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Strength in Numbers (Open)

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#1Leomord Faustus 

Strength in Numbers (Open) Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:58 pm

Leomord Faustus

timeless souls

In the remnants of what once was a fully functioning world, nobody was safe... and nothing was sacred. Leomord knew this all too well, he was after all a man who was gifted with a revered form of ice magic upon and even he had fallen victim to lowly thieves.

On his journey to Marigold he decided to rest in a camp he'd set up, only to awaken to his possessions being stolen. Well, not his personal possession's more like the ones he was transporting for a separate 3 day mission. That of course, didn't make the situation better.

He'd managed to trail the bandits to 'black market' cave, a place known for shady dealings and thievery, unbeknownst to most, and he wasn't afraid of that sort of atmosphere. He was raised a 'bad guy' after all, and that place freaked out even the bravest of souls, so these crooks would be light work. However this wasn't his town, he wasn't familiar with it one bit and so what better thing to do than employ a fellow mage for assistance.

Strength in numbers and what not...

Leo was standing outside of a small eatery where the two of them were assigned to meet up. His body covered in his black hooded cloak, given the moniker of the 'death garb' by members of his familial line, which masked ones features in shadow. His hands in his jean pockets as he waited in an alleyway, they should be here by now and he wasn't exactly patient when it came to money.

my youth, my youth is yours, a truth so loud you can't ignore, trippin on skies sippin waterfalls. cross your fingers here we go. and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth and the stars explode we'll be fireproof.


#2Rinni Faithe 

Strength in Numbers (Open) Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:15 pm

Rinni Faithe
A young 15-year-old girl walked the streets heading toward the very eatery the young man had been impatiently waiting at. She was cute with long brown hair to her mid-back, brown eyes, pale skin; she was wearing a black tee-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers with socks that covered her Guild tattoo completely. She appeared to be completely unarmed, with no weapons nor armor in sight. On her left hand, she wore an interesting ring on her finger. By her side walked a Snow Vulpix. The creature had frosty breath and soft thick white fur with pale blue on its paws. Atop its head was curly white wisps of hair. The inside of its ears was blue, as were its eyes and nose. Behind it bounced with each step it took six curly tails, all as white as the rest of its fur. It was clearly a creature of Frost Magic.

She had her hands in her pockets, thumbs on the outside, as she walked toward the eatery. She was hungry and hoping to grab a meal. She was also looking for someone she was supposed to meet here a while ago. She didn't mean to be late. She was having issues at home and needed to reassure her parents that she could handle herself. Once that was out of the way, she headed off to meet someone for an unusual and unofficial mission. A man apparently unfamiliar with Marigold needed an escort from a mage well acquainted with the area.

Since she had grown up in Marigold, she decided no one was more qualified for the job than her. The details were vague so she had no idea what to expect. She only knew someone needed assistance with something or another. Not once did she stop to think this was anything short of sketchy. She was still learning, after all, and still adjusting to her new life. She sniffed the air idly as she neared the eatery. She caught a familiar scent in the air.

It matched the scent of the ad she had found. Whoever placed the ad seeking assistance wasn't too much farther. To her dismay, she discovered the scent to lead down an alley. Now it was seeming sketchy. Who on earth would meet up in an alley of all places? It was dark, but it didn't bother her. She could see perfectly fine as she followed her nose toward a cloaked figure a few meters ahead of her. Everything was raising red-flags, but she was here now. No turning back. Time to see who this guy was and how she could assist him.

"H-hello...?" She called out shyly. Even with her new curse, she still managed to maintain her old personality. And this guy was not only a stranger but a creepy suspicious acting one. She anticipated she'd either be helping him... or fighting him... before the day was done. "Are you... are you the one who was looking for help?"

#3Leomord Faustus 

Strength in Numbers (Open) Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 8:48 pm

Leomord Faustus

timeless souls

The light patter of what the young man could only assume were small feet, much to small to be hanging around in alleyways in the middle of the night. Eyes cutting to the side to make out the approaching figure, he would eye the silhouette carefully and discern it to be a young girl. Made all the more obvious when a small voice called out to him.

At first the cold hearted mage was tempted to simply ignore it, but then she was asking if he was the one who needed help. So this little girl was here to help him get his belongings back... he somehow found that entertaining given her small stature and apparent shyness toward approaching strange men in the dark. Scoffing under his breath however, he would stand to his full height now and look to her with an expressionless face.

To some the emotionless eyes peering into their soul could be classified as creepy, but his found didn't give off any eerie vibes at least. In fact it was more like a calm sort of voice, that could be soothing if not for the aura he gave off.

"Are you sure you can be of assistance? It seems a bit past your curfew little one." He spoke in reply, his tone without sarcasm or malice and instead one of minor concern. Of course he wasn't an idiot and wasn't above thinking this was a trap set by some light mages who wanted to see if he was legit and so he sighed before his hands slowly crept up. Sliding his hood back to reveal snowy white locks and golden eyes to the youth, so she wouldn't have to look at a shade colored visage in the dark.

"Well if you are up for the task I figured we'd wait for one more person to join us, since I did say it would probably take a three man effort. Forgive me for the shady meeting location, please, call me Leo." Time to play it cool to keep things from escalating if his suspicions were correct.

my youth, my youth is yours, a truth so loud you can't ignore, trippin on skies sippin waterfalls. cross your fingers here we go. and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth and the stars explode we'll be fireproof.


