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Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Thu May 28, 2020 3:14 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Since there first meeting Priscilla still had her mind on Aura the fox woman, seeing the state she was in, Priscilla could not help but be worried about her yet again, So for once being worried about some one else that was not her own son or Vali. Being one to try avoid being attached to anyone, Priscilla seeking out and checking up on another would be strange, at least to one who did not know her well enough.

So she would use her nose to try and find her, the wonder sense of a werewolf nose was helpful in this case. At least Priscilla was smart enough to not really be standing still while trying to sniff out Aura.

Walking around Marigold, sniffing out a fox lady. Priscilla considered if she had to go back to the hiding places she found her to start with. So far Priscilla had no luck in which part of the city she was at.

Then again she found Aura more outside of it and hiding in farmers area,So she would slowly make her way there. Priscilla was worried, maybe she was too late trying to find the fox woman again was she captured again? Was Priscilla really gonna have to show Aura what she would do to people she was trying to protect, Priscilla was unsure if she wanted to break the image right away, if she had to kill people to ensure Aura was free Priscilla would with out a second thought.

For now leaving that out of her mind Priscilla would continue her search for the fox woman, she wanted to check up on her and see if there was anything else she could do to help her, Oddly harmless for some one who was known for more dangerous things.

#2Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sat May 30, 2020 6:58 pm

Aura Chou
Priscilla was seemlingly nice last time as she wondered where the girl was. Aura wanted to ask her a few questions and hopefully, she will learn more of the Fiorian language today. Her brown eyes wandered as not only did she want to find the woman, but also find a way to make money. She wanted to make money and get stronger, but the only way she knew how to was to dance and well... 'servitude'. Her long beautiful brown hair flowed with the wind behind her as she wore a light blue sundress that went to her knees. It felt soft like silk against her skin and the cool breeze kept it cool.

Her smile brightened the area as she felt happy to feel at least a little bit free. How long will it be before she felt hundred percent safe? It was unknown to her as her mind was naive when it came to anything else other than escaping, dancing and other stereotypical women things. Slowly, she twirled and went onto the street as maybe Priscilla was on the road today. She wasn't there, 'Maybe if I went back to my usual place?' she questioned as she took a sharp turn to the fields. Swirling as she skipped, Aura then spotted her. "Hai!~" She spoke happily in Joyan, but it sounded like a normal 'hey' to people.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sun May 31, 2020 1:45 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Would Priscilla consider this the end? was this failure of a different goal while she was out here that she did not expect. Did Priscilla actually fail to watch over some one else when she finally felt she got her hands on it. So far not seeing Aura was making her feel that way. Just as she turned away and started to think of somewhere else to go and check before giving up what she was doing entirely.

Priscilla entire focus as she turned around was not really her focusing on reality, Priscilla still looked like the rather serious type as she was when Aura first met her. Priscilla then heard what kind of broke her from that trance she seemed to be stuck in. The Greeting broke Priscilla's rather serious look as well, Priscilla would not really waste too much time heading over to whom she was seeking out.

It was an very interesting change Aura looked like she had became a completely new person, Even if her greeting was the voice she heard before. Priscilla must have missed Aura a few times or Priscilla was just good at hiding in plain sight then she first assumed, both seemed logical.

She would speak what was on her mind even if she knew Aura did not understand her."What a relief, You are okay and cleaned up."Not mentioned that after cleaning up Aura was rather pretty in Priscilla's mind. Aura sounded happy as well, This means everything was better then she first assumed. Then it was back to business then Priscilla wanted to continue to progress Aura's learning of the language here. She would also mention to her."I am happy to see you again."She hoped Aura understood that, Then again who know what has gone on since seeing one another.

#4Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sun May 31, 2020 9:52 pm

Aura Chou
She hasn't seen the woman in a few days, but during that time she has met a few men that weren't like her master at all. Was it because of the Country? Aura didn't believe they were all good, but no person is without a shadow. She felt clueless as to what shadow Aegis had as he seemed quite nice. She wanted to tell Priscilla about her adventure of nice people as they met again. Her brown golden eyes gazed at her with a smile. "Yes. Nice to see you again." She spoke slowly in Fiorian. Softly, she yawned as she had a nightmare last night about her time in Sin.

