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History [Judina]

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Kurisa gazed at the mirror to see all her selves as they stood by each other. Ana, Arisa and Kuri as they wondered if they should even do this. It was time for a place, a lovely play that was going to be very long. Rather or not people will love it was questionable because it will be so long it'll have some breaks, free drinks/food as well as other things. She did her hair in the dressing room as she let the actors and actresses read the script. It was going to be well-read as it better be. After all... this story was made by theirs truly.

"H-hai, I have read most of it and wondered which part was mine." A girl spoke. Kuri cornered her eyes towards the girls. "Oh dear girl, you'll play the hermit of course.". She left a smile as she turned and ran off to get her outfit ready. It went on like this all day since the story was so long-lasting. She knew though that Hinoki was the best place to do it. Slowly, she brushed her hair that was dyed blonde with placements of red eyes. She had to start from the beginning right? Wait, but that wasn't right though as she then used some of her magic to make her hair white. "There we go...". While this was happening, people with fliers and business people were up at the front showing people to their seat... with the 'special' people at the front.

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Judina †
The culture shock of being in this area was something Judina was still getting over, her massive cat companion Alistair however seemed not fazed at all. Maybe it was from how much information the long time cattian had over Judina."You look like you unsure what to think here? Not that you express much to start with."Alistair mentioned, Slowly walking over to one of the many fliers around being handed out Alistair took it and in his cat ways took one and gave it to Judina."Maybe this should the first thing you do, You are here on vacation after all."the cat mentioned.

Taking it and reading it over Judina seemed to in take the information slowly. Figuring that she was trying to get her mind off of the workings of her guild, as well as getting her mind off of Zaggarodh  hunger for at least a moment. It was better then internally hearing Zaggarodh's breathing. as well the vast emptiness of space. Getting her mind off of seeing a planet being eaten for the first time and slowly realizing how powerless she could be if she turned around and choose just to eat earthland as well as being given the task of finding planets for her to eat. It was a wee bit draining and it did make her feel alone after a while.

After all she kept Zaggarodh and her deal with her private, No one really knew what she was doing when she just seemed to disappeared out of no where."You know, that seems like a decent idea."Judina took the piece of paper and ahead to where it would say to go.

while walking there Judina looked at her new companion."I am sure you can not fit in the building, however i am prepared for that."Judina then quietly walked over and patted Alistair then simply said."I will leave you with enough money for you to get some fish from the market here, Give me a few hours to return."Judina might be an emotionless woman upfront but she really cared for others.

After they had made their plans, Judina would find and take her seat, she still felt rather out of place still and seemed to stick out like a sore thumb, alas she would deal with it that feel to enjoy the show for trying to relax for the moment.

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Kurisa let people put on her make up. Mind you, she can perfectly put on her own makeup. Her eyes turned to gaze at the flowers gifted to her by some secret admires. She wasn't sure how people knew she was here doing all this, but some flowers actually made her curious. The Tiger Lily was beautiful on its own. Slowly, her finger reached to touch the soft petal with, and with a flick, she moved her hand back. "Who did you say delivered these?" She wondered towards the makeup artist. She cocked her eyebrow as the woman studied them, "Not sure, Mistress. He wore a hoodie of black and just told the girl to deliver them to you." She spoke with questionable tones.

"I see." She then placed her wandering eyes on the mirror as the makeup was completed. Meanwhile, once Judina got to the entrance with her companion, the girl perked up. "We have a special entrance for you and your companion, Ma'am. This way!" She told her and anyone else with one followed. Once they went through a larger door she showed Judina to the front row with her large cat. "Just make sure you keep an eye on your own." She smiled happily and waved goodbye, but not before speaking again. "Refreshments are on their way. Order what you like. Even fish." She winked to the cat friend. She finally disappeared.

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Judina †
Judina seemed extremely puzzled by this situation, wondering why she had things special way in to go in."Alright I guess I am going in too."Alistair mentioned in delight while Judina continued being puzzled with all of things, She just arrived here a few days a go, what was with the more favorable treatment."You should come heremore often if they treat you like this." Alistair also mentioned and Judina would finally speak up and mention."Yes but this situation is strange to start with, I don't know anyone here if I remember correctly."unless Judina was forgetting something over the shock of being treated differently that she expected.

