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Wrong Turn [Jan]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:48 pm

Raymus Kouris

Well well well. A new mission from the head of the guild. Suppose the mission was being used very loosely here but nevertheless it was something Alosa had asked all the members of Blue Pegasus to take part in. It was kind of rare for the Guild Master to just give her subordinates such a very casual command without much expectation on them to carry it out. Granted Alisa was probably more than capable of doing any job by herself considering all that she did with the demon incursions however it did seem somewhat odd to Raymus all the same.

The werewolf was just about ready to leave the port town and get moving to Myras. The blue haired mage had left a few days later than the rest of them so he was bound to be late. This was pretty much the norm for him yet he had some sliver of hope that he would get there in time to be of some use. Lately Ray had been rather lazy about doing any major jobs. When his usual questing partner, Jan left for Marigold he remained in Hargeon and was inevitably being less productive. He had even heard that Jan was raising himself in the guild levels. As for him welll…. Yeah there was a lot to be desired. If anything hearing of his friend's success made the young man that but more passionate to try and catch up to him. Even if he was stronger physically, the werewolf knew he couldn't just rely on that forever or else he'd be surpassed in that aspect too.

All that aside though Raymus hit the road to Myras. Since he was a very simple man he had very little packed aside from a change of clothes and some toiletries. With everything he needed Raymus was off!

It took him a rather short amount of time to arrive in the city. It was almost like he had stopped in another town instead. But nah that couldn't be right. Surely those signs saying Marigold were wrong...

#2Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:47 pm

Jan Ren
--It's been like, what, a month or so since Jan Ren had arrived in Marigold?

By now things have gotten rather stagnant. Between shenanigans with the theater house, Farmer Jim and Lord Syllas, among other people, the Sinese would admit to have met a bunch of colorful characters, most of which served a quirky role in one way or another (that being, pulling him into said quirk). He'd gotten used to living in this city, despite the unstellar atmosphere and the glaring lack of any Sin-related businesses. It was like he was an Englishman in New York.

Though this 'Englishman' had gotten rather famous around town, as a man from Blue Pegasus that would help the common folk with their problems. Requests were coming in, though it was up to Jan Ren to work on whatever, whenever; also inclined to refuse should he feel absolutely abhorrent. Fortunately, he wasn't the kind to refuse.

That said, having lost his signature Qipao did serve a solid blow to his self-image, having to gradually get used to the shirtless visage he was embarrassed about for lack of modesty.

On one afternoon, as the Sinese took his usual strolls around Marigold -- all in attempt to get accustomed to his now topless self, he'd spotted someone familiar. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of those Penumbral Guard wizards he got to meet, neither was it a friendly NPC most people get to know. No, this... This was a guildmember. "(Geh.)" He flinched, eye twitching as he perceived who this particular guild member was. Raymus Kouris, an old 'friend'(?) and a reliable partner.

The thought jumped to mind once again. As of now, two or three months in Blue Pegasus, he didn't quite get along with anyone in particular. There was the blue-haired werewolf over there, of course, but... Few would attribute the Sinese to anyone notable from his guild. What a shame. He'd shake off the thought quickly in an attempt to kill off the negativity steadily building.

...For now... "Raymus??" He called out, hastily approaching the werewolf with a hopeful smile. "What a surprise!" Okay. Here we go...

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#3Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 3:41 pm

Raymus Kouris
Like a lot puppy, Raymus continued to wander the streets of Marigold, convinced that he was in fact situated in the bext town over, Myras. For the life of him he couldn't figure out why all the signs and signals were of towns not listed in the map. Well to be fair the map was useless and the layout of the city was totally diferent than the piece of parchment Raymus had in his hand. "Maybe the city just git a big update?" He said to himself spunning the map around a few times, half hoping he was just holding it wrong.

The young man was almost totally lost in his thought, walking alone in the city while waves of people walked by him, some having to jumo out of the way of the speedwalking beast who had no regard for the passersby. Wvery couple of minutes he would lift his head to try and see any helpful landmark to helo guide his way but alas nothing was working! Usually the Blue Pegasus mage would simply sniff his way around, but being in such unfamilar territory really put him off. He was very tempted to mark his territory like a wild animal to help give him a point of reference in this jew city when an all too familar scent caught his nose.

