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The Reaper [Caius]

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#1Venus Rosé 

The Reaper [Caius] Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:51 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The smoke twisted in its artistic way, forming curls in the gloom, illuminated only by the age-speckled bar lights. Along the wall was every hue of amber liquid in their inverted bottles; every vice that her inner self ordered her to avoid. But, here she was, seated at the bar cross-legged as she raised a finger to call the bartender who was busy scrubbing the glass of the chiller cabinet. ”A glass of brandy,” spoke the female and the bartender man would simply nod, a professional smile that he’d probably been wearing all night.

”Coming right up.”

Venus had dressed up well tonight, like she always did: an outfit appropriate for drinking at the bar. She’d noticed how people hardly recognized her during these hours, despite the reputation that she had amassed for herself which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, she liked it – it was the only time she felt free without concealing her identity whenever she was in public, so she found no trouble dressing something flashy for tonight, thinking that she would enjoy herself aside from the vital task that was assigned to her.

The Siren wasn’t at the bar just to drink, as much as she would’ve preferred: she was here for an assassination of a man who was responsible of dealing illegal items of all sorts, even narcotics. An image of her target was given to her before her mission began and according to the information from her client, the man was supposed to be at the shadiest bar in town at this hour which was no other than this building, but there was yet to be any signs of the man.

Was she played?

The glass of brandy she ordered was set in front of her. Venus eyed the amber liquid and the golden glow of the glass-like cubes. Bored out of her wits, she poked them with her perfectly manicured red nails to hear them jingle in the pre-dawn silence. She watched, entranced, as they bounce back up, remaining mostly submerged like mini icebergs.

Surely, there was something much more interesting to do than this.

Wrapping her long fingers around the glass, she felt her heat leach into the drink. A content sigh escaped her plump lips – the elixir of her life. She raised the glass to sip, feeling the keen burn on her tongue and throat before lowering it to the table, letting it fall heavily but not so much it split. Her eyes wandered the place that was flooded by hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them in rivalry with the music that dominated the atmosphere.

A familiar face caught her eye in a short distance – no, he wasn’t the target. It wasn’t a person she knew, but one she had seen of, from the bounty flyers that were pinned up nearly at every part of the city. She knew all the faces that had a bounty, she had learnt to memorize them all, at least the ones that were large in case there comes a time when she needed to hunt them down. With the glass in hand, the woman approached him, her heels clacking against the marble floor.

”Weird to find someone here with a bounty on their head. Are you sure no one’s here to hunt you down?” The woman gave a wicked grin and sat across him. ”Caius, is it?”


The Reaper [Caius] Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:06 pm

Payment day. The most gratifying part of working in the drug and slave trade. You get to sit down and relax while your cronies go out and do all the work for you. It certainly was the good life. Now it was time to collect. Caius was fairly new to Marigold so this would be his first payment since he spread his influence here. A bit of testing the waters. Depending on how much he made he might have to hire more to get his business booming in Marigold.

The meetup location was at a local bar nearby the hotel he was staying. Caius tossed on a purple dress shirt and notched up a red tie around his neck. A black vest was over top of it that was complimented by his black dress pants and shoes. After a short walk he had arrived at the bar and grabbed himself a tall craft beer. The bar was pretty busy tonight with patrons filling up most of the bar stools and tables. He spotted an empty seat in the corner of the room that he would claim as his own. The less attention on him the better.  Sipping on his beer, he would wait for his man to arrive.

It was about a half an hour and still nothing from his associate. Caius lifted his arm to look at his watch. He gave it a few shakes to make sure it wasn't busted before it settled on the same time it was at before. The son of a bitch was running late. Caius was going to give him a piece of his mind once he did arrive. Nothing a good old backhand couldn't fix. His thoughts were interrupted by a woman that approached him. Normally he would welcome a woman's advances but this only made matters worse.  She mentioned his bounty which made him be put on the defensive. Caius immediately turned to her pointed his left index finger at the woman. He was in no mood for this.

"Listen ginger. If you want to try and claim it give me like 4 hours and then we can rumble. I'm busy right now so screw.................Hold up.." He eyed the woman up and down and couldn't help feel like he had seen her before. He lifted up his right hand to stroke his beard before snapping his fingers after figuring it out. Just to be sure he started to leak out his demonic energy. A black aura would envelop them both that would weaken anyone that had a weak will. But she didn't budge. "Nothing not even a flinch. Look at you go. That confirms it. You are Venus aren't you?  I tend to keep myself well informed of news around the world. X rank demon slayer correct? I've heard the stories and seen the posters. So what do you want with little ole me oh great one?"

