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One or the Other [SOCIAL; ÉTAOIN]

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One or the Other [SOCIAL; ÉTAOIN] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:24 pm

'Great well done Étaoin, nice job teaching a literal kid on ways to poison people.' Sighing Éta just went back to finishing what was left of their drink. Soon it will be gone, and they weren't sure if the shop allowed loitering, but then again it was still raining outside, would the owners really send two teens into the wet weather? 'If that's the policy then I guess we would have to obey, less we want to cause trouble...' Lowering their gaze towards the table surface, Étaoin realised a little at what they were saying, but wasn't sure how it made them seem. Did they sound like they didn't want to be here? If it was, it was completely wrong! Somehow Éta loved being with this boy, it made them feel, normal? No not that, calm, maybe? Definitely not as jealous as they usually were when they saw people wearing fine clothing, or able to afford expensive things like this tea, or the silk that Masami seemed to be donned in.

A pause happened. Étaoin's mind came to a screeching halt when they heard the sentence leave the kids mouth. 'A.. whole theatre!' Scratch, rewind. Take a deep breath. "O-oh..." They could feel it, the slowly green tendrils crawling up their spine. "Right... You said you were a performer... with your magic... Makes sense..." Eyebrows knitting together in worrisome. They needed to think of something that was not this theatre the kid owned. The thought of this kid. A teen probably about a couple years younger than themselves, owning a whole goddamn theatre. Jealousy was an ugly thing, and Étaoin was brought up not to show imperfection, but jealousy was just something they could never fully control. 'Maybe... This would be harder than I thought...' How were they meant to trust Masami, when the kid had something that Éta will never probably obtain within their lifespan?

Head snapped up from the table, Éta blinked in confusion. 'Serve me?' Tilting their head in confusion, a worried smile lacing their lips. "No need... I wouldn't... Want you to serve me in anyway..." They were equals? He wasn't her servant like the other people back at the mage's manor. Just two random teenagers that met outside a strange tea shop and became friends? "We are friends. You can treat me as an equal. Unless you meant it as helping me in a difficult situation..." That was a strange way to phrase, lending a hand to a friend.

Finishing their own drink as well now, Éta also pushed the cup closer to the centre of the table, where Masami's sat. "I guess we really are similar... In a lot of ways we didn't realise." So this was it right? The end of their small tea talk session? A small pang replaced that once building jealousy at the thought of them parting ways now. Masami seemed like a good kid, and honestly, if Étaoin didn't have a problem with trusting people so much, they wouldn't mind calling Masami their younger brother. He was very east to talk to, and that in away had made Éta trust the blonde even more than any other person that Étaoin would've met so soon. "Definitely. We may have only just met now, but I think a home for both us runaways, would be a very non-lonesome home." It was a fluffy feeling, being with Masami, kind of like a home already. 'After all, home is where the heart lies.' God how sappy and embarrassing that would've been if they said that out loud. Even so, Étaoin never knows where their heart is going to settle.


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A sudden stream of surprise and confusion entered Masami's thoughts, unsure of what to say next regards Étaoin's repeat over the whole 'serve' thing. "A-Ah..." how does he say this without appearing like a people-pleaser? Most actors and actresses in Joya are literally working to please people, literal people-pleasers with broken self-esteems and fragile ego, having to change identities for every show. Masami didn't want to be like them nor make people think that he's one of those people, and it would pain him to know that other people views them as the same. Thus, he tried avoiding Étaoin's gaze, his fingers hovering over the overcoat that covered and warmed his lower body. "Ah, well. You're older. I was always taught to... respect the older." he knew he was a hypocrite.

Family makes most of who the person is, and it wasn't a lie that Masami's main influence in life is his mother's and older siblings' wisdom. Slightly, he felt as if he was rejected. It was probably what he'd get for being sly, leaving the past alone just like that, cruel enough to hide tracks through the flames. 'Ah... I'm nervous.' the soles of his wooden sandals repetitively tapped the floor due to this awareness. 'I forgot humans forget what to say, sometimes.' Masami was a boy who never knew how to exactly fit in the mold, being a stranger even if he tries breaking the boundaries, just like that. No matter why, it felt like his list of friends are always empty. Were he not considered as a friend by anyone, or did he not consider anyone as one? Or perhaps he was too young to even realize, but then the other children would not be the same. "I could be of help, too," he added, looking over the window and watching the rain, his voice slightly lowering down into quietness, "people just remind me of people, I like taking care of people." Masami became slightly ticked off over his own words, speaking these as if he wasn't human himself. Calling himself 'selfish' and blaming himself, once again the depreciation of selves.

