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Dear you [Leika]

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Dear you [Leika] Empty Wed May 27, 2020 2:10 pm


Her eyes gazed forward coldly as people gazed at her body like hungry wolves. Usually, if you look vulnerable you will become a target. People around here wore masks to hide their faces so they can't be found if they do a crime. So much was going on, between the parade, the fireworks, and people dancing to music while drinking. Kurisa didn't need to wear a mask as she'll get out of anything she needed to. Her eyes watched around to make sure everything was going smoothly. If there was someone in trouble, she'd do her duty and destroy whoever was attacking. 'Do you think you'll see him again?' Ana joked with her icy blood eyes gazed at her. Her body flowing as no one could see her beside herself. She licked her lips as she waited for an answer.

"Doubt it and if we do then it'll be all business. What else would it be?" Kurisa responded casually. There was a hint of sorrow as she felt something weird when she was around the guy. A little excitement and noticed. Softly, she sung a tune in Joyan. Most people if not everyone that lived here understood it. Kuri knew Joyan well and it became handy. Forever she will remember that little adventure and how close he was with his smile - unless she imagined it. It didn't matter if it was real or not since she will try to enjoy this or at least till she heard things.


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Leika Earthe
In the midst of the crowd of sinners and criminals, a curious wolf girl lurked. She was completed nude, her long bushy tail swishing through the air, visible above the crowd as it swayed in and out of view. She was moving on all fours, sniffing trash on the streets and sniffing all the strange scents of the various races surrounding her. Her ears twitched and she crinkled her nose at some of the less pleasant odors that harassed her nostrils. Her presence in the crowd went unnoticed for a while due to her being so low to the ground. That is until she was spotted.

A gang of some sort wearing masks and bandanas took notice first. One pointed her out as the rest whistled and wolf-called. Staring like ravenous wolves at an actual wolf definitely took things to a whole new level. That gang wasn't the only one to notice, several other shady men took notice as well. All the hungry men pushed through the crowds, surrounding the innocent and ignorant demi-human. The wolf girl's ears twitched and pricked up as she looked around. Realizing she was in some sort of danger, she scrunched up her body, the fur on her tail bristling as she screwed up her face into one of aggression.

The hungry men surrounded her, laughing darkly and calling profanities that she was unfamiliar with. Having no idea what they were saying or what they wanted, she bounced around trying to stay distanced and swiped her hand at them when they got too close. Hands grabbed at her, tugging her ears, pulling her tail. She tried to bite, claw, kick. But she was severely outnumbered.  She uttered loudly one of the few phrases she had learned.

"Leave me!!"

Her words fell on deaf ears as they continued to mock and taunt her. One grabbed her tail and was dragging her struggling body backward through the crowd. No-one stopped to help her. Most walked by without even glancing her way. She yelled and screamed kicking and struggling desperately as she was dragged through the dirty streets.

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While walking and singing her tune, she heard a yell that became a scream. 'It's like you knew already.' Kuri whispered through Arisa's ears. Singing her tune, Momo was wrapped around her neck like a scarf, and her own fist formed towards her front. A circle formed to create a 2x2m sized lilac tiger with blue stripes motioning like water. Softly, Kurisa yawned and had a rather bitch-face painted on her face. Her wings started to glow and they unfolded. Her aura was lit as it was golden. People were scared as if they were about to die.

Seeing an Angel figure wasn't truly common and usually, it meant death. She stood six feet and a few inches. Her lilac hair flowed like waves and her lilac eyes mirrored the men and a naked woman with animalistic feats. They stopped for a sudden and smirked. "Look here, Get outta our wa-" The main guy was about to finish till she put a figure up with her large tiger appearing. Her eyes looked at it and then back at the man with a sinister smile. "Look here you little fuck. I'm going to give you a few seconds - no, a second after I'm done talking to leave the woman or your soul will be scattered against the cemented floors with the rest of your crew." The Tiger growled and looked at him. At first, it seemed like it wasn't going to work and she'd just have to kill everyone, but thankfully he seemed to understand his fateful choice. They put her down gently and backed away. "Hmph, fine. We'll find our own fun elsewhere. Let's go boys." He spoke and led them off. It wasn't much fun, but at least the woman wasn't harmed. Slowly, Kuri's eyes studied the woman and so did Ana. They haven't seen many of 'these' as they were once a catgirl in their old days. The tiger vanished and Arisa physically moved to the woman to help her up. "Let's go. This is no place for you." Arisa spoke motherly with a smile that warmed hearts of sinners even.

