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Dear you [Leika]

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Dear you [Leika] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:35 pm


Her head was thinking of lyrics as she hummed them. The time was going faster as the pie was being baked. Constantly though she kept feeling something. It was like darkness watching, looming within the shadows waiting for her to mess up. Was it towards Ana? Kuri? Herself? They all have cheated death in one way or another. Experimenting was apart of them and now she was befriending someone who was experimented on. Kurisa was apart of both - being the prey and the victim. She licked her teeth as she thought of the things that have happened as if she was being in defensive mode.

Her mind was in a loop until she heard a cough from Momo. "Hmm?" She wondered and cornered her lilac eyes. "Need your assistance with this one." She sighed in a motherly way as she made a small smile. The girl seemed to be having bad dreams, most likely her past with whatever she went through. Slowly, she approached Leika and kneeled by her. "Food is about ready, time to wake up.~" She soothingly spoke as she played with strands of her hair softly. She watched out in case she would make any moves out of instict. She knew better since she has done worse to people who dared to wake her up from her slumber.

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Leika Earthe
It was wise of the angel to be cautious as she awoke the nightmare inflicted demi-human. The feeling of the woman caressing her hair, her gentle voice rousing her from her slumber, combined with the shock of the abuse she was mentally reliving caused Leika to wake with a jolt and viciously attack the angel with a few swings of her arms, her legs kicking the woman away. She squealed and whimpered in panic for about 5 minutes before realizing where she was.

Her tail was twitching wildly the entire time, her heart beating out of her chest at such a rate Kurisa herself could most likely hear it. Her red eyes were wide and wild as they took in their surroundings, glancing around for the source of her nightmares. Her breathing was quick and labored as she was slowly brought down from her panic attack, eventually taking deep inhales and releasing strained sighs at the effort to calm down.

"Where is Leika? Where is bad people?" She looked around frantically before remembering she was safe at a hotel with a friend. Bolt watched with concern on his face as tears filled the terrified and traumatized girl's eyes. She grabbed onto Kurisa without warning and buried her face into her shoulder as she cried.

She never cried like this before. I mean, she cried during her time as a lab rat, but she never had anyone there to comfort and care for her. So, in the arms of an angel, she let it all out. The tears flowed freely as she trembled and her shoulders shook violently with each sob. All she could think about were the experiments, the abuse, the pain. She wanted it to go away, but every time she went to sleep she was there again.

When would the pain end?

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Kurisa waited for Lei to respond, but so far she did not get anything from her. It took a little bit for her to then react like some people with bad reflexes. Some people get punched, kicked, or even killed waking some people up. She remembered killing a man a long time ago as Kuriana when someone walked into her room to wake her up. It turned out that they were an intruder, but that did not really matter at this moment. Lei just tried to kick and hit like some child in a nightmare which was honestly about this same case.

Once she finally realized where she was she looked at her sheepishly. "Food is done." A small smile appeared on Kuri's face as she then felt her cry on her shoulder. It felt weird. Her emotions were numb at the moment as she was not sure how to react. She never had someone cry on her shoulder, no one relied on her before as she - herself was always alone most of her life. Sure she had a love life, but he was always gone. It was like they weren't even a couple. She had Alisa, but they rarely saw each other. There were so many people she had, but she felt unsure on how to react and feel. Slowly, Kurisa uneasily patted Lei's back like she saw in some emotional movie. "I-I'm here, don't worry..." She whispered motherly.

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Leika Earthe
After a few minutes of getting the pent up pain snd emotional trauma out of her system, she looked up at Kurisa. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, her hair a mess from her nap, and she shook with light raspy sobs. Her ears drooped slightly in confusion and discomfort at the situation. No one ever comforted her before, so this was as new to her as it was to Kuri. Unsure how to react or what to say, she moved out of the angel's arms and instinctively began to brush and groom her magnificent tail. This seemed to be a calming mechanism that made the young lady happy.

Bolt was relieved that Leika was safe, and was hungry himself and hoped Kuri made food for him too. Otherwise, he'd have to finish eating the room's decor. He looked around at the damage he had already caused. There wasn't much left unless he eats the bed next. Was it even real leaves? He wasn't sure, he was just hungry.

