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Silent Merchant - Debrief [Daiko]

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It had been a while since Daiko left on his mission, though granted, not nearly as much as it took Sofia to come back with her news. Still far too short a timespan for Alisa to worry if something might have gotten wrong... By now, she'd finished her drink and ordered herself a glass of fine wine... She doubted she'd be doing much more on this matter today, but, who knows, Daiko might surprise her... Depending on the information he brought back, he might actually end up giving Alisa just about everything she needed to go on the hunt, to figure out once and for all just who in the world had been messing with these travellers:

"Hmmm, I wonder what he might find there...", mused the sculptress, still going over each and every one of the individual pieces she'd gathered, curious as to just what exactly might she find there if she spent long enough just looking at them. Probably not much.

Unsurprising thing to say about one's wife but, Alisa naturally worried for Sofia far more than she would for anybody else... Though it was different in Daiko's case: She'd known him for a long, long time, back when Lamia Scale was still around. Hell, he was already around even before her soul sister Arisa became the guildmaster of the whole thing, and he was still around after she left, before Alisa finally brought him into Blue Pegasus... So yes... Daiko Flayme was very much capable of holding his own, she'd seen that for a fact now.

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Daiko Flayme
Lawrence’s explanation to his low mood turned worse than Daiko imagined. At first, he thought that Lawrence might have lost some items on his travel back to Myras, but to have one’s brother and wife kidnapped by some outsiders and marauders in the mountains was no laughing matter. Daiko’s senses were up, and he rushed his way back to the lounge where Alisa was waiting for him. She had to be informed about this before he took off to the mountains; yes, obviously, Daiko was set on retrieving Lawrence’s family, for family was sacred to him, and it should be sacred to everybody.
Coda was flying alongside him up on the roofs - Daiko was taking a shortcut towards the hotel by running across the roofs like some vigilante. He could spot the fancy place where his guildmates resided for the time being in their journey here in Myras. What had the others been up to? He assumed that everyone had helped out at least someone, or at the very least tried learning more about this town, for Myras was starting to grow on him even after just a few days.
He pushed the doors into the lounge open quickly as Coda flew inside in advance, landing on the smooth floor in front of the desk and seat where their Guildmaster was waiting. “Alisa!” Daiko spoke up with worry embedded in his voice, “Lawrence, the dude’s brother and wife were kidnapped at the Avvar Mountains! Maybe they’re still alive, but we should go and save them!” It would make matters so much worse for Lawrence and for many in Myras if the barbarians in the mountains kept kidnapping people like this.
“There are barbarians kidnapping people at the Avvar Mountain pass… he told me the location where the incident happened, too.”

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And when he returned, he returned as flashily as Alisa could imagine he might for the kind of news he carried. All of a sudden, the woman's eyes shot wide as she realized how the real culprits were a far more obvious choice than she'd have imagined:

"I see... Mountain bandits hmmm...? Now that certainly explains a lot...", replied the sculptress, eyes narrowing as she rubbed her chin, barely even shooting a single glance at all the pieces she'd just assembled, silently noting, chiding herself for having missed something so obvious, "...And here they said these barbarians haven't been a threat in a while... No wonder they dismissed it..."

She clicked her tongue, thinking back to all the information Daiko had brought her, as Sofia did a while back, how these Barbarians were likely after the travellers for little more than whatever money or riches they might have on their body:

"...No wonder I dismissed it too.", added Alisa, bringing her thumb to her lips in a gesture of palpable annoyance, at how she could have underestimated a potential enemy simply due to them not having been known to threaten anybody as of late. Clearly, these barbarians where smarter than most people gave them credit for if they managed to pose such an unseen threat, "No, don't worry Daiko...", she said, resting a hand on his shoulder and smiling, "Stay behind and make sure no harm comes to any more travellers. I'll deal with the Barbarians."

With this, Alisa stood up, peeling away from the desk, leaving the paperwork there for once. She'd have liked to pack it up neatly in case she might need it again but... Right now, time was of the essence, so she wasted no time heading up the staircase of the hotel, back to her room to get changed...

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