Name: Caged Animal
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200 [400]
Requirements: Undine Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water/Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: A fist movement into a palm will summon a circle beside her or in front of her that'll unleash an 2x2 m animal that'll charge at the target to jump them or their respective nature to damage them. Once hit, they disappear after causing S rank damage. To direct the animal, she will use her finger to point where.

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Leika Earthe
As soon as the wolf girl was released from the man's grasp, she scurried over to a trash bin where she grabbed her tail and began to groom the now messy furry that had been soiled by filthy human hands. As she groomed herself, the woman who had saved her chased away her attackers. Her ears twitched in apprehension as she looked up at this woman. She immediately felt a connection with her. She knew her. She was pretty sure she was among the group that rescued her not so long ago. The guild she joined. She subconsciously put her hand over her neck tattoo.

Once it was clear, the woman approached Leika and offered her a hand. Leika responded by gingerly sniffing her fingertips, not sure what she was supposed to do. Her left ear flicked as she looked up at the angel that had rescued her. She trusted her instantly. They were sisters of Daeva Eye. Sensing this, and remembering how she and the other women helped her, she put her hand in Kurisa's and was gently brought to her feet.

Still shorter than the angel, she now stood at the full height of 5'11". She was skin and bones, and scars were visible on her body from the abuse she suffered prior to meeting Daeva Eye. She looked at Kurisa's clothing and then down at her naked body. It dawned on her she had forgotten to 'get dressed' as they had taught her. She wasn't used to it yet and didn't particularly enjoy the feel of the material against her skin. Nor did she understand why it was needed.

As the angel instructed Leika to come with her, a small zebra bolted through the crowd and was reunited with his owner. Leika hugged and patted the animal. "Bolt!" She exclaimed, happy to see the little Blitzle had found her in this huge crowd. She then looked down Kurisa and tilted her head.

"Go?" She repeated her tail swishing. "Yes. Go." She confirmed and left the crowd alongside her friend and savior. She glanced back at the crowd, her red eyes following the direction the men had retreated to and she drew her ears back and growled.

She then looked up at the beautiful woman who came to her aid. She most likely knew who Leika was, as Daeva Eye's members came up with her name. Leika, however, was trying to remember this woman's name.


It was the closest attempt she could voice.

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Kurisa saw the men scram as they feared for their lives. It wasn't every day you'd meet an angel, a sinister at the top of that. Kuri, Ana, and Arisa had their own taste in things as if it was Kuri's choice, they'd be strapped onto a table never to be seen again. Ana did that to Kuri, twisted her mind into something anew than it once was. Arisa was better than that, she still had her own morals enough to save a woman in need. Men, on the other hand, had a dark closeted location just for them. 'They' did this to her... So many people tore her mentally... but not enough to fully be gone... no.

She seemed to have a creature of her own, useless no less as it didn't save her or anything. "Momo?" Her eyes cornered as the scarf came alive as it sniffed the air. "It seems to be rather wild, but just like me they're loyal." She spoke and licked her paw while snaking around Kuri's shoulder. The girl called her 'Risa'. Her eyes cocked and studied the woman's body. "Ah." She was apart of the same guild she was. Never has she heard of her, but then again Kurisa pays no mind to anyone in there. Slowly, she flipped her hair and nodded to the girl. "Alright, let's go shopping, mm?~" She spoke like a mother would towards their child. Kurisa is rather older than she seems, but due to having to use a body of another... she seemed much younger. By several eras.

Escorting the girl, she looked around and saw a few shops. "So, what kind of clothing do you like?" She wondered before picking a place. "Just pick any place you like.". It'd be easier.

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Dear you [Leika] Empty Sat May 30, 2020 6:59 am

Leika Earthe
Leika tilted her head with curiosity as Kuri talked to Momo, and the ferret-like animal answered. She never saw a talking animal before. She stood there quietly petting her Blitzle while the Fire Ferret talked to the angel. Leika wasn't afraid of Kuri, even in her Nephilim form. She didn't understand it all, but she knew the strange and beautiful woman wasn't human. And humans were what she despised. She couldn't help wonder if there were others like her, Demi-humans, created, and tortured. Maybe, if there were others, they were more fortunate than herself.

Her eyes narrowed on Kuri when the woman questioned her about clothes and shopping. Shopping she was unfamiliar with. Clothes, however, was a word she was quite familiar with. Ever since Daeva Eye found her, freed her, and took her in they put their all into dressing her in pretty clothes. She hated it. But, they said everyone needed to wear clothes, regardless of their race. Leika couldn't understand this logic, as it didn't seem to apply to animals.