Lowkey, she wanted to see Ageis again as she was staying at their guildhall. It was interesting, but for now she will probably end up telling Priscilla everything. She played with the ends of her beautiful hair as she lowered her gaze, blushing. "I wish to tell you my adventures since we last spoke." Softly, she spoke as Aura didn't know where to start. Probably, they should start by walking somewhere to sit. A park maybe? Her head turned and wasn't sure on the direction of the park, but then she remembered that Masami showed her one. "Come.~" She instantly grabbed her hand and lead Pricilla to a park. Once they got there they were by a bench with a lake in front and two trees on each side of the bench. "We can talk here." She lastly spoke in her Joyan accent.

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:44 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed Aura was going to be the open one to Priscilla, Not that she minded really. When she let out her yawn Priscilla seemed to check Aura if she had enough sleep. Maybe she did not but Priscilla could fix that later if really needed.

She had to wonder why she was blushing, It was oddly cute however."You can tell me everything you want too, Dear I promise you I will listen."She was super interested to hear what the fox lady had gotten into. She hoped nothing too dangerous. Priscilla would love to assume this rather harmless woman who was just adjusting to a new life did not anything too horrible.

Maybe she was still adjusting to everything, To lower her gaze to Priscilla was kind of strange for her. For now Priscilla would not judge her. It was oddly nice being taken by the hand by some one else but if Aura was comfortable where she was taking Priscilla then that was fine with her.

Priscilla would slowly sit down and get comfortable."If you say so, Then we talk here."Priscilla seemed to smile about it, There was something about seeing Aura just doing this all by herself was oddly delightful to her. That Aura was doing this while most people found this strange for some one to adjust too, Priscilla knew it could be horrible hard to adjust too. What tales did the oh some wonderful woman have for a her, so much to know and to expand upon in such little time away. Hopefully it was not super horrible stuff that she managed to get into, But Priscilla assumed Aura was not that horrible to start with and just and only got some help somewhere and cleaned up to look as she did now.

#6Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 11:26 am

Aura Chou
Watching Priscilla sit down she wanted to start, but she waited for her to be ready. The area was clear of people as she then looked back at the red-haired woman. Her golden-brown eyes gazed at her with excitement. "I met people.~ A very nice man unlocked these." She lifted up her foot where her shackles were. It felt so nice, less heavy and so could run more freely. The chains were about 10-20 pounds per shackle. The scars were there, but they were light-colored due to the bath. "Man took me to the bath. His name was Aegis from Guild here." She slowly spoke as she tried to think of how to say words in Fiorian.

"He invited me to place to stay. It is very nice." She explained and smiled. "Met someone else who came from the same place as me." she explained. "He nice too, but I feel he is hiding things." She sounded sadder at that. Then she thought of steel who was adventurous. "The last one was fun. Climb trees and we talked a lot." She sat next to her with a plop. Her feet swayed up and down as her tail swayed left and right happily. She had a nice time here, but sometimes she wonders what was all out in Fiore. Was there more to see? Probably. The man was talking about war....

#7Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:55 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
These moment Priscilla started having faith in humanity and people as a hold even if small. With holding in her mind had Aura stayed around during their first meeting Priscilla would have freed her as well, Alas it was still problem solved, Thinking to herself, then again Priscilla knew very little of the guild that walked these lands, This could either a normal for them or a rarity for now Priscilla only just kept the name Aegis in mind, He would be the only one Priscilla would ever go out of her way to meet if it came to it.

Her ability to speak this language also had improved enough that normal conversation had gone well."Some people hiding things is not always so horrible, Some people carry things they often do not wish to speak about."with that Priscilla gave Aura a pat on the head because she felt sad, Continuing to listen away oddly having a nicer time then she ever thought she would. This was the other side of things she was never use to huh? what both of them were not use too, compassion and friendliness, Priscilla herself knew how to climb trees as well was a bit better then that."And I can say there is always more to see from these lands and as well as such kinder souls as them to meet."Priscilla would reflect upon what past her would think, finding all of this sickening for the most part, Oddly enough there was good sense of delight from this, Was this motherhood causing her to act this way? Or was it empathy? surely could be a mix of two."How wonderful for all such things to happen for you."Aura was in the right place at the right time so to think, being helped and save by various people.