Judina would take time to settle into her seat, It was oddly still different feeling for her. Judina was fine and able to take her seat with out problem. Alistair however seemed unsure if he would block anyone's view while he sat down next to Judina. Unsure how many people would be sitting around her even how long she would be here, Judina took off her dark green coat and her black gloves and got comfortable. Now she was just in her black sleeveless corset like piece and her collar which for now had no marks of and was just plain blank piece of metal.

Slowly while everyone else settled in, Judina was quietly waiting to see what would come, Reaching over and pet Alistair. Judina surely a unintentionally emotionless but caring and still cared for her new companion much like she did other. Judina wanted to just keep to herself and quiet for now, Alistair got comfortable sitting down and enjoying Judina's petting, seemed like Alistair did understand why Judina was a bit of brick and was good to him nonetheless, They were an interesting pair.

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"She's here."


They weren't sure, but if felt like someone she knew. They weren't sure which was them, but they were there. Perhaps she will figure it out herself as she will go about her way. Kurisa popped her lips after putting on the last of her lipstick.


Smack as it hits the wall and falls on the ground. Slowly, she itched her neck as she stood up suddenly. It shocked the girls as they wondered if she was angry or something. She kept a calm face as she spoke in her smooth breathy, Italian voice. "Let the show begin then." Slowly, she smiled as it crept on her beautiful face. The lights turned off as it then slowly lit the mood of only shining light on the stage. Her red scarlet lips shined like a cleaned apple. Her heart was like an apple within afterwards, bruised. Will she be able to tell the story truthfully? Of course, she can as she felt like no one will believe her anyway. No one believes in the stories people tell anyways even if the truth was in their face. Stupid people were everywhere and people who are so willing to betray you were within those stupid people.

Let's go.

Lights tuned to a red as a background of a kingdom within the deserts rose up. The moon in the background lit it up as it too was red..

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Judina †
At least for now, Judina was fine with the curious wonder of what would be exactly being going on. Alistair being the easily happy cattian he was just kind of settled in as he already was trying and trying not to ruin anything's view of the show. The mood was slowly building which was the interesting part."What do you hope it is about?"Alistair whispered trying not to break the setting.

So far Judina had not said a thing in return. After all she was always more of a wait and see kind of woman for these situations. Judina would simply smile about it slightly reach over and pat Alistair on the head."We can wait, sometimes a show is best experienced with out knowing what to expect."Judina also just was covering the face she just barely read over the flyer and just went here blindly, Judina would not mention but not hide  she her flaws.

Alistair enjoyed Judina's affection much like any other lazy cat, slow was nice, Alistair was also was not super worried about anything else. She as far as she knew was still having an oddly reasonable break from work, not a worry on her mind yet, No worries about the planet eater yet, Nothing having to with her guild.

When it went from black to red, Judina just let her eyes be fixed on the stage. Nothing else really seemed important anyway, they where here for a show after all. So far the background did not seem to make much sense to her personally, But there was always much more to the story. The stage had started it seemed and now a tale was about to start, Judina and Alistair were oddly and internally delighted to learn what was to come with the odd setting.

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The area was silent as a little girl with white hair appears. She is in a princess outfit of white as she stands beside her father, who is the king. The play shows how much her and her father were loved and respected. She helped the poor and attended the other needy. Her father of course helped his daughter. It was her, her father and sometimes her best friend from the Country next door. As she grew older, she became more beautiful and rare as her white hair was like snow and her eyes were bloody rubies. The father introduces her to a man that came from a different Kingdom. It turned out her best friend, but he was introduced as her Fiance. The princess didn't like the looks of this at all.

She ignored him every chance she got as she wanted to help the people. He decided to help her with taking care of the people. Slowly, she became attached as she became attached to his web. He started to show that he cared about the people in this country, not just her beauty. A few months went by when she decided to give him a chance. Their romance boomed the whole Country as it made it strong. He was not only for the people but also known as a warrior. Not all were roses as the day of their wedding her father died in his sleep.

The only one she had was her new lover who then turned around after taking the thrown to womanize. The people were no longer important as he ignored them and her. Within a couple years she became pregnant. He showed less care for her and distanced himself. He had dancers for himself and later she found out they were more than that. She caught him getting heated with them as they shared riches of alcohol.

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Judina †
The opening act was oddly interesting, A tale that seemed to start in almost that seemed interesting. Internally Judina wondered if this a fictional tale of starting of a kingdom's rise and fall? a play recalling tales of how the world can be good to on another while being greedy at the same time, How people only view what their wishes are important while other may have to suffer for them? Then again this tale was starting, there was much to learn.