She looked at Bolt. Her ears twitched and drooped as she sighed and looked up at Kurisa once more. Her tail moved slightly but mostly remained still. She wasn't sure how to answer the question, so she paused for several minutes of awkward silence as she searched for the correct choice of words. Her long orange-red hair draped down her shoulders, covering her breasts and almost reaching her lower regions. If it was any longer, she could use her hair as her clothing. The black zebra with white lightning bolt-shaped stripes shook his head and made a strange braying noise.

After a long awkward silence, the wolf-girl finally spoke. Her words were slow and practiced as if she was unfamiliar with the language. Or with language in general. "Leika does not like clothes." Well, there you go. Kurisa, it seemed, had her work cut out for her. The girl flicked her right ear and just stared up at the Nephilim expectantly. Everyone she had met in Daeva Eye pampered, bathed and dressed her. She seemed to expect the same from Kuri, as she (Leika) was still learning.

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Kurisa looked at her unamused as she waited for the girl to respond. Her mind went to a million places, but maybe it was because she didn't understand much Fiorian. She remembered when she came back from where she lived most of her life, Sin. The girl didn't want to wear clothes it seems, but Kurisa was a clothes designer in her Arisa life. She flipped her hair and looked at the woman. "What Country are you from?" She instructed to know. She wanted to start there as she also studied the woman's body. Something suddenly took her attention, codes. If she knew anything, she'd know an experiment anywhere with that. The numbers were most slanting, like a woosh and her body was abused before the men got to her, or she assumed at least.

"So, are you from Sin?" She questioned in Sinese. If she didn't under Since then it'd make her look pretty dumb. "If you are then we have a lot to talk about while we walk somewhere." She started a conversation. She stopped talking in case the girl didn't understand what she was saying. If she wasn't from Sin then perhaps for Joya? She didn't understand Joyan nor could she speak it sadly.

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Leika Earthe
Leika was half Sinese, so Kurisa was partially correct on her assumption. However, the girl had far from a normal life. Those numbers her Guild tattoo was stamped on top of were remnants of a time of torture and pain. The scars were what was left of a broken child born to be abused. She never talked about her past, not that she could. She was still learning the concept of language. The first words taught to her were Fiorian, as it's where she was brought after her rescue from hell. She couldn't understand what the woman was saying in Sinese, but the language resonated as familiar to her.

She had heard it somewhere. In her memories, it clicked. It was the same language as the humans that had created her. Her eyes widened, even though she couldn't understand what Kurisa was saying to her. She trusted Kurisa as a Guild sister, but she was completely confused by her knowing the same language as those who enslaved her since birth. She had no idea it was an entire culture. In fact, there was much she was ignorant of.

Not having parents or schooling truly messed up her life. Not knowing her own origin or why she existed messed it up that much more. Not able to understand her 'friend' she simply tilted her head, ears twitching as her tail gave a gentle swaying motion like a paintbrush on a canvas. She took a few steps forward, staggering slightly as though she were drunk. She wasn't used to walking upright. That cage didn't really have any standing room.

"We go. Get clothes." She finally consented, deciding she'd rather not be reminded of her prison. Bolt trotted beside the wolf-girl, allowing her to lean on him for balance. Maybe a shopping trip could help her relax a bit, and maybe this woman could teach her more words. After all, she wasn't free all that long and still had much to learn.

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The girl didn't seem to understand her fully nor at all. She wondered what exactly did she know when it came to talking. What kind of scientists experimented on her? Were they related to the one that she knew? It was sort of confusing as she didn't quite understand what was going on in a sense of through her eyes. Kurisa shrugged as the girl finally came to realize that maybe shopping is the best for her. Shopping was both stressful and relaxing as the idea of creativity felt amazing, but the prices were another thing. It did not matter though as she could afford about anything here.

She took Lei's hand and escorted her away from these people while her own eyes wandered about to find certain buildings. She knew some people from Sin were gentle and felt bad for young women who had horrible pasts. Once a few minutes passed by she found a place decorated with golden ribbons and red swirls hanging from the roof. Windows were closed with shutters as if hiding from any bad people. Kurisa walked in with the naked girl which they gazed in surprise. "Oh dear!" Spoke an elderly woman. "What do we have here?" She questioned and walked up gently towards her. She studied the girl and welcomed them in.

