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Solar Wind (Amen'ra)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Solar Wind (Amen'ra) Empty Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:32 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had only been in Marigold a short while when he heard word that his fellow guildmates had made their way down. He knew it was finally time for the two of them to meet up and discuss a serious matter. it was something he still carried with him to this day. He pulled out a book from his robes that they had gathered long ago. One with the secrets of a unison raid hidden within its pages.

The wind mage sent word to his fellow guildmate to meet him out in the wilds where they would have space to practice. Normally he would just use the training hall but they were a long way from home out here.

The letter simply read,
'Hello, Amen'ra. I'm glad you could make it. Meet me in the fields outside the town. It's time to practice.


The wind mage wandered out of town and into the fields beyond the rolling meadows filled with flowers. The place he found was nearly barren and rocky terrain. The rain struggled to bring life to the land. The trees were far off in the distance, looming against the horizon. He had not seen what Amen'ra was completely capable of, nor did he know much about the man's magic so he was playing it safe. And in no small part due to his own destructive magic.

He stood in the empty field and took in a deep breath. He had never attempted something as intricate as this before, but their elements complimented each other well.

The wind mage set down his gear next to a large rock and slipped off his jacket. He walked around and began rolling large rocks together into a central location. They would need something to practice on once they got the hang of it.

Once there was a bunch in position he dusted off his hands and stretched. Making his way next to the one his gear was by he climbed atop it and sat cross-legged.

With closed eyes, he let his mind drift into a meditative state. The wind gently swirled around him as he searched for its balance and waited for Amen'ra to appear.


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Marigold had turned out to be a great place so far, even if he'd only just arrived. He wasn't prone to disliking many places unless they were just unbearable, but he was very interested in what the town had to offer. As well as the friends he would make in his new guild, since he'd only met three of the members so far... this was so exciting!

For the moment however he needed to focus, easy for the intelligent man whom received a letter from his guild master and close friend Kazimir. The two of them had borrowed a book from Merlin's keep that would aid them in achieving the perfect unison raid with their two impressive magics. Amen'ra the the fire of passion, and Kazimir the winds of change; they were as compatible as any duo could be.

So now with his body covered by hardly anything given the nice weather, Amen'ra was shirtless with his well defined muscles on display for all to see. His lower half in light blue jeans with yellow sneakers on his feet; a yellow ponytail holder to move his hair from his vision. Amen'ra's neck was gripped lightly by a black choker and his black nails ran through the side of his hair. Pushing a few stray strands behind his ear.

The walk to their meeting point was lovely, and the point of interest was even better despite being barren of most forms of nature. It was mostly rock, a smart idea considering the heat they'd be giving off... didn't want to start any wild fires.

Silently the approached the clearing, hazel eyes catching sight of his companion who was rest on a throne of stone. Wind swirling gently around him as he meditated and Amen'ra smirked before lifting his hand in front of himself and snapping loud enough to cause the sound to resound throughout the area. A bit of solar magic to create a loud spark similar to a tiny flash bang grenade.

"Well you're a sight for sore eyes, Kazimir. It's been a long time buddy... or should I call you Master Kaz now?" Amen'ra joked with a smirk on his features, waiting for the king of raging winds to say something in greeting.

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
A bright flash lit up his shut eyelids and a bang echoed over the barren land. Kaz opened his eyes slowly and with a few blinks, wary of the light. Once the flash had passed he saw the Familiar stride and bravado of the mage that ruled the sun.

He chuckled at Amen'ra's quip and hopped down from the stone. "A flashy entrance as always," he smirked and approached the man for a handshake. "It's good to see you too." He then shook his head with a dismissive wave, "Kaz is fine. Please. The title is nothing more than a formality." He had taken the title of guild master but saw it more as an administrative role than anything else.

Amen'ra was just as carefree as the time they first met. A breath of fresh air given the serious nature of most other people in these trying times. "I was excited to hear you decided to join the guild. Sorry, I wasn't there to welcome you in person," He said and then turned to tidy up his area and slide the book out of his jacket. The tome was heavy and bound with steel rings. The cover was filled with engravings of various magical practices and elements.

"And I figured what better way to welcome you properly into the guild. Was with this," he continued as he flipped the book open to the page on the unison raid. The account they had received long ago from the sly Merlin. Inside the pages, it told about the combination fo two mages infusing their magic together for an even deadly technique. The details were vague and only hinted at the bonds of trust. But it did have a small section on each element. Secrets that were once kept only for the mage in the tower they helped. Finally, the book held a passage about wind and fire, merging together and gave a small account of how the elements interact with one another.

"So, shall we give it a try," Kazimir asked and stepped to the side of the book so Amenra could have full access. The wind mage nodded his head towards the large pile of boulders, "I figured we could start there, for safety. Don't want the land to get scorched."

"The book talks a bit about it, but maybe we could try creating something small and slowly merge the elements. Like wind fanning the flames?"


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Kaz's eyes opened slowly, a smirk on his features and a handshake available for his dear friend. "And you as well!" He'd respond, clasping his hands to the mans firmly before nodded with a smirk. His features clearly in jest at the situation and title. "Now, now, no need to be humble Master Kaz." His playful nature shining through as now he'd likely use the title as a sort of inside joke, though he was indeed proud of his friend for what he'd accomplished.

Amen'ra would dismiss Kazimir not being there to welcome him with a small wave before looking to the tome the two of them had taken from Merlin. An intense look of focus while the pages were flipped and opened to the page of the unison raid, of fire and wind, a living act of entropy and destruction.