#8Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:51 am

Aura Chou
Aura naively gazed at the sky while letting her legs move forward and back like as if she was on a swing. She was not sure as to what she should also bring up, but perhaps she should bring up the things about the bad things that happened here? Priscilla must know since she has a grasp of things here. Her eyes cornered as she stared at the red-haired beauty. Her ear twitched due to the tickling of the wind. It was a moment of silence as her body felt the warmth of the sun. She clenched her hands against each side of her as she waited patiently.

"Was. There war?" She wondered with a small pause. "One man spoke of war and tragedies here.". The naive girl wondered things here as she maybe could learn more words during this conversation. There were also things she wondered as well, but maybe she could ask Priscilla for money or at least help. A point of direction will do. People here seemed to love money as everything cost. Her golden-brown eyes then looked forward to watching people walk around enjoying their own time. She waited for the woman to answer. While she did, she thought of other questions she may ask in the future or soon.

#9Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:55 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
That question always had a simple answer."There has been before, many parts of these lands if had wars and conflict before."Priscilla mentioned as rather straight forward as she could."Some lands are peaceful but none are free of problems." At least with Priscilla she was around a woman who would not lie to her, Reality was grim for many souls.

Hopefully Aura would not have to worry about that as much here, She was much better here with what Priscilla first saw of her."But you are fine, You will not have to worry about the conflicts that could exist if they happen."Was it a lie? not entirely Aura could be a lucky fox and find the right people to avoid any troubles and be safe from them.

Priscilla was wondering if Aura would attach worry to herself too much. Priscilla seemed to watch the people walking back just as much as Aura did."This world is equally as beautiful as it is ugly."Priscilla wanted to try and point out that it was a two sided coin no matter where people where both good and bad things happen in life."We make the moment we hold on to that are beautiful."Damn Motherhood made Priscilla's mind a lot more open, in some ways a lot more caring too.

Did Priscilla confuse her too much? hopefully not."It is interesting how it can all work."Priscilla would not admit upfront, But there was a comfort in having Aura around and being friends with her. Priscilla was starting to feel a bit bitter with out being around her son, Priscilla was debating if he was becoming a terrible mother or not at this point, After all she had no guide for it at all only going off of her own feeling of what was right.

#10Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Fri Jun 05, 2020 1:49 pm

Aura Chou
She wondered something more as she felt some weird feeling. Heard a darkened voice and maybe she will know. Her eyes cornered to look at her with an uneasy smile. "I wondered something." She spoke slowly in her Joyan accent. "I heard a voice in my head; dark and wanted me to do stuff I did not understand." She sounded worrisome as she was not sure what it wanted from her and what was she doing towards Aegis when it happened. She remembered something felt warm and her body felt like she wanted to attach herself to him.

She barely knew him. He was kind for sure, but that feeling was not felt towards the other two people she spoke to. Well, not exactly it, but an uneasy feeling of desire felt rather strong. It was like she wanted to keep them all to herself. "I do not hear it any longer, but I do not feel that feeling towards you either. Only those." She was obviously talking about the men. All the people she met besides her were male. It was strange that she seemed to only meet only men after her. Slowly, Aura played with her hair as she was not sure about how to take what info she might get.

#11Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sat Jun 06, 2020 7:24 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed the moment of quietly would linger for a bit, not that Priscilla minded quiet, She in fact desired to be able to lay with her son in these areas in the quiet and lay have that time alone for a few hours. She would raise an eyebrow over that."Oh?"Hearing voices in your own head was a dangerous things, Priscilla knew that one well."Hopefully that voice did not cause you do things you did not want too."Priscilla would remark at first.

Priscilla kind of keep that in mind because a mind trying to influence another is no one Priscilla generally wanted to hear of."It is maybe to the benefit for now that you could not understand it, I am curious however what was said..."Priscilla seemed kind of worry about that part, That or she was being protective of Aura like she would to her own son.

