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Kurisa's Relationship Application/Plot

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Kurisa's Relationship Application/Plot Empty Sun Jun 14, 2020 8:48 am


Relationship Plots

Hello! I am looking to plot with people since I'm honestly tired of doing it naturally. So I'm curious as to who wants to be what/who wants to plot. I have two kids IC that are 7 years old, both girls. Tons of issues - well most of you know her story.

My Sheet. Not much on it. Cause I've been tired and Lazy.

So if you wanna apply, just use the template below! You can apply for multiple to see if you get it. Up to you.~

Cuddle Buddy

Potential Relationship

Party Friend

Quest Buddy (Has to be Good Quests)

Best Friends

Adopt you (I'll take care of you c; )

Other: Explain


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[b]Applying for?:[/b]


[b]Anything I should know?:[/b]

#2Jan Ren 

Kurisa's Relationship Application/Plot Empty Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:04 am

Jan Ren

Name: Jan Ren

Applying for?: Undisclosed; Quest Buddy, Cuddle Buddy, possible Relationship and generally an ally.

Why?: With grounds already established OOC as an alliance in guilds, we have a legitimacy to AT LEAST meet and see their chemistry and overall vibe. I think it would make for some interesting, if not amusing or funny contrasts. Kurisa has seen a LOT and is of high-status, while Jan is a... noob.

The children dynamic plays strong with the relationship or cuddle-buddy idea, as those are hard challenges on Jan's part to step up to should he even try. I'm not too familiar with Kurisa as a character but am.interested, and would love it if you gave your input.

At worst case though, she's definitely a mysterious individual that my boy here would be interested in. Most splid options are quest buddy and ally, with some angling towards cuddle buddy.

Anything I should know?: As a writer I like comical writing a lot, I figure you should keep that in mind at least. Also, Jan Ren is generally a soft womanizer. Hmm, that's about it? :v

Kurisa's Relationship Application/Plot 2_1
Clickey for sheety

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Kurisa's Relationship Application/Plot 2yRHFCu

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Name: Étaoin Rynn

Applying for?: Adopt Me trap duo with Masa (or a Friend.)

Why?: As Étaoin is new to the country they are struggling in general to find out how to improve on themselves. How to get used to the changes forced upon them in the past, and I feel Kurisa would be helpful on this in some way or another.

As a lady with kids of her own, maybe she could also help Étaoin overcome their opinion on parents or adults in general, considering that in the past, Étaoin was a street rat and had no parental guidance until the accident with a mage. I also believe that the two kids would maybe give Étaoin some pointers on becoming more confident and less closed off, maybe help Étaoin express themselves more.

As they are also both water elemental users, so maybe Kurisa can help Étaoin improve their control of magic.

Anything I should know?: Hmmm about me, I need to get used to rping again, I feel this might help oof. (I dunno if this counts either but atm i have iffy work schedules but hopefully should change closer to july).
For Étaoin, they have Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and Zelophobia (fear of jealousy), which usually trigger each other.

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Name: Masami

Applying for?: Adopted trap duo w/ Etaoin

Why?: Because you wanted to adopt Masami... and Eta wants to trap duo. Masami is pretty family-oriented so I think it'd be nice if he had a mother figure outside Joya (a.k.a. in the RP world), and I kind of find the thought wholesome and entertaining xD Is also willing to trap duo with Eta because cool-reasons.

Anything I should know?: Plot wise, Masami is still a little too focused on the "save my sick mother" scene so him being attached to motherly characters is more business-wise than emotion-wise, and he's self-aware enough to be aware of that, so I'll be expecting some anticipation going on. He'll probably also be switching places a lot, but I don't see that as a problem.

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