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Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni]

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#1Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 12:06 am

Ko Lesalt

The walk back to town had been mostly silent on Ko's part, for one simple reason; he had no idea where they were going. Oh he found Marigold's merchant district simply enough. The problem was choosing a location to share a meal. He'd had no occasions to do so in a long time. Longer than he cared to recall. Luckily, Ko wasn't concerned with making a good impression. No, his chief concern here was not wasting his money.

If food was cheap, Ko would eat it no matter the quality. He could chug beer that tasted like piss and chew on bread harder than leather all day as long as his purse was still heavy afterwards. As soon as he had to pay more for his fare, however, Ko became extremely surly. That made choosing a location an issue, because Ko hadn't bothered eating at any of the establishments in Marigold at all.

Of course, that didn't stop him from acting like he knew exactly where they were going. They'd passed by half a dozen decent looking pubs and restaurants in the short walk, none of which had seemed up to Ko's discerning palate. "I don't suppose you have any preference?" Ko chose instead to break the silence, hoping to glean some kind of clue as to where he should be leading them. His gaze flicked towards the snowy vulpix, and he added 'outdoor seating' to the list.

Down the street, at that moment, Ko noticed what looked to be a traditional teahouse. Well, not 'Joyan' traditional, but it was certainly a teahouse. Immediately his interest was piqued. Though he didn't indulge often, Ko did enjoy tea. His Mother made absolutely certain of that. The question was whether or not this location could measure up to his expectations. "You do like tea, yes? I could use something relaxing after being threatened all afternoon." He couldn't resist poking fun again.

#2Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 6:29 am

Rinni Faithe
Rinni hadn't received any new flashes of pain since their walk began, which she was more than grateful for. Ko's silence was a bit awkward, but she really didn't mind it. She tended to be quiet most of the time anyway. Every now and then she glanced up at the young man that walked beside her. Her cheeks were pink and her heart skipped. She never went on a date before. Was this a date? Her inexperience with dates and relationships alone was enough to fluster the young Encan. She was only 15, her 16th birthday still a few months away. Still, to sound more grown-up than she was she'd tell people she was 16.

Rather they believed her or not was a different story.

She couldn't help notice that they had quite deliberately passed several nice places. This caused Rinni to question rather or not he even had a place in mind. She smirked at the idea that he possibly had no plans at all much less any idea where he was taking her. Winter seemed to have adjusted to Ko. In the least she wasn't growling anymore. She wasn't affectionate: but wasn't growling.

Finally Ko broke the awkward silence by asking if she had any preferences. She grinned at him cheekily and teased, "You have no idea where we're going, do you?"

As if on queue, a cute little tea house appeared in their view. Nice save. Ko instantly asked her about her liking of tea before teasing her about how she threatened him with cabbage and her bow. Rinni let out an adorable giggle, displaying her level of comfort around him at this point. She still blushed and was still an adorable young girl, but at the same time, she wasn't quivering or stuttering in absolute fear.

"Tea is nice. Let's go there!" She agreed and grabbed his hand running toward the teahouse as she pulled her 'date' behind her.

#3Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Thu May 28, 2020 7:35 am

Ko Lesalt

Ko met the cheeky grin on Rinni's face with an impassive expression, clearly trying to convey a sense of how unimpressed he was.  It seemed working through her little issues had the side effect of making her more willing to talk back to him.  He wasn't going to let it show, but this was a plus.  Ko wouldn't have nearly as much fun if she didn't show a little spine.

"I know exactly where we're going.  To have lunch."  Like hell he was going to admit that he'd neglected to give their final destination any thought.  It was already out of character for him to be taking someone out for food like this to begin with.  She'd have to try a little harder than that to corner him.  Listen to this girl, now she's giggling.  Where was the trembling mess he'd initially stumbled upon?

Thankfully she seemed to find his suggestion acceptable; he'd probably have gone with it even if she hadn't but this made it simpler.  Ko wasn't expecting her to suddenly grab hold of his hand and start dragging him forward.  "Oi oi, what are you-"  His complaint was cut off as, since she was so much shorter than he was, her forward momentum pulled him off balance and forced him to stoop down as they rushed ahead.

It didn't take long for them to reach the teahouse, and as soon as they did Ko planted his feet to stop Rinni from dragging him along any further.  Pointedly, he squeezed her hand in his own, holding it up while flashing a grin that seemed equal parts irritated and amused.  "Getting awfully physical all of a sudden.  Trying to stake a claim already little kitten?"

