lifes without a scrap of magic between them fight against him, it was only him being foolhardy that he had received his original injury in the first place. Perhaps he was going about this all wrong, a firm unyielding grasp on things was doing nothing but aggravating the situation, he would need to try and find a way to meld the disconnect between the two groups, dissolve the bad blood between them. Perhaps returning the children once they have been completely re-educated would suffice. For now Kon would linger onto what he should do next.


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