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Syllas Banquet [Solo|Quest]

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#1Masado Faithe 

Syllas Banquet [Solo|Quest] Empty on Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:59 am

Masado Faithe
Masado Faithe was sent to Castle Syllas of all places on his first mission since joining Penumbral Guard. Apparently they required some sort of entertainment for a party of some sort. He had no problem showing off his magic to an audience. The tall dark and handsome blond strolled casually toward the castle gates, his hands inside his jean pockets as his boots tapped on the ground with each step he took.

Upon reaching the gates, he was met by a guard and escorted through to the ballroom where a crowd was gathered to watch the show. He was instructed to wait his turn and then to enter the center of the audience and perform his best magic for the crowd. Easy enough for the Lightning Mage.

There were other Mages and adventurer types taking turns showing off at center stage. A couple of civilian comedians or juggling acts as well. It was all quite a bore as Masado leaned against the wall, legs crossed, arms folded, and yawned all the while awaiting his turn.

Finally, it was his turn as he was directed to stand in the center of the crowd. The audience was 10 meters from him on all sides, so he'd have to plan his spells carefully to not harm an innocent by mistake. I don't make mistakes. It was time.

Standing at center, Masado Faithe took a deep breath, then looked toward the ceiling. This could be tricky, but he was willing to try. He decided to start things with Lightning Rush, raising his hand above his head and calling down lightning from the sky (a problematic task being indoors). The Lightning crashed down through the roof leaving a hole in the ceiling as it engulfed his body causing him to glow in a yellow aura that earned a series of "Ohhhhs" and "ahhhhs" from the spectators.

Pleased with the results and the reaction of his audience, Masado decided to next display his Storm Flash. He slammed his fist onto the ground creating a flash of light that dazzled the audience. It spread out across 1 meter around the Mage, nowhere near enough to affect the innocent bystanders in a negative way. Masado seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

For his finale, Masado decided to finish the show with a Lightning Crash. Easy enough, with a hole already present in the ceiling. He had decided Lightning Charge would be too risky in these tight quarters, so this would be a lot safer for everyone involved.

Masado raised his hand above his head and called forth the power of lightning. He then slammed his fist into the floor causing lightning to crash down at 20 m/s, in a 1-meter radius around himself. The audience applauded wildly at the display as lightning crashed down to the floor. The damage caused was worth the show, and no one was harmed in the process. I'd call that a success.

As Masado headed out to return home, he was met by the guard to receive his payment for a show well done. The Lightning Maged thanked the guard and headed on his way.

[529/500 WC Completed]


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