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Magnolia to Myras [Travel]

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Magnolia to Myras [Travel] Empty Thu May 28, 2020 1:16 am


It was time to leave Magnolia after all. Kaiser’s business in the city was finished and it was time to carry out the plan she had had since after the big guild tourney. She had packed her things the night before and was off to her next destination. Her plan was to meet the leader of the Blue Pegasus guild, the one that had defeated Venus in the tournament. Before that, Kaiser was pretty sure that there was noone in the country who could possibly defeat her redheaded guildmate. She was on a completely different level and there was no competition there. Or so she thought. But with the most recent knowledge she had acquired about the competition, she drew up a plan to meet with her and talk to the competition face to face.

Kaiser was very ambitious, and she had already thought about the benefits that could come out of this meeting for her guild. Of course, that was if the leader of the guild, now known to her as Alisa Vollan would accept her proposal. She wondered if the leader of such a renown guild would even know of her, or her guild. Blue Pegasus had been around for...forever. It would not come as a surprise to her if Alisa was not aware of her or Daeva Eye. Although Kaiser was sure that among the guilds that were formed around the end of the last quarter, Daeva was probably one of the most successful ones, if not the one that was most successful.

With Pabu perched on her shoulder as usual, the vampire mounted her magnificent wyvern and commanded her to head south. From her research about the other guildmistress, Kaiser found out that she had left her guild’s home base that was Hargeon and was headed to the mountain city in the same region that was known as Myras City.

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