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[Conquest] Burning of Orias Village

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

[Conquest] Burning of Orias Village Empty Wed Jun 10, 2020 5:25 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had finally gotten a mission from his Guildmaster that he felt like he could do without any real issues or problems. He had to convince this group of Shamans and Druids that joining the guild and being under its protection was in the best interest of them and their city. Ragnar sadly had no real idea how he was going to manage this as he didn't really know where this village was in relation to everything else as the entire forest looked like just that. As Ragnar walked deeper into the forest, having been told the general directions by his guild master to go he was still not able to locate this place. He had started in the morning and had walked throughout the entire day looking for this village or the signs of another human being and he was not able to find anything.

As the sun started to go down, Ragnar knew he only had a couple of hours of daylight left before he would have to stop and try again in the morning, something that he did not want to do but then an idea popped into his head. If he could not find the village, maybe he could help the villagers find him. Ragnar then turned and started to turn his ax against the forest around him. Over the next several hours Ragnar cut down trees of various sizes and shapes, being piling them up next to dead or dying trees nearby. Ragnar finished this project a mere hour before nightfall, at which point he stopped his hard work and leaned down and became a fire using his massive pile of wood. Using a small amount of oil to keep it burning, he managed to get the fire going and before long it became a raging inferno as it started to consume the trees around the pile and it began to spread.

Ragnar then walked into the distance, but close enough that he could see as he did the one thing he knew these Shaman's would do. Try and save the forest they loved so much.

#2Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

As Ragnar followed the man back to the village, he smiled as he realized he would not have to follow for very long as he could see the lights of the village coming alive to try and protect from the forest fire that was about to happen. Ragnar looked back and he knew that there was a very good chance that they could put out this fire without too much issue if they acted quickly, but Ragnar was going to make sure that didn't happen if he could help it. As he walked slowly towards the village he could hear people starting to come up with a plan of attack to deal with this, but the moment he entered the border of the village he saw an old man in the middle look right at Ragnar. It was almost like the moment he walked in and as the man stared at Ragnar, he did not look at Ragnar he looked through Ragnar as if he was looking for something behind him.

The people around him moved out of his way, showing that the man walked with a cane as he slowly hobbled toward Ragnar speaking loudly at him, but was still very calm and equal toned as he said simply " Who are you and what are you doing here Stranger? You should not be here. " The man looked at Ragnar with a knowing look, there was no doubt in his mind that Ragnar had started to fire and used it for some purpose but what that was he didn't know yet. The man was clearly a magic-user of some skill, but that wasn't important to Ragnar at this moment as he spoke back. " I am here as a representative of the Sentinel Syndicate, we are here to offer you to privilege of falling under the protection of our guild. "

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#3Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

The old man looked at him for a moment, his eyes narrowing as he finally realized why he was here and he said " And if we turn down your 'gift' " he said the question as he already knew the answer but he had to be sure of the answer.

" Then your village is no longer under the Protection of my Guildmaster, and you will be used to please my Lord. "
Ragnar said simply, his ax coming off his holster on his back as he started to walk towards the old man. Ragnar was two dozen meters away from the old man, and he was in no hurry as he knew that he was more than strong enough to remove any threats that could most likely come from these people.

" I will handle this Elder! " A young man, most likely no older than twenty yelled as he ran past the elder towards Ragnar, ax in hand though it did not appear to be an ax for warlike Ragnars but for cutting wood, though it would still be effective enough in combat. The young man was running at this point, and it only took him a second to reach Ragnar with the ax raised.

" No! You Fool!" the Elder yelled at the man, but it was already too late. Ragnar had his prey in his sight as he went waited for a moment, waiting for the man to get within ten meters of him, at which point Ragnar lunged at the man, closing the distance nearly as fast as the man's full run in a moment. In that second they were now within meters of each other, close enough for Ragnar to reach out and grab the ax handle off the boy with his free hand before pulling it free from the grip of the man. While the man was strong, most likely stronger than most of the men in the village, he was not strong enough to stop Ragnar.

[Conquest] Burning of Orias Village Dsafds10
#4Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

Throwing the ax to the side, the man realized his mistake as he attempted to turn to run. That was the second mistake and would the be the last one he ever made as Ragnar reached out using his reach as he grabbed the back of the man's head. " Coward... your skull is not worthy of my Lord... " as he started to squeeze. The man let out a scream of pain that pierced the night sky as his skull started to crack under the pressure.

" Enough! We agree! We accept your gift! " the Elder yelled at Ragnar, realizing that a young man was about to be murdered in front of him and it wasn't likely anyone else in the village could stop it before he was killed. Ragnar's grip stopped tightening at his, as he did not expect this, and his mind went into a minor fault over mode. Was this man's life still forfeit? They are under the guild's protection now, which means that he shouldn't harm them unless he had to. As this thought process kept going in Ragnar's head, his grip released the man who fell to the ground in pain, grabbing his head and still screaming in pain.

It took the entire length of the fight, three seconds before Ragnar had come up with the answer he needed. He looked up at the Elder and nodded before saying simply " Welcome to the protection of the Syndicate. We will be sending someone besides me to come look around and get the things we will require from you in the future. " Ragnar then turned around and started to walk away, walking into the darkness away from the fire that during this time was still raging.

The Elder knew that the entire village could most likely kill the man who did this, but if they did so they would not be able to save the town before it was consumed so they had to make a choice. " Go summon water spirits and let's get this fire put out and someone helps that boy! " he yelled at everyone before going back to planning how to save his village.

[Conquest] Burning of Orias Village Dsafds10

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