Because he worked ever since he was a child, he would've surely known a lot of things in addition to that of a sickly mother. These sometimes overwhelm him, and perhaps even the others. Some people aren't used to being taken cared off, Masami was always told this, but then he'd never known what the pain in the outside world would feel like. All the doubt came from under a roof, so much that it makes the outside feel so extravagantly pleasant. If Masami says that he isn't good enough and tried arguing, it would be a lie and then he'd be selfish. He knows well-enough everything he's good at, and almost everything he wasn't good at; Masami sometimes wished that he wasn't so aware about himself, but then he'd be one of those who spoke whatever they felt like saying without thinking. He'd be like the officials from the court... the court? 'Damn it.' he bit his lower lip from the thought, knowing that he had slightly compared himself to those people. All that pent up anger, still lingering after burning it all up. Masami wasn't one of them, was he? Surely not, this blond was not guilty at all.

Not guilty at all, surely, he was such.

The boy will never be forgiven for the sins he had dealt; he has to come back or else he won't be forgiven at all, but he cannot for he will die. Once again, just like from that event back in Marigold, Masami felt his body abnormally warm up as his vision slightly blurs up. Successfully keeping a stable stance, Masami bit the previously-healed scar on his lower lip, enough to cause it to bleed. At least, without awareness of how much his blood dripped off of his chin, he nodded towards Éta after contemplating about the 'best character for this situation' or else he'd perhaps... Masami doesn't know what happens after this – or at least, not exactly, for all he could think of at the moment were how the worst cases could occur. The Joyan actor revealed a made-up side of himself, or at least an amplified, exaggerated side, just to cover himself up. Without forcing himself, he gently smiled, appearing exactly like his mother's younger self. "Surely." Surely... surely, as if Masami knew exactly what he was saying.

Apparently, the bleeding had finally taken its' effect and now Masami could feel the stinging feeling of an open wound. He licked his top teeth first before deciding to make an attempt to 'catch' the blood, despite seeing the red liquid on top of the table. Masami must have absorbed someone's emotions by subconscious, perhaps the people sitting in the next table were having conflicts? "I'm alright, it's alright!" he kept the bottom lip folded, trying to stop its bleeding immediately, although it did still hurt. Simply, he had the overcoat's sleeve over the same lip, pressing unto it. "It's dark in color, no one outside will notice." at least, even if the people inside were looking, the people outside won't know this happened. Masami wasn't exactly sure, but something in Marigold happened that made him like this. Perhaps he shouldn't have left Joya, after all?

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Étaoin felt their expression slowly fall with most of the replies that came from Masami. They didn't know what to think, although respecting ones elders is definitely something that they also had drilled into their head these past six years, it didn't do crap against the twelve years that Éta spent, not giving a crap about their elders. Tilting their head a little more in confusion to what the younger was saying, Étaoin tried their best to decipher what was in those words. "I appreciate that... Respect is a good thing indeed, yet not everyone craves respect." Pointing at themselves, Éta nervously chuckled. "Myself being one, I prefer to have respect only when I deserve it..." Étaoin leaned over the table, and gently ruffled the blond strands, a soft smile on their lips. "Also, sometimes it is best to let people deal with their problems on their own, so you should only help others when they need the help, okay."

Picking up the cups, Étaoin moved to take them to the bin, before making their way back to the table. It was fine, they would never fully get jealous of Masami, the feeling was passing and that is all that mattered, but eventually Éta was sure it would rear it's ugly head once more, just hopefully not now. Sitting back down, Éta glance at the teen, before their eyes widened a smudge, reaching out, gently swiping a finger, against the blood that was gathering slowly at the edge of Masami's chin, before it dripped onto the table, a worried look crossing their face.

"Masami?" A frown slapped itself across Éta's face when the younger talked about being fine, which was definitely not the case. Sighing softly they took one of the boy's free hands. "Do you need to talk about something?" Lowering their gaze, Étaoin bit the inside of their cheek, before taking a calming breath. "We may have only met a few hours ago, but you can trust me, I promise." Smiling at the joyan boy, Éta shrugged in a nonchalance way. "In return, I will tell you what you want to learn as well."


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At the moment, Masami suddenly felt like he had nothing to say in return. His mind was focused unto the bottom lip, which had now slightly stopped bleeding, but it was still quite painful. Should he explain that he got this scar opened up from some metal corner in the mountains while being chased by the marauders he ticked off? It sounded like an epic story, but perhaps not one to boast. "I can't handle stress out of Joya that much..." Masami spoke through the overcoat, which was now covering his lower face while his hands maintain its' position, "something like a curse, kinda hurts." He wasn't wrong, at least as much as how he was convinced. If the reason unto why his mother was still sick, and the unexpected yet inevitable conflict of control, were both curses, then Masami doesn't see how he's not wrong.

