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Silver City [Quest]

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Silver City [Quest] Empty Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:42 pm

Zane wasn't rich. Far from it, actually. He usually barely just had enough jewel to slip by. That being said, he was never quite bitter towards the richer folk as most other people were. He had nothing against them. Some people were going to have more money than others, after all. Zane had learned that not everyone seemed to share that philosophy though, having taken on a job to defend a rich man from poor people who were mad at him while he was in the poorer areas of Myras on some business. While Zane didn't look like the most threatening guy in the world, he certainly knew how to intimidate some people if he really wanted to. He hoped that it wouldn't have to come to that, but ya never knew. Zane had heard many stories about how the different social classes treated each other in Myras. it seemed that the divide between them was quite deep, deeper than most place. As he would walk along the man he was protecting, Zane put his hand on his chin, thinking about how things were so much different from Baska. Baska... he missed that place. He hoped he could eventually go back and visit his family there. 

As Zane was deep in thought, a beggar came up to the man, shouting some obscenities and accusations. While Zane wasn't sure if these were true or simply slander, he was in it for the money. The money told him to stop things like this from going on, and that he was. Zane approached the beggar, talking very firmly. His voice sounded deeper than usual. His height helped with it as well. The beggar simply shook his head and backed off, seeing the confrontation as not worth the time and effort required, especially considering that the outcome would most likely be nothing. Zane's employer nodded in approval, the two of them going on their way.

Zane noticed many things here, something that was nice to do since he was brand new in Myras. It was perhaps one of if not the town in the Fiore Zane was least familiar with, so every second he spent in this place was a learning experience of sort. Seriously, he had managed to get a much bigger grasp on the culture of the place by guarding this man. Over the day, a few more people gave dirty looks, but Zane didn't get much trouble. There was another man like the beggar before who was dealt with in the same way. Soon enough the job ended, Zane being free to go for the time being. Zane asked the man a few more questions, wanting to get a better idea of the way Myras worked. Taking his money afterwards, Zane smiled at the amount he got. Still, he couldn't help but wonder. Did he do the right thing? Maybe the beggars were right. The man was a scumbag, perhaps. Or maybe he was a saint. Zane knew there wasn't a clear answer. The only truth was that he came outta the day richer than before.



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