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Indecisive Choices(Open)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Wed May 27, 2020 4:49 pm

Regis Karlinius
Slowly Regis had to figure out is even if he wanted to talk either his mother or his father, He only knew that they life in Magnolia now, What their house was actually like, He had no idea. He only remembered his family house in Marigold, He learn of them moving to Magnolia. his parents house should not be that hard to find. Speaking for once in a long while he would mutter to himself."Where are they..."Regis was talking to himself while walking around Magnolia.

Regis looked out of place if anything, Not as withered  looking but the armor still had been through a lot and old,dented and various chips in it. His chainmail had holes in it and the blue cloths of his armor will torn, He fixed it all up a few years a go but it got in the same state it was, just a bit more shiny, But still really did not do much in the case of gather eyes for the most likely wrong reason.

"They would have simple signs of where they are living now."Regis did not realize he was in fact going far away from his parents house. then again he had no idea where he was going. Then again forgiveness and wanting to be accepted from family was a hard task for him, mostly because he was more stained, hidden behind the shadow of his helmet Regis was getting kind of mad because he was lost and did not know where he was going to find his parents house. He had to wonder how hard it was to find the house of two people who raised him, it seemed oddly almost stupid to him that he could not figure this out, Maybe some one could lead him the right way or he could be stuck roaming around Magnolia.

#2Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Sun May 31, 2020 3:09 am

Mary Wraith
A grim shadow crept through the quiet alleyways. It moved in absolute silence, almost like it wasn’t even really there. No footsteps, no rustle of clothing... Not even breathing. A closer look revealed a deathly pale woman in a dark dress that nearly swept the ground. Long, dark hair squirmed messily down her back. Dark circles highlighted a pair of unblinking spiral eyes. She resembled something from beyond the grave. People who caught a glimpse of the eerie specter often did a double take. But by then, it was already gone. She had already wandered elsewhere. Lost... And forgotten...

What a way to start a day.

Mary stopped to caaarefully peek around a corner. No, this street didn’t seem familiar either. She had taken a left and a left and a right... Or was it a right and then a left? Oh, she just couldn’t recall anymore. All these buildings looked the same. Even worse, her dear friend had wandered off and she had lost sight of her. She was already worried sick. Picking up the pace, she hurried down the street and kept looking. Much to her relief, she soon caught a glimpse of a familiar, black tail gliding around the corner. She dashed after it, but quickly backpedaled into hiding. W-wait... Who was that?

Meanwhile, another shadow approached the armored wanderer. This one was much smaller, but equally soundless... On the account that it was flying. Aaaand had no mouth. A small blob of pure darkness in the shape of a bat was gently gliding across the air. It stopped to float in front of the stranger, barely even flapping its wings. White eyes gazed curiously, silently gauging the man’s appearance and reaction. However, at the same time the wanderer might feel the creeping feeling of an icy stare sinking into his back. Someone... something... was watching.

#3Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Sun May 31, 2020 2:27 pm

Regis Karlinius
It seemed to not right away bother Regis he would just off handily mention."I doubt you would know who I am looking for."He mentioned right away, which was not a wrong thing."Unless you happen to know a woman named Judith Karlinius or a man named  Anders Karlinius."Regis seemed to be use to talking to himself after he chuckled."Think for being told my mother and father live here signs where they are would have been more...apparent."So he seemed if anything more of a grim figure, It could be left to wonder why.

"I doubt you could answer me anyway....Whatever you are."Regis was not worried about what ever dark spooky creature was, Regis was staring at it under his helmet it would be hard to tell because it masked everything having to do with his face. But that lingering feeling, Regis would look around even behind him before he would continue pressing on with his march towards where he was going.

"Maybe i need to find some one who would knows where. Either Fairy Tail is. Or where My Parents live currently, no doubt at least one of them are known here."Better question now, What did Mary think? what was this black floating thing above Regis was he just kind of no longer paid attention too. Why did he feel that cold icy stare when he did not pick up anything from it?

So many thing he would figure out on the move, stepping around what was before him then he would continue forward towards whatever was ahead Regis was trying to figure out a plan on the go it seems, So this way forward was most likely leading no where near what he wanted, But something was better then standing still.

#4Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:57 am

Mary Wraith
The blob bat tilted its head curiously. Perfect silence was the only answer to the idle chatter. True, it had no idea who this mysterious human was looking for... And even if that hadn’t been the case, it still wouldn’t have been able to say anything. So instead it flew another circle around the interesting stranger. Gently it brushed against his ragged cape and swooped beneath the flowing helmet ornament. If the armored man didn’t shoo the creature away, it would’ve soon perched on top of his head. It was just as light as it appeared, weighing no more than a wisp of cotton candy.

