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Taking for the Guild. (Etaoin and Joshua)

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#1Joshua Graham 

Taking for the Guild. (Etaoin and Joshua) Empty Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:02 pm

Joshua Graham
The region of Myras was a new one for Joshua, he had never been to this area before and had no knowledge beyond the very basic of the region. but he knew a good sniper spot when he saw one. He took up the spot, which was high up and overlooking the area below him, which allowing him to be easily seen. He Looked over the view, the trees dotted the area were relatively thick, but spread about enough to not be impenetrable. Joshua was silent as he waited, he didnt move once he was settled into his position. he was using his knee to help stabilize the giant Cross gun he used.

He wasnt looking to kill, only to find. He looked over the forest and marked points where a figure could be, or potential areas for himself to move too. Joshua sat there still and statue like for hours. He knew the Target came through here, the research had shown as much. Joshua was so still that a few birds had landed on him, but he didnt move or react to them. He was trained, and he wouldn't let little birds distract him from his task at hand.


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It had been a single day, and they were just exploring this area. Already having checked out the upper areas, not the castle but the part around it, Éta decided to look around the rest of the city. Byzanide eyes glanced up at the mountains surrounding some the boarders, and at the trees surrounding themselves. The birds twittering loudly but softly. It was calm, and that was all Étaoin needed right now. Calmness. Taking a deep breath they continued the walk they had started. Étaoin wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen, but they also wondered if something would happen. Hopefully not though.

Stepping through the bushes, and patting down their shorts a little to rid the stolen leaves. Humming as they set their hands on the hips just to deflate at the two roads before them. Why did they choose to go here? Glancing back and forth between the two paths Étaoin sighed a bit, debating whether to take the rocky road leading uphill, or the other rocky road with a few more trees around.

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Taking for the Guild. (Etaoin and Joshua) MuahGUH

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#3Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua saw his target and stood up. The birds having run off as he made his way toward his target. The path was simple and with a quick slide down the hill, Joshua would find himself a short walk to his targets location. As he approched he stopped and looked at the young man up and down before calling him by his full name. He would wait for a response as he took in the appearance. The picture did them no justice in their looks, that was certain enough.

He would respond to the young person's questions, if they had any, with a simple answer. "Quiet. If you want any answers to your question you will come with me. My Guild master has found you of interest and i was sent to retrieve you." Is the man tried to ask more question Joshua would look at him. And with a stern voice repeat what he said. He looked the man over again and wondered what it was Konstantin wanted with them.

Joshua's red hair billowed in the wind as he stood there. He would wait for te targets answer before proceeding any further. He wasnt looking for a fight, but he was prepared to take the target in unconscious if need be.


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Finally choosing a route to take, Étaoin began their decent towards the uphill rocky path in front of them, only to stop when the sound of something approaching reached their ears. Frowning a little, Éta paused and stared at the man before them. "Whom the hell gave you the privilege to use my name? Raising an eyebrow as they set their hands on their hips. "Uh on second thoughts... How the hell do you even know my name?" Folding their arms, humming suspiciously. Though when the man mentioned them having to go with him, and no questions allowed. That had Étaoin worried, the last time this happened there was a lot of changes, some changes Éta loved and others, well not so much.

"Uhm... I don't willingly go with people... Also a older man, approaching a young teen like me... Kinda weird if you ask me." Purple eyes glanced over the red hair a small worried smile lacing their lips, it was weird and out of the blue, this is what happens whenever Étaoin thought of something it just caused problems. 'Guildmaster? Interest... Oh god not again?' Scratching the back of their head, Éta just sat down on a relatively more comfortable looking rock surrounding them. Do they go along with whatever is happening because by the looks of this situation, any questions aren't going to be answered unless Étaoin went with this man to wherever it was that he wanted to take them. "So... Do I like... have to fight if I refuse, 'cause honestly, I aint fit to fight... I mean look at me?" Resting their chin against their hand, and elbow on their knee, Éta just let out a tired sigh. Why were people trying to kidnap them all the time? They aren't even a kid anymore! Last time that happened though, they were locked up and treated like a prize possession, something that Éta never wanted to experience ever again.

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Taking for the Guild. (Etaoin and Joshua) MuahGUH

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Kon rested atop his golden thought, eyes stuck while his mind ran rampant, plotting, and scheming for things to come. He had already been fortunate with the recruitment of a surprisingly loyal individual, Ragnar, who seemed more stable than some of his predecessors. Even now he had made claims to others who might prove useful to his cause though he did question those that he had commanded to collect them. Could he trust Joshua?, He certainly hadn’t seen any evidence to suggest it. If anything his actions warranted concern. “Just what was he up to?” He thought to himself as he brought his focus onto the man. He had already reached the target however it seemed that diplomacy was still something he sorely lacked.

