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Étaoin [DONE]

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Name: Étaoin Rynn

Age: 19 | November 5th x770

Gender: Male, at birth. | Non-binary.

Sexuality: Asexual-Panromantic

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese.

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan.

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human.

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Between shoulder blades. Centre upper back. | Red.

Face: Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist


Height: 166 cm

Weight: 48kg

Hair: Pine Green

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Rynn has a fair pale skinned and somewhat lean with hints of muscles, but slender that takes on a more androgynous figure, of almost average height. Hair of a dark green that looks black during the night, is usually very untamed most of the time, though held together with a headband. Their eyes have a mysterious yet deceiving feline look to them and are a violet colour, almost like a royal purple.

Rynn also wear a variety of clothes, whether it be loose or form fitting. Even though they do prefer showing some skin most days, they will cover if need be, yet no matter what they wear, Rynn is always seen wearing their headband with the alchemy symbol of water and feminine properties.

Extra: Brand on left thigh.


Personality: Rynn is a young adult who uses snarky and sometimes sarcastic speeches to get through their day without causing an inner turmoil of their fears and bad habits. Though born male at birth, Rynn is very testy when it comes to pronouns used against them, as still male with an androgynous physique, Rynn likes to show that they do prefer ALL pronouns and religiously believes in the meaning behind the symbol stitched into their precious headband.

After living a harsh life in a country that held them hostage for so long, Rynn wants to change the way they see things. Like, sometimes answering to pet names, although there are specific pet names that will trigger their anger and disgust that is constantly writhing within them waiting to burst out or like getting rid of this envious feeling that has become a black hole deep inside them, constantly triggering the unwanted phobias of being trapped and causing disaster wherever they go.

Though not really one for fighting unless it is absolutely necessary for them to fight, Rynn prefers not to always be on the frontlines. They like to use their gained magic, but if they have to get up close and personal, then melee or sometimes even hand to hand combat is okay, but only if it was absolutely necessary for Rynn to do so. Rynn isn't the best when it comes to fighting, due to never being taught how to, only using what was on hand during harsh situations as a child.
Even so, Rynn would never pass up the opportunity to learn more about fighting if it meant that they could survive in a world of freedom they want and/or learning controlling whatever emotions rage deep inside of Rynn.


  • Strays: Rynn loves stray animals, and lost children, as they relate to this lifestyle. It's also the only time they feel sympathy instead of jealousy. Seeing lost children and stray animals tends to encourage Rynn into helping what strays they come across.

  • Falling into Winter: Autumn and Winter are Rynn's top two season, not just because they were born in one of said two seasons, but they love the feeling of the the heat from summer dying out into a mediocre chill against their skin as autumn builds up. The best feeling though for Rynn, is when autumn drizzles into the nippy winter weather, and the sight when the land is coated in the soft frozen white snowflakes once winter fully comes around.


  • Crowds: Developing the fear; Claustrophobia, Rynn hates crowds. The feeling of being surrounded by so many people from all sides scares them, and extremely annoys them in so many ways.

  • Jealousy: Jealous since a child, Rynn just can't seem to rid this feeling. They want to ignore it but it always comes creeping back and it usually ends up triggering Rynn's fear of the jealousy deep within them.

  • Flirtatious People: Being as feminine and masculine as Rynn is, has it's ups and downs. One of these downfalls are flirty people. Rynn hates flirty people that hit on them, whether they are drunk or not.


  • Freedom: Being chained down throughout the years, Rynn just wants their freedom, and by doing so, means that they will not tie themselves to group, and continue to explore the area that they once thought was just a stupid fairy tale told by kids to make themselves have hope.

  • The Red Potion: Rynn's main goal is to find out what the mysterious red potion, that was forced upon them, turning them into what they are now, really was. Not caring about their appearance anymore, all Rynn wants to know is why did this formula, change them in such a violent way, and the only way to do that is to obtain what information they can.


  • Claustrophobia (Enclosed Spaces): Constantly being withheld in enclosed spaces, like small rooms or a prison during their childhood, Rynn cannot stand to be in small enclosed areas. When stuck in a tight space, they begin to hyperventilate and panic as they try to find an escape route. Worse case being they don't escape and Rynn faints.