So Priscilla would just put one of her arms around Aura and guide her head to rest on Priscilla's shoulder."If you have some one you are unsure or scare of. Or scared in general, come find me if you need a place to hide."Priscilla was making sure that part was mentioned, She had her goals now Aura was added into it, if this red headed werewolf needed to take in a fox lady while she was living quietly with her son, So be it no on would stop her."That is a promise from me."

Was this helpful? maybe was it needed? that was unsure but Priscilla made sure that was mentioned to her to ensure she knew at least."Do you need anything Aura?"Priscilla would also ask just in case while she was on her almost internal check list of things to make sure of.

#12Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sat Jun 06, 2020 9:17 pm

Aura Chou
Aura was not sure how to ask the woman for money. It seemed rude and perhaps a little desperate. If she was going to be honest, she was a little desperate for money. She tried one job, but it did not do very much. She yawned and leaned back on the bench. Her eyes gazed at the sky as she listened to her speak. She knew voices were not that good. She wondered though if this voice was good though or perhaps it was just her inner self that she never knew. She never really got to experience things like desires, other than freedom. All she knew as surviving and dancing.

"I wonder about the money. How and if you could help me. If not loan than the help gets." She looked at Pricilla straight into her eyes as she was clueless as to what friendship even meant. Most friendships were strong to where they will help you with your needs and some were just there when they feel like it. It was confusing, friendship as this day was being played. She wanted to become stronger and be able to protect herself when her master comes to find her. The images haunted her well...

#13Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:36 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It turned to that then again it was not something Priscilla really did not worry about being asked about, Money is something everyone living as they did needed. Priscilla had a different way to go about this."How much do you need?"Which was the main thing, was it a large sum or a small one? that answer only really be generally minor to Priscilla, She just wanted to know over all to figure out how much she had on her. Everything would lead up to various things that Priscilla would want to do to make Aura be able to stand on her own, Just as long as Aura did not abuse it intentionally but Priscilla doubted Aura knew what that was.

Was Priscilla really giving into the charm of an innocent fox girl and how she was a fairly pretty woman despite where starting in these lands. Priscilla worked different depending on a person if Aura wanted money Priscilla wanted in return most likely something Aura would not expect such an answer."It will not be a loan either, Loan's are not something I favor even if I have dealt with settling  people loans."Priscilla would not expand on that she did not need to know that.

What in return Priscilla would say."In return, All I ask of you is you visit me and give me updates on your life, good or bad I will want to know."Priscilla mentioned to start with as well as."I may as you for something small every once and a while as well. But nothing that will put you at risk or danger."Priscilla seemed to have better wishes for Aura she would like to think anyway, but that always mattered to how each person viewed it, Aura was not gonna be in debt to Priscilla.

#14Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:52 pm

Aura Chou
Priscilla was asking about how much she wanted. She was never asked that before. Aura assumed that if she was going to give her money that she will make up her own amount. She does not know how much she wanted. She also does not know how much she will need. For now, she has no idea what she wanted. That was not specifically true, but when it came to the money she does not know. The woman claimed it would not be a load, but just her giving it to her. It was like a gift then? Her eyes looked away awkwardly as she did not know how to take it.

All she wanted in return was the stories of her life as she came by to visit her somehow. How will she get through to her though if she could not find her? They will most likely go their separate ways someday. "H-how will I find you if we go separate ways?" She wondered innocently. Her eyes looked at her red ones as she was like a confused little girl. She was far from it, but it was all because of her caged life of being a slave that she did not understand things.

#15Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:00 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Then remembering who she was talking to and it snapped back into her mind she had no idea the amount and what that meant Priscilla tried to think of a way around it it to have her just fake cough and mention."No worry I have money to spare." She would be sure of it anyway. Money was not horribly hard for Priscilla to get or find."I will get some money for you."For now she was comfortable in her spot and not really moving for once in her life she was feeling lazy, Maybe just being content was not that horrible.