So was Leika as her stomach rumbled. She blinked, ears twitching as she looked at Kurisa with curiosity. "Food?" It was simple but got the point across easily enough. She was obviously hungry based on the noises coming from her stomach. Closer inspection would also reveal the fact she was severely underweight. Her ribs were visible, as she was once again naked from her pool dip earlier. She was still a bit wet as well, having not dried herself off.

Without warning, Leika got on her hands and knees and shook herself dry much like a dog, water spraying around the room and splashing Bolt and Kurisa. Offering no apology, the now (mostly dry) wolf-girl stood up and waited to follow Kuri into the kitchen for her meal. She smiled innocently, tail wagging like a puppy begging for scraps.

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Her eyes watched the girl go back to normal when it came to her emotional state. Her mental state was still uneasy, but the fact that she was happy was enough. Kuri studied her as she was all perky about food being ready for her to eat. Kurisa walked towards the food to grab some plates and silverware. The girl probably used some sort of silverware while chained, caged and etc. as they force-fed their people. She knew some scientists and some of them even like watching their subjects eating with random stuff. It was some sort of high they got when watching others do certain things.

Slowly, she cut the apple pie and put it on a plate as well as some other foods that she may have an interest in. She turned over to get some fresh watered vegetables for her Zebra looking thing and put it in a bowl to put down on the floor. "There you are." She spoke to him and then grabbed her own plate as well as Lei's to walk towards the patio. "Let us eat outside.". When she shook the water off her fur, it didn't make her wet at all. It magically just disappears as soon as it hits her skin. Once she put it on the table, she patted the seat next to her to sit. It was a woven sofa with beautiful comfortable cushions.

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Leika Earthe
The girl watched with intrigue as Kurisa set up the table with plates and silverware. She was vaguely familiar with silverware but didn't care to use it. It reminded her of being force-fed scraps and abused when doing something incorrectly. However, the fear of punishment also kicked in driving her survival instincts. As Kurisa called her to her seat, she climbed onto the sofa, sitting like an animal instead of putting her legs down like a person. She gingerly sniffed at her food and examined the silverware.

Bolt brayed happily at Kurisa and he began to cheerfully indulge in the bowl of veggies the angel had prepared for him. Leika watched Bolt eat, and then sniffed at her plate of food and poked the apple pie curiously. Her ears twitched and pricked as her tail swished from side to side behind her. She gingerly picked up a piece of her food, unsure what it was. She put it in her mouth slowly, her ears twitching as she ate it.

Her ears pricked up and she leaned across the table grabbing everything with her bare hands and stuffing it into her mouth, making a right mess of the table. Her but was in the air, tail swaying two and fro as she chowed down on her meal. After finishing the meal itself, she examined the apple pie. It smelled familiar. She took a bite and her red eyes sparkled in delight.

She sat down, holding the pie in both hands as she chowed down on it, nomming on it like a kid with an oversized sucker. Her tail wagged in the air as she enjoyed every last bite of the pie. She then looked around the table and looked at Kuri. "More?" She questioned, still hungry.

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Kurisa slowly ate her food as she thought of her own pitiful loneliness. Her eyes watched Lei as she was enjoying her food, making her feel happy yet she couldn't really show it. Her lips were expressionless while only her eyes shined. She was not much for apple pie so when she asked for more, she scooted her plate over to her. She didn't feel like eating as much as of today. The thoughts of despair and her true feelings were devouring her insides in a non-literal term. Her hunger, what once was was no longer there. Her ears listened to what appeared as the clouds were doing the crying for her.

The pouring rain hit the shackles on the roof making musical notes of its own to appease the ears. Was gaining power all she was good for? Maybe her love life wasn't one at all. Her mind was being eaten up slowly as she was destroying herself. She was her own worst enemy. Kurisa stood up to get Lei some more as she most likely wanted more. The girl seemed to really enjoy it, but she also wanted to make sure she did not give her too much. There was the case of eating too much. She put another piece of pie and some kabobs on the plate for her with some tea. "Drink this. It will make your stomach feel better while you eat." She spoke calmly. It was not this girl's fault for how she was feeling. the fact that she was in the middle of this was unknown, but she wondered on what the girl will want to do next. "Well, I have another surprise for you when it's dark time, but till then.. What would you like to do?" she wondered.

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Leika Earthe
"Thank you!"

