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Heathens [Manzo]

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#1Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:51 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Nessie was going to be fine. For now, she was safe in the Myras Hospital. The creature had drank a potions to mask her monster appearance. Of course, she had the capabilities to transform to anything she wanted to, but now she doesn't have the strength. The outskirts of the cities were safer for her to stay. The forest was clear from people and their rumors. Witchers, Cryptid Hunters were never welcomed. A rare trade in its own right. For now, Concord and here were lying under a tree in the shade near a lake. A small book with notes and diagrams. She gave a sigh.

"Ludwig is going to be furious about what happened back there, boy. We have to lie low for a while til' Nessie is better" she spoke. Concord grumbled to complain.

"Fuck nice beds and luxury. I rather sleep here. Where nobody can fucking control me like a fucking dog" she spat. She hated humans and their civilized matters. Nature was her home. That's all she needed. She was used to living in the dirt and feeding off nature's wildlife. It was matter of pride and avoiding conflicts.


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It was the day after Manzo and the mistress of Blue Pegasus had concluded their immediate business. For now Manzo's time was his own. What to do with his time, perhaps he should look in on a few rumors that had spread within the days since he had come here. One was of a particular interest to him, one he felt as though he needed to seek out.

When in Hargeon he had taken a woman, and a sentient creature into custody, word was the woman was spotted in Myras. Which meant one of two things. She had escaped custody taking the creature with her somehow. Or she had abandoned it to save her own skin. He knew that given her apparent attachment to it the likelihood that she would have done that was slim to none.

Upon arriving at the lake he had found the person in question. Of course she had the typical look of despondency on her face. Meaning it was likely to be the first option he had mused over. He approached her slowly, taking his time. As well as putting a cigar in his mouth and lightning it with a snap of his fingers.

"Well well well, who do we have here."

#3Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:15 pm

Raquin Storvarg
With Concord's help and some others of her allies, she was able to escape without a moment's notice. Of course, they would eventually of found out. Nessie was safe and that was that. She sighed. "Ludwig's the last connection I have besides Nessie to depend on, boy. Of course, I can always depend on you" she smiled. Concord purred as she continued to write notes into her book. With how things were, she had no hope to finding the culprit. Who had hurt Nessie and her whole village. There were still no signs of anything. A heavy sighed came from her lips as she closed the book, giving a semi-loud clap sound.

Concord's head perked up by a forgien sound. A slow pace of shuffling on the forest floor. They were off the beaten path and far into the wilderness. Concord growled. "Shit. No you again? What do you want?" she hissed in Icebergian. She grew more defensive with her standing in front of Concord. She was not scared of him. Though, it was for Concord's sake she feared the most. Ludwig was suppose to meet them here in Myras. If he had found out about all the trouble they have caused, he would have her head mounted to the wall and skin for a leather chair. "You have some nerve to track me down. What is it you want?" she hissed.


Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:26 pm


Manzo's red eyes shifted from red to golden, with cat pupils. Reading her every thought and motion. Given their first encounter she would have to know that she didn't stand much of a chance against him in an offensive setting. "Were you expecting someone else, a Ludwig perhaps." He said with a chuckle. If she had any knowledge of what his eyes meant, she would know that there was nothing she could truly hide from him. Not now, not ever. His eyes, his mind, all of it was vastly superior through the blessing he had been bestowed.

Though he was not one for boasting, nor would he ever flaunt his ability over anyone. He felt a bit comfortable in this moment, the two of them cornered like rats in an alley.

"As for what I want, that matters not. I'm just here to see how this all plays out. A casual observer if you will."

He said as he took another drag from his cigar, blowing smoke from his nostrils. The aura around him causing small sparks flare from the ash in the smoke. A great parlor trick at parties, as well as intimidation tactic on those who would easily scare. Though he knew she was not the type.

#5Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:09 pm

Raquin Storvarg
"I am he and whom are you to be? I hope not another rat she skewed in" spoke a tall man. He wore a black and yellow waistcoat with bronze long hair. Flesh was torn on the left side of his face showing scarred muscles and teeth showing. He gave a side-eyed glare down at Raquin and Concord. She shrugged. "You know how I was brought to save Nessie? Well he tried to arrest me for disturbing the peace and threatening someone who were trying to hurt her. I escape with an alley's help and Concord's to save her. She's stable in the Myras hospital with a human transformation potion. I think whoever killed my village was behind hurting Nessie" she reported in her native tongue. Ludwig was not so happy about her getting caught. He eyed Manzo sharply.

"I see. We'll talk later, Quin. Just..let me deal with this. I always have to get you out of trouble with locals. Anyways, you already seem to know my name. What is your business in following my associate?" he ordered. He could tell the power behind Manzo and dared not to challenge it. Though, he knew how to play the chess pieces well.


