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The Difference of Tales and Fables [CONQUEST; MASAMI]

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The Difference of Tales and Fables [CONQUEST; MASAMI] Empty Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:27 am

Disregarding the furniture, Masami rested on the floor by the evening, wearing loose Joyan clothes and a bottle that seemed to be a bottle of sake, except it's filled with lemon-apple water instead. He drank these in o-chako cups (which are meant for sake) along with the Inn's staffs, listening to their stories. Ever since he came to Myras, he had been staying in the Goat's Beard Inn, assuming that he won't stay in the city for long, anyway. He kept quiet most of the time, but then they started telling stories of a certain mountain witch, forcing Masami to react. "Hah?" he turned to raise a brow, then drank from the cup before he'd speak again. "How are you so sure, that a witch surely rules it?" Masami reacted quite negatively on this, considering that previously in Marigold City, townsmen spoke quite ill about the guild regards the existence of a lich... which, was proven correct a few days after.

Avvar Mountains, Myras City's great peaks, is known to many. Even solely looking at the pictures itself, you can already see how powerful it appeared, almost as if stepping on the moon due to its' cool colors and appearance. Unlike Marigold city, the greenish atmosphere here in Myras is deserted to the point of ice and cold. The mountains must be the reason of Myras' cool temperature; travelers or mere daredevils would take such chance to visit this mountain. Nevertheless, one of the staffs replied: "It's just a fable, child. In all honesty, bandits generally fill the place with all their schemes. Surely, bandits took the mountain peak over, instead of a witch."

Masami nodded over the statement and filled his cup with more lemon-apple water... he was a minor, who swore to never get drunk – at the same time, lemon-apple water is good for the skin. "Ah." Masami forced a smile, slightly embarrassed, "Tell me more, then." they were interesting stories, after all. It reminded him of the theater, with all these odd stories adapted into a play's tale. Masami didn't hesitate to communicate with the inn's staff in the first place, assuming that he'd get his way by acting all polite and entertaining. Of course, not to mention Masami's nature of following the unknown, he got interested in visiting the mountains, almost completely disregarding the fact that thieves, bandits, smugglers, or whatever you call such similar nature, were recalled to be circulating around the mountains. Guess Joya isn't the only place with shinobi.

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This performer doesn't consider himself a common folk. Of course, even if he was known in his hometown in Joya very well, it doesn't mean he'll have the same reputation outside of it, as well. The inn's staff would convince Masami to reconsider such choice, and he wouldn't, even if he appeared to be backing out any moment now. These folks don't seem to support Masami's idea in traveling upon the mountains, especially now that they've learned how delicate of a foreigner this boy is. "Such a safe mountain it seems, how come travelers come by less?" Masami didn't mean 'safe' and intentionally mentioned this to force the folks to prove him wrong. That sort of tactic gives Masami more information than needed; for an odd reason, humans reveal more when they are trying to prove others wrong.

Just as expected, one of the staffs lightly slammed a palm upon the table. "Of course," they mentioned with sarcasm, his brows furrowed into an angry expression, "shady merchants and smugglers... definitely a safe place!" Oh, how delirious. Masami took a sip, letting them speak. Surprisingly, each one of them delivered a similar topic to discuss from that one complaint. Surely, Masami's drive for wandering the mountains would not halt. By the morning, he'd be preparing for the travel.

As a fire-based mage, he didn't need to pack much. Masami already wore warm clothing in general, the traditional Joyan fabric used for the garments are supposed to keep the user warm while repelling massive heat. Avvar Mountains appeared to be cool and chilly, even from afar. The mists surrounded not just the mountain, but the border between the city and the mountains themselves. "In the northeast, there should've been a spider that webs current-repelling mesh." Masami discussed to himself out loudly, flipping through the pages of the handbook the inn had that he borrowed before he left. 'Not that such cowards would use this, anyway.' The bandits were more of trouble, but for the guild, Masami is determined to conquer the mountains. He'd come back to the guild with many stories, soon enough.

How brave, Masami. He continued to venture by the northeast, where the spider's cave was supposed to be in. Considering the amount of tales made up around the city, Masami honestly didn't know which to trust, and this whole concept of the strong current-repelling spider web must be a fable, as well. However, it might be true, Masami doesn't know – he still headed for the search while maintaining awareness upon his surroundings. 'Should've went with Tomoe...' strangely dependent on his guild master, Masami believed that he should learn to strengthen on his own. Not everywhere he'd be with his (guild) Master Tomoe, considering how the senior had more job than Masami, after all.

The farther he goes, the colder the mountain feels – the winds are getting stronger, too, and it was harder for Masami to walk. 'It should be nearby.' he referred to the spider's cave, but saw a bunch of people wearing black coats from afar, instead. Of course! Marauders, those witches have already claimed the land. Mere convincing won't get to them, if Masami were to be logical. He'd be in need of a plan, the spider cave was nearby them, as well. If the spider was a mere tale, after all, then Masami would give it all up and call it a day instead. That said, he lightly struggled to keep himself hidden and hike over the other side while approaching the said cave.