"Ah my eyes!" Replied Ray dropping the map and wrapping his arms around his head. The sight of Jan without a shirt was an alien one and quite frankly terrifying. His pale skin seemed to reflect the beams of the sun, half blinding Raymus but above that the sheer sight if his guild mate looking so out of chatacter was enough to frighten the Werewolf. "What the hell are you even doing in Myras? And why are you half naked!?" He yelled with a famialr snarl to his voice. His barking also caught the attenion of some locals who were now pointing and laughing and the toppless Jan Ren. The werewolf removed on of his arms from his head to peak out a single on of his eyes to see how Jan would reply.

#4Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:44 pm

Jan Ren
As expected.

Halted in place right as the werewolf began making a scene, Jan Ren found that all power he had mustered to approach the blue-haired was now gone, replaced with immediate regret. For crying out loud, why am I even trying...? "Hey!!" He shouted back, knuckles clenched and body stiffened; expression turning sour at the reaction received. "Rude!! That was just rude!!" The last thing he needed was this kind of feedback, from someone supposedly close, no less! His skin wasn't that pale... Right? He's been going around topless for a short while now, surely he'd caught some color by now...!

In almost obvious response, the Sinese crossed his arms tightly around his chest, head lowered some as his eyes narrowed a bit. He felt attacked, offended, that the surrounding folk would make fun of him despite him trying -- and nobody paying much mind to it up until then and there! Ahh... This is the worst. He'd have no problems answering most of the time, but the unpleasant welcome turned off any will he had to cooperate. "That's none of your business!!" He retorted, refusing to tell of his shirtless circumstances.

Taking a couple steps forward to properly talk with his guild mate, Jan Ren's foul mood and annoyed expression stayed through. "Anyways... Sounds like there's some misunderstanding there." He commented; "This isn't Myras, this is Marigold." The Sinese simply explained, looking up to the werewolf. "Myras is high up on some impossible mountain or whatever."

Granted, for the unfamiliar soul, traversing Fiore would prove to be a challenge. Especially without a map, any navigational skills, or at least prior knowledge of the country's outline. Though granted at least one of those circumstances was present, how the heck could anyone mix those two cities up??

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#5Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:17 pm

Raymus Kouris
Ah, the reactions of the naive little Jan Ren were something Ray missed. Granted the whining in his voice was a bit gaining at times but nevertheless Raymus couldn't help but smirk at his shirtless guild mate. Seemingly getting other people looking and pointing at him helped a lot! gotta remember that.

After deflecting his question about his nakedness, Jan was quick to turn the tables telling the werewolf that he wasn't in Myras at all but in Marigold. "Hang on what?" As he asked more people began to point at the two, this time around more fingers were targeting Raymus as were the whispers. "Say psyche right now..." he said shaking his head lowly dropping the map to the ground. "But then why are you here? Weren't ya told to go there too? Most of the guild is there now." He asked now standing straight again and folding his arms. "And aren't you cold? Being half naked and all?" Raymus really couldn't help it. Jan just brought this teasing side out of him. Regardless though this was somewhat of an empathetic comment since a cold breeze started to blow around the town. Even with all the training Jan was doing he'd still surely get cold. Probably.

#6Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:43 pm

Jan Ren
Seriously, these people! Had they no dignity?? The folk happening to surround the two mages was vastly different from the crowd Jan Ren had grew up with, honor and respect being key factors in interpersonal relationships; while here, they were flat out putting the two wizards into mockery, each under their own faults. The nerve some people had!! Shooting an upset glare here and there as the people's laughing intensified, the Sinese had wanted nothing more than to simply bail out. Possibly grabbing the werewolf with him if he could help it, if just to gain some distance.

But ultimately, he didn't. They both just stayed in place, as the surrounding crowding changed with the bypassers.

"Told to?" He started, an eyebrow raised as he looked the blue-haired man straight in the eye; "I've received no such order, truthfully." Guild matters were different from personal connections. If this concerned the job, Jan Ren had to at least know what was going on. "That aside... I've been practically living in this city for a bit over a month. I haven't..." Gradually, his face took a more depressed turn, smiling -- though exasperatedly; shoulders slumping. "...I haven't heard anything from Master... Or anyone... In over a month."