Meanwhile, the staring shadow was peering around the corner. Her keen eyes swept the armored figure up and down. It was... beautiful... The armor was lovely, like a memento dug out of a long-forgotten tomb. Unfortunately, there was something terrifying underneath it... A total stranger! She trembled at the mere thought. However, she had heard his blight... And she just so happened to know Judith Karlinius. Her eyes widened when the familiar guild name was mentioned off-handedly. S-she knew that too! B-b-b-but in order to tell that, she would have to... t-t-t-t-talk! Trembling intensified.

Fortunately, Mary managed to gather the scraps of her courage before the man walked too far. She dashed after him, closing the distance in absolute silence. It wasn’t until she was right behind him that she realized she had to say something. Anything. Her lips parted. A haunting whisper crawled from her throat. Umbra... Upon hearing the voice, the blob creature perked up all of a sudden. It flew up and swooped behind the man’s back. If he turned towards the creepy sound, he would find the ghastly woman staring at him. The small bat now sat in her cupped hands, seeming rather content. Silent seconds ticked by, before another creepy mutter slipped into the air.

Hell... o...”

#5Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Tue Jun 02, 2020 4:08 pm

Regis Karlinius
Trying to control himself over whatever this thing was trying to do around him. Internally he was kind of starting to lose his temper, was some one guiding this thing or was it literally trying to hurt him? Eventually Regis would try to shoo it once before it would land on his head. He kind of just yield to dealing with it for now."Whatever you are, you can stay there."Regis mentioned about it. For sounding so grumpy Regis was oddly nice about it. Maybe he was a lonely grump and needed company.

He would not move because some one else was around then again it also did not help that whatever was now on his head had moved behind him to some one else."Umbra?...is that what it is called now?"Regis mentioned to himself realizing he should be talking to an actual other person, As well as not seem super insane because he was talking to himself.

Then again this must slowly shape towards Regis trying to at least talk to the lady. It almost seemed like Regis was staring into this woman soul with his helmet still on, With it covering his face in shadow and being rather tall himself."Hello...I do not mind your fear, I seem rather scary upfront."Regis sounded so polite and rather understanding, Even if she was nervous about other things. But Regis would ask her what was on his mind."Do you know where I can find the Fairy Tail guild hall? Or Do you happen to know a Judith Karlinius or Anders Karlinius?"Regis was getting right to his point while talking to her, So far he seemed to have no other thoughts upon his mind right away unless he really needed to think about it. Currently Regis seemed stuck on his goal.

#6Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:11 am

Mary Wraith
Beneath the unblinking stare, Mary was suffering a minor panic attack. Her heart was pounding like a hammer against an anvil. Her breathing stopped, getting stuck in the back of her throat. She had approached without thinking, entirely unsure how to proceed. Oh no, the stranger spoke... How was she supposed to respond? What was the polite thing to say? Or should she say nothing at all? Yes, no, maybe? Shehadnoideahowtodealwiththishelp. Umbra, meanwhile, shared none of its master’s anxiety. Rather, it perked up from hearing its name again. The white eyes twisted into happy crescents.

When the armored figure turned around, the ghastly mage inched back with teeny tiny steps. While she wasn’t exactly short herself, she still felt so very small in front of the imposing man. Avoiding his eyes, she shifted her gaze down. ...Lower. A little lower. Perfect. Such a wonderful armor... She would’ve loved to strip it off and...


The sudden question made the lusty daydreamer flinch, snapping her out of any questionable thoughts. Startled, she directed her stare all the way down to the ground. “Um, y-yes... I... I do... know... Fairy Tail... A-and Judith...” The meek muttering didn’t exactly sound convincing. Realizing that herself, she lifted her hand to her turtleneck collar and slooowly pulled it to expose the pale skin beneath. More... And more... Fortunately, before things could get outright scandalous, a tattoo of Fairy Tail was revealed in the center of her chest, just below the throat.

However, one set of questions inspired another. Quietly the creepy woman wondered what this scary stranger wanted of Fairy Tail and Judith. He didn’t exactly seem like a helpless client seeking assistance... Nor did he seem like anyone related to Judith. Too tall. Much too tall. And eerie. Honestly, he looked more like one of her cousins. Worry bubbled in the cauldron of her mind. Still, it was not polite to accuse. Sooo... She wanted to carefully inquire what brought the man all this way. Slowly she lifted her gaze and voiced an eerie question. “Are you... a lost soul...?” He didn’t seem quite as lively as most people, so she kind of... accidentally... got her hopes up once again.

#7Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:44 pm

Regis Karlinius
So he was finally getting some where but it would be showing off before Regis could answer before she got the answer who he was."You speak like my brother Waylon when he was much younger..." Mary should know this Judith had mentioned it to her, Regis was the name of Judith's oldest son. If it hit Mary it might  seem almost like her eldest son was a total opposite of the lightening image of a mother who seemed to have no fears of darkness and nothing but love for all.

