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Oak to Myras [Foot Travel]

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#1Liberty Song 

Oak to Myras [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:18 am

Liberty Song
Soft, warm rays of light peek through the blind of a certain mage’s room, beaming down on her sleeping face. To most, they probably wouldn’t care about such a thing, but to Liberty it meant that she overslept. Again. On any normal day this would be fine, but today was the day that she planned to finally leave this city. Again. There was probably a pattern here but honestly, Liberty was too caught up in the magnificence of her life to notice the small cracks in it.

Like any normal person who realizes they overslept, Liberty swung herself out of bed, her hair slapping in the face in the process as she moved and stopped suddenly. It wasn’t anything major, as a puff of wind from her mouth was able to blow out of her face, allowing her to see. Taking a good look around her room, Liberty took in a sight that she was probably going to see for the last time and began to get dressed. Expecting there to be a long journey ahead of her, Liberty’s outfit was made to be light but durable, something that she wouldn’t mind walking in for a few hours but good enough to withstand the fury of the elements if it needed to. That being said, she wore a sleeveless shirt, shorts, knee-high boots, and a thin trench coat. It was a bit different than the normal winter coat and jeans combo that she tends to wear all the time, but Liberty wanted to be comfortable while she traveled and a big heavy fur coat was not the way to go, especially in Fiore’s warmer weather. Once she was done getting dressed, she grabbed her sack of belongings and headed out of the door to her room. The sack itself wasn’t actually that heavy, Liberty not having many things to call her own in the first place. With everything accounted for,Liberty made her way out of the inn that had been her home for quite some time.

So, you’re probably wondering: where is she going? Well, she had wondered what the city of Myras would hold for her in the future. There was no other reasoning besides that, one could call it some weird metaphysical force calling her there. On her way out of Oak city, she caught glimpses of the places she visited and the people that she’s interacted with, memories flooding her mind. She saw a statue, a familiar statue that she met a mysterious man named Zane. Though their meeting was short, she enjoyed it. Liberty had a feeling that the two would be meeting again in the future, though she had no idea how soon. It could honestly be months before they see each other again, but she’s hoping it’s sooner. This was mainly because their interaction was short because of her, having some plans that she had to tend to that ultimately fell through. Since that day she swore she’d make it up to him, whenever. From the edge of town she could see a castle in the distance, Castle Phantasm. In fact, one of the first jobs that she took was posted by a man that lived in that castle. Despite it’s ominous look, the people in that castle were actually quite nice and Liberty wouldn’t mind working for them again if given a chance.

Once she was done reminiscing, Liberty spun on her heel at the very edge of town and got one last look at the place. She spoke under her breath so that only she can hear, remembering a saying from back home: “Важно не то, как долго ты прожил, а как хорошо жил. (How well you live makes a difference, not how long.) She felt like this resonated with her current situation, how she was leaving a place she was familiar with for somewhere she thought would treat her better. Sure she was taking a risk, but it may all be worth it in the end.


Oak to Myras [Foot Travel] Signatureliberty

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