Although Masami was quite upset that he had been scolded by someone older, he didn't think he had the time to dwell on that. He respected the higher-up... even if that slight scolding or nagging was enough to tilt the younger person. 'Yeah, yeah, alright.' he complained in his thoughts, slightly in annoyance. It was as if Masami was back at home, Étaoin spoke like the Joyan's older brother in that one bit. Masami remembered how his brother would gently scold Masami, telling him to be kind to people, albeit in somewhat an offensive manner. Masami would then sit on the ground and lower his head as the one being scolded, it wasn't such a bad memory, either. "It was like a panic attack, it happened in Marigold City one time, too." he smiled, tilting his head while looking directly at Étaoin, as if imitating them. "I think the rain was making me... more sentimental than usual. This happened when it was raining, too!"

Maybe he'd keep the story about his mother for another time.

Masami used the overcoat to gently tap on stain over the table, pressing unto it before he'd slide the fabric to wipe the red liquid off. Tempting, while he was staying quiet, he was thinking of a question to ask Étaoin... would it be a good question if Masami would ask them if they had a female or a male private part? Because... somehow, Masami would find that epic. Because he can't simply say it out loud, Masami already assumed that he'd be stuttering... or would it be better to ask if Étaoin would comply over another name?! "In return, huh..." he licked his bottom lip before muttering this out loud... out loud? Oh no, Masami immediately turned to the older person, forcing a blank smile on his was due to awkwardness. "Oh, yeah, it was supposed to be dramatic." he totally ruined the mood on this one.

Thus, he coughed twice on purpose, gently tapping his lower lip's new scar with the overcoat. Étaoin said that they will tell Masami information, but in return, meaning Masami had to be the first to reveal certain information. "W-What do you want to know?" anything else apart from the name thing, Masami was so sure that he wouldn't call out the negative name. His cheeks were slightly flushed in a red hue, too, so that was a thing. While waiting for the older person to ask something, Masami tried to avoid their gaze.

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Étaoin hummed quietly at what the boy had said. It made a lot of sense, being out of your birth country could be extremely stressful. There was going to be new laws to obey, a different language to learn, people would be going about the things that you did normally back home in a total new way, hell even the cuisine was going to be different and the way shops, restaurants and all the other important places. Éta did not blame Masami for how he acted whilst being stressed out, he was far from home after all, but they didn't appreciate the fact that the younger Joyan boy had harmed himself in the process of it all. "Curses can be a difficult thing, I agree." Nodding wisely, Éta continued to gently hold the younger's hand until he felt calm enough. "But there are other ways to go about restraining your stress levels, then opening old wounds." Étaoin says that but, they honestly don't really know how they could possible help Masami overcome his stress without harming himself.

When they saw the expressions that flickered across Masami's face, whilst talking about respect, Éta realised that maybe they sounded like they were telling the kid off, which was not what they wanted to be doing at all. "Okay look, buddy. I just wanted to like state how, I don't like receiving respect, when I don't dish the respect out in return." Shrugging Étaoin rested their chin, in the palm of their hand, face straight and lips pursed together. God kid's were something alright, even when they weren't actually kids anymore. 'A panic attack, yeah. I feel that, I get those sneaky bastards way too many times.' Sighing in somewhat understanding but also sympathy for the younger because it made them realise why Masami resulted into opening up that old wound on his lip during the panic induced attack.

"Yup. As long as it ain't anything to pushy, otherwise it's an instant rejection." Tapping their fingers against their lower lip, as Éta themselves considered the question of what they would like to ask from Masami, in return of Masami asking them something. The only thing was nothing came to mind, because in a way, Étaoin did not want to force the teen into spilling all his secrets onto this table between them right here and now, when they have only just met. "Mhm not really... I would prefer you to tell me, when you want to tell me... about you, but you can ask me whenever." Shrugging again, Éta blinked at the boy. "Considering that you also just talked about this," They gestured to the covered lip, where Masami was hiding the small cut with his jacket sleeve. "Happening in Marigold, wherever that is, and how you also get sentimental with the rain sometimes... Is enough of an exchange in my books."

