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Azure Fenic [Done}

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#1Azure Fenic 

Azure Fenic [Done} Empty Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:28 am

Azure Fenic


Name: Azure Fénic

Age: March 4th, X769 20 years old.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father:  Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sentinel Syndicate

Tattoo: Tounge purple

Face: Azure Cipher my OC art done by Radicallymaxton


Height:  5'7" feet

Weight:  160lbs. or 72.6 kg.

Hair: Brown with a Blue strips

Eyes: Light Blue

Overall: He wears a white short-sleeved shirt under a Violet blue suit with a light Blue middle In the center of has a purple heart and diamond combination. He also wears black pants with a pair of white shoes with blue spats on them. His hair has three colors in it those being his black roots, Browntop, and two blue strips of hair, he likes to keep his hair parted on the right side. Azure walks with a spring in each step accompanied by a smile while in his child mindset but then changes to a more Down to business walk when taking things more seriously.

Extra: One black button piercings on the right ear and one Mediume hoop on the left ear


Personality: Azure is can be rather childlike most of the time but that's not to say that he doesn't know when to act his age. He much rather sees the world for what it has to offer than always be at attention which is why he acts the way he does. While he's in his child mindset he will do whatever he needs to get what he wants from others regardless of how it makes him look at times. On the other side, in his more age-appropriate mindset, he doesn't care who he has to hurt to get the job done it could be a teammate or client if you try and play him the fool it will end well for you. He does take matters to the extreme when he feels as though the situation is taking too long to resolve it's self so budding into a fight is something to be expected from him. Azure will do half baked plans if he's not in the mood for anything too serious just so he can get back to reading whatever new favorite book is. On top of his main traits, Azure can't get know of playing matchmaker just so he can see the seeds of love bloom so he will do anything to get that fairy tale ending. When in a fight he can become overconfident and being to lose himself in heat of the moment if he doesn't catch himself beforehand.


  • Research: He may act like a child but he does enjoy researching things that have been lost to time either it be an item or an unsolved case.
  • Long Breaks: Being able to relax just before a tough job does wonders for the soul and should never be taken likely ever.


  • Musclemen&women: People that rely on their brute force just slow everything down if you have a set plan.
  • Short breaks: Breaks are ment to be long so one can enjoy not rushing off to death in the next fifteen minutes or so.


  • To learn as much as possible: Knowledge is power as they say and if you have all the knowledge then inadvertently you have all the power.


  • Losing his memory again: He lost it once and doesn't want to start over again. All his knowledge would be gone and along with the friends that came with it.
  • Thunder Storms: A Thurnder was the "cause" of memory loss so now he becomes slight on edeg when in one.


Magic Name: Control M

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Control M allows the user to manipulate the mana around them into a condensed volley or beams of magical energy to rain down on the users' foe. They can surround their body parts with mana turning them into deadly weapons though most this method is used to actually create a weapon from the mana than using their limbs. The more mana they draw in the harder it is to focus at lower levels.


History: Growing up in Stella with his mothers, father, and brother, Azure lived a good life a peaceful life. His father was the head assistant to one of the many scholars that happen to live in their village at the time. While on an expedition he ran into Azures Mother who had collapsed on their expedition trail He took her back to the village and cared for her along with his wife who had given birth just a month ago. His mother came from Caelum and wondered for days until she was found. After a full recovery, his father married her, and later they brought Azure into the world.  It quickly became apparent that he shared his father's love for exploring as he would venture off late at night causing the village to search for him until dawn. His older brother and second mother grow distant as he received special treatment until one day the second mother reached her limit and attempted to kill the young Azure while he slept but couldn't bring her self to fully commit to the deed.

A few years went by and now his brother had gone off to seek a life of his own with the intent of never coming back to their ancestral home leaving only him and their parents. Azure had spent most of his time researching things and accompanying his father on expeditions which gave him even more to research so his father implanted the idea of him traveling the world solving the long-forgotten mysteries of old and just as he hopped the seed took root and he tried to hide his plans from his family.

Soon he would receive a cryptic letter from his brother asking for help and being fearing that his brother had actually gotten in some trouble he headed out only leaving a letter for his parents. His brother had made his way to Minstrel apparently so on he went. After finally making it to Minstrel Azure asked around to see if anyone had seen his brother but it would seem the language barrier was rather pronounced in this area. After some games of shades, he was given another letter telling him to meet at a location. Almost like it was foreshadowing something a rather savvier Thunderstorm rolled in, Azure headed to meet his brother at a small dock. once he arrived his brother was nowhere to be found. An hour of waiting and his brother finally showed and in perfect condition no less, confused he assumed that he had resolved the problem but the next thing he knew everything went dark and he in a boat that was on the shore of Fiore with only paper with a name on it and feeling of guilt that lingered with him for some time. He slowly regained parts of his memory after months of building his new life through with the memories that he regained he began to feel as if he had someone else life compared to the one he had built for himself over the past month's in Fiore even he had done somethings that his past self would never have done he decided to leave the past behind and continue his new life even if that meant never finding the answer to just who caused his memory loss in the first place.


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Jan Ren
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