It was a good question.Priscilla had a few things in mind that would keep that question at ease."I will not be hard to fine if I am in the same area."She started off by mentioning."I have friends everywhere, who will to let you know where I am."Priscilla had will trusted letter carriers and scouts. Priscilla had one exact in mind, one she trust.

"As well willing to mention anything you need or unsure about as well."Priscilla had some one in mind she would trust with these situation. Priscilla would have to get them both to meet that would happen eventually when she to the word to her."I will also make sure, that anyone who will be dropping off any i am giving to you or letting you know where i am. Will have a sign in some way to show you it is from me."That was her plan, she had way to get it to work and she would make sure it worked.

Priscilla was trying her best to come up with simple ways, to keep things pretty simple for Aura while keeping everything a bit private for Aura to learn and keep Priscilla updated as well as not be risked by anyone who would try and take her."I will make sure you know where I am. Consider it a promise."A casual remark for her, but for Priscilla promise meant a lot. Priscilla would pet Aura on the head kind of as a sign it was okay and of comfortable as well.

#16Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:09 pm

Aura Chou
She tried to understand all that she was saying to her. She got that she will be able to find her, but what was the rest of that? Her mind was writing down about the money thing and finding her part. Her mind was pretty cloudy as she then gazed at the sky. She felt that maybe she should see if she could be shown around here. There should be good places here. Her nine tails swayed as she stood up. Her hands clapped happily. "Can you show me around?" she wondered, speaking slowly and motioning her head as she does so.

"Saw bath place, park, and fields." She listed down the three places she has been shown as if she was a child. It was pretty simple, but there were sure to be places here. She did not want to find them on her own though. She feared that she will get herself somewhere she will regret. 'Chaos is quite tasteful though.' She randomly heard the voice again, widening her eyes as if she was shocked. "Who are you?" She questioned out loud. She looked like she was going crazy, but she really was hearing this voice! Her long hair twirled with her as she swirled around as if she was lost. Her pretty eyes blinked a few times and sighed, plopping onto the bench. They only speak once in awhile... what are they?

#17Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Wed Jun 10, 2020 5:40 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
She wanted to go seemed easy to agree too."Very well then, Let us go see the city of Marigold."Priscilla was going to give what she said she would to Aura during the walk since they were no longer just sitting down. Most likely it would be a rather nice and casual walk that could lead to other places if Aura really wanted to go some where, At this point Priscilla assumed she was just gonna end up taking her new friend some where fun and it would be, Different much different of a feeling almost as equal to becoming a mother.

With the shift Priscilla stopped for a moment when Aura sat back down Priscilla would then kneel down for a moment, placing her index finger lightly upon Aura's chin. Priscilla looking at Aura's eyes, Trying to pick up if anything was different than what she remembered. Before anything else Priscilla simply asked."Do you know where we are Dear?"first question she asked making sure Aura recalled the moments before this happen."Do you know who I am?"If Aura replied with confused while still know who she was then Priscilla would know she is fine.

Priscilla was going off of experiences of blanking out when she was turn into what she had been when she saw blood, a fiend wanting more blood in front of her and more suffering, Such times she would recall not remembering where she was afterwards or what she had done before hand, It had happen a few times. After her check over, Priscilla just then quietly went and took a seat next to Aura and let her choose when she was ready to move on."What place would you like to go first?"It was a good and distracting question.

#18Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Wed Jun 10, 2020 8:22 pm

Aura Chou
Aura heard the voice of the unknown as it sounded feminine. She slowly itched the side of her head as she then looked at Priscilla with her half attention. She was seeing if she was fully here or if something was up. Aura did not want to tell the red woman about the voice she was hearing just now so she nodded towards whatever she just said. Once they were both ready she twirled happily and held both of her own hands behind her. "Drinks? What is a bar?" She wondered curiously in her slow-motion type of tone. She heard stories from people within Joyan about bars.

She heard good and bad things, but what were they? She danced about and wondered, "Do they like to dance?" She wondered happily. Adventures seem exciting and finding out about these bars was a new chapter for such a thing. Her tails swayed happily as she then looked pleading. "Pl.. please?" She questioned if that was the right words as well as asking nicely. She wondered if it was as wild as the stories. There were suppose to be what people called alcohol and good nice food that had some texture called grease. Did it feel nice? She was hyped.

