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The Heist [Sentinel Syndicate]

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The Heist

The Crocus Royal Bank is known to have the most secure vaults rumored to be filled with ancient artifacts. Reports have indicated that the De Monssuer family had moved their family relics from their personal vault at their estate to the Bank included in these relics are the De Monssuer crown. It was compromised of flawless 12 emeralds, 6 rubies, 8 Sapphires and a 36-carat diamond embedded into the 22-carat golden crown as the centerpiece.

This grotesque display of wealth would be the target of the Heist, the intent was to test their loyalty to the guild and to himself rather than fencing the piece itself. Instead, it would hang as an ornament of achievement and accomplishments that they had completed together. Members would instead receive their cut through the Guild's own personal vault.

The Setup: This is the beginning phase to any heist. Now is the time for the party to allocate resources towards equipment, NPCs, etc. that may be necessary for the job. It is common for the leader to also assign roles to members of the guild at this time. It’s imperative that every person is fully aware of what their individual task is and that they succeed within a considerable amount of time to increase the overall success rate of the operation. A base of operations may also be established for rendezvous purposes.

The Guild Master will responsible for devising a plan that will allow every member safe entry whether the approach is stealthy or forceful. Variables such as time of day, setting, body count, etc. should be heavily considered when doing so. There is no such thing as being ‘too cautious’ so every and any possibility for error should be accounted for. A good leader is aware of his team’s strengths and weaknesses and should fit this into the plan accordingly. Gathering recon to scope out enemy positions is an example of what could be done during this stage.


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  • It is possible to be in multiple topics.

The Break-in: This part of the heist is self-explanatory. The moment has finally come for you to execute the master plan. By now every member should be fully equipped for the obstacles they may face and have a complete understanding of their objective. The best possible outcome would be a few injuries and no casualties. Keep in mind you are on a timer, under no means do you want to prolong the operation. Failure is not an option.


  • Create a topic in Crocus and end it with the tag: [The Break-In - Phase 2]
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The Get Away: Every heist needs a getaway plan, what will yours be? Whatever it may be, the location and time of a getaway plan is imperative to the operation. Every member should be evacuated from the site immediately with the stolen asset in possession. Make use of those dark, peculiar alleyways or underground tunnels – anything to escape.


  • Create a topic in Crocus and end it with the tag: [The Get-Away - Phase 2]
  • It must be done in one topic.

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