The wolf-hybrid had remembered what Kuri taught her earlier as she accepted the pie without much thought as to Kurisa's problems. She had her own thoughts and memories and tended to be oblivious to everyone else. Since being freed, she looked and wondered why she had yet to meet another like herself. Maybe she was the only one of her kind in existence. After all, she wasn't conceived nor born naturally. She was a freak, an experiment, a toy to be used and abused until broken and tossed aside. She wasn't even sure why they had created her. What was her purpose in life? Was she here to be alone? A miserable outcast?

Her ears drooped slightly as she ate her apple pie. It was delicious, though her mind was plagued by thoughts and memories of depressing times and circumstances. Her tail swished idly as she finished the pie. Before she could ask for more, Kurisa had already slid her another piece. She graciously ate the pie, her ears twitching as she got bits of pie on her face and hands. As she finished eating, she licked her fingers and hands.

Drink this. It will make your stomach feel better while you eat.

Leika looked at the glass of tea and sniffed it curiously. She had only ever drunk water and was confused by this new substance. Gingerly she picked up the glass with both hands and put it to her lips, consuming the dark-colored liquid. It was surprisingly delicious as she downed the remains of the glass, dribbling some down her chin and chest. She then sat the empty glass down and finished her pie. Now full, she let out a satisfied burp, lacking any sense in manners after doing so!

Well, I have another surprise for you when it's dark time, but till then. What would you like to do?

"Surprise?" She repeated curiously, her head tilting to the side as her tail swished. "Leika wants surprise now!" she demanded, ears twitching. She had no knowledge of asking politely or using the word please, she only just barely comprehended thank you, after all. She was a long way from civil.

Bolt, in the meantime, finished his bowl of veggies and went to take a nap on the banana leaf bed.

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Kurisa watched the girl eat as she wondered if she was going to drink the tea, which she ended up doing so. It was really good for the health and since Lei was eating fast, it was perfect. She wondered about something as she was truly thinking. What if she did something more with this life before she died to go onto the next? She was not quite sure on what just yet, but it was a start. The girl was impatient when it came to the surprise as she ordered it. There were somethings that Kurisa did not accept. One was cheating/unfaithful and the other was being ordered to do something.

She calmly spoke to the girl though. "Now Leika, when someone is doing something nice for you - you can't order around. People do not like that at all." She motioned her pointer finger left and right in a no-no motion. Kurisa smiled sweetly and saw what time it was. It was not quite there yet. So in the meantime, she stood up and walked towards the balcony they had at the top of the hotel itself. "Follow me.~" She spoke sweetly. Once Leika agreed to follow she lead her to the roof where it had cushion floor seating on a beautiful rug. on the sides were long fountains with greenery on each side of it with flowers and brushes. It lead to the seating as they had the view of the whole entire city. The sky was dark as the stars appeared.

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Leika Earthe
It appeared Leika had a lot to learn about social scenarios. Thankfully, the angel was forgiving and kind of the wolf's ignorance. Her ears drooped slightly as she realized 'now' was not a word used to get what she wanted. This confused her as the humans in white clothes constantly said now to her and each other and always got what they wanted when doing so. Maybe it only applied to bad people? Her ear flicked and she stood up from the table stretching her arms and tail in different directions, a yawn escaping her mouth.

She looked at Kurisa with confusion for why she had scolded her, albeit gently. She still wasn't entirely sure what she did wrong, or why what she did was wrong. She only knew Kurisa wasn't pleased with her demanding something now. Maybe it was her tone, or maybe 'now' was a bad word. She didn't have long to dwell on this, however, before the angel headed up a staircase and beckoned the wolf-woman follow her.

She followed Kurisa timidly up the stairs. They felt strange under her bare feet. She wasn't used to climbing stairs, and this was kind of scary. Still, she followed wondering where they were going. Bolt grabbed her clothes in his mouth, as she forgot them again, and followed the women.

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Kurisa closed her eyes as she rested against the sofa made of woven plastic, but the cushions were filled with plushy cotton and feathers. There were garden beds as well if it was not good enough for Lei. "Come Lei. Lay or sit. Either way, you should watch the sky.~" She spoke sweetly as she watched the stars. She wondered if they even let her see the stars at all while she was all caged up. She remembered as Kuri when she lived at the experimental facility. All she had were the stars and the children that were experimented on. It felt like it was not long ago.

