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Close Encounters [Open]

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Alisa had done a good job of establishing herself her in Myras, and Blue Pegasus in turn. And how did she accomplish that? With some good old fashioned Guild work of course, taking quests, helping people with whichever requests they felt a need to put up posters over... The city had been all but closed off for years after all, even if the people knew all about Magic Guilds, didn't seem as though they'd have too much interaction with them to begin with. Thus, whatever guilds hoped to make the most of this new city would have had a long way ahead of them to turn themselves into known faces around the neighborhood.

Alas, that's not to say, every day in Myras would boil down to all work and no play. Certainly not for this tall northern woman, who after completing her daily dose of quests, decided to have a look around the market, still looking very much like a mage for hire on the job. One might even be hard pressed to tell she was actually off duty for now, if not for the sleek black visor worn above her eyes instead of over them, worn around her forehead like a circlet instead. The showy black blade on her back, on the other hand, would have proved all but impossible to conceal absent any form of helpful magic, so Alisa didn't even bother: She wore her demon slayer sword with pride like a badge of honor, strapped to her back just as it had been as she cleared her last assignment. Well, before she finally found her way back to her hotel, at least, and got around to swapping out of her sweaty armor, as well as the rest of her gear.

At this time of the afternoon, the merchant's avenue was significantly less crowded than it would have been early in the morning, more than enough for a loner like Alisa to find solace in merely strolling through the streets at a leisurly pace, taking in the sights and sounds, the few shoppers going about their daily business, letting her simply take her sweet time as she lingered on the occasional stall and window, admiring this or that interesting piece that caught her eye before moving on to the next one.

"Hmmm, now this looks interesting...", mused the woman, looking over the window and all the wares neatly displayed. One particular pair of earrings drew her attention, though not nearly enough to actually step inside and find out more, more than enough to merely stand around and linger, leaning in ever so slightly, hand on her hip.
She might have been at Myras for a few days already, and even gotten to know some of the streets relatively well... But she was still new enough to the neighborhood that, ever so often, she came upon priceless little treasures as such. Quite a few of the items she wore on her person had been procured at stores and stalls very much like this one, only to find themselves part of the powerful woman's arsenal, some more used than others. And a new city such as this one would have plenty such opportunities, and many more she had yet to even think of...

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#2Faris Iraious 

Close Encounters [Open] Empty on Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:49 am

Faris Iraious
Moving to different places proved to work well for the guild, Then again Faris had no doubt it would. As well he was more distracted with a few other things he generally did in life. Trying to help people feel better about themselves, As well as trying to fit into the public that might have him hitting on a few girls every once and a while. Faris' adjustment to the lands of Fiore coming from a sea wrecked boat from Seven seemed to be going well, Even if in reality he barely seemed to achieve anything he had been trying too.

Faris would continue his normal casual pace of walking around Myras, He started to find it even more delightful. Or Faris was far more easily pleased which would not be overly shocking to anyone who slowly knew what Faris was like, He was a happy and simple man who did not try to rush much in life, it seemed to be him humble.

A bit better then the lower district where he started, Maybe Faris was just on his way up with plans to visiting each section slowly, The Middle District was not so bad for the moment, seemingly different with what was around that is for sure.

Eventually it seemed Faris would catch his guild master browsing casual wares and he could not but help and mention when he found her."What exactly catches your eye must always interesting."Faris mentioned casually with his still rather noticeable accent of his but still his normal."No doubt, it must be something of beauty or class if your eye is to catch upon it."Faris was still kind of seeing what everything was like, But he still seemed the same, his outfit had not change from the last time seen, just clean and well kept.


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So absorbed was she in her admiration that Alisa utterly failed to notice the approach of one of her own, all but letting out a soft gasp as she heard a familiar voice calling out to her, with the kind of warm, encouraging words she'd grown to admire ever since they met, back when he first joined the guild:

"Myyy, what a flatterer you turned out to be, hmm, Faris~?", chuckled the sculptress, gracefully, those wine red hues turning to gaze upon the far more breathtaking sight of her guildmate, making her smile widen in turn as she winked playfully at him, "Well, they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

In the end the sculptress couldn't help but shrug, almost humbly, not quite as presumptuous as to assume everything she deemed beautiful would be seen as such by everybody else, except for, well, herself. But that's just her pride and vanity coming into play really. In the end though, she completely lost sight of the treasures that had bewitched her so and instead turned to face her guildmate:

"How about you...?", she inquired, cocking her head slightly, resting her hand cooly on her hip as she smiled and rose an curious eyebrow, looking him over head to toe before her gaze rested on his sea blue eyes, "See anything you like around these parts~?"

