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Saint/Lord Review

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Saint/Lord Review Empty Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:03 am

In order to apply for Saint/Lord, you must post here using the template below. You can only apply with a character who is at least B-rank. Fill out the template below, and try to be convincing. We will only know what you're telling us here.

[b]Name:[/b] What is your characters name?

[b]Age:[/b] How old is your character now?

[b]Rank:[/b] Self explanatory

[b]Title:[/b] Wizard Saint if good, Wizard Lord if evil.

[b]Discord:[/b] Who are you on Discord? Discord is our primary form of communication.

[b]Reason:[/b] What makes you deserve to be a wizard lord or saint? There's no such thing as too much description. Fights, plots, major events, literally anything that you think gives you an edge. Even your magic, guild rank, or ability to output damage could count here. Anything you think helps your cause.


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Name: Konstantin Sokolov

Age: 28

Rank: S-Rank

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: Kon

Reason: Konstantin has protected Fiore from day one since reaching the Bosco-Fioran Border, joining the rune knights to protect the people and himself. Countless times he put himself in harm's way to ensure the safety of towns, communities, and their people. Continuing to do so as he carried out his regular life. Eventually, he transitioned to the Holy Knights after being scouted by Midas before joining Nerva’s Inquisition during the demonic incursion. After so many trials and moments of self-sacrifices, He grew jade, cruel, and even vain.

As a mage, his magical abilities are rarely surpassed. He is capable of performing extraordinary feats limited see details hidden to the naked eye, conceal his appearance, bring powerful lightning from the storms above, turn matter both living and nonliving into gold with a single touch, encase himself in countless icy barriers, healing his allies and himself while damaging foes. All of these abilities he has gained over the course of a decade. Many of these skills were through losses and significant sacrifices, his enhanced acuity was gained only after the loss of his left eye. The ability to become Midas himself only made possible through the execution of a friend and loss of his right arm.

Overall alongside his feats and abilities, his unmistakable appearance makes for Konstantin to be a suitable candidate to become a Wizard Saint. A man created by endless conflict, A man built for war, his body augmented using former Holy Knight relics and advanced alchemy, he is truly a man to revere, respect and fear.

Noteworthy Events:

Ever since arriving in Bosco, Kon has fought and bled for the country. Initially he helped by fighting against two Grimoire Heart, Erebus and Yumi in the hopes to defend a critical piece of information to the realm, the Magisters Index. Going to the extreme of killing a child held hostage rather than let them be used as a tool. Even after committing the ultimate sin, they lost driving Konstantin to improve himself for years to come while his partners during the missions faltered behind and names were forgotten to the ages.

His skills were tested again when he and numerous other individuals fought against the villainous Cell, a creature from another world hell-bent on destruction. As a developing mage, his aid in destroying Cell was limited. His use of magic become highly recognized by the Holy Knights when a high ranking member, Midas in the order spotted the fight and Konstantin's necromancy.

Shortly there after his efforts were "rewarded" with the Holy Knights admitting him into their ranks with a cruel ritual removing his necromancy abilities. Kon would continue to complete duties for the Order. Once more he fought against Grimoire Heart, now fighting alongside numerous others against Zade, a formidable fighter. The collective attempts to stop Zade were successful but the net result was defeat allowing for the dethroning of the former king and bringing forth the age of King Reign. During the turmoil, Kon and his pregnant fiance fought fought one cutting her down without hesitation, only being saved by the whim of the spirit who forced the two of them to do so.

With this defeat, Kon began his focus on defending the world on a more micro-scale. Serving the Holy Knights for years removing cultists, vampires, anything from Fiore before his capture, losing his magic before adopting Heavenly Body Magic. Shortly thereafter Demonic Incursions appeared all throughout Earthland. During this he joined the Nerva's Inquisition, where he would continue defending Fiore unbound by the red tape being a member of the Holy Knights. Fighting off a demon Single handed in Orchidia Town. Before fighting in the docks of Astera with other Inquisitors

His time working for Nerva ended as the rifts began to wane, Joining Lamia Scale finding his leadership to be absent and creating conflict when encountering Holy Knights. Leaving the group just as the Order began their crusade against humanity brought the need for the nine hero relics to be retrieved. Kon single-handedly defeated platoons of his former comrades in Bosco and killed Midas, a former comrade, losing his right arm in the process. As a prize Kon took Midas’ Gauntlet from his charred corpse taking it as his own, binding the glove to his left hand.