Regis would lean slightly to ensure the tattoo was what she stated, Then he seemed to ponder for a moment."You know where my mother is, Can you take me to her?"Regis almost was going to demand, That would not work in his favor if a scared woman was taken to his mother. If his mother picked up that surely it would be the end of him. Long before his father had his hands on him. That situation he would be trying to solve."She never gave me here her house is here, I almost went to Marigold where she use to live, as well as were i was raised."

It seemed Regis upfront so far sounded like he was trying to reconnected with his mother and father. There was also a chance there was more to the story that Mary did not know yet. Regis would finally just tell Mary entirely who he was."A lost soul? Figuratively I am."Regis mentioned that because he felt like he was."But I am Regis Karlinius, Since you happen to know my mother, I am her oldest son."So Regis felt himself a lost soul but he was actually some one Mary might not expect, Wonder what would be next for the timid ghost.

#8Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:49 am

Mary Wraith
Mary was terrible with countless things. Cooking, socializing... Aaaand names. Only those who had left a deep impression, for better or worse, she managed to remember. So when the stranger mentioned someone called Waylon, she only offered a blank look in return. ...Who? W-wait, was she supposed to know? Cold sweat formed on her brow. Panic already churned in her chest. Fortunately they didn’t linger on the topic. The question about the mother was much better received. She actually nodded meekly. “Y-yes...” There was just one teeny tiny doubt nagging in the back of her head... What was it now...?

Upon hearing that the stranger was only figuratively a lost soul, the ghastly mage sighed heavily. “...Oh.” Her posture and spirit drooped like a wilted flower. She had really wanted to meet a genuine revenant... But it was not meant to be. Naturally she would run into living beings while still walking among them. While lamenting her luck, she almost missed this person’s name as well. Twiddling her fingers together nervously, she hurried to introduce herself. “Uh... M-mary Wraith... N-nice to meet you, Reggie...” Turns out, she did kind of miss the name after all. Oops. Oblivious to her mistake, she gently lifted the blob of darkness resting in her grasp. “A-and this is... Umbra...” The blob raised its wings as a greeting.

Mary carefully stepped past the man. “P-please follow me... I shall lead you... beyond the threshold...” Despite her anxiety, she still intended to keep her promise. Surely Judith would want to meet her son. She looked at the surrounding buildings, quivering with uncertainty. Oh, and that teeny tiny doubt? Well, now she fully realized it. Glancing right, left and back right again, she tried to tell the buildings apart. Yup. She was still totally lost. “Uh... um... T-this way... I think...” She picked a random, shady alleyway and headed off. It would be fine... Right?

#9Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:58 am

Regis Karlinius
Being called Reggie was strange to him, Mary was being nice and mentioning, saying and guiding him towards his goal"What exactly is Umbra?"Regis could not help but ask. He sounded curious about what it could be and had to ask."They are very interesting Mary."Regis seemed casually remark to seem not so, horrible then again he also was trying to see no as scary, not realizing it was not the armor was made Mary nervous Regis did not pick up on that, Where as his mother would.

So far her oddly grave ridden comments did not bother him either. While follow Mary, during their walk Regis then took off that helmet that masked his face, Regis had short blue hair, clean shaven face and blue eyes. He would remark to himself."Maybe wearing so far is making everything brighter."Regis was normal just like everyone else, Mind you his skin was pale almost as equally as his mother if anything because he buried under armor, might be even more pale because he barely exposed himself to sun light it seemed.

but it showed Regis was still a man and human, Even if age was catching up to him and he did seem a bit more intimidating but he was still human. He seemed to think for a moment."You think? Is something troubling you that you are having a hard time remembering?"Regis wanted to make sure if she was generally okay, Almost like part of his mother behavior reflected slightly upon her children. Would this turn badly? after all neither of them seemed to know where he was going and now it seemed like Mary did not know either. For now Regis would not complain because he did not mind wandering around for long periods of time, Eventually they would end up at his goal hopefully.

#10Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:40 pm

Mary Wraith
Sneaking soundlessly along, the eerie woman seemed to brighten up when the topic shifted to her tiny friend. She had done a little bit of research after the creature had manifested. At first, she sounded confident. “Oh, Umbra is an Eru.” Buuut it was pretty short-lived. “It’s sort of... like... uh... um...” She lifted the blob of darkness to eye-level and inspected it carefully. Several cutesy words sprung to mind, none of them were actual academic facts. Couldn’t quite use the term ‘my little shadow muffin’ in a serious paper. So her head drooped again. “I... don’t... know...” Admitting that was rather shameful for a scholar. Meanwhile, the living shadow simply shrugged its wings. It didn’t know either.