Ah, that hurt. Self-damage? Maybe. The young man couldn't help but wonder why was it that he wasn't contacted by anyone in his guild in his time in Marigold. Was he disliked? That much? Maybe Alisa had already fired him without his knowledge or consent!? That'd be the worst. Visibly, the Sinese turned bummed at the thought. For what purpose was he serving in Blue Pegasus anyway, if he couldn't cooperate with anyone? Ugh.

Though if most of the guild was there, that changed things. "Hm. So if I piece this right..." He started again, setting aside his personal issues of loneliness; "...You were told to reach Myras but couldn't find your way. And the majority of the guild was to go there for something Master had been planning... Right?" --So then, why didn't he hear of this??
--No, no. That doesn't matter. It doesn't, matter.

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#7Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:40 am

Raymus Kouris
The gathering crowd, the harsh words were both speaking. Things were just getting more and more depressing by the second. It was enough to drive Ray to slap some sense into Jan! So he did.

With a quick swipe with his open palm directed at his guild mate's back he spoke up. "Stop sounding so depressed!" He said, after the loud slap echoed through the crowd, a nice red hand print forming on his back. "And no we aren't going to fight." Seeing one of the younger adults among the people starting to jeer Jan after the hit.

"C'mon. Let's get out of here." Now making his way out of the crowd and walking towards a pretty emoty looking porthed area of a bar the blue haired mage took a seat under an umbrella and gestured for Jan to follow him.

In all honesty Raymus didn't really think of how his friend would react. While he did say some things to get a certain reaction out of Jan, talking about the conquest wasn't something he thought would evoke this kind of response. He did say it thinking that maybe Jan was off chasing some girl but it was clear that it was far from the truth. But now he felt bad so now he had to make him feel better. Thanks alot Jan you sensitive cuck!

Once he did sit down Ray would speak again. "To be honest I think she only told whoever was in Hargeon about the conquest since well they were on hand. There was more than enough to do it so she probably wanted to let you train and not bother you. Seemes she was right cause I gotta admit, I'm kinda jealous of your gains." ,Despite hos words it was Raymus who gave the cocky smirk. "Heard you're even moving up in the guild too. Still a rookie myself but hopin to rise up. Which is where you come in. I need a hand and you're gonna help me!"

#8Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:47 am

Jan Ren
There it was. Forced bent down a little as the impact hit against his back, Jan Ren winced, his face muscles clenched as his back burnt. It hurt. This wasn't the first time this man had done this, and for some reason thought it was a nice gesture. If that was Raymus' way of making the Sinese feel better, then just like his choice in city direction, he was way off!! Tears welled up by the corners of his eyes as the young man had to resist the urge to outright leave. He wasn't one for violence, but further disrespect would egg him to engage in it if there was no other way.

Unwillingly, the young man followed the other, bearing through the pain in his back and the backlash he'd received in his circumstance. Arms firmly crossed over his chest, head lowered some. It's been a month, but nothing's changed. Of course. With Raymus' seemingly honest explanation, Jan Ren could at least rest assured that there was, in fact, reason he wasn't contacted. It didn't sound like the blue-haired was making any of this up, and so far, he'd known the man to be quite... Frank, if not honest. So there was proper affirmation in the other's assessment.

--Though flattered somewhat, Jan Ren showed no reaction to his guildmate's compliment, besides his breathing very shortly picking up. And at the man's following demand... "Why?" He asked, taking a step back as he stared the werewolf in the eye. He refused to take a seat, wary of the company fate's presented him with. While reassuring that a member of his guild did show up, fact was, it was unintentional. "Why should I help you?"

"Originally, you wanted to get to Myras, right?" Hearing most of the guilld was stationed in Myras as well made the young man want to come there too, naturally. But if it was an order from Master, perhaps he'd assume the position of the wandering scoutsman, anywhere that wasn't where the rest of the guild was. "I can show you how to get there on the map. You made a wrong start, that's probably it... ...But what does that have to do with me?"