Setting their hands, down, gripping the edge of their chair as they also started to swing them underneath their chair, glancing towards the rain and Masami every couple of seconds, as the younger avoided Étaoin's gaze as well. "So... Ask away, Masa~ I promise to try and answer them as best as I can." Raising a hand with three fingers pointing upwards and a grin on their lips, a small cheeky laugh left Étaoin. "Scouts honour heh~"


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It was because Masami was not getting what he exactly wanted, that his stubbornness had caused him to believe that the older person was more stubborn than the Joyan boy. When it comes to praises and being served, everybody else seemed to comply; Masami had always thought this to be normal, and that rejection was not a choice, neither are declining offers. Come to think of it, Masami does not remember having his offers rejected, or was it because he had only taken bigger focus unto it only now? When he pouted, he shook his head and brushed it again, having it muffled by Étaoin a while ago, only to muffle it a little bit more. "This sort of bargain..." Masami quietly exclaimed before he would give out a heavy sigh, as if slightly complaining for having to expose certain secrets. Ever since, Masami found exchanging information more worthy than exchanging Jewels, perhaps its because information can grant a person materialistic riches, that Masami considered this wisdom to be more of an ideal. Thus, he generated his thoughts and thought of an answer, but then most of the answers would come off as an "I'm not sure" and Masami did not like being so unsure when it comes to sharing answers.

He decided to think about the rain instead. "I have a sickly mother," this time, he was being straightforward, "the rain doesn't help, either, so whenever the air is humid, I stay at home to care for her." Although Masami had already given out a complete answer, sure that it was the whole truth, something felt slightly off. He can't blame someone else, aware that whether or not admitting the truth, everything that would come out of his mouth is up to him, meaning that it is nobody else's fault but him. Then, he thought of another answer to that, so he just had to laugh it out. "I think I'm just very homesick." Somewhat, a part of the Joyan felt that this was unfair. Although he had thought of a hundred ways to answer Étaoin's questions, Masami has yet to know what question he'd ask in return.

"Marigold... is right beside Myras." he was surprised that the older person did not know about this, but that doesn't make Masami different to him, either. When he was in Marigold, he didn't even know that it was in Fiore; he only had learned how far away Fiore was to Joya later on, when he started meeting acquaintances from different locations. "My guild is located there. Heck, if I hadn't joined a guild, I'd..." a part of the boy stopped him from continuing, was he getting repetitive? He was sure that he had mentioned this before, and repeating lines may become annoying, so he had to halt. However, he did not know how to continue that in a less awkward way, so once again he gently dabbed the overcoat's fabric against his lower lip, despite its' bleeding to have completely stopped as well. "Are you going to—?" join a guild? Internally, Masami slapped himself. If he had continued that sentence, then he would have wasted a single, worthy question! He was going to ask if Étaoin would be joining a guild sooner, but Masami didn't think that it was a worthy enough question.

The boy blinked twice, leaning a bit closer to Étaoin than he was already earlier, slightly humiliated and anxious. "Hah... ha—" finally... he was going to ask the question! His fist thumped in front of his chest, nervous enough to forget how to breathe. "H-How... would you—? Would you be o-okay if... I renamed you..." Masami could almost breathe fire if this keeps up, finishing his sentence by slumping back on the chair as if all worn out, heavy breathing afterwards as his face continue to brighten in a red hue. He knew how corny it was, sounding like he was reading a theater script... worse is that he sounded like a mother! Towards an older person, too! He covered his face using both of his palms, quietly wheezing through it afterwards.

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Étaoin allowed the younger to process what he needed to process once more, they were not going to be pushy, being pushy would get them nowhere in this situation. Declaring that they wanted to let the younger Joyan boy speak when he felt like it was a huge step in general, especially since it seemed that Masami liked to make deals when it came to exchanging information. "Deals for information huh... Kinda of like that so called carer I know..." Muttering to themselves, Éta continued to swing their legs as they fiddled with the sleeves of their cardigan, as they continued to wait for Masami to speak once he was ready.

"I... also had a sick mother..." Laughing a little solemnly, Éta rubbed the back of their neck. "I tried to what I could for her... but y'know life always gets it's own way, whether it's fairly or not." Shrugging, they glanced at the rainfall once more. It really was raining hard, and honestly it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon. Turning back to the boy, Étaoin's eyes widened slightly, 'Homesick huh... Then I definitely want too take Masami somewhere to make that disappear...' Setting a hand against their mouth, Éta chewed slightly on the cuff of their cardigan, unhygenic maybe so, but it was just a habit they picked up somewhere along the years when thinking things over. 'Will Masami come along with me though? That's the true question...' Étaoin was so focused on trying to figure out how to ask Masami if they wanted to visit somewhere that felt like home with them, and almost missed some of what the younger was talking about. How rude of Étaoin, they weren't raised like that even if they hate how they were raised.