Between the steps, the creepy mage occasionally snuck sly glances at the armored wanderer. Her disappointment deepened when removing the helmet revealed no skull or spectral visage, but rather an ordinary human. She had known, of course, but in a way she had still hoped... Oh well... With a heavy heart she continued leading the way through the shady alleys. As far as places for a walk went, she considered this nice and quiet. Sort of romantic even... Just her and him... A-and Umbra of course. ...Along with a couple of rats here and there. Eh, maybe not all that romantic.

When the imposing man voiced his friendly query, Mary suddenly stiffened. Questionable images flooded the metaphorical floor of her mind, like someone had opened a closet stuffed way too full. Her inner self hurried to shove all those things back into the mental closet. She turned a little pale... er. If such a thing was even possible with her complexion. “I-it’s nothing! I’m f-fine.” She hastily lied. Well, she was many things. Fine was not one of them.

To make matters worse, their walk was soon stopped by a dead end. A fence and several trash cans blocked the path. Upon realizing the mistake, the ghoul recoiled in shock. Getting flustered, she hurriedly looked around. Nope, not through here. But she had been so sure this was the right way...

#11Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:38 am

Regis Karlinius
It did not seem to bother Regis that she did not."Even if you do not know, Umbra is an interesting  being nonetheless." Regis did not seem picky about knowledge of what the being was, that would work in Mary's favor. Regis would not mention anything wrong with it, He just was use to roaming the woods alone."Some company is better, Then roaming the woods alone for 3 years."Regis would mention was it him kind of mention.

Regis when realizing he was at a dead end with her, started slowly looking around."Hmm...guess were both lost around here, a city is vastly different then a log cabin deep in the woods."Regis would mention while he seemed to be thinking. But he seemed to be trying to think of an open to continue their walk.

Not being really annoyed about reaching a dead end."Well not point in standing at the dead end."Regis was more hoping he would figure out somewhere close before evening but he would not mentioning that right away. After turning around he would just put the helmet back on. Back to what was seen up front of him.

When they turned around and started walking Regis just seemed to mention."Maybe i need to find a different set of armor eventually, then again I don't have the jewel for it nor any where to keep  this or another set anyway...."Regis was use to talking to himself it almost seemed like that was a moment of it. But left Mary open to talk to him more to make Regis maybe either a bit less creepy or an open chance to try and get something nice out of it? maybe Regis did not seem to own a lot and it showed on his appearance.

#12Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:29 pm

Mary Wraith
Lost... The word hit Mary hard. Her gaze turned hollow and a blank, forced smile froze on her features. “Yeah... I... guess so... hah... hahah...” Trying to find the funny side only hurt more. She hadn’t wanted to admit it to herself, but she was completely and utterly lost in a city that was supposed to be her home now. This wasn’t the first time either. Worse yet, she had already failed to keep her promise. Murky depression swirled inside her head, forming dark, little words. Useless. Hopeless. Worthless...

Without even snapping out of self-loathing, the ghastly woman followed after the armored wanderer. Head hanging, she slowly shuffled along, reminiscent of a mindless zombie chasing prey. Now it was Regis’ turn to lead the way. The shadow of grim death would constantly loom a couple of steps behind him...

However, the idle chatter managed to shake the ghoul out of her trance. She poked her fingers together nervously, trying to summon enough courage to speak her mind. A horrible decision, really. Yet she went ahead anyway. “Um... I-if you do find a different set, I... I could take care of your current one...” Realizing how strange that must have sounded, she hurried to clarify. “I... I promise not to do anything weird with it. Like smell it. Or lick it. Or sleep with it or...” With each word of suspiciously specific denial, she just managed to dig herself deeper.

Luckily, a distraction stepped in front of the duo. A shady man in a trenchcoat blocked their path. Smiling with a set of yellow teeth, a couple missing, he doffed his wide-brimmed hat in greeting. “Hello, strangah...” Glancing around, he leaned up to the armored figure for a conspiratorial whisper. “Might I interest you in a rare copy of the Sorcerers Monthly: Uncensored Edition?” He didn’t seem to notice the ghoulish woman stalking in the imposing man’s shadow. She was silently thankful. He seemed like the scariest type of person to wander the streets of this city... A pushy salesman!

#13Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:51 am

Regis Karlinius
It was an interesting moment for him."Some one actually want thisarmor if I can manage to get rid of it?" Regis sounded oddly surprised about that. Then again this armor was a reminder of situations of the past that where horrible. Unless this woman really had a desire for things that had horrible attachments to it.