"Why should I help you? Everything I've done here was by my own. I'm flattered that you'd want me to help you out, but you can't just show up, attack me, and then expect me to say "yeah sure" to your demands. So... Why?" In the first place... Raymus was stronger and seemed more capable than him. Surely if people saw the werewolf arrive in the Sinese' stead, when it comes to handy work, they would be more assured.

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#9Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Fri Jun 05, 2020 1:52 pm

Raymus Kouris
"Uh why?" Well this was new. Raymus wasn't expecting this response from Jan and his tone of voice as well as his body language. He was also picking up on Jan's overall demeanour. It was quite a surprise to see him so agitated. Well aggitated in a way where he wasn't even humoring Raymus with taking a seat. In fact he was even pushing him back to Myrass. It honestly hurt the werewolf that the one person he thought of his friend just wasn't even giving him the time of day, even if he did initiate the whole conversstion since he approached him first.

"Okay okay sorry for attacking you. I was just playin" he said quickly glancing away, resisting the urge to mumble under his breath about how he was being a baby about thay slap. But he couldn't make little about hos his friend was feeling and it was time to swallow his pride.

"Look ugh, it's hard for me to say but basically, you're probably are my only and best friend. Sure there's Alisa and the other guild members but they're just more acquaintances. Alosa is the guild master. Im friendly with her but the relationship is different. But you and me are or well were rookies. I never had that with anyone before. So that's why." With a huff he had looked back to Jan now with more emotion in his ruby eyes. It was evidently difficult for Raymus to talk about this sort of thing. His past was oretty messy not that Jan knew but it had left this sort of thing as a sensitive subject.

"Now take the damn seat before I shove it up your arse. I'm buying food and yes that's your only compensation." Although he initially sounded exasperated now it was like speaking about this troubled topic made the atmosphere lighter. Hopefully Jan thought so to.

#10Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:54 am

Jan Ren
From his experiences with the werewolf up until now, Jan Ren had expected to receive some form of offensive, or at least aggressive reaction from the blue-haired. That's mostly what the events up to now have shown him, and on that front, the Sinese had based his assumptions. His attitude too, was not just due to the recent slap on the back and the mild insult, but more in accumulation of everything up until this point with this person. He'd acknowledged in his mind that Raymus was just 'this kind', more in-tune with his animalistic side rather than his human side. He didn't know where this man grew up, he knew nothing of his upbringing or his principles. But he did know he was a stark contrast to Jan Ren's mannerisms.

And boy, was his perception wrong. He'd perceived that everything Raymus did, was in spite. Aggression in anger or hate, through numerous threats and some acts. But, "--Huh?" With his shoulders slumping down some, body language relaxed as his face turned somewhat dumbfounded; Jan Ren learned how wrong in his assessment, he really was.

To think a member of his guild actually saw him that way. His anxieties were laid out fully in-front of the werewolf, and answered rather well. He failed to restrain a slightly rising smile as Ray finally spoke of his feelings. How... Unmasculine. It occured to the Sinese that he perhaps have taken things far too, if that was how he was viewed. That said, he was hurt quite much by this individual, and it'd have helped if he toned it down. Or, if Jan Ren himself, learned to be more patient with him. "...You really see me like that??" Regardless, it all came as quite the surprise.

Still half-reluctant but respectful enough, the young man plopped himself down by his friend, arms still crossed, but more loose this time. "Alright..." He presumed, calming down. "That does make sense... We're both pretty much starters as it is. It's a shocker that you would come to me for help though. You are, certainly stronger than me. If you only tried, you'd surpass any amount of progress I'd make." Though he assumed humility, the Sinese was admittedly jealous; as could be taken from his wording. Ray joined the guild already far stronger than most people he'd met there, and as such, he was convinced that should the werewolf had the same conviction the Sinese had, he'd get great. And fast.

"Thank you for the food."

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#11Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:44 pm

Raymus Kouris
"You're not deaf and Im not stupid." With crossed arms and a furrowed brow the werewolf's response was nothing short of juvenile. It was as if he was bested in an argument of wits and had to admit defeat to Jan by explaining all of this to him. Not to mention talking about your feelings was so euch. Like real strong aimals never did that! But nevertheless his sentiments did manage to quell whatever agression Jan was showing as he sat down in the seat provided, Raymus lowkey being annoyed he couldn't shove it up bis posterior just to even out the whole man dynamic.

