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Silent Merchant - Goat's Beard Inn [Daiko]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Silent Merchant - Goat's Beard Inn [Daiko] Empty Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:32 am

Daiko Flayme
A’righto. For some reason, Daiko felt more confident wearing his new coat, or maybe it was the magical properties embedded in its fabric that boosted his spirit. Either way, after having been informed about a merchant named Lawrence and his whereabouts plus traumatic issues, Daiko was relieved and figured that this duty wouldn’t involve sticking his nose into open battle like yesterday. Sofia had been helping Alisa with…
It was fairly easy to find his way to the Goat’s Beard Inn. It was located in the Lower District, and unlike the many bricked structures, the inn was mainly built of wood. That gave the citizens probably the closest thing to a picnic out in the forest which Daiko was used to, but it also gave him some homesickness, since the wooden architecture reminded him of his cottage back in Worth Woodsea. He should find time to go back to that place and see how it was holding up without him and Coda around. That aside, the Fire Mage grinned and opened the fence doors leading into the hall where he was met by looks from some customers who didn’t mind him showing up here. Some of them recognized him and whispered things to each other, stating that Daiko was with Blue Pegasus and probably in here to either make a deal with someone or to obtain new information for a cause that would benefit them in their troubles. Due to his advancement, it was clear to see that Daiko had something to do with poor Lawrence who was sitting near the fire and hadn’t said a single word to anyone in the inn since he arrived.
“…” Daiko approached one of the other customers who sat near Lawrence on another table and decided to ask quietly: “How long has he been here…?”

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#2Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
“Uh, ever since he got here…” the customer replied while eyeing Lawrence, “I think something happened to him during his last travel, but he won’t say a word… hey, wait, that mark on your neck-“
The customer recognized Daiko’s Guild Mark on his neck, which represented the proud head and wings of a Pegasus. “Blue Pegasus, right? Wait, I think I’ve heard- you guys were involved with the Boulder Brothers and Silk Sisters, right?”
Was he a Boulder Brother or a Silk Sister himself? Or did word got out quickly?
“Yeah, I… I uh… it was awkward, but I managed to help them say sorry to each other. Some random dude was trying to stir trouble between them, and for a while, they thought it was me… b-but never mind that! How do I get him to talk? Maybe I can help…”
“Well, if you wanna have at it, I guess just make him eat something. Sad lad hasn’t even gotten a mug…” the customer suggested before taking a sip of his mug. Very well, food was a good motivator, and Daiko could vouch for that.
When he neared Lawrence again, the dude didn’t move his gaze away from the flames. There was shock in his eyes, and having Daiko glare at them didn’t seem to phase him at all. Strange… what happened on his way over here? Coda leaned over from Daiko’s shoulder and attempted to eye down the strange, saddened man in front of them, but even the sharp gaze of a raptor didn’t really bring anything but one return of a gaze from his dry eyes before having them turned away from the duo again.
Just what had he been going through?
“Hey, uh… sorry if I’m bothering you,” Daiko spoke to him while trying to sound as calm and friendly as possible, not wanting to scare the person, “… I’m Daiko! I’m from Blue Pegasus, y’know, the mage’s guild. If there’s anything you need help with, you can count on us…!” Maybe that would help; hearing that a prominent guild such as Blue Pegasus would be at their service should probably put him at ease, right?

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#3Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
… Lawrence sighed. Maybe now was the time to put food on the table.
Daiko moved away from him and approached the counter where one of the staff of the inn were serving mugs while another was washing used mugs in the kitchen located behind. Daiko stood in line, though, for a handful of people were standing in line to either order or ask for service. To kill time, Daiko tipped his foot on the ground while Coda searched for something in his hair - which was in vain, this time, as Daiko had made sure to keep his hair cleaned, washed and combed. His spiky, strange hair that often went aflame…
Oh, it was his turn now. Good. Now, what would Lawrence be needing right now? The sad cloud that was hovering above him compelled him to have something soothing and cozy to make him talk, but Daiko also had to put himself in the shoes of a person who was suffering from trauma. Then again, that depended on what exactly had occurred to him that left him in this state, which was what Daiko wanted to find out.
Perhaps a beer would help. The staff suggested that.
Lawrence looked up at Daiko holding a mug of beer in front of him, and after a solid two minutes of staring at each other, Lawrence decided to grab the mug and quench his thirst. Maybe it was because he was in a hurry to quench that, but he coughed a little before finally speaking: “… Y-You’re from Blue Pegasus, right?”
“You heard? Yeah, Daiko Flayme. Firebird,” the Fire Mage greeted properly with a bump on his chest.
Lawrence’s eyes began tearing up, and Daiko’s smile faded away. In a surprise, Lawrence grabbed Daiko’s shoulders and shook him with shaking hands. “P-Please, I… my wife… and my brother… you can save them, right? Right?! Please, help me! You’re a mage, I know you can help me! Only you can help me!” Lawrence cried out, and all customers in the inn could hear his cry with widened eyes. “T-The Avvar… they were taken hostage! Please, save them! I can’t…!”

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