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Magnolia To Marigold [Travel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Magnolia To Marigold [Travel] Empty Tue Jun 02, 2020 5:06 am

Venus Rosé

The day has finally arrived for her departure to the southern region. Venus Rosé awoke to the steady patter of rain upon her window, droplets yet to scatter the nascent rays of the rising sun. The sound brings a calmness to her mind, a soothing melody and if time allowed her, she would find herself sinking further into her comfy bed, snuggling into the duvet covers that wrapped her slender frame. Albeit, time waits for no one and there was also an urgent matter that had to be attended as quick as possible; to leave town – after all, her stay in Magnolia had been too long that she’d begun to grow tired of overlooking the same view over the window.

The letter that’d been delivered to her a long while ago crinkled in her hands and the material of the parchment paper had started to fade, its folded valleys deepening each time she read the message from her lover. The messy handwriting and even his scent lingered on the paper – oh, how she missed him. She’d save his letters in a box, she thought, keeping it close to her as though it was a treasure so that she could read them from time to time whenever they were apart, which was usually longer than the period they would be in each other’s company.

The message that her beau had written claimed that he was in West Fiore and that was a few months ago. She’d been so caught up with her own business that she wasn’t able to visit him until she noticed the bounty flyers with his name pinned up on the board listed alongside hers and a couple of others whom she paid no attention to. Rumours reached her that the man was in Marigold, so she would head to the location and find him like how she promised him that she would.

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