Before Regis really continued that thought whatever he was offered he seemed to refused, Then again the giant of a man looking at the person who offered, Guessing that looking at him now he did Regis' helmet still covering his face all he did and said."Not interested."Regis mentioned he kind of was fine walking past. If Mary bought it, that was up to her entirely Regis would not judge if she truly wanted too or not, Then again Regis' worry was if the salesmen might have tried to suggest anything else towards Mary, Regis might break a leg or an arm.

Mary's quiet and meekness was something different from what Regis thought he would deal with."If I can manage, if you are true upon your word, I may take you up on your offer."Mary might have hope to getting that armor he was wearing.

Then again, Regis felt like this armor might be a cruse on him."It was that or I put it by the grave of who was my wife and daughter..."Regis mentioned there was a hint in shame with in it, But Mary was getting hints what might be lingering with in the armored man's mind. Regis was married, he still seemed in linger upon the stage of grief he might not be able to let go of, Maybe this was a chance for Mary to be the wonderful spooky mage she was, She could have a chance to help Regis move on in a second manner too.

#14Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Sun Jun 07, 2020 12:43 pm

Mary Wraith
Being bluntly rejected didn’t seem to sway the salesman much. A raspy laugh crawled from his throat. “Heh heh heh... Hey now, don’t be so quick to decline a good deal.” He pulled out a copy of the sleazy magazine and flashed the center spread before the wanderer’s face. “Feast your eyes on free sampl... huh?” Now he finally noticed the grim shadow behind the armored figure. After a double take, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped in utter horror. “Holy sh-what is that thing?!” Rhetorical question. He didn’t even stop to wait for an answer before bolting away like a frightened rat. The magazine was left fluttering in his wake, falling onto the dirty street.

Mary, meanwhile, was frozen in equal horror. Unblinking, she stared as the terrified man vanished around the corner. After a moment of awkward silence, a quiet mutter left her lips. “Oh dear... Not again...” Surprisingly, it hurt slightly less than usual. Maybe she was getting used to that reaction. Happened once a day, really.

Fortunately the spooky woman didn’t need to dwell on the thought. When Regis mentioned the offer, she shifted her attention onto him. His solemn words were met with a hesitant stare. The ghostly woman had no idea how to deal with this... Still, she tried her best. “Death... is not the end.” Her haunting words took an eerie echo from the alleyway walls. “So do not stand at their grave and grieve... For they are no longer there...” With soundless steps she moved in front of him. Her hand carefully reached out to touch his chest. “They are with you. Forever.” As usual, her views on death were... different.

#15Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:47 pm

Regis Karlinius
Where he was scared away Regis seemed to kind of be a bit happy about it."She is not a thing, She is a person."Regis kind of mentioned he sounded annoyed.Then again Regis was also easily angered by somethings it varied and was hard too keep track of, Seeing a few dirty pictures was not anything special to him. He had the mind set of seeing one lady with out anything."Narrow minded..."He was talking to himself still. He was getting into old habits now.

Not that he needed or had a lot of time to change it either. Then again Regis thought Mary thinking something vastly different then most people, It was oddly almost an attempt to get his mind off of it. Mary did not know what he did, Nor did he assume his mother would tell her either.

Did he mention it to her."Yet I felt like they have haunted me for many years...considering what had happen."Regis would mention in a slightly sigh about it. He wanted to tell her that part that happen to them, Was the creepy looking woman really gonna have the same mind set if she knew?

"Maybe I just don't want them haunting in my mind forever..."
Regis seemed to still have his different view and what it also seemed to be was pretty upfront."Moving on from despair and bitterness is not something I wanted to accept either."Maybe Mary had a chance to shine in a different way, Some one who deals and understands with death a lot more, even if creepy could help Regis understand and move on one way or another if really needed. Maybe staying alone had effected him that much, Regis still had not told Mary he lost his mind and went insane and kill his wife and daughter as well has been alone for a most of the time since then, However Regis did stop walking kind of just staring in waiting to see what would happen next.

#16Mary Wraith 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:08 am

Mary Wraith
When the armored wanderer alluded to something that happened to his loved ones, the ghastly woman listened keenly. ...Er, well, seemed to listen at least. In truth, she got caught up in one specific detail. “They... have... haunted you...?” Quietly she echoed the cute choice of words. Imagination painted a perhaps slightly inaccurate image inside her head. Clasping her hands together, she let out a dreamy sigh. “Oh, how very romantic~” Her eyes twinkled with peculiar madness. Oh how she wished that she could haunt a handsome prince when she died...