  • Zelophobia: Even though Rynn has survived from jealousy, it is something that they do fear. They fear that their jealousy and the rage that comes from their jealousy will one day overpower them and they wont be able to contain it.
    When they feel like this is going to happen, Rynn will be overcome with an overwhelming feeling of impending disaster and sometimes even start to hyperventilate from sheer panic of feeling trapped.

    When they feel trapped, this also has the situation that would sometimes be; triggering Rynn's claustrophobia, and ninety percent of the time leads to Rynn fainting.


Magic Name: The Shape of Water

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: The Shape of Water is a water based magic, that allows the user to use water based techniques, using a quantity of liquid close by (e.g. lakes, ponds, rivers, pools, sea. ect.) or by conjuring the water with moisture that is in the air around them. With this magic, the user can create shapes using the liquid to either attack or defend themselves, or for everyday use. This magic can be used with self buff strength, supplementary, offence and defence spells types.



Nameless, Lost Child

Age of four alone left alone with a sick mother. This child who was abandoned by the man who was meant to be a father. A child so defenceless, as a dying mother would pity her child, her child who was struggling to keep them going. A self given quest that lasted for all but two years, before it's ultimate failure.
Age of six and now alone. surging with rage, and betrayal. No parents, but what was the point of parents? This child with a name he didn't remember and no parents was going to survive by any means necessary. Another three years of being alone and surviving.

Nine years old. The lost child was finally given a name.


A name that the people around the child called him. A boy with shoulder length hair, and feline-like eyes, always glowering and scaring children and adults alike. Apparently it is a name that meant to be jealous. A name that fitted just perfectly because, yes, he was jealous. Jealous of those perfect families, jealous of the kids that were treated specially at the god awful orphanage he belonged to now, after his mother's death. Étaoin was extremely jealous, and it was never going to vanish. Like a black hole, it was devouring him, to the point of no return.

When he first ran from the orphanage, it lasted a week before he was found and brought back. The second time, it worked and he had escaped for almost two weeks, before being found again. Third time's the charm, once Étaoin had escaped, he was roaming alone for a whole month, with no interruptions. At this point he figured the orphanage had finally given up on him, but now he just realised he was even more alone than before, so when a bunch of street rats like Étaoin showed up asking for help. Saying that he was perfect for the thing they needed help with, a small body that could get into places with no problem unlike the rest of the groups, Étaoin asked for more information.

The thing is, the group needed help with something about a building full of fresh baked foods and warm clothes, not the scrubby, mud covered and disturbingly scented ones that they were all wearing. The group of boys had promised Étaoin that he could be one of the guys if he did them this favour, and with those words, the deal was made and Étaoin dived in head first into helping out the boys.

Rat Pack.

That is what the law called them, a group of mischievous misfits that were always up to no trouble, and there was no lie in this statement. They were always up to no trouble. They stole together, teased market clerks, petted stray animals, splashed rich families with murky muddy puddles, ran from the law that chased them every time the group was spotted stealing. They were kids, mischievous bunch of boys, that lived in an abandoned allotment on the outskirts of town, and yet when the group ran around, Étaoin could be spotted everywhere. The odd boy out. The black sheep of the group. Long hair like girls hair, pale skin unlike the more tanned tones you would see around, slender face, yet the lean body of an athletic boy from all the running and climbing with the gang.

The Mission.

Their next mission. That is what they always would call their more dangerous theft plans. Missions.

It was a shop near the middle of town. Apparently a shop that sold to mages from far off lands, Étaoin just thought it was a stupid fairy tale. No such things as lands outside of this country. It started a fight, and when the group cooled their heads, it was back to the mission. Some stupid formula of some sort was being delivered and it was meant to be selling for a hefty price. So kids being the big headed dreamers they were, thought they could sell it higher, get money. Do something with what life they had left instead of disappearing. Until it went wrong.

They had snuck in whilst the clerk had been distracted by customers, and from the description given by their leader, the group had found said formula, a red potion with no label and unknown properties. A mystery on its own. Everything had happened so fast, and suddenly there was a strange feeling manifesting inside of Étaoin.

