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Silver City III [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:21 am

"Ow, ow, ow! It hurts!" Masami was merely talking himself upon placing a cotton ball soaked in healing liquids applied upon his bottom lip, looking at himself right at the mirror to check if his appearance was suitable for today's request. The light bruise on his lower lip was still quite fresh; knowing Masami, he would not allow himself to be seen in such a disreputable appearance, even if it was merely a lip scar. It was quite dreadfully obvious, too, unfortunately.

Instead, his response over himself was a sigh, eventually giving up. The scar won't heal in a day, so he would have to independently deal with it. "Oh well, I'll just buy some ingredients in the Lower District." Considering that he would be going to the said district with some aristocrats, hopefully, they wouldn't mind Masami cutting off some slack and go shopping with them as well. This was the third time, at least, that Masami had to go with them to do some guarding, and he was starting to get tired of merely following them around and earning himself some watchfulness.

Finally, he threw the overcoat upon his shoulders and made adjustments, counting few footsteps before picking up the theater mask for it to hang on the side of Masami's face. "I don't look too frustrating, do I?" the curious blond asked himself when he took a last glance at the mirror, peering into his appearance and especially Joyan face. Just like his mother, he appears, it wouldn't be too questionable to reconsider his feminine attributes. Recently, he had been looking more masculine... at least as much as how Masami believes, was that the reason why less people assume his femininity now? Compared to that Sinese, previously, there must have been nobody else whom assumed whatever they want to assume. With a wagasa, a paper umbrella, on one of his hands, he finally took a step outside.

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Silver City III [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:18 am

It must be the wrong choice to pick up this type of umbrella, as much as Masami assumes. It would help in the day, but this afternoon must be rainy. "Should I go back?" he thought to himself – the wooden pole of the umbrella hanging on top of Masami's shoulder, "But I'm already quite far." The boy didn't want to make more regrets, but he didn't want to waste more time either. Come to think of it, he would've been in the Lower District by now if only he had merely rushed and prepared faster... if only he didn't take much focus around the bottom lip scar. Thinking through these, Masami sighed and continued walking as he listens to his wooden heels make tapping noises for each step. The Myras floors were made out of concrete, unlike dirt and grass from Marigold – Masami could now understand how noisy he was in terms of walking.

Sooner or later, he'd find himself around the aristocrats. Tall Fiorian people, obviously very wealthy. Affluent people like them who'd go to the poorer areas wearing evidently higher-quality garments and jewelry, are most likely to get smuggled... at least in the logic of Myras City, which is why Masami is here to supposedly help them through it, if ever something happens in plain sight and plain view. 'Even though I'm not so tough.' he sighed once more upon the thought, honestly being slightly down after comparing himself to acquaintances such as Tomoe, the guild master, and then Jan Ren, who recently just poisoned himself over food he was just warned upon... Masami wonders how he was now, would he still be eating such berries? Then again, even Natsumi and someone like Rinni, feels tough despite not exactly looking like it. 'Maybe I should've just stayed in Joya...' the blond added, pouting a little, then immediately shook his head, 'no, no, not a good choice.'

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Silver City III [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:32 am

When the aristocrats halted to gaze upon a series of vegetables and cooking powder, Masami, naturally, came to looked as well; having to bite his lower lip, he couldn't stop this. His eyes automatically peeked through a set of herbs and spices, surprised that those were very familiar. "Ah, mistuba!" he quietly exclaimed, directly pointing at the herbs, almost touching them. The aristocrats, and even the shopkeeper, raised their brows in superstition... did they not know what those are famous Joyan herbs for many uses? Masami wasn't surprised, it's the Lower District after all, and what mostly matters is how they transfer the goods.

"You know these, boy?" he was asked by one of the aristocrats, the tall fellow who'd look down on Masami... literally, because of the height differences. Masami didn't mind this at first, but now that he's awfully close to them (their robes even touching), Masami could understand how the smaller people could feel intimidated. "Mhm," the blond replied, nodding his head when he spoke, "I could use these, might help my skin heal." In all honesty, Masami didn't want to admit it for if he did, the aristocrats would immediately pay for the said product and... oh well, they did. Right after Masami spoke, one of the aristocrats pointed over the same herbs and asked how much they were, only to hear the set costing a hundred-thousand jewels. "Hah?" Masami raised a brow, that was a shady attempt! The shopkeeper looked directly at Masami, being aware that someone was finding the offer suspicious. "These are imported," the shopkeeper replied, "from Sin, specifically."

'Joya!' Masami was internally screaming, his jaws dropping at the sight of openly being fooled. He didn't react when the herbs were being placed inside plastic bags for him and the aristocrats to take home, but it seemed to be a treat for Masami, now that it was given to him for free as if a gift.

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