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Shopping Crisis (pt. 4) [NQ]

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One last time, she decided she would be paying the Magnolia shopping district a visit before she left elsewhere. Kaiser had finished her business in this bustling city, essentially having taken control of it. The vampire had her eyes on the other city in the Eastern region, Hosenka. After having Dahlia and Magnolia, why not take over Hosenka as well? The benefits of holding two cities were largely satisfying, so she could not not want to add one more city under the guild’s control. Her greed was too much, but it was part of her nature. She was a predator, always hungry for power. Of course, before leaving the city she wanted to say goodbye to the people she had been helping the whole time she was there. Kaiser was a changed woman. She realised how strange the way she was talking was, during the meeting with Zane. She never talked to him like that before, so stiff and formal. Maybe it was after becoming a guildmistress, that she began to pick her words carefully when speaking with those other than her close circle of bitches. Maybe after spending some time together, the warmth and familiarity that they shared would return once again, but without that, there was no way to tell whether she would feel the same closeness she did to Zane as she did before or not. Kaiser was clothed in her usual outfit, not too formal and not too casual. It had become a habit of hers to dress properly and look her best at all times, because at every moment that she was not on her own, she was representing the guild as its mistress. She had to look her best for that. Pabu was perched on her shoulder as usual, mumbling something inaudible to her.

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“What’s that?” Kaiser asked. The furball was apparently complaining about the weather. The vampire looked up to see a gathering of dark clouds above. They were in the streets already, on the way to the shopping district, their destination. It seemed like it would rain anytime soon, but Kaiser was unbothered by it. “Making a big deal out of nothing again,” she said to provoke the furball just for fun. Of course this caused her pet to begin a whole rant about the last time they walked in the rain and how she got completely drenched from head to toe, thanks to her abundance of fur. After that incident, Kaiser took her to a pet care center and got her fur trimmed. It was growing out too much and on the days that it did not rain, it was too hot for her. So she was going to have to get it trimmed either way. Kaiser stopped at a convenience store on their way and bought an umbrella so that they would not have to go through the ordeal that they did the last time. After the umbrella was bought, Pabu stopped complaining about the weather altogether. That was one of the things that Kaiser liked about her pet. She had come across people who would complain for the sake of complaining and to gain nothing from it, but Pabu was not doing that, because once the problem she was complaining about was solved, she was done with it. After spending such a long time here, Kaiser was starting to get recognized by the people of Magnolia. She was greeted almost wherever she went, and this did not bother her anymore, knowing that her guild was being recognized and received well. It brought her the nice feeling that is satisfaction.

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Upon reaching the shopping district, she was once again greeted by the people there, asking her how she was and if she would like to stop by their shops to see if there was anything she liked or wanted. Some of them even advertised pet related things, trying to get at Pabu although the furball was barely interested. She seemed to have everything she could ever want or need. Truthfully. Kaiser’s room in her villa had a little corner all for Pabu. Even her closet had a section just for Pabu’s things. It was crazy. Maybe she would make a good mother, if she was able to reproduce. Sadly, she lost that magic when she turned into a vampire. As a human, she would have made a good mother, it seems like. Although, in all truth, Kaiser never imagined herself as a mother, nor did she ever consider having a partner, someone to ‘love’. She was not even sure if she was capable of properly nursing such a demanding emotion. True she was capable of caring for others, that much was known ever since she became a guildmistress, but a different form of the same kind of care...all for one person. Yeah probably not. Pabu dangled her feet as she looked away from all the shop owners beckoning them to their shops. She was the most arrogant little ferret sometimes, but it was cute because she was so small compared to Kaiser. The vampire waved at some of the more familiar shop owners who invited her into their shops not for her to buy their goods, but for a cup of coffee or tea, or some cookies. She was not here for a chat, she was here to see if the problem was still persisting, and came to help.

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Kaiser asked around to find out if the shops were still being troubled, but most of them said that thanks to her help, those thugs were no longer bothering them. However, it turned out that there was still one shop that was still facing the problem. With a slight frown, the Guildmistress of Daeva Eye headed to the shop that was in the far corner of the district. It was one of those barely noticeable shops because it was so far in a corner. Maybe that was why those bandits targeted it, thinking that Kaiser would not notice it because it was barely there. She guessed that the shop did not have to pay as much as the other shops to the district owner, because of its disadvantageous location. After being directed to the location by the other shop owners, Kaiser stood in front of a shabby looking little thing that she did not even know if it could be called a shop. It was like a little shack, made for a single homeless person to live. The lack of alluring decoration was pathetic, and the moment the shop came into sight, Pabu scrunched up her face. That was exactly how Kaiser felt too about the shop, but she did not express it on her features. It seemed like the owner of the shop noticed their arrival and came out through the weird curtain sort of thing that was barring her from entering. In truth, she was worried that touching it would infect her with some exotic disease. It turned out, after all, that the shop was made to look like that because it sold things related to BB guns, so everything was colored in dirt or camouflage colors and the cloths used for the shop’s decoration were all torn.