Much to Mary’s sudden surprise, however, it turned out Regis didn’t quite share that sentiment. She blinked at the admission, briefly stunned. “W-what? Why??” She couldn’t even fathom why someone wouldn’t want the soul of their beloved haunting them. Hurriedly she shook her head, trying to reject the very idea of moving on. “N-no, you should hang onto that feeling... Treasure the haunting despair...” Creepy honesty chimed in her tone. “People only truly die when they are forgotten... S-so you should remember them... Every single day.” She meant exactly what she said. Needless to say, expecting help from someone like her was a fool’s endeavor.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the ghastly mage had just been handed a Pandora’s box. Of course she would open it, thinking she was somehow helping. “What happened to your loved ones is the key. You should cling to the memory. Never... let... go... Terrible advice for anyone recovering from trauma. She twiddled her hands together, as if trying to weave the right words. “I... I know that waiting for the promised day can be hard, but... You need not fret. Just remember... No matter what you do...” Her lips twisted into a disturbing grin. Dark words trailed from her lips.

Remember that you will die.

#17Regis Karlinius 

Indecisive Choices(Open) Empty Wed Jun 10, 2020 5:28 pm

Regis Karlinius
It was a vast turning point. Yes Regis new very well he could die. While his mother's advise was accept actions had been one can not be erased."We all will die eventually, I can deal with that."Regis seemed to mention after a moment of pause."I do not intend to forget them either."he had not but that reason why Mary had yet to learn, Eventually he would take Mary by the hand to continue walking to make sure people were not wondering if he had been killed by her with a simple touch.

But he would admit what he had done."I also risk death trying to find my mother and father."Well now he was skirting around it currently."After all my father wish to end my life for going mad and killing my wife and daughter to start with...."It was all getting dark, But who else to embrace the dark then the woman who enjoys and seems to attach herself the wonders of delight of death.

So Mary knew what exactly happen."I just with for at least my father to be able to move on, maybe it will help me sleep."As well as a second problem he seemed to have problems sleeping and it was starting to take a toll on him. Even more for the spooky lady to embrace and piece together how she felt about it.

"I can handle the screams of death I hear in mynightmares a bit better if I achieve that."
Was Regis idea going to be helpful? it was risky maybe it was truly safer for him to find his mother first either way their adventure was reaching and interesting point to for the both of them, Regis seemed to express some kind of shame, he was seeking to move on in some manner just how seemed to left unknown.

#18Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary nodded in quiet approval when Regis revealed he didn’t fear death. She was happy to finally find someone who felt the same way. So she thought at least. Perhaps the knight didn’t quite share her... ehm... enthusiasm for the subject. At least until the bomb dropped. Her eyes widened. “Kill... ling...?” It was a mere whisper, unsure if it should even be said. Many questions were answered, many more were created. Naturally, the obvious thought passed through her mind. Now that she knew his secret... Was he going to kill her too...?

Well, she sure hoped so.

However, a certain distraction stopped the nervous wreck from voicing her concerns. Slowly her gaze trailed down, stopping where they were... joined together... Her stare went blank. Something shattered. The realization came creeping. This was... h-h-h-hand holding!!! An intense blush flared across her pale cheeks. Such a bold move meant they were practically on a date! Like... Like... L-lovers! How indecent! A pink tidal wave of daydreams washed over her. Wild scenarios of what-ifs filled her mind, painting an entirely inaccurate picture of the man’s intentions. Such thoughts were not appropriate for any kind of rating.

Eventually the flustered woman managed to snap out of her lusty thoughts. Kind of. Beads of sweat were still rolling down her rosy cheeks. “Um... I-if you meet your father...” She gave him a strange look, filled with longing. “...do you think I would get to see you die today?” Her tone was entirely too nonchalant for such a grim question. “Peaceful, agonizing, natural or violent... Death should be studied from all sides.” It would be a wonderful chance to further her studies. And... Maybe if she asked nicely, his parents would kill her as well. But first they really needed to find them... Hm...

Luckily, the ghoulish mage soon spotted a familiar landmark. From beyond the rooftops, a beautiful bell shone in the sunlight at the top of a tall building. Just beneath it the unmistakable crest of Fairy Tail came to sight. How fortunate that the guild headquarters was quite a big bigger than most buildings around here. Her pace quickened, fueled by new purpose. She moved ahead of the man and tried to pull him along at a brisk pace. “This way...” The haunting words drifted in the air. ...And gave some curious bystanders an entirely wrong idea about the poor man’s situation.

#19Regis Karlinius 

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Regis Karlinius
Was Regis going to exactly answer that seemed to be left to wonder. Where Mary seemed interested in it her own way Regis knew what would exactly."I would not care if you watched..."Regis said casually after all he was accepting death and who was he to judge if she wanted to see it or not. It would be followed up with."However, I do think my mother would protest the entire situation."Which was a fair point to mention."If you know my mother in anyway that would be a problem." Regis was not trying to spoil Mary's wishes.