Fun stuff:
Fear: Daemons strike fear into their enemies with their mere presence. All enemies within 25 meters from the Daemon receive a 10% debuff to all their Attributes if they are the same rank as the Daemon. This debuff is further increased by 10% per rank difference between the Daemon and their enemies, if these enemies are lower ranked than the Daemon. All those who are of higher rank than the Daemon are not affected by Fear. Daemons can choose to suppress this effect should they wish, in order to conceal their presence.

20k+ The Abilities and name of your magic (mage) or main weapon (non-mage) and Class will be known by the public.

#3Venus Rosé 

The Reaper [Caius] Empty on Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:36 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Venus raised her eyebrows at the man’s aggressive response to her approach, with a slow grin spreading on her lips. ”Relax. I’m not here to for your bounty, though the money could do me some good.” Before she could even introduce herself, it seemed that Caius had already recognized her. That went faster than I’d expected, she thought to herself. People would usually stay away from her when noticing her presence, not wanting to get wound up with officials or media attention albeit, Caius on the other hand, seemed to be amused by her company. She noticed a wave of energy released from his body; one that was unfamiliar to her senses, perhaps as an activation to weaken her, but to no avail.

”Interesting. You’re a demon.”

The redhead didn’t go so far as to finding out all the details of those who had bounties, so this was certainly her first time hearing that this man was a demon – in fact, it was her first time meeting one. This was most definitely going to be a wondrous encounter, she thought.

”Indeed I am. Well, I lasted this long without anyone recognizing me, so that’s not so bad.” She crossed her legs under the table as she lifted her half-emptied glass of brandy to her lips and took a sip. ”Good news for you, I’m no longer a demon slayer,” a pause stopped the flow of her sentence before she continued, ”It’d be quite the story, if I was sitting across you as a demon slayer. Who knows what could’ve happened…” She trailed off, her eyes wandering into the space behind him, crowded by people who were trying to yell over the music.

Venus was subtly searching for the man she was assigned to kill and yet again, he was nowhere to be found. Her impatience increased with every passing second as she restlessly tapped her heel against the floor and her arms crossed over her bosom. The only positive thing out of this entire situation was her having an interesting company that could possibly entertain her tonight – no less, a demon – at least until her prey shows up.

She shifted her gaze back towards Caius. ”Why, am I too lowly of a person to talk to the oh-so-godly demon?” said the female teasingly, her voice apparent with a hint of sarcasm. ”So, how did you end up here in the most shittiest bar tonight?”


The Reaper [Caius] Empty on Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:33 am

Caius kept his finger trained on her as she spoke. He was expecting the worse but was pleasantly surprised by what she had to say. Not only was Venus not here for his bounty, but she also stated that she didn't have her demon slayer magic anymore. A two for one special. The bad was she had already figured out that he was a demon. This ginger was a sharp cookie. With all the demon invasions in the past, the sensation of his aura was probably a familiar one to most mages. With her being a veteran at X rank, it was to be expected. Caius had
a sigh of relief and reached for his glass. He raised it in the air for a toast at the news. "Well that's good to hear. Let's take a drink to just talking like normal people not killing each other and everyone in the immediate area." He took a swig of his beer and slammed the glass back on the table.

Now that was out the way it was the matter of what she wanted with him. Surely this had to be more than just a friendly visit. He noticed her eyes were wandering around the bar while they were talking. Perhaps she was looking for someone. Before he could inquire about she asked him why he was here. Caius raised his left hand and rubbed his thumb and index finger together. "I'm here for money honey. You see I'm at the shittiest bar because past my good looks and charming personality, I'm kind of a shitty person myself. Demon remember? You can find desperate people here and can take advantage of them for profit."

He leaned back in his chair and brought his hands together like an evil mastermind. Caius had a proposition for her. "Places like this are my natural habitat. So I think I can help you. I see your eyes darting around since you sat down here. Trying to find someone? Maybe slip me a few jewels and I can make it worth your while Venus."
Like he said before he was a businessman. Best case scenario she would pay him but he just hoped to here what she was here for.


The Reaper [Caius] Empty on Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:28 pm

Venus just kind of just stood there staring into space. Caius waved his hand in front of her face and nothing. Not even a blink He even was bold enough to reach his hand out and poke her face a few times. No response at all. He stepped it up a notch and gave her chest a few honks. Not even that riled her up. His fun was interrupted when  Caius' had his lacrima phone ring and it was the man he was meeting. It seemed like the location was moved to a nearby sushi place. He said there was this girl called Momo who made some bomb sushi that could be a potential target. Caius stood up and slowly shuffled by Venus to go meet his client.


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