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Silver City V [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City V [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:14 am

Alright! It's time for a new quest, just like any other day. As long as Masami is stuck in Myras City, he'll continue to do the same quest every week, then do the same strolling. Let's be honest, Masami was already getting bored of this. Oh well, at least it's different from spending the whole week in the farm, Masami didn't even miss that one part. Fortunately, the Joyan boy is a hard-worker, and could get all these finished in a day. Apparently, the people he was supposed to be with are, once again, gone missing. It was getting kind of lonely for him.

He brushed his hair and pulled them against his cheeks, realizing that they were getting longer. They were still soft to the touch, though, fortunately – it's hard to manage and maintain everything, now that he's out of Joya wherein nobody would take care of his skin apart from himself. The scar on his bottom lip was gone, as well, looks like those herbs did the job. "I could probably get some products down the same district with them, too." referring to the aristocrats, fortunately getting along and being casual with them, Masami has become familiar enough to speak to such foreigners with no fear.

From the drawers, he took the hannya mask and placed it on the side of his head, apparently hanging on just like that. "Alright, complete!" he distanced himself from the mirror and swayed his arms around the air. He looked presentable in his own opinion, and at least have people find him the same way. Right after this, he slid his feet inside the straps of the wooden sandals and went off. "Coming!" the boy responded to the call from outside the inn, then immediately sat back after getting inside the aristocrats' vehicle.

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They didn't think much about the journey, it was apparently a short trip. 'The streets seem clear today.' was what Masami thought, having expected some sort of traffic, only to leave the boy hanging due to the shortness of the trip. They were already in the Lower District, so everyone had to get off of the vehicle and let the driver off to somewhere. "May I ask?" he was being honest and waited for someone's confirmation before he'd continue speaking. Masami didn't want to get awfully familiar, to the point where respect becomes missing, so he was willing to put himself under. "What's today's store?" Slightly, Masami wanted to ask if he could go ahead and shop as well – he doesn't want to fill the vehicle with his items, since he was supposed to simply guard the aristocrats and not shop with them.

Simply, he was told that they would merely take a stroll, and Masami would just follow. Bummer, Masami was quite disappointed. The aristocrats were simply richer men, one of them looked like Syllas from Marigold City, but this wasn't so entertaining. Masami hoped if someone, or something, would become present as to make things more interesting. Then again, it would be the same thing all over again, and Masami didn't want to get into trouble by fighting someone in the means of protecting the aristocrats, just like in his request. It was a formal request, too, as expected from the richer district, and that made Masami proud. So far, he has only heard of people being under disrespectful requestees, but Masami hasn't yet encountered one so far. Strolling around on a boring day is more appreciated than forcing himself to work with people he doesn't like. Unfortunately, it was like that in Joya, and Masami didn't want to experience the same in Fiore.

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Nothing in the streets appeared eye-catching at all. This must be because Masami wasn't interested in anything else apart from Joyan-related goods, or anything interesting in general. He remembered that the first time he was in Fiore, he found himself in a witch or magician's hut, an old woman that gave Masami his fortunes. He couldn't even remember what the fortune was, neither did he want to meet the creepy, snickering woman ever again. However, he couldn't help but ask... how is she now? What if that woman went to Myras, this time? Fiore certainly had its' weird moments, wherein Masami still wasn't so used with the formality of the use of magic. Apparently, sooner or later, Masami would learn more spells that would help others out, as Masami wasn't so entertained with his own magic, after all; perhaps if he was able to use these for theaters and small shows, then such magic would become interesting. Will these aristocrats, as well, become entertained if Masami were to use his magic for the good of show? Is that even respectable? As they stroll the streets, Masami spotted an entertainer which caught his eye. A water-based magician that use water for show, and even the aristocrats had to stop to watch what the entertainer would do. Because he wasn't Joyan, obviously, Masami didn't hesitate to watch. He'd often become the judge of one's show but today's sight was supposedly a sweet treat, so he let himself stand beside the aristocrats in the middle of the crowd as he watches specifically the entertainer, slightly becoming cautious of the crowd, not wanting to lose his guard. 'This better be good.' it was a mere thought, but he couldn't avoid having expectations, after all. Maybe he'd even give a small tip if this entertainer amused Masami enough.

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The entertainer had a flute that controlled the waters as if they were snakes, Masami has heard of this tale before. The story where a snake hibernates inside a small jar, and had awakened to be controlled by the magician with a flute. The music the entertainer played was nothing like the Joyan tunes, but it definitely sounded as magical as people expected. The Joyan performer would nod each beat, even humming along. The tune wasn't so unique and Masami easily got the hang of it, but it wasn't enough to drag his soul out of his body. He noticed how the crowd got bigger and bigger each time, which was technically a red flag for Masami, because pickpockets could be anywhere, and crowds make everybody sensitive to getting their items stolen. Although he had his eyes closed, making attempts to feel the melody while trying to make himself sensitive to a radius of sounds, he felt something else instead. Liquid, right beneath his feet. In surprise, he opened his eyes and immediately looked down, only to realize that the water had gone above his knees, and everybody else seemed to be unconscious. The music continued to play, the entertainer was still unaware like everybody else but Masami. It was a spell, supposedly cast to drown everyone as long as the entertainer keeps playing. By instinct, Masami raised his left pinky and placing it right in front of his lips, creating a magic circle upon it. He continued to lightly push everyone away while making his way through the front, the waters continue to rise. 'Just a little...' right when he was a meter away from the entertainer, they opened their eyes and knocked Masami backwards through the waves, just in time after blowing through the finger and dispersing the magic circle into a burst of flames.

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Completely soaked in water, Masami forced himself to pull himself up even when he felt the back of his head hit the asphalt road. "Sir...!" he audibly shouted, looking for the aristocrats when everybody started to panic. Knowing the Lower District, this community panic was definitely an opportunity for everyone to jump into the scene and cause more havoc than expected, making everything worse. "Over here!" he shouted, waving a hand in the air as he ran in the north direction, eventually spotting one of the aristocrats coughing water out of his system as he lies down on the floor, one arm supporting his whole body. Upon seeing this, Masami's running sped up, immediately pulling the aristocrat's abdomen and making an attempt to carry his body. Although the blond was aware that he wasn't strong enough to completely lift someone, he still tried. "I'm sorry, sir!" he was being honest, and there was no way he could keep calm in this sort of situation.

Without looking for anyone else, Masami focused on bringing the current aristocrat unto safety by helping him walk farther away from the current crowd. There was still water inside Masami's right ear and in his nostrils, suffocating him quite a bit. Fire magic would not be of use in this sort of situation, and he hasn't trained enough to evaporate water through fire. Finally, the driver of the previous vehicle stopped right in front of Masami, assisting him into bringing the aristocrat safely inside and was told to enter the vehicle as well. "But the others...?" he was still a concerned boy, after all, and everything was too chaotic for him to handle. "It's alright, our team will look for the rest." replied the driver, and those words assured Masami enough to leave with the aristocrat he just saved.

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