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Leika Earthe
As Kurisa took Leika's hand and led her forward, the slightly shorter (5'11") woman staggered slightly from lack of proper balance. She kept attempting to assume a grounded position, but could not get on all fours due to the 6'1" woman leading her through the streets. So, she opted to follow her Guild sister along until they reached the clothing store of her choice. On the way, a few people stared at the wolf-girl, some whispering and pointing. Any with children shielded the youngsters from her nakedness and gave the young woman dirty looks.

As they entered the store, the elderly woman who apparently worked there looked at Leika with a surprised look in her eyes. The Demi-human released Kuri's hand and lowered to her preferred squatted position on the ground, her head tilted as the elder approached to investigate her unusual patron. Leika's ears fell back distrustfully of the human that was studying her. She looked up at Kuri, and as the Nephilim apparently saw no threat here, Leika cautiously trusted the woman who gently helped her back to her feet and began to take her measurements. Her tail swayed behind her as she stood there confused by what the woman was doing as she took a tape measure to every inch of her body.

While this was going on, Bolt waited in the doorway, peering in curiously at the human's behaviors. "What's your name, young lady?" The woman asked as she began to measure Leika's tail. The wolf-girl growled and yanked her tail free of the strange woman. "I'm so sorry, dear. I didn't mean to offend you."

"Name. Leika." She repeated what they were calling her around Daeva Eye's Guild Hall. The elderly woman began to go through several tall sized outfits of clothing while she spoke. "Leika? Oh my, that's a very pretty and interesting name." She complimented. The Demi-human didn't respond to her compliment. Perhaps she didn't understand or know how to.

The woman then took to tying up Lei's incredibly long hair, so as to dress her easier. It took a while to gather it all up, and Leika had to squat for the woman to reach her, but as she tied it she noticed the various scars across her back and gasped. "Oh my, what on earth happened to you?"

Leika expressed the only answer she could. A phrase she had heard them use and had memorized the meaning of. "(In Sinese) Lab tests."

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Kurisa watched as the women did their things so the girl could get some clothes. Her eyes gazed at them as if she was making sure they weren't going to do any funny moves. Kuri herself was known throughout Sin, but Arisa was not known. It didn't matter since it seemed that they were taking a liking to her new friend. A part of Kuri wanted to make sure everyone who was experimented on was close to her. Was it selfish of her? Maybe, but at the same time, she wanted to befriend them. She knew what it was like so maybe it was empathy. She snapped her fingers which made the girls who worked there look at her as if they were soldiers. "Pen and paper. I will design a few outfits." Kuri ordered in her cold tone.

They gave her what she asked for and silently her eyes gazed at the paper while drawing some outfits. Lei liked to be naked, but that would also remind her of her time at the lab. So maybe if she designed a dress that was like a long shirt will be nice. It would feel loose, but it wasn't going to fall off. It was pretty, but what color? The shirt gave a feeling of freedom, but also it hid what no man should freely get to see. Perhaps it was more of a dress then? "Lei, give me color.". Unlike the workers, she spoke motherly to her. Once she answered she colored and drew the rest. Slowly she picked up the pen and gave them it. "Make this." She ordered like a commander. They nodded, starting their magic they started to create it.

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Leika Earthe
Leika wasn't too fond of the sudden buzz of activity. It made her uncomfortable as she moved to all fours and backed into a corner watching the activity as Kurisa barked orders. Her ears fell flat in a display of discomfort and nervous submission. She didn't want to attack anyone, as they seemed to serve Kuri. Kuri was an ally. Therefore, in her mind, they must be as well. To calm herself, she pulled her tail around to her chest and grabbed a comb from a table, and began to stress brush her beautiful tail.

It felt so good. And, bonus, her tail was becoming soft and silky in the process. She proceeded to comb the orange-red fur until there were no more tangles nor untamed wild hairs. She examined her work, then cooed in satisfaction as she snuggled her beautiful tail, rubbing her face into it. She suddenly heard the Nephilim ask her a question. Her voice was softer than it was with the dressmakers. The wolf-girl looked up at the near giant of a woman, her ears pricking as she attempted to understand how to answer the question.

Color? Oh. She knew colors... kind of. She just didn't know how to express them. So, she looked around the room for anything that catches her interest. She approached Kuri, stood up, and tugged at her hair gently. She then approached a purple curtain and pointed. Then she spotted a fruit bowl and her eyes lit up.

Running over she grabbed an apple and before anyone could stop her, she took a bite.

It was fake.

She struggled to pull the waxy object free from her teeth, tears in her eyes. Once it hit the floor, she made a face and spitting noises trying to get rid of the taste in her mouth. She then sat down and gently licked her tail in an attempt to remove the wax flavor from her tongue. So nasty! Why would anyone ruin perfectly good apples like that?