Once the seat was taken, his other points were also similarly accepted by Jan too. He agreeded everything made sense and thanked Raymus for getting him the food.

And speaking of a waoter came by looking to serve the two. The waiter looked to be in his mid teens and lacked any definite personality aside from a piece of haor that hung over his right eye. Classic student employee looking for a job for some extra cash. "Two beers and large portion of wings with extra Spicy Barbeque sauce." Said the werewolf before either could be given a menu. "I said I was treatin you. Never said you could get what ya want." Returning his cocky smirk to his face Ray sat back upright and even leaned into the table, scotting his chair forward to get in closer to the table, loud sequaks coming from his end as the metalic frame scrapped against the concrete. His choice in food was pretty standard for burley men who were swimming in their own testosterone and since he had a little feelings talk, well let's say the two needed something like that to return the status quo. "So anyway, what are yer plans? Stayin here or movin on?"

#12Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:49 am

Jan Ren
Before Jan Ren had a chance to even look up the menu, Raymus had already placed the order for the two of them, giving a typically cocky remark right after. If this was yet another instant where the werewolf attempted to tease his friend, it had worked quite well; as the Sinese wasn't used to such overly-greasy foods. "Then what's the point!" he was quick to retort, squinting his eyes a bit. Beer, on the other hand, was fine. He merely leaned back into his chair, posture remaining as he grumbled silently at the other's choice. Regardless, he felt thankful for the opportunity.

"...Well." After the initial skirmish had ended, the Sinese was a lot more inclined to share his experiences with his friend. Naturally so, as especially now, his homesick feelings were answered - albeit not ideally - with a friend from 'home'. "I didn't really come to Marigold specifically to train. But recently I found out it is quite necessary." He explained calmly, looking up for a moment while running through his head some of the events, pleasant and unpleasant both, recalling the reasons he had found to improve himself. This went beyond Blue Pegasus' emphasis on self-betterment, or even above his need to impress girls(!!!). It was simple, as a wizard, he still had a long way to go.

He looked to Raymus with a calmed expression, continuing. "Apparently there are quite a lot of guilds around Fiore. I was planning on heading East to check some of them out, maybe." While he had only formulated the idea recently, it was still very valid. Hosenka's hot springs and 'entertainment' aside, Dahlia also sounded like quite the interesting spot for the Sinese to visit. Despite that, what really tied to his exposition, "You know Magnolia City, right? Looks like there's quite the impressive guild stationed there." was the guild centered in Magnolia. Which was something that even a foreigner like himself, who had came to this country with near no knowledge of its demographic, still heard of.

"Plus. I could use this chance to spread Blue Pegasus' fame on Eastern Fiore, too. ...Maybe in the hot springs." Ah. There it is.

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#13Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:56 pm

Raymus Kouris
"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." he replied in a similar tone but couldn't deny the sentiment behind his words. It was a slightly rude of the werewolf to offer a oeace offering and then demand that Jan acceot it but oh well! It all worked out. Besides his reply was also playfully cheeky as he kept his smirk on his face all the while. Raymus in general seemed far more relaxed, leaning back in his seat and breathing easy. All that huffing and puffing out of his system now he felt a lot more at ease with the whole situation.

As Jan spoke Ramus let his long blue hair loose out of it's confined pony tail and shook it lightly,  letting it bounce around for a bit. It felt nice having his hair lie more nsturally like this but he couldn't deny how kuch better he looked with it tied up. Why did he care about looks? Well after joining Blue Pegasus it seemed important to the werewolf that he literal keep up his appearance. Jan on the other hand seemed to use the title to try and get into somewhat more intricate relations with the public and lets say friendship was just the tip of the iceberg.

Even still, the prime point of the water mage's explanation was the betterment of the guild and it's infulence and it was hard not to respect that. Anything else was just a bomus or maybe side project like going to the bath houses but nevertheless it demanded some respect. He knew what he wanted and was going for it. He was certainly doing a pretty good job at it too, better than the Red Eyed mage sitting in front of him.