She couldn't help but wonder how the young Sevese had been finding not only Fiore, but rather Myras in this particular case, a city he had seen about as much of as Alisa herself, despite the latter having lived all her life in Fiore.

Strength is also Beauty

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- Alisa Vollan

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#4Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
It was most likely the question he would expect right away, At least he felt like he should expect unless something else was really anything else to highlight. He knew however that was a habit of his he would even mention it."It is something I was taught by my parents to do, Mostly my mother." Faris would mention."Always told that everyone show make others day better, So I do my best to show that teaching here."Faris almost seemed naive in that way but everything was different across each land.

Faris might not have been looking at items in shops as much, Then again Faris did not seem to value things as upfront as most people."I have not been super interested in, But my eyes have been people more then clothing and things."Faris did not have a lot of stuff, So it might have shown that he valued people more then material objects."People here are a bit different here then the ones in Seven."A simple moment but Faris was learning a lot at least.

This would even go as far for Faris to mention in his ponder and with his arms crossed during his thought."People here, Seem to think different when I give them a compliment to try and brighten their day, They seem to assume something."Faris would learn eventually, these lands still had a lot to teach to him, he just needed to actually learn it.

But he seemed to laugh about it now, his spirit was not shifted at all about it."Maybe I am just still far to different compared to other in these lands.Faris seemed to accept that, The reality was not lost on him but he was not giving up anyway, Maybe that was just the wonderful part of Faris.


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"Fufu, is that so~...?", Alisa's brow rose instantly as she chuckled, finding it a rather unusual answer to her comment, something she said quite often in response to such praise, and yet couldn't remember the last time she heard such an open, earnest answer to it, "Sounds like I'd enjoy meeting your parents."

She had to admit, Alisa hadn't quite had a chance to get to know Faris like this, one on one, so preoccupied was she with her guild and other matters:

"One could have hardly guessed judging by how well you dress.", noted the sculptress, folding her arms under her chest, cupping her cheek as she looked over the man's wardrobe once more and commented, "I suppose that only means you think of people even more than that hmmm~?"

Just like Faris, Alisa hardly felt shy about giving compliments wherever she found them due, even if they often hid a bit more subtly in her words, sprinkled in her speech like the most natural thing in the world.

"Well, when a man compliments a woman that is indeed often the case... Granted, I don't think that's just in Fiore either~", letting out a graceful little giggle, the guildmaster, brushed her long hair behind her, winking knowingly at Faris, wondering if Seven really was so different that men wouldn't court women as such, or if he'd simply never noticed cause he stood on the opposite side, "Hmmm, in your case, I don't feel as though you have anything to worry about... You're already quite the pleasant person to be around, I can't imagine any Fiorian would think otherwise~"

If anything, Alisa liked that about him... Faris seemed genuinely concerned with making other people feel better about themselves after they'd met him, without seeming truly preoccupied by it. That calm nonchalance seeped into the air around him as a kind of positive vibe few people truly posessed. She didn't think that had anything to do with Seven either. The way Alisa saw it, it felt like something entirely his'.

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#6Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
It was flattering to hear that from his guild master."My part village seems to at least enjoy people from other places and outside villages."Faris seemed to at least be delighted at that wonder. It would be a chance to go home for a tiny bit, Other people would see the lands of Seven."So do they, if they are even home, They tend to be out checking in on people."Faris seemed to be a protect of a mother and father who often are looking after or checking up on other, But it seemed to be needed with the lands of Seven.

"I would mention that we often hide behind large walls, Seven is often times attacked by monsters."It would start showing maybe were Faris' heart was at, this would be leading into Faris next point."It is why i hopped on a ship, got attacked by a Kraken and landed here. I came to see if Fiore would be a safer home for them."Faris was a too honest person maybe for his own good, Then again he showed where his heart was. Faris seemed to be hinting he had risk death to come here to see if it was safer to live to move his parents over here to keep them safe, Question he must have had on his mind, was it worth it?

Faris seemed to laugh, He did not seem like the shy type."I do not need a lot of material objects, That is why they rarely catch my eye."Simple man, simple pleasures best way to consider it. Faris would even follow it up."However, I do find the women here, As pleasant to look at much like the ones at home."Faris not being shy about it seemed to show he was fitting.

Fair would at least hint at things he could be looking for."Maybe if I find some objects from Seven, Armor or some kind of weapon from Seven as well. I might be interested." Faris at least mention what his eyes might be on."Do forgive me, If I do get distracted by my normal things."Faris could even laugh about it. Faris did not think she would be too bothering to her, Alisa's eyes seemed to be have an eye for many things.


