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Spark [Kaiser]

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That wasn't his mother, so why did he care? Or was it? Why did he think it? Why was he worrying about it?

Zane's hood was way up. It covered half his eyes by now. He rarely wore his hood, usually only when it was rainy or the light was getting in his eyes. There was no rain, nor was there sun. It was a clear night sky. The moon wasn't shining much either. So why? Why did Zane care so much about having his hood up?

On his first night in Myras, Zane spotted an elf woman that looked much like his mother. There was no other reason to think it was her besides her appearance. His mom was never a traveler, and she certainly did not like being so high up in the mountains. But Zane knew that she looked like his mom. Or did she? Zane had a mental image of the woman's face in his head, yet it was blurred. He'd thought so much about if it was his mother's face or not that he had forgotten what the woman even looked like. And even if it was his mother, why was he so afraid?

Zane sat in a park bench, sighing to himself. "I can't believe I'm so hung up about this. Not to mention that I'm talking to myself again..." Leaning back into the bench, Zane put his hands in his pants pocket, continuing on with his self-analysis. "Am I scared of seeing her? Of letting her know? I cannot help but wonder if she thinks of me as dead..." Zane realized he had spent so much time goofing off and wandering aimlessly around Fiore that he had not even searched for the source of whatever made him human. It was previously something that drove him to go forward, now it was simply an afterthought.

Feeling through his pocket, Zane's hand came to a card. It was the card Kaiser gave him in Magnolia, the one that would allow him to find her. It was the thought of this card, the thought of Kaiser that made Zane realize something even more. "I really have been wasting my time... if my mom was here, she'd probably scold me for letting everyone else run way past me. Well, I suppose I can't let that happen, can I? And the first ste-" Zane paused as he turned to his left to see a group of kids staring at him, the weird man on the bench talking to himself. Zane stared back at the kids. The kids stared back at him. Nobody said anything. This went on for 30 seconds.

A few minutes after the awkward encounter, Zane had made it to the address on the card. A casino. It had been a while since he had gone here. Still somewhat paranoid even after all the thoughts he had on the matter, Zane made sure to pull his hood down slightly further, just in case. His insecurities were clearly getting to him.

Speaking of feeling insecure, the interior of the casino made him feel the same. Not just about his wallet, but also in comparison to the woman that led him here, Kaiser. If his guess about the card was correct, she ran or owned this place, right? Or something like that? A bit in awe, Zane's face turned to a frown. She was once a girl from a foreign land he helped show around, and now she was, well.... all of this. How did she come so far in such a short time while he did nothing but stay the same? Was he really the same?

The thoughts hurt, at least when combined with the idle noises of gambling in the back. Zane just wanted to do what he needed to do. Approaching a woman at the front counter, Zane spoke clearly, still under his hood. "I'm here to see Kaiser Bo. Is she around?"


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revel in chaos;  

Spark [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Kaiser wasn’t in the best of moods today. She had been in Myras for quite a while now and had decided to embark on her gambling business recently in this city. Apart from leading a successful all-female guild and doing guild-related errands, the vampire found some time to satiate her habitual desires. After all, it was one of her favorite things to do in her leisure, and naturally she had turned it into something that she would gain from. A few nights ago she attended a special event held at one of the more well-known gambling houses of Myras, somewhere hidden within the Middle District. Of course she had made a name for herself with her incredible skills and wild luck, but that was nothing she was new to. However, some idiot in this city thought he was being smart by cheating against her. Unfortunately, that was not the case. He had dug his own grave by messing with Kaiser, and now she was on the hunt to teach him a lesson that he would never remember—because, you know, he’s going to die.

Some digging around by her circle and connections came up with a very specific description of the man she was looking for. He had a dirty blonde mop on his head that was always hidden from view by a hood and bluish eyes. He seemed to always be moping around in casinos and such places, probably being quite stupid or trying to hide in plain sight. Apparently there had been a number of similar cases, but nobody could tell if it was the same person or a group of thieves operating together. Kaiser had a feeling it was the latter, since she had dealt with similar people before. Anyway, she wasn’t interested in catching the entire crew. She was only aiming to catch the one who crossed her. Having made a few connections since her arrival, Kaiser had alerted these ‘friends’ to keep a close watch in case the person with the description she gave them came to their bases.