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The owner of the shop was a plump little man whose skin reddened faster than the speed of light every time he was slightly embarrassed or shy. He reached out his meaty little hands for a handshake and Kaiser complied reluctantly. She did not know what to think of this situation, but her job here was pretty simple and straightforward, so she decided she would focus on that rather than whatever this was. “Hi, I’m Walter,” the man began. Pabu almost blurted out the fact that the name really suited his looks. A ‘Walter’ was really hard to come by these days but when you did, they looked just like what you would imagine a Walter to look like. Pabu was able to shut her mouth in time and Kaiser covered for her by quickly introducing herself as well. The vampire had a feeling that she needed to save Pabu on this one if she did not want to make a bad impression on the client. Walter welcomed them into his little shop and brought them to the back where there was a table and no chairs. The table was pretty low so they could just sit around it. With Kaiser’s outfit, it was a pretty weird situation but she just plopped herself down on the ground. At least it was not dirty. The shop owner brought two mugs of coffee and placed it on the table. He already knew why she was here, and simply asked her if that was what she was here for. In response, Kaiser nodded. She told him what she had heard from the other shop owners. Apparently they may have been exaggerating it, because Walter was definitely not the type to share this kind of information with the other shop owners on his own.

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And so Walter cleared it up for Kaiser. Her assumptions turned out to be correct. The thugs were targeting this shop because Walter was a very closed up kind of person, like he would not mingle with the other shop owners so they thought that Kaiser would not find out. Knowing that the other shop owners were under her guild’s care now, of course they would target the one that was out of the circle. Walter however was not isolating himself because he did not want to get rid of them. He just could not bring himself to call for help, or let the other shop owners know because he was scared and did not want to make his business get even worse than it already is. He admitted that he was glad Kaiser showed up, and told her that he had actually been waiting for her to come. Kaiser said that there was nothing to worry about now that she was here, and that she would deal with the thugs for him, just like she did for the other ones. Walter was visibly relieved. He finished all of his coffee and gave her a weak smile. “Thank you.” His voice represented how genuinely he appreciated her help, and that made her beam with satisfaction. Kaiser also finished her coffee and got up to leave. She told him that she would be back later once it was closing time for the shop, so that she could deal with the bandits. While they were in there all Pabu was doing was looking around the shop to see what exactly was being sold here. Of course she was not interested in any of the items. They looked dangerous to her, so she returned to Kaiser after a quick tour of the shop.

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Before closing time, there was about three hours of idle time so Kaiser decided to just look around the shopping district. It started raining while they were in the shop, so they could not leave the shopping district. Since they were leaving Magnolia soon, she wanted to have one last drink at the cafe in the district. She loved their mango smoothie, so that was what she ordered once she got into the cafe. Pabu wanted a smoothie too, but strawberry so she ordered that for the furball. Kaiser really liked the rain. She could hear the rain hitting the roof of the district and it was lovely. She felt at peace, and the harder it rained, the more she felt like she was in a tranquil state of mind. The vampire was something else. Although, this was something that she enjoyed since before turning into a nightwalker. It was not really easy to hear someone else talk in this kind of rain, but Pabu was still rambling on about Walter and what she thought about his shop. Kaiser nodded along to most of what she was saying, although half of it was gone with the rain. She sipped her smoothie slowly and watched the people going past the cafe. There were not as many people in the district today as other days, probably because it was raining so hard outside. She could imagine herself chilling in her bed back in the villa if she was unconcerned about the ongoings at the shopping district. But she was here, because she was concerned, and she really was not complaining about it. A surprise, really. The old Kaiser would have been in bed curled up like a cooked prawn under thick sheets, snoring her ass off and surely having dream after dream.

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The three hours passed really quickly, and Kaiser found herself back in front of Walter’s shop, watching the short man closing up his shop. Everything he was doing looked like a hard task for him but she was not his assistant nor was she here to help him close up his shop, so she just watched him from outside through the barely translucent curtains. His plump form bounced around in the tiny space, picking up things and dropping half of them every time, having to pick them back up and grumbling as he did so. Kaiser took a deep breath and folded her arms. She was an impatient person by nature, and felt the urge to get in there and do his job for him, but she knew her place. Walter finished closing up like thirty minutes after the time he told her that he would be done, but she ended up waiting anyway. Maybe because she was leaving Magnolia soon, she was a bit more patient than usual. Walter was really sweating when he popped out of the shop and greeted her, immediately apologizing for taking so long. She suggested that he should hire an assistant after she got rid of the thugs, since he would have more money than usual in that case. After he left, it was like clockwork. The bandits were there and Kaiser cleared them out, leaving the last one to send their employers a message, a warning. Any more of these and she would come after them. If they refrained from bothering the shops here, she would spare them. She also added that if the message was not delivered, she would come after the messenger, kill him and every member of his family causing him to scurry off. Kaiser’s work here was done. She told Walter to transfer the payment into her account since she was leaving Magnolia for a while. She did tell him that she would not be gone for long, just so that Walter and the other shop owners would not feel uneasy with her being gone. The vampire left the district and headed back to the villa. It was time to pack up and go now. There was nothing left for her to do in this city for the time being. She had other plans, plans that involved people from Blue Pegasus and so she would go to meet them.

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