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The girl seemed to be interested in some colors of purple and maybe something like a farm dress that a daughter would wear. A daughter a father would be proud of, his precious girl who all the men want to sort of dress. She rolled her eyes at the story she was thinking of as she then looked at Leika. "Alright." She looked at the dress they were making from the design she drew. So far it was looking good. Truthfully, she didn't pay any mind to what Leika was doing since she was just going to let the girl adventure. She measured the dress they were making so she could tell them to stop.

Kurisa designed a loose belt and some extra things for the girl like hidden pockets. She didn't understand why people didn't design pockets for females yet they did for the males. It was dumb. Yawning, Kurisa stretched it to make sure the fabric was built strong. "Leika, try this one. I'll help." She went over to Lei who helped her in clothes like a mother would. She smiled motherly, softly and flipped her hair out of the shirt so her hair was over it. She looked nice in it. Maybe like an orphan, but nonetheless she at least looked like an adventurous lady. Men couldn't just see her goods.

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Leika Earthe
Leika's ears pricked up and twitched at the sound of Kurisa's voice addressing her. She paused in the midst of licking her tail, her red eyes peering up toward the beautiful woman who brought her here. Releasing her tail, she stood up gingerly and allowed Kuri to dress her. She curiously examined the material that hung over her skin while Kuri freed her hair from the dress? Shirt? Robes? Whatever it was, Leika seemed to enjoy it. It was soft, open, breezy, and pretty. She ran to a mirror, and spotted her own reflection. It scared her at first, but once she realized it was herself she was seeing, she began to examine herself in the mirror and her ears twitched with intrigue.

She looked over at Kuri and smiled happily. Maybe not all clothes were bad. She still didn't understand the purpose of clothing, but if they were needed, she'd wear them. If only she could quit forgetting to get dressed in the morning. She tended to sleep nude and would forget to get dressed when she woke.  The worst part was she would sleep in forests, parks, and other outdoor open settings. Thankfully. no one discovered her sleeping spots yet.

She hugged Kurisa and wagged her tail cheerfully. She then paused, trying to remember what to say to someone who does something nice for you. She said the first thing that she could recall hearing other members of Daeva Eye say. "You're welcome! You're welcome!"

Boy did she get that one wrong. She would learn... eventually... hopefully. In the meantime, she was like a cute oversized curious child. Not knowing anything about love or family, she was completely oblivious to Kurisa's motherly tone. She only knew the woman made her a pretty piece of clothes to wear. And she liked it. As she spun around in her new outfit, Bolt clapped his hooves on the hard floor from his position in the doorway. It was hard to tell if he was bored, or congratulating his owner.

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Kurisa watched as the girl was enjoying her new dress. Even though Leika was a grown woman, she had the mental capacity of a young girl. It wasn't her fault though as being stuck in a lab could do that to you. Thankfully, the scientist that did things to her treated her only as a daughter more than a lab rat till the end. She remembered oh how he regretted putting her on that table... Oh, so she saw when Ana gave him the hands, his heart in her hands yet still alive enough to watch her eat it. In all truth, he was still alive, but after dying and being resurrected she forgot where she put him.

"It's 'Thank you' when someone does something for you."
she motioned her hands to herself and Leika when she spoke so she knew what the hell she was talking about. She will have to teach her a lot of things. It really is nice to be naked sometimes, but most of the time you have to wear clothes. She waved the women goodbye as she grabbed Lei's hand. "Next, we're going to a hotel. Somewhere where you can stay. Assuming you sleep outside, nothing is wrong with it, but a bath or shower - depending on what you like more... It's very nice." She smiled and went on her way.

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Leika Earthe
Leika's ears twitched as Kurisa gently corrected her. She swished her tail and made a mental note for the future. She wanted to learn, she really did. But it was so hard. She really didn't care if she ever fit in or not, but at least being able to communicate would be useful. Especially if she had to talk to someone for whatever reason. She sighed softly, getting what Kurisa was explaining while at the same time being confused by all these strange rules of human societies.

She'd figure it all out. Eventually. But could she ever live a normal life? Possibly. But it'd take years to even get close to something normal. She was still adjusting to clothes. That says nothing of her knowledge of languages, manners, and other basic customs such as housing, etc. She preferred to sleep outside, in parks or forests. Often times naked. No one ever really noticed her doing so, yet. Therefore she was a bit confused with Kurisa took her hand and said they were going to a hotel.