Following the war, Lamia Scale dissolved, leaving Kon without a guild or organisation to call his own. While still largely recognised for his roles defending society Kon has quickly gained a blemish on his reputation. Embracing this separation from the community, Kon formed the Sentinel Syndicate, a reviled guild considered evil by both nobility and the crown. Creating the guild only further distanced himself from the everyday man, isolating himself on the floating island that the guild called home. Only in these past six months has he ventured forth making his first display against the newly titled wizard saint, Kazimir during the Grand Magic Games. Following a crushing defeat, Kon returned to Sieghart hoping to reflect upon the experience only to lose his magic and slowly become a master of ice manipulation developing unique talents of healing, immeasurably durable spells alongside other oddities.

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Name: Caius Kazama

Age: 27

Rank: S

Title: Wizard Lord

Discord: Caius


  • Fought Finn in GH battle. Lost but injured legendary companion and GH won the war.
  • Landed a killing blow on Cell
  • Fought in the assault on Blue Peagsus with Grimoire Heart. Enemy leader was successfully killed
  • Destroyed Rune Knights during the assault on Era where GH took over the country.
  • Recruited to Red Hades. Caius learns to peddle drugs, human traffic, and straight up murder fools.
  • Caius starts his own underground empire criminal organization in Dahlia as a foothold
  • Recruited S rank mage Yumi after a battle to help him in is criminal operation
  • Joined SS and enslaved miners in Dawncliff mine
  • Faced guild leader Kaiser in Grand magic games. Lost but did significant damage to her. Showed mercy by letting her bypass the 72 hour rule
  • S rank mage. Demon fully unlocked powers. One could see the experience makes him something like and Elder of demons.
  • Multiple A+ rank spells
  • One of highest dark mage bounties/fame


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Name: Esperia

Age: 24

Rank: X

Title: Wizard Lord

Discord: Esperia#9944

Born within a family that had served the Church of Illumin for generations as the dedicated jailers of the Demon Lord of Lust: Asmodeus, this young witch has known quite the tragic childhood.

Forced to be the vessel for the Demon Lord herself, her family killed during a Werewolf pack attack, Esperia was later taken into the care of Blue Pegasus by one of its former Guild Masters.

During the years that followed Esperia proved to be a reliable asset in Fiore's defense, being trained by the now-leading Guild Master Alisa Vollan, helping the city of Crocus during the siege by Grimoire Heart, and later on assisted in vanquishing several Demonic Incursions.

However, it is only in the aftermath of those years that Esperia truly started to stand out. Despite her departure from Blue Pegasus and disappearance into the shadows of society, the young witch soon resurfaced as the advisor to the Sentinel Syndicate Konyo. Rumors suggest she broke Asmodeus' grasp on her body, forcing the Demon Lord to drift around seeking for a new vessel. Instead, Esperia has been shown to possess the highly coveted and unique magic to manipulate the borders of reality to traverse into other dimensions.

This, paired with her, by all means almost unrivaled amount of mana, mastery over the arcane, and rumored power to know everything about a person by simply looking at them makes her a daunting foe to face.

Still, despite the fact that Esperia is a dark guilder, her personality among them might truly set her apart from the others: Esperia is known to be a morally conflicted person. While usually a kind and gentle soul, she is known to become cruel and vengeful to those she perceived as evil and at most tolerates criminal acts when she considers them needed for the greater good. This 'the end justifies the means' mentality has led her in quite a peculiar situation among fellow dark guilders, and for the Magic Council to turn a blind eye to her actions more often considering her actions often work to their benefit.

If that is not enough to convince you of her reputation, then how about the fact that this young witch is accompanied by the very same being that is supposed to cause Ragnarok in Icebergian Mythology.

That's right, this Dimensional Witch her partner in crime is nobody less than Fenrir.

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#5Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Name: Poropo Poproporp

Age: 66 years old

Rank: B-rank

Title: Wizard Saint

Discord: Poropo

Reason: Poropo comes from the country Sin, a foreigner from outside Fiore - he came to Fiore in hopes of spreading the purity taught to him by his god, the Iron Deity. While trying to make a living in Fiore, Poropo has met many people whom he loved helping - whether they are villainous or already pure of heart, Poropo prays for the Iron Deity to bless their way for a brighter future. Having helped many people and dressing like a monk, Poropo has been given the epithet "Kind Monk".

However, Poropo is not powerful - Poropo solves problems by talking or bluffing. Bluffing will not last much longer the more famous he becomes, so he is striving to at least defend himself a little better - the magic supposedly provided to him through the Iron Deity is good for self-defense.

As a Wizard Saint, Poropo would represent the goodness in anyone, whether they are from Fiore or elsewhere, and how anyone can succeed by being kind to others. As his fame spreads, lack confidence in their capabilities might try again and hopefully make Fiore safer than ever before.

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