Soon enough she heard a burst. The sky was lit up with colors and shapes. Flowers, hearts, and other beautiful designs. They were in all sorts of colors. She postured in a way so she could let Leika sit close to her if needed for comfort. Some people had hard to adjust to new things. Since fireworks were loud, some get scared and some just sit there in awe. Kurisa was not sure which one Leika would be. A sad part of her own self-being is that she someday wishes that she will be sitting here with someone she will live and will love her back. Maybe it could even be children.


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Three men show up and explain the situation.

Thanks for accepting our request. Our leader, Danno Minamota, is currently busy taking down a few of the enemy groups by himself after witnessing them beating up the elderly to death. We are Danno's closest followers. Normally, we would be too proud to ask for assistance, but Danno has explained to us that we cannot continue without outside assistance. We would need one more person to complete the tasks all at the same time.

The three men leave after explaining the situation.

Note: In order to make it more interesting, pretend that the boss of each enemy faction is at least twice as strong as you are. That is why you would not be able to defeat them by yourself and require the other person here to defeat them together.

You two must explain the situation to the third person in a new topic. After that, the three of you may create a topic at the Crimson Quarter titled Oga's Demise etc. while completing your tasks. After the task has been completed the three of you must meet again to discuss what has happened along with your thoughts on the guys you worked with.

Sadao Shinsato

Name: Sadao Shinsato

Role: Sadao Shinsato, also known as the Serpent's Fangs, is the enforcer of the guild. Sadao's parents died from getting addicted to cheap medicine because it was laced. He was still a child when they passed away, thus he had to find his own way on the streets after that. He used to be quite violent but turned around after meeting Danno. Danno made him realize that he was frustrated because he grew up without a family. This allowed Sadao to place his focus on ensuring that other children from poorer families did not end up the same. Therefore, he wants to personally deal with Oga.


Oga's Demise - Crimson Quarter (1500 words): Sadao has been tasked with taking down Oga and his Black Hands guild. Oga became active in Hosenka a few years ago and managed to thrive due to the backing from certain Joyan guilds. Oga became Danno's target after he realized that Oga sold laced medicine to poorer families to get them addicted to drugs.

  • Someone from Daeva Eye must stand watch at the Crimson Quarter all night and observe Oga's drugstore.

  • Give a signal to Sadao when the last customer has left the store. Sadao will rush inside and break the automatic lock on the door. Follow Sadao.

  • Defeat the thirty crooks serving Oga. It doesn't matter if the drugstore gets trashed.

  • Find Oga in the basement below the drugstore where the medicine is being laced. Defeat him together with Sadao.

  • Oga is not necessarily powerful but will use the drugs in the basement to increase his own powers while throwing powders at you before the battle begins to debuff you and Sadao. This will give him a big advantage in the fight.

  • Meet up with Sadao outside the drugstore and confirm that the task has been completed. Sadao will leave after thanking you for your efforts.

Dai Hanamura

Name: Dai Hanamura

Role: Dai Hanamura, also known as the Serpent's Scale, is a connector of the guild. Due to his build, he doesn't have to resort to violence. He enforces things through sheer intimidation. In his youth, Dai lost his younger sister to loansharks. They abducted her because her parents couldn't afford to repay the crazy interests which increased daily. They told the Hanamuras that their child would have to repay for it. Dai has a soft spot for children because he doesn't want them to suffer a childhood such as his own. Danno assigned Dai with the task to remove Jirochi and his dancing club from the map. Why? Because Jirochi lures young girls in and forces them to eventually work as dancers, or even worse, in his clubs. He manages to keep them obedient by threatening to hurt their parents.


Jirochi's Fatality - Crimson Quarter (1500 Words): Dai has been tasked with taking down Jirochi and his Sweet Sisters club. Dai, rarely violent, might ruin the plans by becoming violent too soon when seeing the young girls being abused at the club by the older men. Dai needs to get inside without getting seen by Jirochi's men.

  • Someone from Daeva Eye must go inside the Sweet Sisters club and draw the attention of the patrons. In addition, the user must start to draw the attention of Jichiro's subordinates as well as much as possible.

  • Once enough attention has been drawn, Dai will move through the guarded areas. This will allow Dai to turn off the security systems.

  • Slip away and follow Dai now that the security has been disabled.

  • Find Jichiro and defeat him together with Dai.