"Hotel...?" She repeated. She tried to imagine it in her head, but she couldn't. She wasn't entirely sure what that was. When Kurisa explained it was a place to sleep and to shower or bathe, her ears twitched. Those words she recognized. "Bath with nice girls?" She asked, remembering how the Daeva Eye girls cleaned her up upon meeting her. "Stay to sleep? No. Leika sleeps outside. Prettier. Safer."

As the two women walked down the street together, the taller guiding the other by her hand, Bolt trotted behind them. His hooves clopped on the ground soundly as he followed the girls to the hotel Kurisa had mentioned. Hopefully, they'd allow pets, or poor Bolt would be outside alone. Leika wouldn't like that.

As they walked, Leika looked around. It was getting late, judging by the sky. The streets were still buzzing with activity despite this. There were lights and concession stands etc and Leika was very confused by all the noise and activities. The same men from earlier seen them walking together. They glared at Leika, but moved off into the crowd to avoid Kurisa entirely.

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Congratulations, you two both simultaneously managed to get the 10th social post in Hosenka after it opened. A man approaches you. He is quite handsome. The tattoos on his body indicate that he is a member of the underworld. One of the yakuza groups in Hosenka running parts of the businesses from the shadows. He introduces himself to you both with elegance and grace. The man explains that he is a member of the Silent Serpent guild, an all-male yakuza group.

Lately, new competitors have shown up in Hosenka and they are being backed by bigger groups from Joya to gain control over this city. While the Silent Serpents may be yakuza, they act with honor. The weak are not involved in their matters. They only deal with those stepping into their world willingly. In fact, the Silent Serpents use a lot of their money to support the poorer communities in Hosenka.

The new groups are much crueler. They beat up everyone to gain power through fear rather than respect. Old people are bruised up, while children are forced to become their employees. They cannot refuse, because they threaten to execute their entire families. And they have done it before. This cannot continue any longer. The Silent Serpents understand that they cannot do it alone. These new groups have deep pockets because of their foreign backers, thus they want to seek a partnership with Daeva Eye. Manage the underworld of Hosenka with the Silent Serpents while maintaining order and stability.

Will you accept this quest? In order to accept the quest, you must tell the man that you are interested after which he will depart. The quest will take place somewhere else allowing this topic to continue.


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She knew there were a few hotels here. Which one was she going to go to? Kurisa had no clue, but why over-think it when there was no point. Truthfully, she wanted to just find a place that she knew that Lei could at least like. People ignored them as they feared Kurisa. They wanted a piece of the wolf, but could they face a sinister half-angel? That is what she was, a half-angel. It didn't matter as long as she could find some love someday that will love her for her. That was impossible though. This world was messed up.

Soon enough they were close to one. It was really small though as sure it was cheap, cost a dollar, but they didn't have an option to sleep outside. The hell? She looked back to make sure Lei was fine and indeed she was. They went up the street more as she then saw some men standing there. They were not like the other men as they wore fancy clothes that only gangs wore. What did they want? She glared and listened on how they were offered a mission, quest and the like. "I'll accept. Will you?" Her eyes cornered to look at Lei with a motherly smile. She was here for her of course, but deep within she felt something indifferent.

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Leika Earthe
At the sight of the mysterious men, Lei moved to hide behind Kuri nervously. She listened to the men speak, not entirely sure what they were talking about. An 'all men's guild'? Like her all women's Guild? That much she vaguely understood. She glanced up at Kurisa from time to time as they spoke of quests and missions and something about bad people. When they finished, Kurisa accepted what they were offering then asked Leika if she feels the same.

She wasn't sure what it was about, but if Kuri was in she was too. Her ears twitched. "Accept? Yes." She agreed, and as the men left them to their own device, Leika's ear flicked and she looked toward the hotel Kurisa had led her to. It was, big? Well, it wasn't as big as the Guild Hall but it was still uncomfortable to go inside any large buildings after escaping the lab she was born in.

She looked at Bolt, the Blitizle braying softly and nuzzling his companion. Leika gently stroked the zebra's head and looked up at Kurisa. "Bolt come too?" She questioned, hoping the answer was yes. She had been through so much since birth, and Bolt was her first friend upon being freed. And Daeva Eye became her... family? She still wasn't sure what that meant exactly. But that day she had accepted their mark, she chose to trust them.

She still had issues with other strangers. And if anyone hurt or scared her, it was difficult to make up with her. She knew pain all too well, and she despised it. She, of course, would also be quick to defend a stranger she witnessed being abused. Another reason she trusted Kurisa. She saved her from abuse when those men grabbed her. She wouldn't forget that.