"She may even stop my father entirely."Regis did not sound like he was worried about it at all. did this affect Mary he did not know it was not exactly a worry in his mind either. Mary was studying death and if she could not study his she would most likely have to find some one else to watch the death of.

Regis might not have noticed at how close they where to Fairy Tail until he was being slightly pulled now. Regis looking around as he was being pulled realized were he was. He was close now.

"How far away are we from them now?"Regis asked curiously while he was being pulled towards the Fairy Tail guild house now. How close was he, Did Mary actually know where his mother was exactly after all his mother was safer to go to first, Learn what mood his father was in and go on from there. So far this could go smoothly, For Regis or blow up in the manner Mary wanted. Oh the wonders of waiting. This place was bright and colour like he expect his mother to linger in, He wondered how Mary fit into it.

#20Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
In a running theme today, Mary’s hopes were raised to the skies. ...Aaand immediately brought back down to the mud. At first she was excited to hear the kind knight didn’t mind sharing his sacred moment. Unfortunately, he soon brought up a good point. The motherly mage’s image flashed through the grim woman’s mind. Immediately her pace slowed down to a crawl. “Ah... You’re right, she would...” A deep sigh escaped her lips, yet a small smile still found its way onto her features. “It’s in her soul.” Judith was kind enough to watch over people, even ghosts and murderers. She would definitely stop her husband before the situation escalated.

Oh well... Maybe some other time then...

As the duo passed by the grand guild building, the ghastly guide regained some of her confidence. A rare treat indeed. While she hadn’t been a member for long, the guild still felt... familiar. Safe. Almost like a home... Her gaze scanned the surrounding buildings. Hm, yes, she remembered that Judith’s home was quite close to the guild. “Not far now... Just beyond the threshold...” She managed to sound almost reassuring. Ah, this street seemed familiar... Which meant... That way, yes? Quite so. This time she was rather certain.

However, suddenly the grim ghoul stopped dead on her tracks. She pulled her hand away from the armored wanderer and pointed ahead. “Down the street that way... Until you see a quaint home with a big, beautiful garden. You can’t miss it.” The garden was an impressive landmark around here. She shifted nervously, twiddling her hands together. “I... can’t come any further...” Well, won’t, more like. Since no one would be dying today, she had no excuse to intrude upon a family affair. It would’ve been quite rude, actually. Furthermore, the events of the cooking night were still fresh in her mind. She had been such a bother to the gracious host... No, she couldn’t possibly risk repeating that. Staying away was the best solution.

#21Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Sadly for Mary, Staying away did not save her. It seemed with in a moment after Mary said she did not want to go any further. Mary would feel a very light poke upon her back only just once, it was a the gentle touch of non-other than, Judith herself."Oh I see you found one of my sons Mary."Judith mentioned happily as always as Judith seemed, Happy and delighted to see Mary again."Your hair looks much nicer today Mary."Judith mentioned since when they first saw one another they where more rain soaked and dark. It was a normal day time.

Judith then would over to in front of Mary and give her a hug."Good to see you made a friend, Or I hope you did."Judith mentioned being her normal casual self for a woman who seemed to have shown up out of nowhere, Even if they where between her place of work and her home, For now Judith would even consider bringing up what Mary was worried about it was not on her mind.

She then would walk over to her son Regis."I am also delighted to see your still alive and breathing Regis."Judith did not seem too upset to him, Then again Judith was his mother, Her kind soul might have had a hard time but eventually moved on it seems. Judith seemed to be waiting for what Regis would do. Judith now seemed extremely small compared to the contrasting height of her oldest son. It almost seemed funny."I have a good feeling what your here for, But we could deal with that later."Judith mentioned casually to her son."There is an interesting update to that situation."Judith seemed like she was oddly happy about mentioning it to him.

#22Regis Karlinius 

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Regis Karlinius
It was all falling into place quickly for Regis, he was confused why Mary already gave up going forward."Aren't my mother and yourself some what known to one another, You should be fine coming to visit her as well."Then again Regis barely understood Mary only not minding her creepiness because Regis was use to being viewed that way because of the armor, Regis always was a decent person despite that, With that idea Regis seemed to be fine with Mary, Then again internally Regis assumed with how creepy Mary was, She must have been lonely as well.

It made sense but Regis would remark."Her garden is a lot larger then her last one...."Regis remarked seemingly puzzled about it. It showed how many years Regis had not been around his family. Before his mother would show up and start interacting Regis just said."I am sure you have no reason to fear any of them."Regis seemed to be trying to get Mary to progress a bit more and visit his mother again.