Judina so far at least the story seemingly nice. So far watching a person grow from a tiny small woman, to a young and beautiful woman, Judina could not help but wonder how many ladies had gone through such growth, then realizing awkwardly, She has as well, even if she was not a dress and make up kind of lady, Even if her mother wanted her to be.

Judina so far with the opening was hooked in already forcing marriage was never something that Judina never liked the sound of either, the Princess' unhappiness was one Judina was internally empathizing. As he helped Judina could wonder if the store was still going to remain positive like it currently was.

When the man who she had married started to womanize Judina let out a disappointing sigh, Was the life of the rich and high class all about arrogance or indulging in sin? it seemed that people often get carried away in that desire they don't remember to hold on to the things they had. Judina was hoping this would backfire on him...but that was her mind being internally spiteful. Maybe Judina was getting worried away with the story now and did not realize how badly she was being hooked in, did she get this problem from her mother? Or was something else at play?

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Her eyes gazed at the man she thought loved her and vice versa. His body was grazing against another as he paid no mind to who was there. Maybe he thought it was another woman or perhaps a manservant? Her eyes watered as she yelled at him, hurt. He just looked at her with a blank stare. There was no soul within his eyes it seemed. She felt confused and hurt. He summoned the guards and sent her off to the underground prisons that were known to be close to the underworld.

She ended up in a cell with torn clothes and alone in the darkness. She was good to people, she helped those in need and was loyal to all those that she had any relations with. Why was this happening to her? Did she deserve to be thrown? Her heart was broken and her faith was turning into despair. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months as she survived down in the dephs. Her mind slowly became empty till she heard a voice of a dark toned woman.

"Come to me, my daughter.". The princess was confused at who was talking till she saw a tall woman in drapes standing on the other side. She had a hoodie on and offered a hand. "Come to me and you shall find a reason to live. We shall give those who have wronged you, punishment." The woman spoke again.

"Who are yo-"

"I am one some call Velka." A smile that a mother should have towards their daughter appeared on her lips. Slowly, Ana gripped her hand as she then vanished within the darkness with the woman.

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Judina †
She was not a super picky about how stories were made and told. But part of her seeing some one being sent away only seemed to internally anger Judina, Keeping in mind Judina knew this was a play and a story. She sometimes just gauged and hated what she knew was unfair treatment. Unjust treatment from another's greed or desires. Seemingly horrible actions, this was what Judina fought against in life it was what she felt her duty was when she was a rune knight, As a member of her guilds now, The reason why she served who she did now. To do good for everyone.

Since it was a play Judina would remain in her seat, Starting to wonder what would be next in this situation. The time she was left alone was coming far greater then anyone should be alone, seeing a figure slowly turn emotionless so to say, Judina wondered if this play was trying to speak to her? She knew this was not the case.

A dark tone woman, Some one knew came in. Interesting, Who was she? better yet. What would this woman want too? What an interesting moment to ponder. It seemed like it could be so many things. Eventually the reason was vengeance was the reason as well as a reason to live. Something easy to give too, give me to emotion of some one wronged. This tale was building up into something more. She left with this new figure in the story.

What would Velka do or how would she lead this sad emotionless woman? Was it a path to do better or worse things? It was a wonderful things to ponder, Even if Judina herself did not understand the connections of what was being built up too yet, For all of this story was interesting and could still be just fiction.

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As fast as the curtains closed, it was as fast as they re-opened with a new set. The Velka and herself stood in front of the door where once she lived, her bedroom. The balcony was four stories high as she walked towards the door with her hand. She saw him, the man she once loved, and her best friend that was once loyal. She saw his feet hanging from the bed and alone he was she opened it slowly to confront him. As she did she saw blood soaking the sheets as the body was dead. She did not do it so who did? Her head turned to see a woman of dark skin as her eyes were brown and beautiful black-brown hair.

"I see you are back." The woman spoke as she licked the knife clean. "We use to be friends once, but we stopped hanging out after your father thought I was too poor to be around you." Her eyes squinted towards the blood-covered dagger and stood up. Her head turned to look at the white-haired princess and made a small smile. "Good to see you nonetheless. Her eyes turned to see a shadow, but nothing was there so she looked back at the princess. "I gotta go.~" She spoke while running passed her to leap off the building like it was nothing. The man's face was covered, so was it truly him? Slowly, she approached the body to uncover the man's face, but as she was about to people barged into the room.

