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Legends Rising - An In-Depth Pokemon RP

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#1Legends Rising 

Legends Rising - An In-Depth Pokemon RP Empty Thu May 28, 2020 1:46 pm

Legends Rising - An In-Depth Pokemon RP LRad

Check out Legends Rising!

  • Soft 100 word count means low pressure. While we prefer at least 100 words most of the time, you're allowed to go under, now and then, too!
  • Ten classes to choose from help make each character feel more unique. Become a Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, Nurse, Ranger, Researcher, Explorer, Farmer, Chef, or Criminal! Each class has a variety of unique perks!
  • Our skill system helps provide a sense of progression outside of just catching and training Pokemon. Become the strongest or fastest or most musically gifted trainer around through practice. We also allow Aura Users and Psychics!
  • Simple battle mechanics help keep things fair and completely eliminate the possibility for meta-gaming. All stats are equalized and can be custom built up in any way you want, meaning all Pokemon are equally viable partners. Evolution doesn't actually make Pokemon stronger on Legends Rising, stat-wise, though it may still offer advantages in move availability, etc. In other words, if you want to be like Ash and have the world's best Pikachu partner, or like Youngster Joey with a Top Percentage Rattata, you can!
  • Some recent updates include systems for Fishing, Cooking, Crafting, Secret Bases, and more, as well as greatly expanding our Farming system! Cook up dishes with unique effects, craft items that grant various buffs to put in your Secret Base, or even raise some non-Pokemon animals on your farm!
  • We're always looking to grow and have several plans for expansion in the future, so come check us out!

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