#4Rinni Faithe 

Strength in Numbers (Open) Empty on Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:58 am

Rinni Faithe
Somehow, this young man that stood in the shadows, completely visible to the werewolf in front of him (though he would be unaware of that little detail) had managed to both creep her out and insult her in the same instance. His eyes caused chills to run down her spine, making the girl quiver visibly. However, his words, though calm and melodic, triggered something within her.

It seems a bit past your curfew, Little One.

Little One? Seriously? Again with this? Just because she was a young, shy, teenager of five four did not give people the right to talk down to her like that. Curfew my ass. Rinni Faithe was an adventurer, not a child. I mean, sure she hadn't adventured a lot... yet... but she was working on that. She just had to get by the parents. And after his previous statement, she wasn't about to bring up the little detail of why she was late. Gods forbid she give him more fuel to harass her with. But even so, she could feel it boiling in her. The rage she felt when Lucian upset her back at the Guild.

No. Not now. She couldn't afford to lose her temper on someone who needed her help. Even if he was a jerk. Even if he deserved to be put in his place. It was burning within her now. The desire to attack this poor soul. He couldn't know, of course, how dangerous it was to trigger this child. How could he? He knew nothing about her. Her small chest began rising and falling with each heavy breath as she struggled to maintain control of herself.

'Don't attack him. Don't attack him...'

She looked around for something, anything to distract her. Her blood was boiling from the simple agitation. Is this what it felt like? How on earth did Lucian deal with this? He should have attacked her back then, but he stayed so calm. Yet, all this man did was imply she was a kid, and she started to lose it. As if on instinct, she bent down and scooped up the six-tailed fox, hugging the small creature close to her chest as a divider between herself and the stranger.

She imagined ripping his throat out.

No. As the newest member of Penumbral Guard she definitely could not do that. She was supposed to help people. She couldn't go off and kill her own client. Was that the right word for it? Either way, he needed help. She was here to help. Even if she didn't trust him. Her thoughts were interrupted as he introduced himself, and mentioned something along the lines of waiting for others. Just how tough of a job was this, exactly, that he felt it'd take three people?

Now slightly calmer, the Encan managed to respond to him in a calm tone that implied all shyness and pleasantries were aside, for now. It was obvious by the look in her eyes that she didn't like him one bit. Still, she didn't abandon him either. Unless red flags would rise making it obvious she shouldn't help this man... she was going to stick by him until he no longer needed her (or until she could no longer tolerate him). The little fox growled low at the man now known as Leo.

"Oh, trust me, I'm up for the task. You said you need someone familiar with Marigold, yes? I grew up here. Seeing as it's my home, you won't find anyone more familiar than myself." She interjected plainly. It was then he removed his hood and introduced himself. He was young, maybe a few years her senior. Not sure who he thought he was, judging her age when he was barely an adult himself. "I'm Rinni. This is Winter. So, what exactly is it you needed help with? If I recall... the paper you posted mentioned recovering your stuff? Are we talking bandits or something?"

She cautiously moved closer to the man, so as to talk without raising their voices. Now in front of him, the first thing she noticed was his height. He was tall and slender, causing her to crane her neck slightly in order to look up at him. That was awkward. She really wasn't comfortable around people taller than 5'7". This man had to be at least five ten-ish. She clutched Winter tighter, causing the fox to yip and squirm. She didn't mean to hurt her. She just didn't trust herself right now.

Especially being so close to Leo.

#5Ko Lesalt 

Strength in Numbers (Open) Empty on Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:04 am

Ko Lesalt

Another day, another job.  Ko's time in Marigold had been especially lucrative lately.  In fact, his fortune had been absolutely overflowing.  His spirits were soaring, and with them were his nerves.  Plentiful jobs in town like Marigold didn't mean the same thing it did in the places he was accustomed to.  It meant killing rodents; it meant tilling farmland; it meant helping spoiled brats escape from home unmolested.  

The simple fact was, Ko needed something with meat.

When he'd found the posting for this job, Ko could practically smell the blood on it.  Bandits, stolen belongings, plus the client was another Mage.  That told him they wanted more than just protection travelling.  They were after their stuff.  Just the kind of thing Ko needed to knock the rust off his sword after a few weeks of safe living.

As he reached the eatery that formed the alley they were supposed to be meeting in, Ko suppressed a chuckle at the somewhat cliche ambiance.  It was appropriate, he supposed, since they were meeting to discuss an assault on a well established underground stronghold.  At least, Ko hoped that was the case; if the client didn't already anticipate their stolen belongings being in Black Market Cave by now, Ko would question going into combat with them.

He turned the corner into the alley, taking note that there were two figures in the shadowy recesses rather than one.  "Seems like I'm late.  Apologies."  Though he couldn't quite pierce the darkness to make out faces at a distance, Ko wasn't uncomfortable in the shadow.  He never had been; perhaps something to do with his innate magic.  In any case, he approached casually, one hand resting at his waist atop the hilt of his sword.

"Ko Lesalt, at your service.  I hope I haven't missed anything exciting."  He nodded to both figures, uncertain which one was the client and which was, he presumed, his partner for the job.  One of the figures seemed to be holding something alive, maybe a pet or familiar of some sort.  In fact, the silhouette seemed...awfully familiar in general.  But no, no.  She didn't do odd jobs like this.  Surely.

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