Threatening with spears they pointed at her, convicting her of murdering him. They too believed that was her so-called 'King'. Slowly, she backed away against the Balcony edge and felt trapped. Her heart raced as she saw no Velka. Her tears fell and all she could think about was how all she wanted... was love. Like the love she gave to the people around her yet... they assumed the worst of her. Her eyes closed with one tear falling and leaned back as she fell off. As she opened her eyes one last time to see the guard's faces she was then devoured by the abyss.

The curtains closed once more as it was giving the audience a short break.

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Judina †
This story was growing wonderfully more in tense, It was somethings that Judina was enjoying, Where these stories she never read from books when she was a little girl? then she realized thinking that, Her mother would never had let her reach such tales as a young one, They were far too mature of an immature mind. Nonetheless murder and blood was an interesting point.

Whom she assumed was Velka had seemingly murdered some one, almost tempted to consider it plain that a evil shadowy woman killed some one, It was almost like Judina had deal with some one like that before, The name was still in her mind and she had not check up on if she was still around or not.

The closing of this acting was something she expected entirely, She was getting blamed for it when she had nothing to do with it, Judina would consider it a mockery of justice, But given the case of what she was it in a third person view, Judina understood how it would worked out. Being taken by the abyss almost like a bit too close to a part of her mind, Space and planets that had no life on it seemed to almost feel like an abyss it's self.

It was break time and Judina got up from her chair."I will get you something to drink, I need to stretch my legs."Judina mentioned as she walked away, Alistair however did not move, Judina would go get something to drink. What that drink was? she had to wonder. A cup of jasmine tea was nice, So far a glass of wine, But nonetheless she would make sure to get it quick to return to her chair, After all there was more likely more to the story and Judina wanted to know it all.

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"So?" Kurisa spoke.

"Soo?" Spoke someone who stood within the shadows.

"Nothing to say so far?" Kurisa questioned.

Slowly, a womanly figure walked out with her dark skin complexion appearing, and her beautiful brown eyes gazing back at what she saw as Ana. "Right, the play. It's interesting so far. A nice touch you put for me in there." the woman spoke darkly and smiled. The curtain stayed closed as the people who were watching were getting drinks, food, and such. Kurisa sat on her chair as she was getting ready for the next play. She made it so no one could really tell it was her who was playing the main characters.

"I think everyone is ready, Mrs." Spoke her attendant who held a clipboard close to her petite body. Her eyes looked at the woman who was speaking to her earlier and then back at Kurisa, bowing her head she left immediately.

The curtains opened to see a man in explorer gear as they went through ancient ruins of what use to be her city when Ana was still existing. He was lanky built; tall and skinny as he had white hair and glasses. He smiled as he had his assistants digging through everything. "Hurry up, I pay you men well." He scolded them and looked at his papers. He made a grin as he heard them not dig anymore. What they found was a crystal valve shaped as a diamond with an open slot at the top. It was closed with a small cork, but that did not interest him. What interested him was the red glow within as it spoke to him.

He took it and traveled back to Fiore.

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Judina †
Judina's break was simple her picking up a cup of tea,some water for Alistair, Some to eat for the both of them and a moment to have some fresh air and stretch her legs and think to herself for a moment. She wanted to think how more and where it would go, but for now the building was just the excitement she wanted from a play and story. It was relaxing to her mind to have a break from large amount of things on her mind. She would take her time to enjoy a bit of fresh air and the outside.

Still realizing she was in fact still not use to this city and place. It was all still to strange and still she felt a bit like an alien still, Alas her mind was distracted and realizing when she would finally go back inside, Making sure to pick up what all she wanted too, For herself and for Alistair. She had a feeling the intermission would over soon and she would have more to watch anyway.

Getting back to her sit Judina placed the few things she got for Alistair down in front of him while he had not gone anywhere he seemed have taken the intermission for a moment to nap, Judina woke him up when she placed food and water before him. The new sitting and stage was starting now, Within the interesting Judina was now more then ready to continue and dive in deep the story was now happening, to slowly see what they where leading into. When it finally returned Judina was interested now into the now new setting, Then Judina realize they where in fact now in fiore, Was this new act of the story becoming something of a local legend? soon she would know.