Nodding in agreement Raymus put both his hand behind his head and started to mess with his hair, wondering what way he was going to tie it up this time. "Well yeah, plenty of other guilds other than Ours, but we have the best memebers." *twirling a strand he winked at Jan clearly wanting to continue the bit of banter the two were having. "As for spreading fame. Might be hard considering our guild master is like one of the most famous mages around. Still, if ya want I could gice you a hand to go around. Kinda bored of the south and need to stretch my legs. Where you heading to? Magnolia? I'll join you." And just like that Raymus invited himself. Really it was the Sinese's fault for mentioning it. And after that the beers and food came. Nice.

#14Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:38 am

Jan Ren
For the first time ever, particularly in his interactions with Raymus - and being an overdue event if asked for his opinion on the matter, Jan Ren had witnessed the werewolf's appearance, without his signature tail of a hairstyle. It was a refreshing bit, something that the Sinese even chose to take as an indirect reply to his own gradual, softening body language; just as he had loosened up around his friend, the other showed a similar gesture, though whether such was on purpose or subconscious, he couldn't tell. There was also the idea that, over the course of the last month, the blue-haired has stayed closer to the rest of the guild and as such, could very well be influenced by them in some way. Regardless of the reasoning, the above-stated relaxation would be the vibe that Jan Ren had chose to interpret. Prompting him, to finally unfold his arms over his chest; placing them on his thighs instead, matching the now much more loose and welcoming air around the two men.

--It was supposedly the more bonding part with the rest of the guild, per the other's wording. In regards to the joke (obviously being one from the way Raymus had delivered it), the Sinese let out a chuckle, though yet perplexed. Despite appreciating the blue-haired's company, fact was it was not in his initial interest to visit the 'local' Sinese, and nobody else from the guild had appeared. A certain feeling of isolation took over once more, though subtly ignored in favor of the previous banter. "Heh. I wonder about that." In a similarly suggestive fashion, Jan Ren replied. His experience with the rest was... Unstellar, to say the least. Between being goaded into facing his greatest fear, and being mistaken for a woman... Yes, unstellar seems fitting.

With their beers arriving, the pale yellow liquid cascarding from overpouring - down the freshly (yet unrefinedly) washed glasses, the Sinese considered the reasoning; naturally reacting with a surprised squint, perking up some as his body inched closer towards Raymus, while still seated on his chair. "Eh?? What happened to going to Myras?" He asked, much calmer. Truth be told, he wouldn't mind some company, though he also acknowledged that if Master had issued the order and the werewolf was there to listen to it, it must have been important.

"I completely thought you would want to at least show up there. Especially after mistaking your way." Tactless? Maybe a little. But this was just a plain conversation between men, over a beer and some wings. -- Both of which, Jan Ren had elected not to touch until Raymus, the factual provider this time, had taken his first bite.

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#15Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
"Myras isn't gonna disappear without me is it?" A rhetorical question, yes but Raymus knew it didn't answer Jan's question. "Like I said Alisa only asked around genrally and it's not pressing. And I swear to god if you mention me getting lost again I'll give you some nice scars to show off when you next go topless." Lifting his pint of beer he started to drink some and as he did, with his other hand he stuck out his thumb and glided it over hos throat. Point made successfully!

Putting down his glass it was shown to be more than halfway epmty (or full depending on your persuasion). The vkue haired lad didn't mess about and as he was glancing at the wings with his red eyes it was clear that they were the next target.

"So Jan, since I spilled the beans on my end, you tell me some personal stuff so we're all square." Well that didn't last long. After being nice for more than five minutes Daymus wanted to return to how he acted before. Still the sentiment was nice. He wanted to get to know the Sinise more! Although he probably could have phrased it nicer. Oh well, some wings would pair up nicely with story time.

#16Jan Ren 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:57 am

Jan Ren
Ever-lasting aggression put aside, it seems that the order was a lot more freeform than he had first anticipated. He had perceived that if Master issued it, Raymus would comply out of respect at least, and as it turns out, such was the case. At first. But now lost, he couldn't be bothered with chasing a long-gone destination. And he was right, the city was laughably stationary as it is. "Hmm. I suppose that's right." He agreed, reaching for his own pint and taking two modest sips, as opposed to the other's chug.

