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Masado Faithe

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#1Masado Faithe 

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Masado Faithe


Name: Masado Faithe

Age: September 14, 767 (22)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Encan (Renning Faithe)

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan (Nimari Faithe)

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Penumbral Guard

Tattoo: Right Shoulder, yellow

Face: Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Masado is a tall, attractive guy with six-pack abs that are rarely seen by the public. A good bit of his weight is muscle from constant training, but he is very rarely seen topless. Unless it's a scorching summer day, he'll usually be seen in his armor or in the least a muscle shirt. He had spiky blonde hair that hangs down across the sides of his face and spiky bangs that almost cover his beautiful blue eyes.

His skin is slightly darker than his sister though not by much. This is due to one part taking most of his looks from their mom, and the other part spending more time working outside in the sun than Rinni does. His hair reaches his neck from the longest strands, but it's relatively shorter in the back in comparison. The spiky hair tends to give him a bit of a wild appearance as though he doesn't care about anything and isn't someone to mess with.

Extra: He has an X shaped scar on his chest from a combat injury.


Personality: Masado is mostly a laid back kind of guy who enjoys doing odd jobs to earn money and help those in need. He also enjoys spending time with his little sister, reveling in the days of youth when they were inseparable. He misses his family, as he became too busy to spend much time at home. He spends a lot of time worrying about the well being of his little sister, which can cause him to appear distant as he tends to get lost in his own thoughts.

He also loves his parents deeply and keeps in touch whenever possible. Though not shy and awkward like his sister, he does tend to come off as standoffish and borderline anti-social. His overprotectiveness of Rinni is evident by him joining her Guild in order to keep an eye on her. Despite the fact Rinni is mad at her brother for basically stalking her and butting into her life, this doesn't stop Masado from doing what he does.

As short tempers evidently run in the family, while Rinni's is rarely seen, Masado's is far more prominent if you get on his bad side. He will not back down from a fight if what he loves is threatened.


  • Combat: He enjoys combat and will never turn down the opportunity for a sparring match or a fight if it presents itself, only doing so if he has more important matters to attend to. Having used to play sword fight with his sister as kids, he's the only one of the two to stand by the sword.
  • Macaroons: Though he won't admit it openly, the man has a sweet tooth for macaroons. He especially loves his mom's recipe, and will often have them in his lunch on his travels or while relaxing at a hotel. He may sometimes order them at a restaurant, but only if his mom's macaroons are not available.
  • Thunderstorms: Masado loves thunderstorms and will often be seen practicing his spells during one. They remind him of Enca, with its unusual weather patterns that constantly included deadly crashes of lightning and thunder.


  • Losing: Though not really a sore loser, Masado hates when he loses a fight, training or otherwise. He won't openly complain about it, and will congratulate the victor in a monotone mumble that neither implies anger nor happiness.
  • Anyone Dating His Sister: He wants Rinni to be happy, so of course this includes wanting her to find the perfect partner. He tends to scare off any boys (and girls) that show any form of interest in his sister other than platonic.


  • Family: He wants to be able to protect his family and loved ones at any and all costs. He will fight until the ends of the earth if he has to to keep them safe.
  • Sense of Duty: He feels a sense of duty to protect Fiore and its people. This has been his home since childhood, and since he's no longer in Enca, he will protect Fiore just as hard as his birth home.


  • Losing his Family: Everyday he fears his family dying. He fears losing them as he watches helplessly, or getting to them too late and discovering they've been murdered or kidnapped.
  • Powerlessness: He fears being powerless to protect himself or those he loves. If he is to die, he intends to do so fighting. He's terrified of the possibility of being in a situation where all he can do is watch and wait.


Masado Faithe 9f45203dca182fc39e3aeef197513dc0

Magic Name: Thunder Crash

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description:
Having studied and practiced Lightning Magic since childhood, and having an innate connection to it since his days in Enca, Masado can cast powerful lightning-based attacks. These can be used for attacking and defending as needed, though not as powerful as a true Mage's magic, it works well for him when combined with his weapon skills.


History: Masado Faithe was born on the island known as Enca to his Encan parents. When he and his sister were still quite little, their parents decided it best to leave their island home. The storms were too dangerous and caused destruction on an almost regular basis. To those born there, this was normal and, despite the constant repairs and threats of intense weather, it was home and they wouldn't have it any other way.  His parents weren't rich, and they had to work extra hours to save enough money for travel expenses. His mom was a Seamstress and his dad was a Miner, so it took a couple of years to reach the funds they needed to set sail to a better home for their children.

During their time working, Masado and his sister were at home playing under the watchful eye of a babysitter. It cost extra money to hire a babysitter, but it was all they could do not to leave their babies alone. When they finally reached their goal and left for Fiore, Masado was 9 years old and his sister, Rinni, was only 3 years old. He and his sister were raised in the safety and comfort of a two-bedroom apartment complex (where he and his sister shared a bunk bed) in the peaceful town of Marigold.

Masado began training as a Spellsword as soon as he was old enough, and had been using a sword since he could walk. What began with a toy sword soon developed into real swordsmanship with real targets. His dad took him and his sister on trips through town to visit their favorite restaurants and shops. As they grew older, Masado and his sister never drifted apart. They might not always agree, but they always respect each other's opinions and decisions. That's not to say they never fight, of course. After all, no one is perfect. Still, they have a pretty good sibling connection.

Despite being more distant than they were as kids, Masado became increasingly worried when he found he sister had run away and put her life in danger. He decided to track down any and all rumors related to her for her own protection. Upon learning she did in fact join a Guild, he tracked down the Guild Master and requested to join the same Guild as a means to regain that bond they once had and keep her safe.

Reference: Rinni Faithe's Alt.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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