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Kurisa could see all the reactions, some were more interested than others, but then again this story was for those who enjoyed some history, some real-life tails that she went through. The man dragged her vile to his facility that was rather old. It was a large long building, but only single floored. Once he got in, he went towards a locked door made of thick metal. Opening it, he watched children run around. He felt no attachment to any of them, but some of them - he was all they knew. Each one, an experiment and more were to come.

He expected one more as he walked away from the children's den and into his area. He smiled as he grabbed the vile, watched the pregnant woman lie there as she watched him, and did his procedure. Once he was done, it was time to wait. He had his doubts on this ever even working, but when the time came it happened. A baby girl was born, the mother died, but the baby was healthy. He held her in his arms and walked away, letting the mother's body decay. He named her, bathed her, took care of her like a daughter - unlike the other experiments he actually felt a little love for the child. Was this a success?

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Judina †
Being comfortable Judina had to slowly shift into the next part of the story. It progressed still horribly dark in the manner of what would be happening next. Alistair seemed to not really be paying attention to the story anymore. His snack and water just seemed to make him happier then normal.

Were they introducing another character into the fold? Who was he? why was he in this story? what did this have to do with whom seemed to be the main character of the story, she was gone now and this made her wonder how many connecting pieces where their going to be?

A single man roaming about a building where children where walking around, Was he actually looking after them? or was there more to it that was yet to be revealed? seemed to be the second thought. It was leading into more and more seemingly horrible things.

Judina had to wonder what the entirely of this procedure was trying to accomplish, Did it fail with woman dying an not the child or was the child the entire point?

Surely this was not the case of anything but experiments and that was it. taking a sip of her drink in interest. Where did this first lady fit into this? What else would go on, Surely more and more was happening to to lead to something.

To what, was an interesting thought to have. While Alistair was not really paying attention Judina reaching over and petting him a few times was something he would not, Alistair if anything was just enjoying being a lazy cat.

What would the fate of this child be? would they actually be of anything of love actually happen for her? was she next on his list of subjects for him to run test on? a few ponders.

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The man watched the girl grow, took care of her and watched her befriend the experiments. It was interesting as one was particularly close to her - like siblings. His name was Theodore. They were attached and the scientist didn't like it. He took her away and locked her up in her own room. She had no one but the man on the other side and a room next door was another person. She was not sure who it was. The girl was lost and at first, she cried, but slowly she accepted her fate to her room. She slowly developed feelings of a family towards the mad man.

The longer the time became the future, the more she started to hear it, hear her. A darkened voice developed into a body that ages with her. The girl's new friend's name was Ana with white hair and red eyes. They played together and talked, but Ana slowly started to talk about an escape and how. Within time as Kuri befriended everyone and without the scientist knowing she snuck out, helped everyone escape as the building exploded. Everyone went their own direction as Kuri roamed the forests of Fiore. Her young eyes were introduced to many things, but she saw the light of things. Those who died she felt sorrow for, but also happy as they were somewhere more peaceful. As she grew older into her teens that's when she met her first friend and first love.

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Judina †
Would this story shape into some one slowly learning and shaping themselves into some one free from the confines from a person it does seemed to be going that way. Then again it was Judina more hoping the story was playing into the favor of what she feels the story would go. All these scenes continue to progress that feeling, being locked away in a room, it was something Judina would not do or would allow herself to be stuck in.

But if anything Judina realized this woman was in the starting stages of being groomed and becoming stuck with stock home syndrome. an outside view falling in love with some one who surely is abusing you and controlling every fabric of your life, shaping who you are from a young age. Anyone not realizing that being raised that way might not be sure it was a problem

Whatever would happen to this woman? what was this darken figure shaping into? It was the twist in the situation Judina wanted, They broke free and embraced freedom, blew up what tied them and they where roaming around woods, That seemed oddly homely to Judina. Judina knew the trail of these woods before, She was explored them with her mother one time. Or at least she thought, There were a lot of woods in Fiore.

Judina was admiring how well it was made to look like the woods, Still not realizing where this could lead into, She was still just enjoying the show, drinking what she had and petting Alistair everyone and a while. What was changing in the story now? she was interested still. After all it keep having engaging ups and down so much that it kept Judina's attention and she knew she was hooked into the play even more.

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Kurisa acted as Kuri as Ana acted as Ana. No one realized this of course since those who knew her are dead or hiding. She met the first man she fell for and her first friends. They played in the forest, the water and that's when she slowly started to think about Phantom Lord. She stayed guildless though as she traveled within Fiore to make many friends, but none of these friends compared to her best friend who ended up staying by her side for the rest of her lives. In the play, it showed a hermit woman who enjoyed the nature.