Blinking and then glancing at the younger a little flustered at spacing out somewhat. "Ahh, yeah I don't know this country well... To be honest I'm still not sure how I even ended up in this city..." Snorting at their clueless ways, Éta sighed, a small smile on their lips now instead of the look of hardcore concentration that had a few seconds ago. So the kid was in a guild, whatever that was, Étaoin still didn't quite know. Honestly they just did not know nearly enough about this country as they wished. Really whatever they had learned was just history and really, do you think that Étaoin was listening to all of it? No. That was your answer, because Étaoin was more intrigued by learning about potions or formulas that the mage would teach them, just so they could figure out what it was they drank. "I'll let you off, for that one... I ain't joining anything just yet... I need to get used to this place first really." Shrugging, Étaoin stretched in their chair as they allowed Masami to once again think over what they wanted their first good question to be.

Once the question was asked, Étaoin was left speechless. Why would the kid want to rename them? They already had two names? Why did they need anymore? 'Unless he means like a nickname?' Tilting their head, once again Étaoin set a hand against their lips thinking over this question, trying to decipher what the boy had meant by renaming them. After a few seconds had passed, Éta just deflated in their chair, sometimes they could be silly and stupid, and honestly this wasn't really something they had to think so hard over. If Masami wanted to give them a new name, then so be it. If it made Masami trust them more, and feel more comfortable around them, then who was Étaoin to stop the boy from doing that.

'Hey it just another name on top of two more. How much could it hurt?' So glancing at the younger boy, Éta gave him a firm and unwavering nod. "Go for it." Leaning across the table once more, they soon ruffled the blonde strands, a wide carefree grin covering Étaoin's lips as they laughed softly at the kid. "Whatever makes you feel more comfortable and trusting, go for it, Masa~"


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As if having a change of mind, Masami pouted in such an exaggerated way, looking away as he swayed his legs a little quicker than it has been earlier, then suddenly stopping. "Ehh... nevermind." it was true that having to wait for someone's answer, only to have the anticipation be answered by nothingness, is annoying – Masami was annoyed too, but then he didn't want to make such a big change due to uncertainty. He doesn't want to let others continue calling the name "Étaoin" which meant "envious," said the owner itself, and Masami was suddenly reminded of his older brother who'd lightly smack the back of his head with a paper fan for acting "arrogant" and doing things opposite of what the boy was told to. Masami wasn't exactly the lawful child in the first place, but ideals and bonds are a whole different matter, then he'd realized that he was in no right to change someone else's name like that just because Masami believed that someone shouldn't continue being called by such a negatively-meant name... but then the Joyan also isn't entirely sure that it meant "envious" and perhaps it also meant something else? The thought had him smack himself in the head via imagination. 'Stupid, assuming, tunnel-visioned airhead.' he could go on with these nicknames. Self-deprecation is a whole 'nother thing, too.

The pacing of informational events have left Masami dumbfounded, thinking that it's too good (or bad) to be true that he's baring huge similarities against the older person, being in the same shoes as others is good but Masami, at this point, isn't even sure if he's in someone else's shoes, thinking that metaphorically, perhaps they are wearing the same shoes, just different variations of them. He stopped himself from overjoying when he heard Étaoin relate with Masami regards having a sickly mother, immediately informing himself that such thing wasn't to enjoy about. "It's actually my first time in Fiore, too!" with a smile, he had the tips of one hand touch his chest, referring to himself, "Well, three months or so. It's easy for me to get acquainted with people, so I end up getting used to the directions quicker." after those, he left out a light chuckle as he held his nape on impulse, not everyone could get themselves exposed to social things like acquaintances and he knew it.

"I've only been to two places: first is Marigold," he raised one finger, "which, as I mentioned earlier, is beside this place, Myras." he raised another finger from the same hand, as if teaching the older person. "So far, it's only been those. I should stop getting stuck on one place..." he was sighing in the last sentence, knowing how unfortunate it had been to getting stuck in a single place... twice a row! He could have done so many things but... at least he was enjoying a tea session with a new friend, he could use a second time. After all, they promised to meet again someday, Étaoin being the one paying this time. Even though it seemed as if he had been rashly rebuked by words of wisdom in the previous minutes, Masami could not help but look up to Étaoin for being an older person... and for rebuking the blond, for some odd reason. Discipline using wisdom, again, is a whole 'nother thing compared to simply being scolded or having a voice raised at; Masami learned something small and that felt good for him. "I'd actually love to travel with you someday! I hope that doesn't sound too weird." he raised too palms, not too far, just in front of Masami's chest to embrace an expression of youthful joy about travelling the world with others. Although he had wished that he didn't sound weird, Masami already knew to himself that he did sound quite odd for telling those things for someone he had only met from a few hours. However, if lives are too similar, what's there to not be acquainted upon?

