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Whats Mine is Mine

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Whats Mine is Mine Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:36 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had finally gotten word from one of the many spies and contacts his new guild had, the Sentinel Syndicate, that some miners in The Dawncliff Mines were causing some issues. Apparently a land Baron in that area had raised taxes or something of that nature that caused some issues with the locals and because the land there was only good for one thing, mining, the workers had to choose to no longer keep working as they should. At least that was the original news that Ragnar had heard before he finally decided that he was going to talk to the person himself.

As he rode in on his Juggernaut, a beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like shortswords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. As it approached and slowly came to a stop, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.


#2Ragnar Asgeir 

Whats Mine is Mine Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:37 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Riding this beast allowed him to make quick time to the location of this mining site, and it seemed to keep most bandits off his case for at least a little while though he was sure he would meet them if he had not been riding this monster of a mount. He eventually reached the man who put in the request to get this job done, a skinny looking man. While he did not look weak, he wasn't up to par with what Ragnar would consider strong and he looked like he had never seen combat a day in his life. The man was waiting for him outside of his large home as he had clearly heard of this beast riding towards his home. The people in the know could realize that this was the mount of Ragnar " Skulltaker", the newest member of the Guild that controlled the area. As Ragnar approached and slowed down he could smell the fear of the man as he approached and got off his mount.

" You are the person who hired me to handle this issue with the miners? "
Ragnar said simply, he wanted to know what the real job was about before he went into this as he now had to make sure this was done right to reflect properly on his Guildmaster.

" Well... no.... sir. The job was to go to the Dawncliff mines and to locate an area of untouched ground for digging. If there is someone there already, then you feel free to deal with them how you see fit. "
The rich man said, doing his best not to show his fear and failing. Ragnar nodded as he finally understood what his mission was in this as he got back on his mount and started to ride off into the distance towards the mines.

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#3Ragnar Asgeir 

Whats Mine is Mine Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:46 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

As Ragnar reached the mines he pasted many locations where he knew mines were, based on the massive amount of smoke pouring out of the forges that were nearby. It was fairly normal around here to smelt the ore into a refined product before shipping it out in order to reduce weight for travel and to allow it to be sold for higher when it finally got the location. There was various kinds of metals that were being dug up around here, or at least so Ragnar was told though Ragnar did not grow up as a miner as a trade so he didn't really care too much about this.  Eventually, after riding around for a bit he located what appeared to be a large start to a new mine that was about to go in. This looked to be the exact kind of thing that Ragnar was looking for as he rode into the center of the area.

There were about thirty miners there, twelve of them were still hitting the stone as they started the mine and the rest were sitting around eating or on break or something else but all the work and everything else stopped the moment that Ragnar rode through the door. The humans and dwarves looked at Ragnar, some of them looked like they had seen Death ride up on a white horse and others looked like they were ready to fight. Ragnar trodded his mount into the center of the circle that was being built for the camp for this as he yelled " Where is your foreman... I come bearing an offer that he should know about. " His voice echoed off the rocks and other surfaces, as he was sure that if the foreman was anywhere nearby he would be heard and understood

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#4Ragnar Asgeir 

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Ragnar Asgeir

A voice came out of the tunnels saying " I am the Foreman outsider... I would strongly recommend that you leave here now before you get yourself hurt. " Out of the tunnels came a large man, in his mid to early thirties though by the amount of dirt and dust that was on him it was very hard to tell. His body was covered in muscles though he had no scarring or signs of wounds, so Ragnar guessed that he came from working in the mines and not from fighting or swinging a heavy weapon. Ragnar got off his mount at his moment as he started to walk towards the man. Ragnar's ax was still at his side, not fully sure if he would have to use it but he did hope that he could.

" You are the foreman then, what is your business here and what mine would this be? " Ragnar said calmly, as he had nothing to be afraid of yet though he did start noticing that some of the dwarves and humans that were once mining had stopped and started to move towards him, picks at their sides or on their shoulders.

" It is none of your fucking business what we are doing here or what we are mining. This is my land and I am going to mine whatever I feel like here. So how about you go ahead and fuck right off! " The man said as he got into Ragnar's space. The man was still a head shorter then Ragnar but he was clearly not afraid, at least not while he had his men around him. Even as this talking was going out, some of the men that were on their break had walked over to the walls and also grabbed their picks and started to slowly move towards Ragnar.


Whats Mine is Mine Dsafds10
#5Ragnar Asgeir 

Whats Mine is Mine Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 6:12 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

" I see... you are the owner. Well, then I suppose there is no use talking about this anymore. " Ragnar said calmly, and he knew what he would have to do at this moment. Taking a step forward towards the foreman, Ragnar tilted his head back slightly before slamming his helmed head into the front of the foreman's face. While this would be enough to drop a normal man, this only stunned the foreman for a second as his knees gave out. Ragnar would have to be quick as there were three men behind their foreman who apparently were not expecting an attack. Ragnar sliding his other hand to his ax swung it towards one of them, hitting him in the chest with the ax blow, cleaving through his sternum and ribs as he fell to the ground gurgling as the blood filled his lungs. One down.

Ragnar then turned his attention towards a different man, who seemed to be reaching much better than his friends as he lifted his pick up over his head to strike Ragnar. Clearly, the man was not a fighter as his attack was slow, slow enough to allow Ragnar to let go of his ax with one of his hands before reaching over, using his massive reach as an advantage, to grab the shaft of the mining tool and stopping it dead. Ragnar turned his head to look the man in the eyes as he flexed his hand and snapped the wood of the pickax, the head now in Ragnar's hand as he let it fall to the ground. The third man had apparently been a coward all along, as he didn't even react to his friend getting nearly cut in half and his other friend stopped by attacking, instead he simply ran past them all and towards the exit.

Ragnar then took a step back from the combat as he looked around for a moment before saying " You gentlemen will be out of work for a while... but the new owner of this place will put you to work. I promise. " At that moment the foreman spoke up, speaking through broken teeth and nose and said " I.. with.. nefer.. sell " Ragnar looked at him, putting his hand back on his ax as he said " I know. " before swinging the ax and cleaving the man's head off in a single stroke. As the man's head fell off his shoulders and his body went limp under it, Ragnar looked around to see if anyone would attempt to fight or challenge him. No one did. Disappointing. Reaching down and grabbing the head of the man he walked over to his mount, who was still standing there before climbing on. Ragnar put the decapitated head into a bag on his saddle specifically for that purpose as he turned and then rode away.

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Whats Mine is Mine Dsafds10

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