She became friends with her to the point where she followed Kuri everywhere as they were inseparable. They lived in Kuri's house together and as she met others such as Yami, North and a few others she became darker and opening up with her darker side, Ana. Ana started to control her more as they even kidnapped a woman and tortured her. KuriAna swore they ended up killing their 'father' who created them, but she will never know since she realized she too can come back from death. The Hermit turned into her assistant in everything. Within Kuri's story, she kept finding love, but they kept disappearing or worse. The first one ditched her while she told him her feelings, flying in the sky 'meeting'. The second one, he abused her body and made her fall in love with him to end up him breaking her heart as the other one showed no interest at all after she told him.

It was all ending badly and it cracked every sanity she had. She tore people's necks off, devoured their souls at the end of that night as she mentally was done. Someone woke her up though and caressed her loneliness. Omen showed her love, lust, and embraced her. She realized all she needed as those two, but after they made their love and spent time together for years he disappeared. The hermit sadly died before either of them could have kids and that was when it all started with just her...

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Judina †
This story kept digging into so many things Judina could not help wonder if these parts kept being made up. There were too many tragedies and ill negatives with in the main characters life. The Hermit was an interesting character part of Judina wanted to learn if there was anything behind them being a hermit and why she became close and attached to the main character.

To watch a hermit go and follow so many horrible acts had to make Judina wonder what. The Hermit seemed like she was a deadly and effective partner to have, She seemed useful for some many ways, Judina wondered who this character of The Hermit was based off of. It was in mind to see if she remembered who the play was set up by to ask when she found them.

Each part seemed to sink some one more and more into despair, Killing and ridding man out of the need for vengeance, watching your close friends die, being alone after so many years while continuing one. Judina wondered herself if she was truly going down that path? It felt like Judina was letting her mind wonder that way.

The normally expressionless woman seemed to finally have some kind of emotion of depression on her face for a moment. Judina seemed to linger on strong enough that Alistair just nudged her with his nose to break her from that state of mind.

Which it broke Judina back into reality which Judina would quietly reach over and continue petting Alistair watching as the story continued on. Judina wanted to know when this suffering and despair would end for the lady of the story, After all her closest companions were gone and she saw it. Does anything that could come for this lady save her from insanity? was Judina fated to go down this path too? A lot of thoughts lingered in her mind as she was a bit more settled about it.

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The area darkened as it showed a woman resting on her death bed and on the left as soon as the main character died, a baby was born. She grew up to eventually appear to be the main character. Her soul-devouring entity went within the child and took their place, becoming Kuriana once again. She was born again. She did not know this was going to happen personality as time went by she grew up to be just like her past father. First thing she did was bring the Hermit back to life with many tries she wasn't successful. Without love, without friends she died and came back again. So many generations she was alone with no one. Her sanity didn't exist.

After the fifth general, she finally did it, she brought back her friend who was the same age as her, around fifteen. She was able to manipulate her memories into thinking she was someone else that clearly didn't exist. Kuriana gave her a life, a life to restart as her own sanity was gone. Her and the hermit stayed together till she left to do business that ended up her kidnapping a child. A child she knew was important as whispers from her Goddess of Sin. With the baby, she ran away to a different country while leaving the hermit to restart her life.

She called it a gift.

But what did the hermit call it?

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Yes, This cycle was pure suffering and despair. Over and over again this lady returned under so many different ways, Same with the hermit. How many cycles of being reborn did one or two people had to suffer to life a happy life? Judina seemed to wonder what made a person desire to return to life each time? If this was something doing it in reality, little knowing of Judina. She would want to know why herself it seemed only to lead only to more stuffering when they could finally just rest. She was that curious of an idea for if a person was going through this.

The Hermit seemed not to be a slave to the never ending wishes of her friend and not know it. It seemed to bother Judina. After all abusing seemingly morphing a servant just felt so wrong in her eyes, what if The Hermit was of her normal sound mind at least if she had her normal brain and thoughts, Even if of her normal mind willing to do it, What good did making The hermit's mind wiped clean and still doing your bidding, did it not serve the same cause? It made no sense to Judina at all.