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Well, she had to admit, Seven really sounded like an interesting place. It should come as no surprise, after all, since her own wife was part Sevese, Alisa would have some positive bias towards them... And from the few she'd met thus far, it seemed as though:

"Well that doesn't sound reassuring...", spoke the sculptress, brow raising as she noticed this was something Sofia had never told her... And understandably so, since, in spite of her heritage, the Valerican Princess had never lived in the country itself, "Makes me think you must have quite the poweful mages back in Seven for such a vibrant civilization to thrive on such a dangerous place."

This particular notion had Alisa's smile widening ever so slightly, but a hint at the woman's less than secret passion for battle and self improvement. Not that the mages in Fiore had left her wanting... But to meet powerful mages from other nations, with their own tactics and unique breeds of magic that she'd never heard of... As a warrior and a sorceress:

"Well, I'm certain the women of Fiore appreciate your admiration... Staring with myself~", giggled the sculptress, throwing him a playful little wink, actually finding it rather surprising that she could hold such a conversation with a man without him him turning into a flustered mess, or assuming she was offering something else, "Well, why don't you join me for a walk then...?"

Stepping aside from the window, Alisa pointed her thumb behind her as she nodded, motioning for Faris to join her if he so chose. More so than whatever equipment he could perhaps find, this would give them a chance to chat a bit longer:

"As i said, Myras is as new to you as it is to me, so... Who knows what we might find~"

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#8Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
It was not really assuring but in Faris' case hearing what was not anything new to him."It is not, But I always think others should visit,Mind you that might be me enjoying home."Faris mentioned in some kind of delight about it, His open and bright optimism was not fading at all he seemed to be trying his best to keep it going."There are various powerful mages in Seven. My parents are not mages themselves, I am the in fact only mage of the family."Faris mentioned in return about it.

"I do think they had the ability to use, just never explored it in favor for swords and spears."
Could wonder how different Faris was from his parents, he had not been seen with a sword or spear yet. Or even armor."I am sure if you ever visit you would leave with something."Faris mentioned in delight as well.

What a compliment to hear from Alisa."So they, I do not notice as easily as the woman in Seven have, They truly must hide it."Faris seemed to have a side note about it, He seemed to have no problem mentioning his thought about how he felt in general about it.

And walking they said."Oh yes, Indeed let us walk then."Faris seemed to be even more happy about this idea why? well because he was walking with some one he looked up too a lead figure much like his parents."Well I am also just slowly getting use to these lands too, The wonder is always interesting for me."Faris seemed to laugh, He did not feel out of places in some way if really asked about it, Faris felt right at home here and in the guild he was in now.


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"Mmm, I suppose you would be used to it huh?", she noted, nodding in agreement as she figured Faris might feel like such occurrences were indeed just daily life in the region.

Granted, Alisa had heard the myths herself, as many in Fiore, and undoubtedly in other countries too might have heard. Seven was often said to be the home of ungodly powerful mages, but then, it could just as easily turn out to have been rooted in much of the same assumption as Alisa just arrived at.

"Well, magic is a weapon like any other. I'd hardly presume a master of the sword would feel helpless against a master of magic~ A weapon is only as strong as it's user after all."

One could argue that hoping to excel at multiple weapons like Alisa did wouldn't prove nearly as effective in the long run as simply specializing in one of the, but so far, she seemed to be doing well for herself at combining her novice mastery of the sword with her magic:

"Myy, and they say the women of Fiore can be quite passionate... I can't imagine what the women of Seven must be like if that's your impression~", folding her arms under her bust, raising a knowing eyebrow, actually having a pretty good idea from Sofia if nobody else.

She wouldn't have much longer to tease him over it, and to his credit, Faris didn't flustered by her words in any way... Granted, Alisa would have been hard pressed to call her playfulness "teasing" in the first place, if not for the surprisingly receptive responses she recieved:

"Good you feel that way~", chuckled the sculptress, looking at him out the corner of her eyes as she wandered across the streets, silently noting how long it had been since she met someone who took in the beauty around them with such wonder, much like Alisa herself did. Those were the people who fascinated her the most, "After all, there's much to see in Fiore. I'll bet you haven't even started scratching the surface."

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- Alisa Vollan

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Faris Iraious
Was he use to it, still yes he was he had lived here far more then he had been here."Generally, Yes...sometimes I do miss home, However I would not ever risk the boat trip back."Faris mentioned they would slowly move into the conversation piece of Faris' parents. Faris had grown comfortable with Alisa could admit details about his parents."Aside from being the ones who always encouraged me to help others along in life, They where ones who often trained others in weapons combat."So they did teach other in more then one way, showed where Faris got it from.