Whatever Rinni was about to say, Ko was distracted from it by the awkward coughing of someone out of his line of sight.  He turned to find a man in a waiter uniform watching the two of them with a smug, knowing expression that Ko immediately didn't like.  "Table for two?"  Ko's demeanor got icy, and he let Rinni's hand go as if he'd just remembered he was holding it.  "We'll be sitting outside."  The waiter's expression immediately wilted, much to Ko's satisfaction.  He wasn't some lovesick teenager to be fawned over by strangers.

#4Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Thu May 28, 2020 8:32 am

Rinni Faithe
Rinni loved that she could get under Ko's skin as much as he got under hers. Payback in this sense was awesome. She could tell by the look on his face that she had annoyed him to some extent. His attempt to keep an unimpressed passive expression revealed that much. Or maybe he was genuinely unimpressed? Hmm, that remained to be seen (which seemed to be quickly becoming a catchphrase between them). Ko was taken off guard by the small girl yanking him behind her. She honestly hadn't thought it'd be that easy to pull him like a toy doll.

And then it happened. Right outside the teahouse, he skidded to a stop causing her to stumble. Before she could react or complain, she felt pressure and a tug that lifted her off her feet momentarily (resulting in a surprised squeak) and forced her to stand on her toes as she turned around to realize he was holding her hand in the air like a prize display. He grinned down at his little trophy as he remarked about her getting physical and questioned rather she was steaking claims already.

Oh, boy. That was enough to put her back into shy, awkward mode as her cheeks turned bright red and she felt the warmth rise well above her ears. The expression on her face as he held her in place was both priceless and adorable. She looked like a mouse that had been cornered by a hungry cat. "W-what? No! Nonono... I... I was just... You see, you were... and then I..." Thankfully, the waited interrupted her embarrassing stammers as she failed to defend herself.

Ko took the initiative to decide where they would eat. Rinni simply followed him, allowing him to lead. He didn't strike her as the following type either way, but she was genuinely curious to learn about this mysterious man she had met earlier. And the best way to learn was to let him make the decisions and see bits and pieces of his personality up close.

She actually enjoyed the rougher side of him. Of course, she wasn't about to confess that to him. The teasing would never end (rather, it'd increase!) if he knew she was getting a bit of a thrill from his passive-aggressive nature. When he finally released her hand, she stumbled slightly as she dropped back to the flats of her feet. She gingerly brushed her hair out of her face and scoped out the outdoor tables.

"How about we sit at that one, Tiger?" She pointed at a cozy private table that sat apart from the rest and had a giant umbrella to shield them from the sun. "I like the shade." 'And the privacy.' The last bit was an afterthought as she was very afraid of crowded areas and was grateful Ko picked the outdoor setting.

Winter seemed content to ignore their antics, no longer trying to protect Rinni from Ko. He seemed to have no ill-intent toward his young date, so the fox was content with allowing physical contact between them to an extent. She'd attack him if he did anything that caused Rinni to cry or show fear, however. But for now, the Snow Vulpix trotted toward the table Rinni had pointed at. The Encan followed her companion, assuming Ko would do the same.

#5Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Fri May 29, 2020 8:01 am

Ko Lesalt

Ko couldn't help but feel supremely satisfied by Rinni's reaction once he confronted her with her sudden hand-holding.  It was good to know that although she seemed to be getting accustomed to him he was still capable of embarrassing her properly.  It was just a shame that the waiter had to ruin things by reading too much into it.  

After all, did he have to be sweet on a girl to want to viciously tease her at every opportunity?  Ko certainly didn't think so.  He'd been teasing and bullying people since childhood, and he didn't need any particular reason to do it then either.   After all, in the grand scheme of the world, a little teasing was hardly the worst thing he could do to someone if he was inclined.  

Still, it seemed that Rinni was getting more uppity than he expected, as she took a chance to throw his little 'pet name' at him once again.  There was no odd throbbing in his chest this time, thankfully.  Surely that had been an odd coincidence.  He looked over the table she'd chosen, and he saw no issues.  "That table should do, I suppose."  He levied an expectant look at the cowed waiter, taking the two menus the man was holding and watching as he slunk back into the main building.  

After following Rinni to the table, Ko immediately moved up behind her, reaching out to pull her chair out while he set the menus down.  The motion was smooth and practiced, and entirely second nature on Ko's part.  He hadn't even thought about what he'd just done before he was looking Rinni in the face, waiting for her to sit.  Such was the terrifying might of a Joyan Mother intent on beating proper manners into her wayward son's brain.