It tingled, yet struck like lightning.

Étaoin didn't mean to drink it. Really didn't mean to, but the guys had forced it onto him in a fit of panic when the clerk had decided to return to the backroom where the delivery had been made. Just like a chemical reaction, something inside of Étaoin reacted with this mysterious formula. The change leading to what they were now.

Étaoin was this, whatever this was. His body felt weird, but normal. He couldn't tell what was happening to himself, not in the darkened back room. Feeling the fear build up within him on getting caught, the abandonment of his so called friends, leaving him to deal with all these sudden changes. It wasn't until an excruciating pain overpowered his pain tolerance and left the child unconscious.

Unconscious and free to be found by the clerk and the wandering mage who was meant to be obtaining the formula.

Unwanted Changes

When Étaoin awoke, panic seared through his veins. An unknown room, in unknown clothing. Girl clothing to be exact. Why was he in girl clothing? Voices from somewhere behind him, but nothing could be seen, due to the closed door, but he could still hear whatever was being discussed. It was about him. He was the main topic, but what did this stranger mean by her?

A girl? Did they mean Étaoin? But he was a boy, no?

“No you are mistaken this is, Étaoin. A street rat, a boy.”

Exactly. He was a boy, they always messed with the clerks of this town so everyone knew who they were. Why was he suddenly being called a girl?

“From here forth, Rynn shall be this child's name, and he will be raised as a girl.”

Étaoin wouldn't allow this to happen once more, not when he had finally gained his freedom. Also living like a girl? How was that even possible for him? Maybe so that his body was more feminine than most boys, but he still had male parts, it wouldn't work right?

“This formula is a mysterious chemical, and the child has reacted well, just a few unchangeable mishaps.”

“Mishaps. You mean being completely castrated, and branded by magic?!”

So that was the pain he had felt earlier. That was the major conflicting reaction between his composition and the formula's composition. It had not completely changed his body structure, just areas, one area to be specific. Which meant, Étaoin was now free to be brought up female if needed.

It was time to escape, Étaoin had to escape.


It was raining, and dark and everything was scary, whistles aimed more than likely towards Étaoin, catcalls, those same words over and over again; girlie, sweetheart or lass. Étaoin had to stop running though, running was a tiring movement, and the weight of this soaked gown was becoming a burden. Shivering to the bone as they stood on the sidewalk in this new structure of a body.

He looked like a drowned rat, no he was a drowned rat now.

Étaoin wanted to take up any offer that came their way, because he just wanted to get out of this dampened gown and freezing cold rain. A stranger had caught him, offered him shelter and fresh clothing, but something raised the alarms ringing deep within Étaoin.

The man had called him unique, said that Étaoin was like a unique antique they had found. A unique item. A collectable. Just like the formula that he had drunk. Something you find, use for a while, then just toss aside when it was not needed no more. Abandoned like a broken vase, or a short circuited electronic device.

Étaoin’s fears were brought back, when he was called the single name he had only heard once. Rynn. The stranger had called him Rynn, and now Étaoin knew exactly who this man was. It was the mage. He rambled on about how the child of twelve, with the figure of a woman, but they did not hold the parts of a woman, yet neither the parts of a man. An androgyny child. A rare human, for where Étaoin was from, but that didn't stop Étaoin from trying to run away, even if all attempts failed.

This time, Étaoin wasn’t escaping. Not anytime soon that is. He might as well suffer through this as much as possible. It meant he would learn what other children knew, even if it meant being raised as a girl.

The Great Escape.

Eighteenth birthday, it was planned for so long, this was when Étaoin or Rynn now would make their escape. For the longest of time, not knowing when it had started, but Étaoin had begun to refer to himself, not as a he, or a she but a they. Étaoin had no gender, it was forced upon them. Born and grew as a boy, till struck with that mysterious formula, only to be raised from then on wards under the name of Rynn, and as a girl. A body with no gender, but given the gender of a female. Étaoin decided that they would ignore the labels, and only use them if need be.

They would escape today. When the boat sailed with the merchandise that the mage was selling. Étaoin would hide in one of the crates and from then on wards, they would be free, they just hoped it would all go according to their plan.

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