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Silver City IV [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City IV [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:40 pm

'Ah, it's finally raining.'

Doubting whether today's quest is going to continue because of the weather, Masami took his morning time to look through the window of his room in Goat's Beard Inn, the rain undoubtedly causing reminiscing flashbacks. He seemed alright, apart from the scar on his bottom lip, which is now less fresh than before, thanks to the herbs the aristocrats over-payed for. At the moment, upon scanning himself, Masami was alright. No threatening heartbeats or fever, unlike the last time it rained in Marigold City. He didn't want to get sick the second time after being reminded of how being sick felt like. "I don't want to go." he quietly groaned to himself – Masami rarely complained, did he start to feel more open because he was away from Joya for quite some time now?

He bit his lower lip once more, even though he was not supposed to do that or else the bruise will heal less or, for the worse, will leave a permanent mark. Masami looked behind him, supposedly check the door, but spotted the wagasa instead. "At least it didn't rain when I used that umbrella." referring to the paper-material used for the umbrella, the Joyan was thankful that it didn't get wet. It wasn't meant for rainy days, after all, and foreigners even often use it for merely cosmetics. They, Masami and the aristocrats, were supposed to meet in the Silver District before going to the Lower District by afternoon. There was still some time left, and Masami believed that he was taking good care of his time... reminiscing about his past, Joya, oh how he misses his own home. "I wonder how mother is..." again, he groaned to himself, tucking his forehead right on top of his left arm, then raises his head once more to look at the rain drops from outside.

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The blond touched the window panel and immediately felt the cold surface. Myras City was already a cold place, but colder now that it had just rained. Right after, he realized that it would be nice to take a stroll around the Silver District to meet up with the aristocrats, whom would prepare for their trip to the Lower District. They seem to like shopping specifically in that district, for some odd reason that Masami disagrees upon. He was already in his casual (albeit traditional) wear, however, there was still some time left. With a though, Masami chuckled to himself. "I wonder what kind of tea do they drink?" he finally stood from his seat and took the plastic umbrella, opening the door for his leave. He paused for a moment, having an appearance of shock, then he'd turn back to pull a drawer to pick the theater mask up. "I won't leave you this time." he spoke to it as if it was real, even providing a warm smile before he'd place it on the right side of his face, hanging by the head protector made of cloth, then taking his leave.

Even the inn seemed so quiet, was it because it was raining? Then again, rainy days were a good time to fall asleep. Masami had witnessed foreign magicians in Joya mimicking the sound of rain with their magic in order to meditate through it. When Masami had come across one, he felt rain drop upon his cheeks, even if he was completely aware that there was none. 'He was a nice fellow, too.' he slightly frowned upon the thought, glancing at the rays of doors by the side, all closed shut. The staff who guarded the front entrance was asleep, as well, so Masami had left without informing anyone.

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It wasn't even afternoon yet, but the streets had already felt so mellow in visuals. The street lights became the guide, the concrete floors allowing Masami to feel every footstep made. Wooden slippers on hard surface, making patterns of beats. At one point, Masami used those slippers to make music, humming along and making melodies. He realized only now how the rain could affect a person's mood, and such mood was something Masami could not determine as of the moment. It could be because he was younger and had not much prior knowledge to these things – but then again, chances are that he'd be more self-aware than the grown-ups. When Masami grows up, at least as he thinks at the moment, he'd be more practical and finally make better choices rather than depend on intuition and feeling alone. The less he cares, the more he realizes how it is more peaceful not to.

"I'm getting homesick." he muttered out, loud enough as if speaking with someone, but muffled upon the sounds of the rain. Underneath the umbrella, the wooden handle echoed the sounds of the rain drops. Masami honestly wasn't sure if he was in the Middle District, but perhaps that was the case due to the very lesser amount of danger felt in the atmosphere. There seemed to be more guards by the sides, even if the streets were almost empty. Masami walked at the side of the roads, listening to all the sounds he could grasp. Such as the engine of the vehicle that run pass the middle road, quite far away from Masami by now, and the flickering of lights from the lanterns.

At this rate, he'd get absorbed over his own emotions. After all, he has been talking to only either the inn's staff or himself, maybe the aristocrats, occasionally, but that was mostly it.

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Before the boy would detach himself from any other emotion, he was called out from afar. "You, boy!" the voice mentioned, and Masami assumed that they were directing the message to him, considering that there was nobody else in the streets... at least, referring to those who were wandering around. Masami turned his head, looking at the direction behind him, only to spot the aristocrat's familiar face from the side mirror, which vehicle's drawing closer, halting when it is finally right beside Masami. "Come in, little bodyguard." the aristocrat pointed at the back with his thumb, and Masami simply agreed to it by pulling the knob and closing the umbrella before he'd sit comfortably inside.

It was the same vehicle he rode before, the boy was getting quite comfortable. It was already a questionable thing to do for Masami to explore his outside hometown alone, he was almost forgetting the reason he was here in the first place. Should he travel back to Joya, but then he'd be facing all those consequences alone... especially the tattoo stamped upon the left side of his face, forgetting that it was there in the first place. Now, everyone knows that he was from a guild named Penumbral Guard, and had immediately grown slightly attached to it. As much as Masami knows, he might get immediately affectionate over another group, if he'd leave this one point. As of now, he seems to like being part of the guild... even if he hasn't exactly interacted with most of them, and even doubts whether people know him or not. The guild master, Tomoe, was aware of Masami's existence as a guild member, but the rest seems to be no avail unlike the others (such as the real guild master lurking around). That was a plus, at least.

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Masami wanted to go straight to the point, so he had simply asked. "To the Lower District at this weather?" the boy fixes his umbrella as he spoke, looking right below and not looking at the aristocrat directly in the eyes when he asked. "Of course," the aristocrat immediately answered, a bit too quickly than he should have, "I hope it doesn't trouble you, kind sir." Oddly enough, Masami didn't expect that the aristocrat would even treat someone younger, and a foreigner, in such a kind way. Considering that this is Myras and not Marigold (Masami knew well enough that Marigold had their kind sires), wherein smugglers, marauders, thieves and all those cocky merchants fill the space, were the people in the Silver District like this, generally? These aristocrats had a different feel from the rest, some of them must be mages as well. Not too rare, either way.

That said, the blond boy flashed a gaze in panic, assuming that the aristocrat... well, the aristocrats, might think that Masami wasn't up to the task. "Huh? No..." he silenced himself right after, leaning his back against the seat behind him with the attempt to relax and hide his awkwardness. Masami didn't want to make himself appear desperate for the rewards in return, as well. If viewed as desperate, the victim is most likely to not get anything in return, or at least perhaps receive what they need but also receive some sort of odd treatment in return. Masami's experience in the theater taught him that reputation and integrity are very important variables in life, which is why appearance greatly matters to him at this point.

"Well..." he muttered quietly, but loud enough for everyone in the vehicle to hear, "the weather sure is nice." Then, he flashed a small smile as everybody agrees.

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