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Étaoin sat there with a small frown on their lips when Masami had to not worry about it at all, the only thing was, Éta was kind of looking forward to see what kind of name Masami was going to give them. It really wasn't like names bothered them much, because now they just treated them as nicknames, because their name was 'Étaoin Rynn' but having names from other people were fine as well, if it made it easier for the people to remember Éta instead having to pronounce their name, which honestly was a bit difficult to pronounce. "Are you sure? I honestly don't mind, it could be like a personal nickname..." A small smile made it's way back onto Étaoin's face, as they let out a small airy sigh. "Maybe another time... or in the future, you can give me that nickname..." They wouldn't force the kid, but instead they would leave the option open for Masami in case he wanted to maybe give them a nickname later on. That would be the best option at the moment.

Pausing the swing of their legs, Étaoin stared at their cardigan covered hands, it was starting to get difficult to think of topics, they weren't sure what they wanted to ask Masami themselves sometimes, and honestly it was difficult when it came to how Masami was switching on asking question, but also deciding to not go through with the questions. It's not like Étaoin really cared about that but, it was hard to think of answers when the questions would just get pulled away. The mage didn't train them for this kind of thing, he only trained Éta on spells and lore, myths and legends. Étaoin was just as lost in conversation making, as they were at being in this new country.

'Three months huh...' Nodding to themselves at the revelation. That was a decent amount of time to learn a few things about the country in general. Étaoin had to praise Masami for that much at least. He has done well for himself by the looks of things in those three months. "Ahh, I wish I could become easily acquainted with people... but mostly language barriers get in my way..." A small chuckle left Éta at the memory of when they were taken from their home country and to the new one. It took them so long to learn the language of the mage's country. "I struggled so hard, when I moved from my home village. It was gruelling to say the least." Rubbing the back of their neck in embarrassment, because honestly language was not their strong suit, and you needed to talk in conversation, but that was even harder if you didn't know the language well enough to talk in.

'Marigold...' Nodding, Étaoin mentally noted that down in the back of their head, it was important one considering it was where Masami's guild was. If they needed to get a hold of Masami at anytime, Marigold would be the best place to go to. "Okay. Marigold. I'll keep note of Marigold... You know, just if I ever wanna ambush you for tea breaks." Grinning a little at the kid, Étaoin snickered, they felt a warm feeling at the thought of more tea breaks with Masami. He really felt like a long lost sibling that Étaoin could've had, but Éta already knew that they were an only child, their father made sure of that.

When he mentioned travelling with them, Étaoin's eyes widened as a grin plastered across their face. They also wanted to travel with Masami. They wanted to visit that place named Hosenka that Masami mentioned. Standing up very abruptly, Éta leaned over the table more closer to Masami, their purple eyes shining with curiosity. "We should travel! I want to visit that place you said. Let's go there!" Étaoin froze for a second, before sitting down in their seat again, covering their mouth with their sleeves. Ears burning a little red, and the faint silence from their outburst. "S-sorry..." They had been the more calm and collected one this whole time, but now it was like Éta and Masami had switched for a few seconds. How embarrassing, but honestly it was just because Étaoin was excited to travel away from this city. They wanted to see what this country had to offer them.


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Surprised about the sudden gesture from the older person, Masami lightly chuckled over it... his spine almost ripping off in surprise. 'Well, that was scary.' he thought, watching Étaoin slump back in self-humiliation. The blond guessed that perhaps it was the same for others, because Masami was well-aware about how unexpected, impulsive, and unpredictable his reactions are sometimes... most of the time, rather. It felt odd looking at someone who acted that way, as well; having to see himself through someone else, as if a mirroring image. Usually, Masami would see his mother through the mirror but the fact that this one was a completely different person, Masami found this overwhelming.

"I'll be going back to the Inn in a bit..." he uttered, tilting his head a little and placing both his arms over the top of the table, "and please don't ambush the guild... the guild master might accidentally kill you in surprise." he recalled how scary Tomoe could be, regards 'accidentally' slapping people in the streets and causing them to legitimately fly away. If ever he sees someone who isn't from a guild pass by looking for Masami, that red-head might just overreact and hurt people. The thought ran shivers through the blond's spine, he wouldn't want the same happen for the new friend. For every short silence that come by, whether it was the silence between two words or waiting for someone to reply, Masami continued to think of a way to somehow stay connected with the raven-haired androgyny.