The Difference of Tales and Fables [CONQUEST; MASAMI] Untitl19
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Masami found himself struggling more to keep a hold of his over coat more and more until he ended up completely covering himself with it. 'I might die of exposure.' he could see his own breath immediately drifting away from him because of the current. The cave would be the wall that divides Masami from the group of tough-looking marauders in the other side. Once he'd finally gotten a touch of the back of the cave, Masami would push his back against it and slowly walk sideways, until he would reach the entrance of it.

The blond believed that the group of people took the spot nearby this cave due to the fact that the spider's web would be of use to this. Considering the cold weather, the spider inside must be hibernating, and would greatly be angered if awoken by humans. Thus, Masami kept himself quiet and slid himself inside the cave once he had touched a corner of it from the sides. The marauders didn't seem to notice Masami, for now, and continued to make idle chatter. They had a fireplace and tents all over the place, and they weren't too many, as well. Even though Masami had a side bag that contained ropes and all that other useful tools, he found no use of them. After all, he only needed the flag to be placed upon the top, then he'd be the one ruling the mountain.

The cave was dark since the entrance, but had no signs of the spider's web at first. Perhaps they have already farmed these webs for materials, else the marauders and brigands would have no ingredients for current-repelling ingredients. Masami only had to take few meshes then stick them to his overcoat... correct? This time, Masami could hear his own breath. If the spider ever attacks, Masami would have to use magic, and Masami was still not used to the feeling of mana being used up. There doesn't seem to be any tiny spiders crawling around, the great spider must've not have time or effort to reproduce. Masami learned as a child that most spiders consume their partner, maybe that was the case.

Finally, Masami got a foot stuck on the ground, but not so long. He immediately got it out when he strongly pulled his leg off, making that short "snap!" sound upon release. This was it, surely, as no normal web would stick this much. Masami used his bare hands to pull the web, lightly wrapping it around the right hand, little-by-little, then cutting the connection with small fire magic. Sooner or later, footsteps had echoed from the entrance. "Oi, the'ell's up with'a? Big ol' spider'ight 'wake, brother!"

The Difference of Tales and Fables [CONQUEST; MASAMI] Untitl19
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Masami easily created himself a coat of spider web, around a meter of it. 'I swear... if all of this is actually just a tale.' Masami sighed to himself upon hearing the man's voice from the entrance, one which had an accent different from those in Marigold and quite similar from the workers in Goat's Beard Inn. The boy was aware of the trouble visiting him, as well as his distance between himself and the spider. 'I—'

The blond had stopped walking to stare at the great spider... he was correct! The spider, at this season, is hibernating! Sooner or later, he'd be awoken by the man's voice from all that shouting – Masami continued to stay silent, however. "Or'ya, c'mon now, or we'n't be'ble to earn—" the person's voice continue to amplify, until Masami and him was looking at each other, face-to-face. It was an adult man... obviously a marauder, judging from his cover. The spider behind them seemed to grumble, causing a slight shaking of grounds along with it. For a tease, the performer winked upon his exposure, then ran away as he held unto the coat that stuck upon his shoulder. It shouldn't mean to do much, but it should be fine.

The man continued to shout, making attempts to warn the others, but the spider had awoken. It got up on its' numerous legs and ran out with great speed, seemingly angry for having humans cut his slumber. Masami finally exposed himself to everyone after exiting the cave, causing all those witnesses pull their weapons from the sides and continue to chase Masami, but found themselves being chased by the spider instead. 'Ack, I'm sorry, Tomoe!' Masami would internally apologize, visualizing himself being forced to kneel upon beans while balancing books on both hands by his guild master for wreaking havoc in Myras. The guild would definitely not like this, especially now that Masami only had one thing left to do afterwards: plant the flag at the peak! It shouldn't be so hard!

Masami continued to run, being chased in a single direction by marauders... and the spider chasing them. It was hard for him to continue running, losing breath in the cold... but the web he was holding unto seemed to take effect. His distance between the people chasing him wasn't so good, and he'd be caught in a few seconds. With force, Masami raised his left pink and blew through it after making a one-eighty degree turn, releasing a burst of flames after a summoning of a magic seal. 'I'm going to get so much in trouble!' the flames brushed them off, and Masami continued to run. The terrain was quite flat enough, and would need greater distances for him to completely lose all those who chased him. However, when he turned back, all their focus seemed to be afflicted towards the spider, so Masami continued to climb.

Finally, Masami pulled the flag strapped from his back and pierced the sharp end through the ground. It was a white flag with a black Joyan calligraphy, which meant "overcome" and it meant literally what it is. Masami pushed the wooden pole down, it honestly wasn't hard to take a wooden pole and sharpen the end, Masami made the flag quite easily, too. "This should do it." Masami felt relieved, still holding unto the web. "Well, this should be an apology gift." he strayed to the opposite direction, avoiding the marauders, with the intention of leaving Myras after this. He won't be considered evil if he fought evil themselves, would he? Consider this a job well done.


The Difference of Tales and Fables [CONQUEST; MASAMI] Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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