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Manzo turned his cat eyed gaze over to the man known as Ludwig. Now that the guest of honor arrived it was time for this little charade to end. He snapped his fingers revealing his Witchers tracker armor. They would know this armor considering where the trade began. His fire arm shown prominently on his hip, letting everyone in this little circle know where they stood in the grand scheme of things.

"Well now that everyone is here, I can properly introduce myself. I am known as the White Wolf of Blue Pegasus."

He said as he gave himself a stretch, the popping from his bones quite audible. It had been some time since he had gotten to stretch his legs in this old armor of his. Though like one's favorite shirt, it felt right when he had it on.

"As for what I want with your associate. Well that's an easy one to answer. I'd simply like her to come to dinner with me. I have matters I wish to discuss with her."

He truly did just want to speak, but where was the fun in extracting info without a little conflict and excitement.

#7Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:29 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Ludwig did not flinch at the sight of the witcher gear. Infact, it made him more curious. The appearance of it only made Raquin feel more distaste. She knew he was up to something while Ludwig probably could see through this charade. "Blue Pegasus, huh? Haven't heard of them in years. I have heard of you White Wolf, known through out Earthland. What exactly do you want to do with my associate. She works for me and me only. If you want to do work with her, you must ask her yourself with me present. I figured you wanted more than just information, I suppose" he hissed.

He eyed Raquin, whom was more intrigued with the body of water behind them. It was as if it was calling her, but Ludwig pinched her arm. "Pay attention, Red! Do you want to go to dinner with this White Wolf?" Raquin looked at Concord. "Tread with caution, Raquin" warned Concord telepathcally. "Fine, only if Concord can come" she hissed in reply. It was clear she did not life Manzo and stood strong with Ludwig, but she only trust few people.


Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:39 pm


"The creature may come, I have nothing to hide. Besides that the more the merrier in this situation." He said as he ashed his cigar, placing it back to his lips. Truth be told he was looking for a certain informant who had information to the whereabouts of a group of poachers that had set up shop here.

Finding them was important for multiple reasons. Conservation of wild life, and to collect a debt owed to him. They had eluded him for a few weeks. Though that was about to come to an end. As would they. for they did not hunt for food, for skins to keep their families warm, these men only hunt for the thrill of watching something die.

To him that was unacceptable, and in moments like this, the true monster was man, and it was his duty to put them down. But before he could do that, he needed to get something out of her. Hopefully she would understand where he was coming from at the end of the day.

"So what do you say red, shall we get going. You look like you haven't had a proper meal in quite some time."

#9Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:51 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Concord's mouth watered at the mention of a proper meal. Raquin was too proud to admit she was hungry. Without a word she walked past Manzo without a word. She was one of the only ones who actively did her job non-stop without a break. "Stay with Nessie until I return, Ludwig" she called out to Ludwig in her native tongue. He spoke of silence and watched the three to them walk away.

Raquin was too pissed off and distrustful of him to say anything. Concord on the other hand was hungry. Usually, they only ate grubs or berries. Of course, she would eat very little and give Concord most of the found she found. It was clear that she loved creatures over animals. She was a few paces ahead of them two. Concord grumbled.

"So, what are you going to do? Throw me in jail for sleeping under the tree? she taunted. Her orange raptor eyes shifted with glowing light. Her blood was tainted of that of a raptor of some sort. Manzo could probably tell some of the raptor features her blood contained. Quietly, she walked and looked at her notes as she scribbled down her thoughts and observations.


Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:17 pm


"Not quite, today we hunt the silver hand. A group of warewolf hunters, they've long needed to be put down." He said as he caught up with her pace without any real effort. He walked silently through the woods, no creature or man alike could spy him. Which was good for what they were about to do. The element of surprise was certainly on his side.

"Nothing disgusts me more than killing for sport, especially on a species as few in numbers as the lycans." He said as he ashed his cigar once more before flicking it into a pile of rocks. Much safer than into the tall grass. That being said what he was about to do would certainly be frowned upon if any light guilds were to find out.

But of course he wouldn't leave any witnesses behind, that was not his way either. Hopefully they would come upon the Lycan's camp soon, there he would speak with their leader in order to receive the location from their scouts.

"Where we are headed, they do not trust outsiders there. I have gained their trust, so follow my lead. You do that and everything should be just fine."

#11Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:25 pm

Raquin Storvarg
What Manzo had to say perked her ears up much more. This was a whole different level. She closed her book and placed it back into her pack. She stopped dead in her tracks. The orange eyes stared out on the road in front of her, processing what her unwanted companion was saying. "Lycans are being hunted in this area. That makes more sense in why you need my help. Lead the way" she replied. The redhead grew much more respect for the witcher with knowing where he stood with conservation and protecting species. The Storvarg Family held most of the information about Lycans and many other diverse species from generations of interactions and collected information.