#19Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:34 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla for now, Would be settled in her worry for her. Maybe that was still just motherhood in reflection for caring for other she had grow attach too when they where not exactly seemingly normal. It was now time to consider how to explain bars to her."They are a place where people go to:Drink, Eat, Talk and meet new people."It was the best way to explain it.

It was just the basic of it she would explain a few more things that could go on there. Priscilla had a few tales that once Aura understood more details of this language she could talk about, catching people in the moment, kidnappings or attempted ones, Various men getting slapped and rejected. There was a lot to talk about.

She would answer her question quickly."Yes Aura, they do."Priscilla had seen various dances, it was one of few things she never learned herself, But if she learned she most likely would have used it to sneak in a few easy kills she might have needed to do in the past, Thinking about it now Priscilla should have learned dancing there was a lot of easier options for a few targets of hers.

After asking nicely Aura was seemingly super delight with the thought of going to a bar. Did motherly Priscilla disagree with this? kind of who knows what would happen to her. Actual Priscilla did not mind she would just make sure no one left Aura in uncomfortable or tried anything horrible to her."Alright then let us go."Priscilla mention getting up from the bench already being ready to go. She would not try to control what Aura did in a bar. she did ponder however if she should get rid of the cape and change outfits to seem less intimating looking.

#20Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:26 pm

Aura Chou
Priscilla seemed to have agreed to take her to what people called 'the bar'. She has never been to such a place and even if it does not turn out all grand - it was something new she has done. Aura slowly combed her long beautiful hair with her long soft fingers and smiled happily with a nod. With the last comb of her fingers, she flipped her hair fabulously and started to walk with her friend. Where this place was, she did not know. What the place looked like inside and outside, Aura did not know either. The people gazed at Aura with a deranged look as she hid behind Priscilla. A part of her felt as if she did not know why they were looking at her, but the other part of her felt like they were judging her for something. Maybe it was because of her tails?

She did not look like anyone around here. The most she has seen when it came to being a non-human was the lich, Aegis, but he seemed to be cared about. His guild place was here and the people there did not pay much attention to him nor her. She followed the red-head to the bar and once they were inside or by the door, she slowly walked in the gaze around.

#21Priscilla Ivalice 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:53 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Even if they stared at Aura, like the scared soul she was Priscilla would not like a single person touch her, If they tried they had a some one like her to go through if she had to defend of help Aura, Part of her wanted Aura to learn and managed by herself, Priscilla know that would come in time.

Maybe they were also looking are Priscilla as well, She did stand out a fair bit too. A large red cape, her  outfit made her a bit different then most of the people in the public around them, Not that it was a huge problem for Priscilla, It was her going along with being the opposite of how she use to do.

It was a delightful walk as well, even if people were staring, Then again it better they stared at either of them judging them off of looks, Rather then Priscilla just out right slaughtering a few people in public like they could stare and judge as well be left in fear, That was just Priscilla pondering in general.

Priscilla would even hold door for Aura. Letting her explore and get exploring, while Priscilla would wait for Aura letting her gaze at the bar, She would then find a place for them both to sit down."Come dear, Let us sit down and you can experience what a bar is like." Priscilla said while she was folding up her cape then sitting down in what would be there spot, no doubt people would either start looking at them, Just Aura or Just Priscilla. maybe some one would get brave enough to to talk to either of them, It was all a pretty interesting wonder for a time that was just starting, Leaving to wonder would Aura dance? would Priscilla try too? Would Priscilla would to break a people? many many things to wonder.

#22Aura Chou 

Sniffing Out The Friendly Fox.(Aura) Empty on Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:12 pm

Aura Chou
They started to walk together as she stood by close. She was not so scared of how people looked at her, but more of what they were thinking. She could remember when the men gazed at her in Joya as she was like some trophy to be owned yet the only one who owned her was her master at the time. She remembered the stench of each and everyone of them that gazed at her, judged her and wanted to own her for themselves. All she wanted at the time was to feel something, feel loved as she never got to experience such a thing.

