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Some Catching Up To Do [Sage]

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Some Catching Up To Do [Sage] Empty on Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:22 pm


Today was a meeting that seemed to have been destined for a while now. A young man, Amen'ra Belova to be exact, had decided to arrange a reunion with his lover and partner in crime; Sage. He'd known him for a while now and they'd been dating for about as long,  but business always pulled them from one another.

So with his body draped in typical a red button up and blue jeans, his black strands of midnight tied back into a small ponytail, he found himself now on a route to a cliff. It was a place kids used to sneak and gather around late at night back when they were just that, bringing drinks and beers from their parents cabinets and do troublesome things. Near the infamous view of Marigold, a small path lead to the oh so familiar clearing.

Personally the young man had only gone a few times with his small group childhood of friends, but even then the memories lasted a lifetime. A small woven basket in hand filled with a few flasks, two pork bento boxes and some snacks, the young man would set up the small area where they would be partaking in their first meeting. A red and white checkered cloth lain on the earth, and his body gently sitting onto it, they were quite a ways away from being disturbed and would finally have some peace.

Letting out a small sigh, Amen'ra waited for his companion to show now, arms back and straight to prop up his leaning form; looking up to the blue skies above. The clouds drifting slowly while his mind had done the same, why was he so nervous? It wasn't like this was the first time he'd ever seen him, yet it still felt like his pulse would jump through his chest.

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#2Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
Sage drew the curtain of his rent room to peek on the sky outside. The weather was perfect for a picnic, the sky calm light blue decorated by white fluffy clouds, casting on the town of magnolia and its green grassy fields with shades from the warm morning sun of summer. Sage was very excited as he had already planned with the love of his life to reunite again after so long on a beautiful cliff just outside town. He stood in front of a mirror, fixing the collar of his dark blue dress shirt, leaving a couple buttons open near the collar to leave some breathing air, especially that it was now summer and the weather tends to be hotter than usual. The sleeve of the shirt is pulled back a bit just below his elbow,revealing part of his arm. The shirt was accompanied by a fit cut khaki slacks and beige shoes to go along with it. His long white hair is combed in a side swept style, his left side of hair were let flowing gorgeously forward while his left were held backwards by a cute light blue clip. He smiled in the mirror, couldn't wait to show Amen'ra his beautiful look.

He made his way towards the cliff, in his left hand was a wooden basket, in it were containers of already cut fruits, watermelons, apples and grapes. There were homemade sandwiches of different variety, there were ham and cheese, scrambled eggs, and tuna, all of them having the right salad and sauces to add some taste to it. He also packed a potato salad that he made. The proportion of the food wasn't too much, as he knew Amen'ra would bring along some food as well.

When he arrived near the cliff, he blushed and smiled widely after seeing his lover. He noticed the different hairstyle and that red shirt was simply very attractive to the eye. His love seemed to be lost as he looked up in the sky. Sage took this chance to sneak behind him and give him a surprising kiss on the cheek. "Don't you look handsome?" he'd compliment. He sat on Amen'ra's right side, his hips dropping on one side and his feet laid on the other, his left hand supporting him by pressing on the cloth. "So how are you doing? Any exciting stories?" he'd ask with a cheeky smile while looking into Amen'ra's gorgeous hazel eyes.


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Eyes lost in the beautiful skies above, Amen'ra was caught in a dream like state. He'd been sitting in the same position for several minutes yet time was flying while he was lost in his own train of thought. That was until the feeling of soft pink lips gracing his cheek snapped him back, his eyes moving to Sage with a shock. His face seemingly frozen despite what Sage had said and he even watched him sit before him and ask if he'd had any exciting stories,

First there was silence, only for a moment as Amen'ra moved to his knees to look directly into his lovers eyes before pouncing on him like a lion. Tackling his playfully to the blanket and planting a deep kiss onto his lips, pulling back to have a tearful smile painted onto his features, He knew he'd missed the space time bender but seeing him now made those feelings even stronger.

"It's been so long and i've missed you so much! Let's never stay away from each other that long again." A hug now as he propped himself back onto his knees and helped Sage up into a seated position once more, chuckling now and blushing profusely.

"Not many stories to be honest, maybe some odd encounters here and there but nothing too interesting." His eyes still locked to Sages, he'd smile and tilt his head a bit. "I've been as good as you look right now, but what about you darling? Anything eventful to recant? Did you miss me as much as I missed you?"

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Sage Meilyr
Sage and Amen'ra had a moment, Sage looked into Amen'ra's hazel eyes, waiting for a response from his partner. He could understand that after so long of not seeing each other they couldn't help but appreciate each other features. Without warning, he was pounced on amd he couldn't help but giggle, amused by Amen'ra's childish and wild behavior. He placed his arms around Amen'ra before returning the affectionate kiss they had so long missed.

"I agree,"
Sage replied, staying apart for too long was just too much to bear. He took his partner's hand and with a little bit of a pull he was now sitting again. "Fuh, aren't you wild," he'd say before he laughed at his own comment. "Of course I miss you! Do you know how lonely I get at night?" he answered teasingly, before helping himself to a slice of apple. "I don't have anything much going on, things have been pretty slow.".

Things had been pretty slow, but then he remembered something, an event that wasn't a big deal but meant something to him, "Oh! There was actually a poem contest here in Magnolia and guess who's the winner~"  his tone more excited towards the end, looking at Amen'ra, waiting for his guess.

If Amen'ra hadn't guessed correctly, he'd simply say that it was him with a rather disappointing tone. Whether or not Amen'ra guessed correctly, he'd continue by reciting his poem, with a child-like excitement sparkling in his eyes, onlooking the sky above them,

"I seek for an inspiration,
so I climb up a beautiful mountain,
I observe the way of mother nature,
the way it set things into motion;

I wish for a wonderful life,
and not for damnation,
so i keep on seeking,
for my beautiful destination."

after he finished reciting the poem he looked back at Amen'ra with a wide smile, curious of how he would respond to his poem.


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Sage appreciated his lunge as openly as ever, and it was heartwarming to the man. Hearing his lovers laughter and even blushed when the powerful mage said he'd missed him at night, the same way he'd felt. Longing, yearning to be with the space warping love of his life. They both had been pretty busy as of late, and he wanted to hear even the tiniest details of Sage's time away from him; but he wouldn't pry.

"Ahhh music to my lonely ears." He mused, giving a small giggle and moving his head back to an upright position. Listening as Sage mentioned a poetry contest and bringing a slow smile to his face, a proud gleam in his amber eyes. "Well of course it was you!"

With that there was a recitation of the poem happening, each word sticking into the sun lord's ears. Attention all on Sage, who's body language screamed excitement and passionate, two of his sexiest traits that he could recall. There was silence that followed the poem before a tear would stream down Amen'ra's cheek as he smirked and gave Sage a peck on his lips and then cheek, hand daintily grasping his lovers cheek.

"That was absolutely beautiful... I love it... and I love you." With that he'd give a small giggle and move back take one more moment to stare into the eyes of his boyfriend, moving back to a seated position and sighing. His emotions were seemingly all over the place, but they were fueled by love, and he could accept that.

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