"All Lycans can be like that. Luckily, I may know a few who might already be there or know of some of their Kin that I watch over" she spoke. Concord sprinted much more ahead of them. It was nightfall as it was perfect for Concord to hide. The creature blended in with the surroundings around him. Upon reaching the camp, she let Manzo do his thing to let them in or something like that. Carefully, she steered clear of any issues, which was on thing she was good at.


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As they approached the gates of the encampment he whistled to the gate guard. A large man in animal skins came into site. He looked down upon the white wolf and his companion. "Greetings Wolf, I am glad to see you made it without any difficulties. I wish I could say all is well here. There is something you must see." Not long after that exchange he opened the gates to the village.

The sight before him was something that would make his stomach turn and blood boil. A pile of dead body, skinned of their fur and left to rot. "How long have they been like this." He called out to the gate guard. The guard would then jump down from the walls and come to greet them face to face.

"They had gone to scavenge for the village, but they never returned. We found them like this a few miles from the river bank." He said with a solemn look on his face. Manzo would turn to him and place his hand on his shoulder.

"Was your mate among them brother?" A single tear would stream down the cheek of the Lycan as he lowered his head. This was what he feared would happen in all of this senseless bloodshed.

"Where are the whelps, I need to get some information from them, if any survived."
The guard pointed out a young pup, seated by a small fire. He would walk over to him, and sit beside him for a moment. They would embrace for a moment as well as speak of the horrors of what had happened.

Manzo arose from his seat by the fire and make his way back over to Quin. "Well I know where they are, and we will leave at first light. Use the mist coming off the lake as our cover."

#13Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:54 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Raquin stayed away to show she meant no harm. Concord showed himself beside his companion. All of this was too familar for her. The dead, contorted bodies or what was left made her whince a little, but she shook it off. Death was nothing new to her, but it was happened to her village. She still couldn't explain how she, Concord, and her grandfather were the only survivors in the whole town.

Concord sniffed to get a scent. The smell of death made him cough as he hobbled back over to Raquin. She felt terrible for these people as she was a victim of this sort of crime previously. Her orange eyes looked back at the water. It was calm against the moonlight. Manzo came over to tell them the news. "Got it. I am going ot sleep underwater for a few hours til light. Concord...do whatever it is you do" she spoke. With a flick of her wrist, she developed gills along the sides of her neck and plunged into the cold waters. She sunk to the bottom in place where she could be seen under the water's surface. Slowly, her eyes closed and dreamt about home.


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As the moon rose over the horizon, the white wolf found himself underneath a tree. Clearing his thoughts as well as his soul. What he had experienced weighed heavy on his heart. He could not perform his task properly like this. Now was the time to meditate. He pulled out a wolf medallion that he would usually wear proudly around his neck. He placed it on the ground, and taking a knife from his knapsack, drawing a pentagram around it. He snapped his fingers and each point of the star was set a blaze.

"Wolves asleep amidst the trees. Bats all are swaying in the breeze. But one soul lies anxious wide awake." He began to sing aloud, for the encampment as well as anyone with decent hearing.

"For your dolly Polly sleep has flown. Don't dare let her tremble alone. For the witcher, heartless, cold. Paid in coin of gold." He sang as he walked from under the tree to the encampment where the Lycans gathered around the fire. Burning their dead.

"Cows turned in as daylight dies. But one soul lies anxious wide awake. Fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths." The Lycans began to howl as his singing grew louder and more confident with every verse he uttered.

"For the witcher, brave and bold.
Paid in coin of gold. He'll chop and slice you. Cut and dice you. Eat you up whole. Eat you whole."
He ended his song, his cat like eyes scanning the trees for activity. He knew that singing the lullaby would garner the attention of all manner of creature. Good, bad or indifferent.

#15Raquin Storvarg 

Heathens [Manzo] Empty Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:22 pm

Raquin Storvarg
The underwater world was much different than most would think. Sounds were amplified and gravity play by another set of rules. She loved it. She lived for it. It was the only consistent thing in her life. It was the only play no one else could reach her. Her mind was full of deadly thoughts and venomous emotions. Toxic to her work and well-being.

Gently, the water morphed Manzo's voice to a watered tone, but the words were clear. The melody could be heard with sound carrying the precious notes to her ears. Slowly, she leaned back on the lakebed and sighed in the form of bubbles. After the melody, she swam up and silently, watched. "Sometimes an old melody can speak great messages" she spoke to him. She rose from the water with drenched clothes and hair. She really didn't care personally as it was only for a little bit. "You miss home? Where ever home maybe. she asked. Her scarlet hair dripped with lake water. Twisting her locks she squeezed out as much water as she could. Nessie was the only form of home she ever wanted until meeting Ludwig, but it wasn't time for that.

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