His actions were so practiced that his mind was already moving on to other things, contemplating what sort of tea would be best for the time of day and his dwindling yet still present headache.  "I think a simple black tea will do for me."  He spoke idly, clearly just thinking out loud.  "Then again, I could use something hearty after last night."  It was a shame he couldn't remember the previous night at all.  Clearly it had been something of a humdinger.  

#6Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Fri May 29, 2020 11:17 am

Rinni Faithe
Winter had curled up to sleep under the table as Rinni reached out to claim her seat. She found herself intercepted by Ko who now towered behind her, his hand casually pulling out her chair while the other hand placed the menu's on the table. She tensed slightly at his closeness and looked up at him in surprise as he waited for her to sit. She felt a throb in her chest for just a moment. Whoa, this was super unexpected. She never thought she'd see this side of him, especially after their initial encounter earlier that morning. She felt her ears burning as her cheeks flushed hot pink.

"Th-thanks..." She muttered meekly as she took her seat. She then watched Ko move around to his seat across from her. Maybe there was more to him than his first impression implied. He came off as a cold, heartless, asshole but...

But that wasn't all there was to him.

Rinni now felt that she may be witnessing a rare side of him most don't get to see. Or maybe she was thinking too deeply into it. It could be he was raised with manners. Still, the way he performed without so much as a second thought about what he was doing... at least she assumed based on his lack of reaction to his own actions... implied maybe there's more to this as well. At this point, she wouldn't mind learning more about him, if he'd allow her.

He went into thinking out loud as he scanned the menu. Rinni took this opportunity to scan her own menu. She decided to order herself some sweet tea and a serving of onigiri. When her food arrived, her eyes sparkled at how adorable her food was. The onigiri was shaped like the most adorable puppies she had ever seen!

"Oh, Ko! Look! Aren't they so cute?!" She squealed like a typical teenager over puppy shaped food. The expression on her face and sparkle in her eyes was nearly as adorable as the onigiri. She seemed quite oblivious to the stares she was recieving from other outdoor tables in the not so far distance.

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Wanwan_-_3_large

#7Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Sat May 30, 2020 8:39 am

Ko Lesalt

Ko was so inside his own head, oblivious to how unusual his display of manners seemed, that Rinni's meek thanks actually distracted him.  It was plainly obvious that her mind was running at full tilt thinking about something.  Ko was a confident sort, but he didn't typically assume that he was the sort of man that ended up on the mind of other people.  In this case, however, it seemed an unavoidable conclusion.

Luckily, it was just the sort of situation that Ko was in a position to enjoy.  That is, a position from which to tease his companion.  "You seem like you have something to say aside from 'thank you'."  What it was she was thinking he didn't know; he couldn't know.  After all, to him, pulling out a lady's chair was part of sitting down at a table.  It wasn't particularly well-behaved or well-intentioned, its just 'what was done'.  

Following the girl's lead, Ko ordered a cup of Sencha tea as well as a 'Bear's Omurice'.  The name was odd, but it sounded like it'd be big which was all he really cared about.  The service was certainly quick, as only a short time passed before the waiter returned, delivering Rinni's rice balls.  Ko wasn't expecting her excited exclamation, and leaned forward to see what the issue was.

He looked down at the dog shaped rice balls with trepidation.  So this was one of 'those' teahouses.  The sort that young women raved about to each other because of the designer foodstuffs and latte art.  "I suppose.  If you enjoy the idea of biting the head off a small dog."  The blase look he gave her spoke volumes.  Before he could continue, however, the waiter returned, and for a split second Ko realized that he hadn't considered his own order.

The moment it was placed before him, Ko stared down at the abomination with an expression of betrayal.  It was certainly a 'bear' omurice; specifically, it was rice in the shape of a bear that was sleeping with an omlette blanket.  The very picture of adorable food.  Ko closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  "Of course."

Bear's Omurice:
Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Img65

#8Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Sat May 30, 2020 12:01 pm

Rinni Faithe
Ko seemed to know exactly what made her tick at this point. He could get to her so easily, leaving her flustered every time. A part of her enjoyed the teasing and attention she received from him. Of course, she'd never tell him that. No way would she supply the man with more fuel for the fire. Still, if she was flustered before by his show of manners, she was more so by the gentle teasing that followed. She appreciated his respect for her barriers. This kind of teasing she could handle a lot easier than the alternative. He had honestly frightened the little kitten into a flight response. But now, he was the tiger she needed in her life.

That thought made her blush 100% worse.