It really did baffle her, even when she did kidnap a child and so far going into what this goddess kept saying to do, Then it seemed the twist was The Hermit ran away with the child she took? Why? this made no sense unless The Hermit's alter state made her a completely different person and she was doing what she willed too, It was not a twist Judina expected of a soul altered in the way it was. It oddly delighted Judina The Hermit flee with the small child, A soul was free to it's own will so to say.

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Judina seemed to enjoy it, but Kurisa herself didn't even know she was here. All she could do was notice a few faces and see what their reactions were. Back to the story...

Kuriana took the child to The Country of Sin as she took care of many children, but her heart was not truly in it. She experimented on them, some turned out badly and then there was a little girl. The girl she kidnapped naming, Arisa. Arisa was locked in the basement and once she hit in her lower teens she was knocked out in her last experiment. When she woke up she searched the house - it was empty. She wanted to see if anyone was at the village and come to shock, they were at the Shrine.

Suddenly she was grabbed, eyes covered and hands tied. All she could hear were cries of children. She started to shake and squirm till the eye cover comes slightly off. Her eyes started to water as one by one were tortured and killed. She saw one get their head chopped off with a shovel from the middle section. Another had their tongue cut out and then stabbed. The next had their body covered in oil and burned to death and then the sight was the last one. Her eyes saw the man with a board with two nails poking out. Each one coordinating with each of the eye slots. It was pointed towards her. The man in robes chanted in a language that she did not understand. It wasn't Sin and truthfully, Arisa didn't care since all she wanted to do was get out. The picked her up like a rag doll and put her towards the Shrine. Arisa stood above where blood needed to stream downward and into the swirls that ended into a hole. Did they worship someone? Arisa did not know, but where was her mother? Where was Kuriana? Tears streamed down as Arisa was alone, lost and everything then started to blank out as blood streamed down.

A mysterious voice spoke to the crowd, "What happened to her after the blackout you ask?". A short pause was in session as she then spoke once more, "A new entity with no name entered the girl's soul without her knowledge. A god? A goddess? No one knew, but everyone from that location surely remembered that day as there were only a few survivors left. The entity devoured everyone's soul that threatened the girl, controlled her body to get on a ship, and went to a woman now known as Judith." The dark woman's voice lastly spoke. The last sentence was more ghostly sounding than the rest.

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I would be to come, Would most likely get Judina to question various things which she did not surely know how to adjust to or really think of to start with.

What a grim scene for a child to slowly go through. seeing the situation in her eyes. So many people to go through, She had to sometimes wonder the fate of others. Then again experiments also seemed to be failing. Just how many children had to suffer and die? why did they need too. Judina either forgot or did not realize what the experiments where for, Just pondering what to achieve what was the end goal?

Was this a cult at this point? Why was she left go? Was a child so mentally numb being able to flee from murder and blood, it seemed to be a the ever true thing Judina always kept in mind. The world was a horribly dark place. And she was crying, Judina wanted wanted to be part of the play to pick up and save this child so to say. Judina in thought was not overly interested in being a mother, Unsure how to be one, But she wanted to be a character in the play, Take this small child and most likely kill anyone who tried to stop her.

Then a paused happen. It did not really feel like part of the play either, It felt like it was just to mention and fill in an unknown point, Where they just trying to end the play so soon? It was a question Judina did wonder in reality, But assumed would be covered in the play. So a being so devoted to keeping on small child safe to protect from all harm? Or did that small child serve purpose being fixed to one tiny soul. Even with her mind being stuck to it still as a play, Judina might not be understanding what it was based on, just knew she kind of missed her mother currently.

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The curtains closed, the area lit up as the person who was Kurisa's assistant went out. Her eyes wandered as the people were confused and with a cheerful smile she perked up, "Please come here at the resenated time for the rest of the play if you are still interested. The person who created this play will be here at the end of it to answer any questions. I thank you all for experiencing this True Story." She bowed her head and walked out. The workers escorted everyone out and gave them a free ticket to come back to.

Kurisa's eyes cornered at her assistant. "So? How'd they like it so far?" She wondered. "They were crying." She said sadly. Kurisa felt nothing from it as the sadness and pity she once felt for herself no longer existed. That was not saying that she had no feelings about it, but she felt no point of self-pity when it came to her past. All she could really feel was rage of all the people that harmed her and that felt like using her as a pawn for whatever gain they had. All the people she felt love for, the people she trusted and much more. She disappeared soon after as she had a trip to go to, a prayer to answer as the Lost Children has called for her. Maybe that was her true calling.


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