  • Jirochi is incredibly strong. Physical attacks do not affect him due to his perverted masochism ability.

  • Meet up with Dai outside the club and confirm that the task has been completed. Dai will leave after thanking you for your efforts.

Kinji Ichihara

Name: Kinji Ichara

Role: Kinji Ichira, also known as the Serpent's Glare, protects the guild through his schemes. He might seem scrawny, but his tactics are only second to Danno, the Serpent King, allowing him to serve as his advisor. Kinji lost his whole family in a fire but always understood that the causes were not natural. Danno didn't need to convince him to become a member of the Silent Serpents. Instead, while completing the same objective, Danno beat Kinji in a battle of wits. Thus, Kinji decided to follow Danno to ensure things would change for the future generation.


Teijo's Fall - Crimson Quarter (1500 Words): Kinji has been tasked with taking down Teijo and his prostitution circle. Teijo is known for targetting widows struggling for income and promises them great offers for reasonable jobs. In the end, Teijo turns it around and forces them to become a pawn for his circle. Kinji's mother suffered the same faith, thus Kinji cannot accept such behavior.

  • Someone from Daeva Eye must stand outside the warehouse and give a signal when fifteen of Teijo's men have departed.

  • Enter the warehouse with Kinji and take down the remaining thirty crooks serving Teijo while making your way towards Teijo's office.

  • Defeat Teijo together with Kinji.

  • Teijo is incredibly strong. Magic doesn't work on him because his mask can null it.

  • Meet up with Kinji outside the warehouse and confirm that the task has been completed. Kinji will leave after thanking you for your efforts.

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Dear you [Leika] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:11 pm

Leika Earthe
Leika followed Kurisa all the way up and was curious about the height and view. She crept over to the balcony and peered over the edge at the city, then up at the sky. She loved the night sky, it was the first thing she saw when escaping. She never heard of the sun or moon, day or night, stars, etc. All she knew was cold darkness and steel bars. So, she couldn't help but peer over and admire the view. A few she had been denied for 19 years. She ignored Kurisa beckoning her to sit or lay with her, too enthralled by the view of the city from her.

It was so calm and peaceful until the fireworks hit the sky. Her ears pricked up, her red eyes widening like a startled deer. The sound scared her so much she had no time to react to the beauty of the display in the sky. Instead, she ran back toward Kurisa and snuggled up close attempting to squeeze behind her, frightened from the noise and thinking they were perhaps under attack.

Bolt flinched and backed away from the balcony, lightning crackling throughout his mane as he laid down on the opposite side of Kurisa, placing Leika's clothes on the floor in front of him. The naked redhead was still cowering and making scared noises when the men appeared again, informing them of their mission. How did these men keep finding them? Who were they?

It looked like Leika and Kurisa had some sort of task to do together. She had heard the word job and quest around the Guild Hall during her initial visit. She had no idea what it meant. Looked like she was going to find out, however. Once they had left again, the wolf-girl looked up at the sky, her red eyes sparkling with curiosity at the display and burst of colors.

The noise was still quite terrifying, but the beauty could not be denied either. While admiring the sky, she opted to stay snuggled behind Kuri for her own protection. After all, she was a powerful winged-human. Sh could keep Leika safe. Those men earlier definitely retreated at the sight of her power.

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She yawned and smiled while seeing these lights. She felt snug as she saw Leika going up against her. The girl was obviously afraid, but also enjoying them at the same time. She put her eyes back towards the sky as she saw all the colors. She wondered about the men from earlier who had interests in their guild. What should they do exactly? She felt like maybe a letter to Kaiser will suffice with the details of course. Kurisa didn't bother speaking though since she knew that the noise was too loud for the girl to even hear. As the fireworks exploded their last bits, it went faster, more colorful and it was very pizzaz.

'Sure the leader is cute.' Ana joked.

She herself had no interest in whatever Ana was thinking. She cornered her eyes at Leika. "You can sleep outside here if you wish. That or bring the banana leaf bed here." Her eyes felt droopy. It was unusual as she never felt this tired before. Maybe it was a long day mentally. Her health was not going well. Was it because she was 'wilting'. A small smile appeared on her face as she saw momo pulling blankets and pillows out with her small teeth. She was a little strong though so it was not a problem.

Once Leika went to bed, she did too as she passed out.


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