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Silver City VI [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City VI [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:36 pm

Masami was already getting tired of Myras, that he had been religiously praying every night for safety and some stimulation! Someone get him out of Myras! He was already quietly begging and almost sobbing, doing the same quest for the sixth time, now. He lied on top of the bed of his rented room in Goat's Beard Inn, face front and droopy eyes. If he only wasn't stuck in the same, lonely place for a long time now, then he probably have already done a lot of things other than... guide some aristocrats down the poorer parts of the city. It felt like being sucked into an endless loop, this was the same as Marigold before! Previously, he was stuck on the same location, having to wait for people to either take him away or force him into a certain stimulation so that he'd at least have some fun. Days like these were getting depressive, Masami even being absorbed into the loop that he didn't want to go back to work. Work isn't even as fun if they've been doing the same thing all over again, and again, and again, without anything to change the cycle. He was getting his prayers heard, fortunately, but then that would immediately fade away after quite some time. In the previous quest, some water mage decided to play with them by making attempts to drown everyone... with music! How disgraceful; for a music-loving person, Masami was more than upset. He was disappointed and slightly angry. Since he had fire magic, why not burn Myras down? But then he'd be no different from the previous magician, who used magic for his own selfish good. Saving one aristocrat was good enough, but the others had worried Masami more than they'd be worried. Therefore, he finally stood up.

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Assuming he'd make up for the loss by working today, Masami wished he'd get to see the same faces. The current, same aristocrats were apparently nicer, considering how they weren't so affectionate towards the others who took the same request. Masami was already dressed ever since morning, and he was aware that he'd been lying down in the bed, sulking for approximately two hours, at least in Masami's perception, but it must've been less than two hours. He took the overcoat that covered the chair's body and simply layered it over his shoulders, then he'd be on his way after hanging the hannya mask by the side of his head, turning the doorknob, but then he hesitated. Suddenly, he was anxious as if to forget something, but there wasn't anything left? He brushed the thought out of his mind and simply walked out. He didn't know why he hesitated, probably just to fill in some time because someone was running out of inspiration to write. Masami was awake before the sun has risen, he was probably all tired and somehow burned out. He kind of hoped he'd bump into someone and grant him easy access to fun but, that was it. Working has never felt so boring, everything was boring! Regardless, Masami left the Inn normally, even signing out and waving goodbye from the people in the front desk. A few moments later, he'd be with the aristocrats. However, there was only one of them who was waiting for Masami, and his face was awfully familiar. He was the single aristocrat Masami helped yesterday! Somehow, he kinda missed seeing that same face, even if they weren't friends or any sort. Even though there was a great distance between the two, Masami felt that the aristocrat was somehow upset or sorrowful.

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"Good afternoon, sir." Masami shed a meter distance from the man, not knowing what else to say apart from becoming straightforward, but it didn't seem like it was the right time to become overly direct. The boy scratched his nape and looked away as he waited for the man to greet him back, but apparently he might not have heard the boy's greeting. "Sir?" Masami made another attempt to grab his attention, then the aristocrat startled, tucking a paper and a pen back into his white overcoat. He was pale of skin tone, thin and skinny, perhaps way too old. He had completely silver hair and frame-less glasses, one glass cracked in the middle. "My friends have not yet come back." he mentioned then walked away, "Come." then he used a single finger to order Masami to follow, in which he walked as well without any sort of hesitation. Masami wondered, but cared less for he assumed that the aristocrats would be found sooner or later, and then there'd be nothing to worry about. Considering that the aristocrat called them "friends" then they must have been close, but Masami could not understand that closeness and simply followed without speaking of any sort, just like a slave who willingly follows the master without any thought. Masami didn't even think of that, yet he has been a slave to work for so long, has he not? Because Masami had been working ever since he was a child, all these seemed apparently normal rather than threatening. People are missing and Masami will still only give affection because it's his task to do so. Thinking that he failed the previous task for not protecting everyone, the Joyan boy thought that he'd be able to make up this time, but he apparently knew nothing else.

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Apparently, they had to look for the rest of the aristocrats fellows. They went back to the Lower District, which is now awfully more quiet than before. Guards are circulating the streets with the search, obviously payed to do their jobs like Masami. The boy was starting to get upset that he didn't get thanked, but that wasn't what he was supposed to be looking for, but it felt like he was being dragged around instead. Do they even need these many guards, that even Masami had to go with them? Shouldn't the guards have found the rest of their members? Masami was finally alone after detaching himself away from the rest of the guards including that single aristocrat, following his instincts and looking for the water mage, the entertainer. He must've brought the aristocrats somewhere else, Masami thought, so he followed this instinct. The asphalt road did not have any signs of water, even if Masami was on the same spot as where the show took place the other day. "Good God..." he sighed whilst looking around, should he wait until it was dark? Maybe fire magic would be of use, just to make the mage think he could beat the Joyan boy with his water magic, heedlessly drawing him out. Those were just ideas, however, and Masami was simply guessing without any straightforward or concrete answer. So, he sat on a nearby chair, no one else surrounding him but the hidden stares from the inside of the buildings. Everyone else but the guards and Masami are restricted from going out. Trust no one; Masami was getting insecure of his own face, hiding himself with the mask he found in the mountains. Why was it there in the first place? It seemed too fated this way, and it was odd.

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While waiting, Masami looked left and right looking for suspicious people, perhaps the ones even more suspicious because nobody is allowed to go out. It would be questionable to find a civilian walking around, Masami only needed to look for the magician, but he doesn't even seem to be here. Heck, he must've been living somewhere else and simply took business in Myras this time, only to get what he needed. What if the aristocrats were elsewhere? Masami thought all of those as the night settled, but there was no good. The missing friends weren't here at all, and everybody nodded in disappointment. "I'm sorry." Masami didn't have anything else to say to the aristocrat, but he felt as if he needed to apologize. "It's my fault." then, he added because he believed that he didn't sound convincing enough. People who appear affectionate simply because they've got nothing else to say are the worst – Masami being aware of that distracted him in slight self-loathe. Although he hoped that the aristocrat would rather say nothing else, this man waved a palm in front of him while shaking his head as well. "Do not be, you did your best." when he uttered this, Masami's spirit slightly lifted up. "It's just that... there are other businesses..." he walked away after speaking half of the statement, but Masami heard it until the end. Aristocrats and their darn business, this was definitely their own fault for getting into bargains... perhaps? There was judgment in Masami's mind, judging the aristocrats and their rich, prideful demeanor. Vague pride and looking down on the poor, Masami started to detach himself from all of the convincing words he received for the past few quests. Most of those were definitely lies, and Masami was angry at himself for being convinced this way. The job was done and he simply had to go home.

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