He would start with his father."I father taught spear and shield fighting, Believing with armor one and losing a weapon, a shield is merely as deathly."Might be easy to picture someone looking a bit older looking Faris who was slightly tanned."He tended to be the first one to head outside the walls to fight off monsters to save people, Before other people were ready."it was a pretty interesting insight to the young man from Seven."My mother trained and chose to teach other people how to use a bow and sword, Often was waiting in the wall to wait to see if back up was needed."Faris did seem delighted with this conversation, Then again people learning and being interested in conversation was always a good thing."Shame my mother was more looking after my father wounds, When she wanted another child."Faris seemed to chuckle about it, Prove that Faris thinking about others really did come from his family.

When the women of Fiore were mention Faris would finally reveal how far it had struck for him."Well, Consider no woman here as taken my interest, Maybe I just do not understand them as well as I do in Seven."Faris laughed about it, He was not numb to his downfalls either.

"Then again maybe it is because, Seven women are more what I am sure too, Or the signs are different even if equally as passionate."Faris seemed to keep that in mind being open minded, Taking in what he can when he can.

"I very well know, I have a lot of things to learn here, It excites me wonderfully each day being here."Faris had the energy of a newborn who had just learned to walk about this entire conversation."Do you want to lead the path of walking or shall I?"Faris had to ask in return.


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"And between the two, seems to me like you must have had quite the well rounded training hmmm...?", mused the sculptress, finding it rather coincidental how the two seemed to have such perfectly complementing skills... Or perhaps it was no coincidence at all, but that very notion that helped bring the two together? In the end the sculptress could only chuckle, raising a hand over her mouth, "Well, your parents sound like quite interesting people~"

She couldn't help but smile as he mused on the women of Seven, until Alisa looked on curious, nodding in agreement and for a moment actually looking as though she'd have liked to pitch her two cents, being married to a half Sevese woman after all... But in the end, decorum won out as the lithomancer would much rather keep any details of her wife's passionate nature to herself. Faris might pick up on Sofia's flirtatious cues when he met her, but, she'd leave that up to him to figure out, and instead took the hint to focus on their lovely little stroll:

"Hmmmm... Why don't you do it~? Show me the kind of places you'd like to see most.", spoke the sculptress, cupping her cheek and tilting her head into it ever so slightly as she watched him, curiously, intently, pausing only to brush away the loose little tress of black hair as it draped down over her eyes, "I'm sure you must have had quite enough of tour guides by now~"

As someone new to the country, Faris likely had some people showing him around, in Hargeon especially, Alisa would hope he'd have counted members of Blue Pegasus among those people. And yet a clearly adventurous man who'd journey all this way from a distant land likely had little need for it in the end, and would probably enjoy the opportunity to discover everything this new land had to offer of his own accord:

"...Or perhaps you've already discovered some hidden little treasure you'd like to show me~?", not for a second did Alisa assume a literal treasure the likes of whom a common adventurer might imagine, but rather a ravishing sight, a one of a kind landscape one could never see anywhere else... Or even just a delicious place to eat.

Such was the beauty Alisa valued above all else, and had the distinct impression Faris felt the same way. The only question now was where would he lead them...

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#12Faris Iraious 

Close Encounters [Open] Empty on Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:27 am

Faris Iraious
He was a oddly happy child about explaining it all."I did attempt their training, My father did wish for me to fall into his place if when he felt I was ready, But My mother wanted me to find my own path more."Yet again more of the opposite minds taking effect, But it all worked out to Faris being a polite and well behaved man maybe him because free to not be stuck to how one told him to be allowed him to be how he was."Yes I do, I still worry about them each day that pass."Given what he had told about Seven maybe that was given, Faris was hoping they where still alive, knowing what he had explained his parents are most likely more stubborn then most people.

And the wonderful part is."Because even if tired of guides, So much to take in I do not know where to start as much as I assumed."Faris laughed about it much like the light hearted man he seemed to be.

"But I have seen a few places by myself, It has been quiet peaceful, More peaceful and less...dangerous then home."Which was that exactly something he might have wanted to highlight most likely not, But he did anyway Faris was at least honest and upfront in his mind and in person.

At least to her question while he would turn to start walking Faris just seemed to say."Well, Not exactly that yet, But I do promise to let you know if i do."Faris at least was more then willing to share, Then again he did not really have a reason to be greedy, He might have been to proud to be greedy about anything. Then again Faris also just seemed to be a man who just wanted to fine joy in other people's happiness. Maybe it was many things.

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