Then seemingly out of nowhere his mother had shown up."How, do you manage to sneak by so quietly mother?"Regis asked her right away, While Judith was slowly walking over to him. It showed how Regis was as a person, When his mother stopped in front of him. Regis lowered himself even kneeling on one knee and then would take off his helmet and just placed it on the ground, he would hold his arms out waiting for his mother's embrace. Finally asking."What has changed since I have been around?"It was a long answer, But if there was an update. Regis was waiting to hear it, It might be a good thing for him given his mother it was some kind of goodness to it.

#23Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
A simple poke was enough to send shivers down the ghastly woman’s spine. Utter horror washed over her. Twitching with a soundless scream, she went completely stiff. S-she recognized that voice! J-j-j-j-judith...! And she didn’t even have any kind of gift or payment prepared! Now she looked like a thankless clod and Judith would hate her and and and... Luckily the sudden hug silenced the nasty doubts swirling inside her head. Returning the hug, or rather awkwardly patting the short woman, she nodded. “U-um... Yes... Randy came to see you...” She managed to accidentally mangle the poor man’s name even further.

However, despite the warm welcome by Judith and the assurance by Regis, Mary still started inching away while they discussed. Step by step... Without a sound, like some manner of ghost. Or a particularly silent mouse. Contrary to what some may have believed, she had plenty of reason to fear them. Both of them. The dark doubts seeped back into her mind... This seemed like a delicate situation. The whole matter of murder and a potential revenge or redemption was beyond her limited expertise. She didn’t like to pry into private affairs... It felt like opening someone else’s tomb. That was simply rude.

Growing uncomfortable in the self-imposed silence, the ghoulish mage finally managed to utter an excuse. Sort of. “Um... I just... remembered I really need to.. uh... water the skeletons and dust the flowers, so... um... g-goodbye!” Lying had never been her strong point, not even little, white lies. She turned tail and ran away. For someone who looked so sickly and weak, she was surprisingly quick. As if carried by some supernatural force... Maybe one day she would dare to visit Judith again. But today would not be that day. As soon as she got home, she would hide under the blankets until the shivering stopped.

#24Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
In this moment Judith was actually more disappointed with Regis."Bringing a woman that has nothing to do with the situation? Regis you should know far better."the disappointment was hear in Judith's voice she was not hiding it either. This was entirely before Mary ended up leaving, It was Mary seeing Judith slowly turning from her normally happy manner. Judith's normal smile even faded to a more neutral face as well. She had a problem with what her son did."I did not raise you in be that way Regis." Judith even refused to hug him, It was a sign of her disappointment.

Judith was not stopping Mary this time, If anything she understood, As well Internally noted that she deserved so much better then to be brought into these situations. So Judith would look at Regis and say."We will talk about it later, With your father..."Judith mentioned then walked away from Regis.

What was Judith doing now? Well doing what should be right, She would return to her home After looking after the two recent children added into her care taking, Judith also checked up on Alice, Anton and Tanya. Alice had managed to keep everything in line wonderfully, Judith looked after them when Alice need to head out to take care of something.

Judith then started to well bake something, Something a bit more fitting for Mary's personality. Judith would make 12 cookies. Some shaped as bats, some shaped as ghosts, some jack-o-lanterns. They where sugar cookies with black icing for the bats, white for the ghost with some black used for the eyes and face, Orange with black used for the jack-o-lanterns. Then packing them up neatly in a black box.

A day later in the morning Judith would go by Mary's place and knock on the door putting the box down. Only sign who the box from was Judith having written on it."To Mary, From Judith." With a small black flower drawn on it too. Even if they were opposites in looks as well as many ways, Judith was still looking out for Mary.


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Regis Karlinius
It would take a moment for Regis to realize what happen and if anything it showed, A part of him was being not denied what was going on that he needed to learn."Very well..."Regis sounded bitter and a bit angry, But understood why his mother just treated him so coldly. Regis then sighed and walked away.

He would settle his mind later, Last thing this situation needed was Regis to lose temper. After all he even thought about just mention why it mattered if he got some one involved with it? Mary wanted to see him die. It just kind of annoyed him more.

Regis would eventually learn what had changed for him, Sure he felt a bit annoyed because he did not learn right away. It helped him move on however even if not much but still was able to move one slightly.

Regis wish he could speak to the dead, Realizing he scared off some one who could stupidly. Regis seemed to be yet again stuck at a smaller dead end from being able to move on.

All this situation did, Was make his situation between him and his parents. his mother and father were just unhappy with him for dragging some one else into his problem. It was mostly Judith who was more unhappy with Regis. In fact his father was more busy playing with two of the children, Kurisa's children where in safe hands for sure, For all for the giant grumpy man he was. Anders was reading them books and showing them how to clean things around the house, Even playing with them in the park, Anders was a different man when he was actually not generally seen in public, To Judith's delight.

Regis ended up being put up in a hotel by his mother, Easy to keep track of him that way.


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