On this seemingly uneventful day, Kaiser however decided to waste some time in the casino that she frequented the most. Almost all the staff there knew her by now since she would tip them generously, even more so when she got a little tipsy. The casino wasn’t open to the public on Mondays, and only allowed its VIPs and VVIPs to be there. Kaiser had spent almost the entire day there, since she had nothing to do that day. Rather than partaking in the gambling activities that went on, she would just spend some of her cash to bet on who would win. Half an hour had passed since nightfall, so the casino started to play upbeat music with colorful lights turned on to provide a more ‘fun’ vibe. It was a tactic for the guests to spend more time and money here. Kaiser downed the remainder of her whiskey and Daryl took the glass to refill it. She was just a tad tipsy when one of the waiters came to her table with a screen that displayed live footage from a camera at the front counter. Seeing a male wearing a hood approaching the counter was enough to bring a nefarious glint in her amethyst orbs.

Scarlet appendages that formed into bat-like wings sprung out of her back as she kicked herself up onto the table that shook under her feet, sparing only a fraction of a second to regain her momentum and shot like a bullet from the VVIP area to the reception counter, flying at full speed so that she would catch the thief right there and then. It didn’t take long to reach her destination, aiming to collide with the thief so that he fell and upon achieving this she would position herself to be on top, straddling him with her strong thighs to keep him under control. She had prepared her left hand during her flight. If, by some miracle, he was able to escape from her reach, she would chase him first and if she was successful in getting him in the position she wanted, she would attempt to land a powerful punch in his face. Of course she didn’t plan to kill him on the spot. She wanted him to know who she was first, that it was the biggest mistake in his life to cross her and realise the reason for his death.


[ 3,600 / 3,700 ]

Name: Flying Horror
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: 100 RP Posts as Vampire
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The Vampire materializes a pair of 2 meters long blood-red bat-like wings that allows them to fly up to 10 meters above ground. This is not a spell but a biological capability. Therefore it cannot be cancelled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.


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Perhaps it was simply because he had not spent as much time in Myras as other cities in Fiore, but Zane was certainly not expecting to get jumped in the middle of this casino. That was the type of shit he would expect from like, a shady area in Orchidia, or literally the entirety of Oak. Zane would usually be more on his guard, but his idle thoughts of his mother and Kaiser as well as the noises and sights of the Casino were enough to significantly hinder his usually good perception.

Not quite experienced with the whole girl comes out of nowhere and pins you to the ground type of thing, Zane was reasonably stunned when something along these lines happened, the stunning nature of the entire situation giving him no time to rest as he was quickly fall to the ground with said woman on top to him. The situation unfortunately took a more violent turn than Zane was initially hoping for upon seeing such a pretty woman pounce on top of him, Zane quickly saw a punch coming to his face, attempting to move his head out of the way yet not quite succeeding in doing so, the punch colliding with the area around his right eye, the force being enough for Zane to tell that it would be bruised for quite some time. Of course, that was the least of the worries, considering the fact that said punch hurt like hell. "Illumin!" Zane cried out, a habit he had picked up from many areas of Fiore. Closing his eyes and seething a bit at the pain, Zane's hood had now almost completely fallen off. While he had longer hair than before, this very much looked like the Zane that Kaiser had met only recently, even with a quarter of his face now not looking so great.

It took a moment or two, but Zane eventually came to some sort of sense, opening his undamaged eye to look up at the woman, yelling at her while he looked up to her. "The hell was that for?!" He asked, looking up to the woman's body and eyes. Wait a second... Zane breathed heavily as he'd recall just who this was, the sudden hit making his mind work slower. Brown hair... large bust... peculiar eyes... the nose... wait a second, this was Kaiser! Zane wasn't quite sure what she was doing punching him, though. "Kaiser, is that you?" he asked, still not quite having caught his breath, the woman's thighs wrapping around him not quite helping with his lack of oxygen. "It's me, Zane!" he called out, just in case she had not recognized him. He certainly didn't remember her being the type of person to just assault people so quickly, though... still, Zane did remember Kaiser's words. That she had changed. Or perhaps Zane never knew Kaiser as well as he thought she did.

"Why did you do that?" Zane asked, an angry tone still in his voice. The tone was certainly not quite as mad as before, his senses coming back to him as he continued to take some breaths. "I gotta say, you really did a number on my face here..." Zane was perhaps too in shock at first to notice, but he could spot a pair of wings behind Kaiser, seemingly her's. It was something he'd have to ask about later, assuming for now that it was just some kind of magic, yet still one he had never heard of.... Taking a few more moments to collect himself and having finally calmed down just a bit, Zane was once again well enough to at least tell some kind of joke. "I gotta say, this isn't the kind of straddling I would've wanted from ya. You mind getting off me and letting me breathe here?"

Eventually, a variety of other things happened. Zane was able to get an eyepatch to cover the bruises and got to his hotel room safely.


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