"We certainly shall!"

Stretching his hands over his head, fingers interlocked to show off his flexible frame, the tribal tattoo of the sun on his back stretching with him. the bold black outline and small tribal triangles on each side of the sun were vibrant on his bronze skin. Nodding to Kazimir he would aim his hands forward and show he was ready. "Sounds like a plan to me."

Amen'ra responded before his magic would begin pumping, a golden and red glyph forming before his hands and creating what appeared to be a flaming dome of light that engulfed the pile of rocks. Ready for Kazimir to add his magics into the mix and bolster the small fire, no bigger than one found at a campsite.

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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz smiled as his old friend greeted him. He shook his head at Amen'ra's playfulness and rubbed the back of his neck with a slight twinge of embarrassment at the title. "guess I'm not escaping this one," he joked back. He was grateful for Amen'ra's support in joining with him and it was reflected in his welcoming gaze.

The small wave put the wind mage more at ease knowing it wasn't a big deal. Typical of the carefree solar mage to feel that way and it was a relaxing presence.

He stood to the side as Amen focused on the pages. His hands were on his hips, waiting for his reply. He responded with a nod at the man's endless enthusiasm. "Alright then."

The wind mage made note of the markings that flashed in the open while the solar mage stretched. A sun outlined in triangles. A marking of the man's magical affinity?

A flaming dome covered an entire rock pile. "Here we go," Kaz said as he examined the intensity of the flame. Something tame at first but burning brightly.

He held his own hand forward. A white magic circle appeared at the base of the fire dome and wind began to kick up. Soon the wind and fire melded together and the flames flickered higher into an uncontrolled rage. The column of fire burst out sending wind and fire raining over the area.

Kaz held his arm over his face to cover it from the embers and wind. The first time had fallen short. As was the subsequent attempts to tackle it from varying degrees. Winds from the bottom and the top. Ones that swirled and ones that surged. All trying to meld seamlessly with many variants on pillars of fire. All ending in explosions or disaster. The ground and the rocks were scorched and blown about.

"Harder than I thought. But we're gonna get this."

A few hours passed under the sun when their frustrating and focuses training was interrupted. An unkempt soldier rushed down the path.

"Hey...Hey!" The man panted and slumped over within earshot of the two.

"There is a problem near the town. I was sent to ask you for help. Please. It's gonna destroy the watch post"


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Time seemed to be breezing by for the sun mage, despite the explosive results of the two men trying to work their magics in tandem. The first time they'd collided spells it sent raining balls of fire around them, and after that there were explosions and other dramatic effects. Panting and sweating, his skin glistening from the heat of their onslaught and the sun beaming down; he wouldn't stop until they couldn't go any further.

"We're so close I can feel it!"

He'd responded as they'd continued on, working for hours to no avail save for a bit of a closer result. Still not what either had in mind and their drive was only interrupted by a man in tattered condition running to meet them. Amen'ra brow quirked before he was walking over to the mans side, kneeling down to check and see if he was alright.

"Well Kaz, looks like we got work to do." Amen'ra spoke, eyes moving to the wind mage before nodding in a much more serious tone than his usual manner. Something was targeting the watch post and two mages of their caliber would be more than enough to handle it, but they needed to move fast. So without hesitance, Amen'ra was running in the direction of the watch post. Master Kaz in tow alongside side him.

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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Solar Wind (Amen'ra) Empty Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:38 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"We'll get it," he responded to the vigor of his comrade. The fire in Amen'ra was just as intense as the magic that he wielded and neither of them would yield before they performed the attack they intended.

The wounded man arrived and spill the information about the attack. Amen'ra was to his side in an instant to check the man's wounds. The solar mage stood up and proclaimed his position. Kaz nodded back, "Duty calls,", and rushed alongside his friend. He glanced back at the destruction they had left behind from the attack. If only they had perfected it, what powerful magic they could conjure against the enemies of mankind.  

It was not long before the two wove through the outer rim of the city and toward the watch post. In the distance, the eight-story high tower was burning. Smoke plummed over the top of its watchful presence. A group of knights were flung into the air and landing with clanging armor against the hard ground. Groans of pain the only words they spoke now.

A lumbering green beast half the size of the tower launched another clawed hand into the walls of the watch post. Brick and mortar fell to the ground as easily as the knights had. The creature had spikes lining its back and its arms were wings able to carry it aloft. A knight dashed out to face the wyvern. The winged beast snapped down and swallowed the man whole between its grinding teeth. Small craters surrounded the creature's feet where it hand landed from the skies above. Blood trickled out from beneath its feet. A knights arm twitched from under the clawed foot.

The quick shadow of knights flickered by the windows in the leaning watch post. Pieces of the top floors broke a part and rolled off the side like large boulders in a landslide.

"Amen'ra, you ready,"
Kaz replied, with his fists clenched and wind swirling around him. It cut the blades of grass at his feet and with a press of his heel, he shot out toward the monster. A tornado funnel erupted from his hands. The wyvern glared back and flung its winged arm to block the blow. The creature skidded on the ground only a few inches and flung its wing back open that now brandished cuts and bruises from the attack. Kaz dashed upward to give Amen'ra an opening.

His accent was met with a wild smack from the winged arm of the beast. Kaz blocked but the blow sent him careening further upwards than he intended.

Together the team fought against the mighty beast and unified their magic in a tempest of fire. The brute fell to its knees and they had performed their first Unison. With that done. The two guildmates turned their attention to home.

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