"Ah! N-nothing... I just... n-nothing at all!" Her stammering was so embarrassingly awkward. Honestly, she seemed perfectly capable of embarrassing herself just as easily as he was of embarrassing her. Avoiding eye contact, she buried her blushing face behind her menu.

As Ko ordered his food, the first thing she imagined was rice shaped like a bear. This, of course, was not what Ko was thinking at all proving yet again just how different they were as a couple. If opposites truly did attract, you'd never find a couple as unusually matched as these two were. Her brown eyes widened as they stared at Ko's face.

His lips.

His eyes.

'No! Nonono. Stop it right there! You're just friends! Get those childish thoughts out of your head!' As soon as her eyes met his she quickly averted her gaze to anything else. In a very awkward exchange, she found herself idly examining the table cloth. It was blue and pink with little animals printed on it in a floral pattern. How did Ko not notice this, she wondered? In that moment, their food arrived.

As Rinni saw her order, her eyes lit up. Of course, Ko killed her mood by leaning across the table and making one simple remark.

If you enjoy the idea of biting the head off a small dog.

Instantly she shot her male companion a glare. Thanks, Ko. Now she probably wasn't going to have the heart (or stomach) to eat the puppy shaped onigiri. You just ruined her breakfast and lunch in one day. I hope you're happy!

However, her anger soon subsided when she saw his order. It was the cutest thing she had ever seen. A teddy bear sleeping in a blanket! Her eyes widened and twinkled at the sight. And Ko's reaction was just the icing on the cake. It was all she needed to lose control and burst into a fit of laughter, earning stares from the other customers and waiters.

"Oh my goodness! Ko... I'm so so... sorry! It's just... that is... too cute! And your face! You're... you're absolutely... adorable!!!" She struggled to verbalize through her laughter. Her giggle was cute, but this was adorably annoying. She was enjoying their date, at least.

#9Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Sun May 31, 2020 6:55 am

Ko Lesalt

The glare that Rinni fired at him in response to his 'head biting' comment filled him with quiet glee. There was exactly the reason he'd suggested this whole venture in the first place, and she was playing right into his desires. He didn't bother hiding the smug grin that grew over his face, actively goading her into striking back somehow.

Of course, the arrival of his own food stamped out any chance of that happening. Not only was he utterly mortified that he'd brought them to a place that even made food like this, but it was double worse that he'd unwittingly ordered it. Then Rinni did perhaps the only thing she could have done to make it worse: she laughed.

It wasn't even quiet or refined laughter; she was giggling and guffawing raucously, to the point even Ko noticed the other patrons glancing in their direction. Ko could actually feel a vein starting to throb in his forehead. He'd always thought that was just some odd Joyan turn of phrase his Mother enjoyed.

Still, Ko couldn't exactly fight his way out of this situation. He was at least indirectly responsible for choosing this location, so all he could do was suffer the consequences. So he leaned back in his chair, fixing Rinni with a surly expression as she continued to laugh. He'd just have to weather the mild irritation until she'd laughed herself out.

Or he would have, until she called him adorable.

Him. Adorable. There wasn't a time in Ko's life that he'd take a statement like that laying down. In this case, he was especially motivated to seize revenge. His narrowed eyes focused in thought, before a devious idea came to him. Snatching up his chopsticks calmly, Ko chose his moment, quietly cutting into his egg and placing it into his mouth while he watched her continue to laugh. "Well, 'cute' as it might be, at least the taste is decent."

Finally, his chance arose. Quickly, Ko stabbed his chopsticks into the teddy bear's head, cutting it in half and picking it up in one swift move. Then, with measured intent, he leaned forward over the table and slipped the bite of flavored rice right towards Rinni's mouth. "Here, why don't you give me your opinion as well?" While his tone was devoid of any mocking lilt, the mischievous shine in his eyes betrayed his intent. He knew exactly what he was doing this time around.

#10Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Sun May 31, 2020 8:40 am

Rinni Faithe
Rinni couldn't seem to stop laughing, even as Ko gently cut into and complimented his food. And then it happened. His chopsticks stabbed viciously into the bear's head causing the girl to release a mortified gasp as she stared at her companion in utter shock. She watched as he cut the poor defenseless rice-bear's head in half popping a piece into his mouth. She was about to yell at him for his brutality of such an innocent meal when Ko took the initiative to do the unthinkable. He leaned closer to her, their eyes locking as he brought the other half to her lips!

Her face now looked like an over-sized red apple. She barely comprehended the words that followed as he was awkwardly close to her now, and the rice treat was so close to her lips a mere gasp would be all he'd need to shove it into her mouth. A tiny embarrassed whimper escaped as she pushed back against her seat. Her heart was racing once again. How was he able to do this to her so easily?