Appearing quite some distance away from the two of them in a bloom of icy mist stepping through the mist a copy of him announced himself raising his hands towards the two of them. Dressed his guild master’s suit, He motioned first to Joshua lowering a left hand. “I don’t think fighting will be needed here, Joshua…” Before diverting his attention to the black-haired individual before him, concealing nothing and answering his questions before continuing over any protests or responses that might follow. “I gave him permission, and it’s through me that he learned your name in the first place, Etaoin, I do not plan to fight you, far from it, nor do I seek to hurt you, rather I wish to offer you an opportunity for someone of your class, the opportunity to join my organization, The Sentinel Syndicate.”

Pausing for a moment, Kon stared out at the unfamiliar city. “So this is Myras City, lovely.” He thought to himself, before returning to the conversation. “You see I was much like yourself and Joshua over there, lost without focus, a guiding hand, while you might find my work even my philosophies to be unsavory even inhumane, I think you and I will be able to see eye to eye on at least something.” Scratching his chin, Kon looked out once more seemingly absent-minded talking to him out of eyeshot. “I was going to force you to come to me, but I don’t think that will be needed if you want to take me up on the offer." Pausing as a butterfly flew by. "Come to Sieghart, we can discuss things further.” Without returning a single follow up, Kon’s projection disappeared as he lifted his right eye to bring him back into reality.


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Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user closes their eyes and enters a meditative state in which they disconnect themselves from the world around them. The user then creates and conjures a projection of themselves elsewhere in the world, where they are capable of hearing, sight, and speech only. They cannot physically interact with the world around them, meaning they cannot attack or cast spells. Meanwhile the projection can be destroyed after taking 1x S-Rank damage. For the projection to succeed it must be somewhere they have either been before or someplace someone close to the user is present.


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Étaoin suddenly straightening up, a sense of disruption in the air, though not sure what sort of disruption, but it made them weary. Blinking at a new stranger, Éta made another suspicious humming sound, giving the pale made a once over glance, it just seemed that today was Étaoin's day for being approached by guys. Strange. 'Another strange guy comes and joins the party... Standing up Étaoin dusted off their clothes, even though there was no dirt on them before nodding at the new arrival, a small sense of relief ran through their system when this man had said fighting wasn't a necessary and thank god for that because Éta sucked at fighting. "Great. Perfect, now that brings up the question of how you knew my name..." Shrugging a small smile on their lips, waving their hand a little in a way that was brushing that topic to one side. "But i'm sure you would tell me all of that eventually... If i decided to agree to this kidnapping. Even if they did have magic, Étaoin was more bark than bite. Years of refusing to train their magic was apart of their go to life, even so that thought process has somewhat been nurtured into maybe wanting to learn a little more.

Falling silent as the man continued to speak about the reason why they were confronted and graced with his presence on this formerly normal breezy day, Étaoin listened more out of curiosity than wanting answers. They got slight chills when seeing this leader or whatever, but they just weren't sure if it was good chills or bad chills. Folding their arms, when the man paused in what seemed to be a middle of his explanation, just lead to Éta snorting and then chuckling at his words, quickly covering their mouth, as if to hide that they had laughed at this leader. 'What a strange man...? Did the other man ever say this one's name?' Backtracking over what had happened, no names but their own had been mentioned. Oh well, they'll learn the names eventually if they agree to what ever these men wanted, which just seemed to be a recruitment of some sort. Taking a deep breath, Étaoin lowered their gaze when the mentions of having no focus, it's not that they didn't have focus, it's more they had no idea on where to begin looking. Finding information about one formula when there were billions of billions in this world of magic and normality was difficult, but saying that they were lost on the other hand was correct. In someways. "Well I am lost, but not lost, lost. I just never knew where I was and what this place I'm in now is." Mumbling quietly to themselves, as the man once again became a bit distracted, which roused another soft laughter from Étaoin again. He seemed like a chill and relatively cool guy.

When the leader had vanished, which once more had Étaoin's curiosity going absolutely haywire on how that was even possible, they glanced at the red haired man, as well. He had been quite silent through this whole situation, no quarrels or opinions, but then again Éta guessed that was how it would be when it was the leader talking. "If I decided I would have to go to wherever the place is... I mean, it would be nice to see what else this country has around it, but... I'm still weary at the fact that you guys were going to take me by force... And everyone has their own opinions which differ to others." Scratching their head and shrugging Étaoin sat back down on the rock to think this over. 'I've only just arrived, and although it would be nice to have guidance and to know where I am... I am not to sure... So I would have to think this over thoroughly, even if it doesn't seem like a bad idea.'

Nodding confidently, Éta grinned a little, turning their purple gaze back to the man. "If you would be so kind enough to leave directions, that would be fantastic." Shrugging, they stood up once more, dusting off their shorts, and shrugged with a huff, before walking away. "Or not, I don't care. You're leader gave me permission to visit, so I may just find my own way there..." Pausing, just to pivot on their left foot, turning back to the man. Éta raised their hand and gestured a sign. A side way peace sign, a way of saying seeya! Sending a wink towards the man, with a smirk. "Jaa ne, Josh."

(Post your exit, whenever you can Josh. It's fine.)

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Taking for the Guild. (Etaoin and Joshua) MuahGUH

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