The difference in culture and manners between the two men could not be seen more boldly, in mere consumption. While Raymus was already halfway through, Jan Ren still had plenty to drink, barely scraping a fifth of his mug. "Very well," the Sinese agreed; "Some company is welcome. Though I suggest if you're already here, you could try exploring the city a bit." He raised with a light smile, returning to sip from his beer a third time.

Having spent some considerable time in Marigold himself, Jan Ren didn't find it all that impressive. However, he'd lie to state it didn't have its ups and downs either. For the most part, that included... Meeting two other werewolves, quite normally. The blue-haired would most likely find it pleasing to meet others of his kind.

"Alright, let's see." Slightly coyly, Jan Ren reached for a chicken wing and munched on it quickly as he contemplated. He's been through some experiences, though what would be most fitting to share? --In his preference, it'd undoubtedly be, "I got the honor to meet a healer here!" He stated. "A really gorgeous one at that." Hey, Jan Ren. Your lewd is showing.

"Healers are awfully rare, I almost didn't believe they existed! Her name's Rania, apparently she's part Joyan. You'd be lucky to meet her."

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#17Raymus Kouris 

Wrong Turn [Jan] Empty on Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:29 pm

Raymus Kouris
"If you mean explore it so I don't get lost I'll smack ya silly." He said with a frown calling the waiter over and having a full pitcher of beer ordered to the table. At least the Sinise was cool with the whole Alisa and him tagging along thing. On another day he probably would have accepted it but held a lot of resentment! Must ne the beer thats helping. Definetly not any personal growth.

Speaking of which Raymus was ready to hear some intricate story about how Jan was feeling since coming to Fiore. But no. Of course the lwed little mage could only think about throwing his own brand of water magic arounf to the nearest pretty girl he could see. And a healer no less! Ray agreed that they were pretty rare since pretty much everyone focused on fighting in this country. It would be cool to see her but less so if Jan already marked her as his own. "So ya do it yet?" He asked pretty bluntly as Jan was munching on the wing. "And what do ya mean lucky? Ya saying I'm too rough to meet a healer or something?" Chugging another beer he slammed it on the table demanding an answer. The werewolf was of course playing things up for comedic effect. Cause what was dinner without a little show for his own amusement?

#18Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Truth is, Jan Ren did have an assortment of experiences since coming to Fiore, but not all of them were pleasant. Moreso, he wouldn't open up about them right away. His thoughts on the matter determined in simplistic terms rather than deep experiences, the young man could be seen as shallow even in tough times when things were complicated; the werewolf's specific topic of interest, oblivious to the Sinese obviously, was one such of those. As such, Jan Ren chose to give priority to the easier subjects, the ones he could easily share on conversation - not just with a friend, but with anybody. In a way, that on itself was social caution.

"Hmm hmm." He chuckled, smiling as he took another sip from his beer, honestly thinking the blue-haired may be going too quickly with his pace. "What do you think??" He asked, mischievously. Now the truth was going to get spilled sooner or later, but if the other was all for fun and games, why not take part in the antic if he had the shot?

--A good pause was granted before the young man finally got around to the main point. "...No, I didn't do it." He explained, leaning his head on a hand as he looked away for a moment; "It's far too soon. Also... She healed me when I was down. She's quite something, I'm saying you'll be a lucky man if you do get to meet her." The young man explained, resuming eye contact with the werewolf as he went on, then taking yet another sip from his beer. In these short intervals, it may not have been an outright chug like the other, though it was a quick drink. And while Raymus was well on his way off the start of his second mug, Jan Ren was nearing on the first's half.

"...Mhmm. A bunch happened this month, actually." Though if they were already on the vibe of catching up with one another, "What have you been up to? Where have you been all this time, I mean."