She watched sometimes as she walked alongside the road with the other slaves; couples that walked alongside each other, kissed and hugged, but logically and in meta she didn't know what a kiss or any of that was. She felt like she did not deserve it and most of the time she yearned it as if there was nothing else she wanted. She placed a hand on her heart as she thought about it, about him. It was a funny feeling yet it was gone as soon as they got to the door of the bar. Her eyes mirrored the area.

#23Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla watched on as she normally would do for Aura, as she walked in slowly and around. Aura still seemed to be trying to adjust to the situation around her. Priscilla would get comfortable in her chair and consider what she wanted to drink. Was Aura just stuck in her mind internally? So Priscilla would get out of her chair and Aura would slowly sit in place, Priscilla seemed less worried when Aura did finally join her.

Priscilla then would consider just reach over and pat Aura on the head."Are you okay dear?"Priscilla was checking in on Aura to make sure she was not feeling overwhelmed, Priscilla had a feeling that would be a risk and was being sure she was handling herself okay.

How motherly of her, some could wonder what if she was around her son. Eventually Priscilla would simply get them both a glass of water to start with, Priscilla might not want to get them to start drinking, She was unsure if that would do anything that was positive to the situation. But at least the glasses of water would be a good starting point for Aura, It would eventually lead to something else hopefully.

Hopefully Aura would try to fit in with Priscilla with her, if anything with it being how it was now, It was a rather good stepping stone."Well, We are here, So far it is pretty calm."Priscilla would also note to be more of an assurance to Aura. Then again people had free will thus, Anything could happen at any moment, Priscilla was waiting to see if anyone would make a move that would seem horribly negative and dangerous. Picking up her glass casually and taking a sip of water. Priscilla was just fitting into the group that was currently in this bar.

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Aura Chou
She followed into the bar to see many people. Some gazed at her with thirsty eyes and some just watched, nodded and continued on with what they were doing. She looked back at Priscilla as she was waiting for maybe for them to do something other than stand at the doorway. What came up next was pretty practical as they went to find some seating. "Menu?" She wondered. What Aura did not know is that there were mainly only alcohol drinks, but she did not mind either way. The fact is that she should probably adventure and experience things, even if they may turn out negative.

She lifted her hand like she was taught and then pounded the table like the sailors taught her. "Drink please. Strongest and fruity?" She questioned as if she was not sure what she was talking about, but in a way she did not mind that either. She was surrounded by drinkers for most of her life. Not only on the ship that was on their way here, but also from her master who also drank a lot. Once the man came over with their drink, he looked at Aura with awe as her beauty and mythical body was new to most people. Not every day you would see a nine tailed fox.

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Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed if anything, The situation changed far more then Priscilla would consider. it seemed Priscilla plans to make it simple and easy to start with was already going down hill, not horribly mind you. Priscilla could salvage the situation which was good. Making sure at least Aura had some water or food between drinks. Priscilla even if internally did not seem super shocked about what happen. After taking a sip of water Priscilla would actually say something, letting out a light hearted chuckle."Aura my dear, Do you know what to expect drinking that?"She would make sure, Priscilla had a feeling she was reflecting something she once heard.

Making sure Aura still knew at least she had a glass of water by placing one next to Aura and her now choice of drink as well. But since this started Priscilla figured she would ask for something to drink as well in that manner."Very well then..."Priscilla thought remembering a drink she missed when she was a vastly different person."Get me a Bloody Mary."Priscilla knew other grim sounding drinks like the Grim Reaper. it was one she enjoyed as well.

They seemed to settle in nicely and Priscilla if anything had no single worry in her mind as well. No was trying anything to Aura, No one was giving her any funny looks, No one looked like they would try anything stupid. That or Priscilla was being paranoid when she could be trying to relax more, Nonetheless when her Bloody Mary arrived Priscilla took it with her right hand and slowly started her drink enjoyment.

She then would set her drink down and wait for Aura to finally try hers to see what would happen, Part of her assumed it might not be good for Aura to just stare at it anyway.

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