The doubt continued to venture, 'He seems awfully fine about it?' he slightly pouted over the thought, not sure of what to do. He wasn't so sure about what to do, whether to disguise embarrassment in acting as if he knew everything or... in the future? 'But we don't even know if we'll meet again!' Masami intervened in his mind, wanting to slam his hands on the tabletop just for the fun of being immature. Then, he thought of saying it now; it wouldn't hurt to do so. "I'm not sure yet," Masami leaned closer, damping his finger with the liquid droplets from the cold windows, then writing on the table whilst infusing the element with fire, "Miji, it came from my name, the 'ji' meaning 'two' because of your duality."


The writing had been laced with mana flame, not necessarily burning the table; Masami wrote it in a way that the older person could understand without switching sides in order to properly view the characters. Then, Masami sat back and chuckled, vanishing the flame and relaxed. "I just thought that it was silly, I didn't think about it too much." Hold on, that was definitely a lie. Masami was overthinking it a while ago, wasn't he? He seems to be proud of speaking it out, knowing that he was the one who came up with the said name. Being creative sometimes gets the head of him and causes the young Joyan to be proud of himself for once, usually because it was rare to get something recognized in his field due to many artistic individuals in his hometown, getting out of that place truly was an experience. "Also, I get easily acquainted with people because I'm rarely shy. Maybe..." no, not everyone could manage that. Masami too, was awfully shy in the first place, and that he only got his confidence mainly from theater works; the thought of not everyone being able to manage that trait in a span of only a few days suddenly overwhelmed Masami, causing him to stop talking and think for a while. "Language, huh...?"

Exaggeratedly pouting, Masami remembered how it was like to be taught the Fiorian language. Although speaking it fluently, Masami was well-aware unto how awful he still was in reading and writing them, proven in his guild application form wherein he took a pen and held it as if it was a calligraphy brush, or how he has to quietly mutter every syllable out whenever he reads. "Yes, I can definitely relate." having another person feel the same way? Sounds like a win-win, at least Masami won't be suffering alone. Pain is better shared together, or so as they say. Hold on a minute... Masami has been speaking Fiorian while listening to the androgyny's Joyan? Wait, what?

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Étaoin messed with the cuffs of their cardigan, before lifting their head at Masami's replies on travelling with them. 'Oh... so he isn't leaving instantly...' That was fine, they could maybe visit Hosenka some other time together. They had time, it didn't have to be now. "I'm kidding. I won't really just randomly show up. A small calm chuckle left Éta at the thought of that being the way they'd go. "God that would be a horrid way to go... I'll try not to do that." Resting their arms over the table top once more, Étaoin just sighed, and traced circles over the surface. The silences were welcome, it allowed them to gather their thoughts, and think of things to say, or topics to start, so they both could continue to talk.

When Masami spoke up again, this time it was about the name that they wanted to give Étaoin, and they were completely fine with that, because personal nicknames were what friends gave each other. "Mi...ji... I like it..." Nodding, a smile plastered their lips with a happy giggle sort of. "It's cute, and the meaning is accurate." Tapping their fore finger against their lip, Étaoin sat thinking for a few seconds. They'd have to think of a nickname for Masami. It would be nice to give one back to the lad, since he went through the trouble of giving Éta one. "Later... I will think of a nickname for you too, Masa~" Pausing for a second, Étaoin blinked at the younger, before rubbing the back of their neck with their covered hand. "That's uhm... If you dont mind either?" It was only fair to ask, Éta didn't want to force a nickname onto Masami, when the boy already had a beautiful name in general.

Tilting their head, Étaoin figured that the younger understood them, though even though they struggled to get every word they were staying, Éta got the gist of what he was trying to get across, but it was fine. It was a good way for Étaoin to learn the language and to be honest, it was the way that Éta would prefer to learn Fiorian. Having people speak it to them, was better than having to sit down and read it on paper. Speaking and listening, just to repeat was always the better way to learn something than being given instructions. "Mhm... I know two languages perfectly well... I still struggle with this countries though." Nodding lifting their hand, holding up two fingers, Étaoin smiled, as they lowered one finger, whilst counting those two fluent languages. "Caelese and Joyan."


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Caelese, huh? Masami has heard of it, somewhat. Come to think of it, Masami didn't even realize how far Joya was to Fiore, which was why he won't be able to come back home every month, just like how he promised. 'I'm sorry, mother. I'll get you your cure.' he sighed with the thought, lowering his head a little. After the thought, he assumed what nickname he would be getting; how silly, waiting for someone to be named. Masami rarely get nicknames far from his own name – he had theatrical titles but that was about it. 'It also feels weird being called by my first name.' he internally uttered; things weren't like that in his hometown. In Joya, people aren't sure of their friendship enough to be on a first-name-basis, but Masami has been called his first name every since he stepped in Fiore. Is that why everyone seems so intriguing? Being called by the first name really takes such effect, so intriguing.