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Raymus Kouris
As the pause grew between the two after the intimate question was asked, Raymuss's face went through a plethora of phases. First was suspicion, his eyes squinted as he Jan up and down while slowly sipping his beer, saying something like "cmon you're joking right" with nothing more than a look? Next was a small realization that maybe he was telling the truth, his eyes widening slightly as a glint of wonder started to sparkle in his mind. The silence grew and grew until Raymus and almost convinced himself that it was possible. He was just about to congratulate Jan until of course he had to burst his bubble and say otherwise. "Fuckin' knew it." he said slumping back in his seat looking rather disappointed, now chugging his beer once more.

"Again! What does that mean!" he asked Jan who seemed to be surprising gentlemanly towards the woman who healed him. Granted Ray had never had the privileged of being healed straight out so maybe thats what his friend meant but for now the increasing drunken werewolf took it as an insult.

"Me? Nothing. Sweet fuck all to be honest. Just lazing around and helping around the guild but nothing too special. Sorry to say."

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Jan Ren
Oh my. It appears the other hadn't taken it so well. Not quite bemused by the gesture, but he'd lie to say he wasn't entirely. "I'm saying!" Jan Ren broke out, leaning forward as he took another chug off his beer; perhaps sipping a bit at a time, but nearing the end of the first progressively. "She's one of the nicest ladies I got the chance to meet here, and she's cute too!" He explained, hoping the directness would serve his friend well at least. Betting his money on it, seeing how the other's approach to everything else was, more or less direct. "I bet you'll find her to be your type, too." After all, even a lady like Masami seemed hung on her. And if that on itself happened, what was it like with an animalistic man like Raymus?

It appears that despite his assumptions on the matter, nothing much has happened in Blue Pegasus while he was away. "That so...?" He questioned, recalling their 'misadventures' and having to wonder if those could be called 'lazing around'. Then again, it was in Master's favor that the too were paired often, and mostly in each other's enthusiasm that their requests had gone smoothly. "Haven't met any stuck-up lordly daughters or bust into cursed houses lately?" He asked, half-teasingly as he once more reached to take a sip from his beer.

"If so, you must have been expecting to reach Myras more than anyone else. Finally, a new area and something different to do."

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Raymus Kouris
"And how would you know my type ya little shit! Been stalking me on my dates or sumthin?" He snarled in an almost joking way, in his drunken state deciding to pick a fight with Jan. The werewolf meant nothing makicious about it. It was just his nature and how he teased people, when he was drunk at least. Besides it might get a good reaction out of Jan. After all, Raymus wasn't exactly known for his increible love life so giving Jan a small window into that aspect was sure to pique his interest.

"Nah, nothing. Trained a bit but tha's bout all." *he said taking a drink, reminiscing slightly as Jan went through some of their old hurrahs.

"Well I was and I wasn't. We both know Master would be fine on her own. She had the bird and her partner there too to keep her company so she was golden on the support fromt." Slurring his words more and more as he spoke Raymus wondered how useufl he actually was tonthe guild. Shaking his head to keep the sad drunk within him. "As for something new, suppose that did sound coolio, but I unno." Sighing, followed by a burp, Raymus drank more before tucking into more food.

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Jan Ren
"Why would I be stalking you on your dates!" Jan Ren broke out, almost in immediate response; easily amused by the absurdity of the idea. Seems that Raymus' playful attempt had landed well. "In the first place, I'm not even into you! If you were a cute girl, sure. But you're not even close to 'cute'!" Let alone 'girl'. The Sinese really wasn't aware of his friends' dating life, but had always attributed the young man to be far out of reach in such department. It could be nice however, if he was proven wrong.

While oblivious on the supporting cast's front, namely the mentioned bird and partner, Jan Ren figured the blue-haired could use some pepping up; having done close to nothing but training for the past month on itself was formidable in the Sinese' eyes, coming to value self-work just as much as his guild's general census appeared to. "...Hmmm." Still, he pondered out loud. Helping out the guild was nice and all, but.

"--We don't have to play the supporting roles, though." He started. It was clear that the werewolf had wanted to be of some use to the Master, which was a great sentiment and one the Sinese could count on for future reference. He'd had his doubts about Raymus' allegiances, but this mostly set it in stone. "Like Master said. It's bettering ourselves that comes first, right? If so, you're filling your part rather well."

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