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Astrera to Hosenka(foot travel)

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Astrera to Hosenka(foot travel) Empty Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:34 pm

Long apparently overdue for a vacation under orders of Kazimir. Judina would try and get her large not friend on the go to a city she had not been too yet."Alistair...come on we're going some where."Judina said to him staring at Alistair who was sleeping and lounging about on the ground, So far no luck on Judina's part to awaken her fluffy friend from his long slumber. Leaving Judina to sigh to herself over the sleeping titan of a cat, She would go back to thinking it over what to do next. So she would continue to ponder what to do next to try and get him awake.

She had to wonder what he did while she was not around. Then again Judina was just starting to understand how her new companion worked. She at first posed a general insightful question to herself while Alistair was still seemingly asleep. Pacing around because she was unsure how to go about it. Then she realized the way true to a person heart sometime was the stomach. So now Judina would walk over to her food storage, Getting a few pieces of fish that had been sitting there, Surely they might better off fed to Alisatair.

"Come now Alistair, I have some fish for you."
Slowly Alistair seemed to be getting on his paws and Judina would start by placing the saddle she would use to ride Alistair on him."What are you doing now?"Alistair asked sounding tired and lazily unhappy knowing full well that what was placed on him meant."We are going somewhere, Hosenka to be exact."Judina's blunt and to the point nature always mixed."Oh...here I was hoping to nap more."oppositely to Alistair, which was always interesting to see, For other people not just the two of them. Eventually Judina with Alistair would finally depart and make their way to one of the few places Judina had never been too.


{exit to Hosenka.}

Name: Alistair

Gender: Male

Slots: Companion and Mount

Race: Cattian

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Limited

Element: None

Mana: None


   Strength: 100
   Constitution: 100
   Speed: 100

Physiology: Alistair has the same physiology as a domestic cat. Though, Alistair is two meters in height and six meters in length. It may therefore seem weird when Alistair climbs up trees and mountains with ease while leaping around gracefully.

Personality: Hating constraints and loving his freedom, Alistair does his best to avoid worries and problems, often idling about lazily in non-essential activities such as eating, and sleeping. Although intelligent, his laziness means that he refuses to use his knowledge for practical purposes unless it benefits him. Despite this, he does genuinely care for others and considers himself to be the worker when everyone else is asleep. He has particular interest in fish, but he has strong, if theoretical, knowledge about a variety of topics. As a result, he can provide advice to others about how to go about a certain task, but tends not to phsyically assist with that task.


   Mount: The user receives a 50% word reduction when they ride Alistair to travel.
   Speech: Alistair is capable of speech.

Astrera to Hosenka(foot travel) Alexss10

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