Masami has only ever learned Joyan as his native language, then was taught how to be fluent in 'speaking' Fiorian despite... not being taught how to quickly read or write it? He didn't even think he'd get another language to learn. "Must be tough." he chuckled a little, speaking in a language they would be comfortable in. It was awkward to answer in a language different than what the person was speaking in – that said, it also felt quite stubborn. "Sorry for the accidental rudeness." he tilted his head a little with a gentle smile plastered on his face, uttering regards the switch of language. It was embarrassing, but... that was about it; past is past, but at least the other person did not mind. "I'm glad you liked the name!" I thought about it thoroughly, Masami would have continued it that way. Having efforts taken into something appreciated meant the world to Masami, and it felt nice. He was slowly forgetting that Étaoin was an older person, and having the other person genuinely like what Masami gave them felt... awful. Awfully inspiring; as if he owned the person – thoughts he wasn't supposed to accept in the first place. 'Ah...' Masami thought when he relaxed his back against the seat, 'today's awful, I should go home.' As if he was facing a child, Masami wanted to take Étaoin (Miji, rather) away in a possessive way, but that was merely just a temptation he wasn't willing to listen to.

In order to make things less stressful for the blond, "You better think about it! I thought about Miji very much." repetitively, Masami was lightly slamming the tabletop – the beat aligning with how he was uttering these, positioning himself in where he was supposed to be in. When he turned to look through the windows, he brushed his shoulder then stood up, thus wearing the overcoat properly.

"I am going to look for something." he mentioned, turning in different directions to fix the alignment of his clothing – he had felt how cold his feet were only now. The intimidating, fairy-like woman was someone Masami needed to meet once more. Other than that, there is a cure he had to look for, then he had to catch up with Tomoe, his guild master. So many things to do; if only he didn't get stuck on Myras because of some street weirdo, then he probably would've completed all of those in one go. 'Forgive me for my sinful nature, mother.' when he thought this, he leaned closer to Étaoin after placing his palms on top of the table, going for a forehead kiss. 'I miss doing this to onee and onii, too.' It was a quick gesture, even making a light smack noise afterwards.

Once again, he had his hands fixing the collars of his overcoat. "Guess I'll rush in, we'll meet again someday; yeah?" before his feet stepped away, he waved first, then finally walked towards the coldly-framed door so that he may leave. When he stepped outside, he had already turned the overcoat into a hood, then started running out in the now-quiet streets of Myras.


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Étaoin smiled softly at the kid's words. It was tough learning another language, but they'd get the hang of it eventually, practice makes perfect. "It may be like that, but... I'm sure next time we meet, we can hopefully speak in Fiorian together." Even if that may happen, speaking in Joyan with Masami, felt like it would be more personal, and something only they could do, where no one who didn't know Joyan, could eavesdrop on them. Waving their hand at the apology that the blonde sprung on them, Étaoin chuckled softly, before resting their cheek on the palm of their hand. "No need to be sorry, I understood bits and pieces, so you're fine." Seeing the boy relax a little in front of them made Étaoin quite happy, because it meant that Masami maybe was becoming more comfortable around them, hopefully overtime he would be able to not feel bad about being informal to an older person, like he does now, when it came to Éta.

"I will definitely make sure to thoroughly think on my name for you, Masami." A warm expression displayed itself over Étaoin's face, as they set a hand against their chest. "I very much love the name you gave me, and it's meaning. It's a beautiful contrast to my actual names." Glancing back towards the blonde, and nodding their head, Éta let out a laugh. "So thank you, Masami." It was a genuine thank you, and Étaoin really meant it, compared to most times when manners were never a thing that the water mage used.

When they noticed Masami getting up, the smile never left Étaoin's face. This time was going to show up eventually, they couldn't keep the boy hostage, he had things to do, and a guild to work for. It was going to happen, and that was okay. What shocked Étaoin the most though, was when the young fire mage leaned over and planted a gentle kiss just under the edge of their headband, onto Éta's forehead. 'A goodbye kiss?' Étaoin had only ever received that once, and it was right before their mother had passed away. Setting a hand over the spot, Étaoin soon lowered their head, biting the inside of their cheek, as their cheeks and ears burned a soft rosy red.

It was a confident nod, when they lifted their gaze towards the now sorted boy. "We'll definitely meet up again, Little Masami. That's a promise. Waving to the Joyan boy, a pushing away the longing memories of what Éta remembered from their mother, they waved as he left the cafe. 'After all... I owe you a bubble tea...' Sighing, the water mage soon stood up, straightening their own clothing, before quietly thanking the cafe owner, and they themselves, making their way into the wet streets of Myras.


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