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Her eyes cornered to look at Leika who also accepted the quest. She assumed that her companion could go as her own Momo always went with her on missions. She wondered what were the conditions of all this as she did not want to accept something that she did not know all about. That may be true, but she needed to get stronger as if it was an addiction. Life had no mercy to the weak as it will devour those who laze around. After their talk with the people, she nodded Leika to follow. "I'm sure bolt is allowed to come as well. Momo comes with me all the time. She's good at hiding anyways.".

"Yes.~" Momo peeped out from her shirt as she licked her red paw. Her head turned to look at Leika and then towards the building they were going towards. "Looks like we found the right one. I heard there will be light-filled celebrations today." She reported. "Well, it looks like you will get to see nice colors and things today," Kurisa spoke tiredly as they went along towards the hotel. It was like a large skyscraper within at least five stories high. They went in and checked out the suite as she used her own reputation to get in. She made sure she was alright within every minute. As soon as they went upstairs she covered Lei's eyes. "I want it to be a surprise.~" She said motherly. "Trust me." She lead her there if she trusted her as they walked towards the destination within the room that then lead half-way inside and outside. Once she uncovered Lei's eyes it would reveal a forestry area with a pool for bathing.

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Once the men were gone, Leika scooted out from behind the taller female, looking up at her confused. What was a mission? She wasn't really sure. She had so much to learn regarding her new life as a mage. Since discovering her magic and how she's connected to nature and animals, and since joining Daeva Eye, she's felt more than a little lost and confused by everything new. It was all so overwhelming to the wolf-woman. She glanced up at Kurisa from time to time as they walked together. She was glad she had someone as powerful and kind as her for an ally. But she still couldn't grasp what love, friendship, or family meant. She was alone, and if it weren't for the women of Daeva Eye, she'd have nothing.

She looked curiously at the ferret that poked its head up and spoke. She wasn't very familiar with speaking herself and yet there were talking animals in this world. It astounded her how much existed that she was unaware of previously. When they reached the hotel, Leika felt intimidated by its size and the buzz of people coming and going. She flinched away about to run but was still holding Kurisa's hand and was halted from such actions.

Leika looked around nervously as Kurisa led her to their room. Her nervousness only increased by the woman covering her eyes. Her heart beat faster and her tail went stiff, her hairs bristling in distress. Her ears perked up, twitching as she listened to her surroundings, unable to see where her friend was taking her. She squirmed in protest, breathing heavily as she was guided.

I want it to be a surprise.~ Trust me.

She wanted to, she really did. But trust didn't come easily to someone so used to torture and abuse. She was terrified of what awaited her, but she allowed Kurisa to guide her in faith that a woman who previously helped her, and a member of the same Guild, wouldn't harm her. It didn't make her any less afraid, however, as her ears and tail tip twitched, her body trembling in nervous discourse.

When the Nephilim finally removed her hands, Leika blinked a couple of times, adjusting to the light. Her red eyes widened in surprise of where they were at. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen! Her ears became erect, and her tail started to wag like a happy dog. Bolt stepped through behind them, and looked around, his tiny white tail wagging from side to side. The black and white lightning zebra walked over to a corner and laid down, braying cheerfully.

Leika, in her excitement, stripped out of the dress/robes/long shirt thing that Kurisa had personally created for her to wear and took off running toward the beautiful pool of water. She lunged and landed with a splash. She was smiling like a child in a swimming pool as she splashed around and soaked and played in the natural spring water that flowed in from a mysterious outside source.

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She watched as Leika stripped and ran towards the spa pool. She was indeed like a child mentally as she splashed about with her hooved friend. Momo looked at Kurisa and then back at them. "It seems they feel safe for now, but for how long will they last without your guidance?" Momo wondered. She was a pampered spoiled brat, but she knew when things were coming up. "Someday you will need a stronger companion, Kurisa. I will stay by your side when you get someone new though." She did a wink and licked her paw. "I know," Kurisa spoke coldly and went towards the kitchen. "What would you like to eat, Lei?" She was not sure if she was a vegetarian or what.

Kurisa could cook some mean food, but she still needed to know what type of food. Her eyes wandered as she scourage through the fridge as she waited for an answer. Yawning softly she wondered if it was almost time for a nap. The place was pretty nice as it was a mix of traditional and modern with marble. It was a pretty nice mix. "Momo, go keep them company and get an answer." She chuckled sleepishly. She was getting tired as she mentally felt like she was going to collapse. It was almost time...

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Bolt decided to join Leika in the pool, the pair splashing about. When Kurisa asked what kind of food the wolf-girl liked, she wasn't sure how to answer. But, her stomach growled confirming her hunger. Bolt's stomach growled shortly after, and he climbed out of the pool to eat the vines and plants that grew inside the hotel room. When Momo appeared, Leika curiously approached the animal, while still in the pool's edge. She was curious by the fact it could talk. When it asked her about her eating habits, she again paused.

She didn't know much about foods, which showed as you could see her ribs from lack of proper nutrients at the lab she was previously contained within. There were different types of food? The woman genuinely looked confused, her ears drooping as water dripped from them. Her tail swished through the water as she tried to answer.

"Apples?" It was the only food she knew by name, sadly. As well as her favorite. Kurisa was going to have to figure this out on her own, it seemed.

Or, maybe she wouldn't. As curiosity would have it, the naked woman climbed out of the pool and walked to the kitchen, dripping water everywhere on the way. Her tail drooped, weighed down by the water that soaked its fur. Her long hair, soaked through and through, hung down to her butt, draping around both front and back as it dripped everywhere. Her wet feet left footprints as she walked.

Hopefully, no one would be required to pay for any damages. She came up behind Kurisa and curiously tried to see what she was doing, head tilted as she peeked around her, or rose to her toes to look over her shoulder. "Food?" She questioned. She was quite hungry, and could obviously use a weight gain diet. Only being around 98 lbs, the woman was severely underweight, especially for her size (5'11"). It was a wonder she was alive, much less able to stand on her own.

Just then she gave a small yawn, her left ear flicking. She was growing tired as well, it would seem. But before they considered sleeping arrangements, food was definately a top priority for this neglected and abused young lady.

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The girl seemed to be tired and she understood quite well. She too felt exhausted from all this. She did not expect it to be as adventurous as it was since she ran into some random people. They wanted to give them a mission where they have to also contact some other members of the guild. Her lilac eyes gazed at all the food whilst hearing about apples. Soon enough, Lei came over here to look at the fridge. "Look, dear, go rest, and by the time you wake up the food will be done." Kuri stood up straight and escorted her to the comfortable bed made out of banana leaves. She brought over a blanket as well and tucked her in.

She turned to look at her companion and nodded her head to signal him to come over to join. After she agreed and if she agreed, she went over back to the fridge to get some apples. She was going to make an apple pie, some kabobs, and a salad. It was a healthy variety. She slowly craved apples, cut them, grabbed the spices of cinnamon and after everything was carefully created, she put the pie in the oven. Next, she grilled some kabobs with the mix of vegetables and meat. It all smelled good. Someday... will she ever find love and be able to do this for them too? Her face was filled with sorrow and heart break.

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Leika was quite curious to watch Kurisa cook, but that seemed to be not in the plans as the woman had noticed her yawn and led her to a bed made of some kind of leaves. Her ears twitched idly as she yawned again and curiously examined the odd bed. She sniffed it and pawed at it with her hand much like a curious kitten. When Kurisa insisted on her napping here, she crawled into the bed, made three circles, fluffed the leaves with her hands, and laid down.

She felt the angel put something soft and warm over her. She was never covered before nor tucked in. It felt nice. Her tail wrapped around her as she curled into the fetal position and hugged the fluffy appendage in her arms. Bolt looked at Kurisa and then approached the bed. Lei was still soaked from the pool, and the zebra was afraid of accidentally shocking her so he chose to lay down a few feet from her.

This had been an unusual day for the wolf-woman. She had been assaulted, which was nothing new to her, and then rescued and cared for by this strange woman who happens to share her tattoo. What if someone else had been there instead of a guild sister? Would things have gone differently? Maybe she'd be somewhere else now with someone not so kind? The thought would have made her quiver if she were seriously thinking such things. However, her thought process was a more basic understanding of sight, taste, smell, sound. She wasn't really questioning algorithms and possible outcomes.

Instead, she slept. While Kurisa returned to make their food, the young woman slept on the bed of leaves. It was calm and peaceful for a while until the nightmares started. Her ears drew back tightly into her hair, her face screwing up into an expression of pain and fear. She remembered the needles, the tests, the beatings. Everything came flooding back to her and she let out loud whimpers in her sleep.

In her mind, they were all around her. In her mind, she was back in that place. Her body quivered and she hugged her tail for dear life crying out in misery. Bolt's ears pricked up and he nudged Momo encouraging the ferret to go fetch Kurisa.

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