She was hyper-aware of the patrons and staff watching them. A few looked annoyed to be interrupted by their shenanigans while others were whispering about what an adorable couple they were. Couple? No way. Nope. No Ko. He was a... a...

Why couldn't she think straight around this guy?

She couldn't even formulate a proper insult!

Not wanting to look like the bad guy in front of so many people, Rinni meekly opened her mouth and accepted Ko feeding her. The flavor spread through her mouth as she chewed and she had to admit it was good. But was it worth the embarrassment? Ugh, why did she even agree to this torture? Well, it was too late now.

"It...it's g-good..." She responded in a soft nervous whisper, her eyes not leaving his, her face still apple red. There was nothing Ko could possibly do that'd be worse than this, right? She just wished it was a more private setting, like no where in view of other people. The seat seemed private enough, but the other patrons could still see them.

Man, Rinni was losing this war bad.

#11Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:12 pm

Ko Lesalt

If Ko were the sort of person to wax poetic, he might have realized that this simple lunch was becoming a turning point.  The sight of Rinni's face, cheeks puffed out in indignation, skin flushed apple red, her expression a chaotic mess of embarrassment and frustration; all of it was utterly endearing.  It had been years since Ko had enjoyed a moment like this, embracing a simple pleasure instead of drowning himself in alcohol or risking life on a battlefield.

Of course, Ko isn't that sort of man.  So to Ko, this was simply a moment where he got to enjoy flustering a young woman who was so obviously yet perplexingly infatuated with him.  When she finally took the bite of rice off of his chopsticks, the triumphant grin on his face betrayed all of the smug glee he was feeling.  The fact that he knew other patrons were watching only made it more hilarious.  

When she finally answered, and could only bring herself to offer a bland agreement rather than fire back, Ko couldn't hold it back anymore.  "Kuu..."  He tried to stifle it, making it seem like he was about to cough by covering his mouth, but the shaking of his shoulders concealed nothing.  Eventually he lost the struggle, and had to lean back in his seat as he clutched at his stomach, letting loose a bout of laughter straight from his gut.  "HAAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!  Oh gods your face is priceless!"

Though the laughter was relatively short lived, Ko still struggled to keep his composure, snickering for a long while as Rinni continued blushing.  "Ahhhh, I can't remember the last time I laughed like that..."  For the moment, Ko's defenses seemed to have dropped completely; his face was full of expression, even if it was mostly just exposing him as a bit of a mischievous ass, but the smile on his face was genuine.  So genuine that it was immediately obvious that as good as Ko was at schooling his expression, his fake smiles didn't compare.

"I wonder, if they could make this ridiculous bear taste decent, how did they do on your little dog friends?"  At this point, Ko was throwing Rinni a slow pitch, curious to see if she could muster a counter attack.  The look on his face seemed like he was just daring her to try something.

#12Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 3:43 am

Rinni Faithe
Rinni had never been so embarrassed in her life. A lot of people lost interest and returned to their own meals and conversations while a few curious patrons and waiter(esse)s continued to stare in idle curiosity at the pair that had caused a scene. The girl glanced around with her eyes, grabbed her chopsticks, and quickly began to shuffle the doggies into her mouth. Why was Ko so good at this? Why did she have to be so awkward and shy and... weak? She glared at him through red cheeks as he laughed at her expense.

"Glad to see I make you happy..." She mumbled with a mouthful of rice.

Where did Ko get off treating her like this? She honestly likes a guy, shows a bit of interest, and this is what she has to show for it. Man, she wished she was a werewolf right now. She'd go wolf on his scrawny ass and kick it from here to Worth Woodsea. If only. However, she wasn't yet and Ko held all the cards. He was clearly experienced in the field of teasing, taunting, and bullying. Whereas she was skilled at being shy and awkward. She was good with a bow, but what good would that do her here?

It was then that Ko threw her a bone. He asked her how her 'little doggie friends' taste. The wheels in her head began turning. So many ideas were formulating. But did she have the guts to do any of them? Her heart was racing as she tried to choose one. She could feed him just like he did her. But, copying him would be too easy. Maybe kissing him with the food in her mouth? No. Too gross, too embarrassing, and too risky. There was so many ways that could go wrong beginning with him liking it too much and ending with him hating her for it.

Then, it hit her. Or rather, it hit him. She picked up the remaining uneaten dog head in her hand and grinned darkly at Ko. "Here, Tiger. You tell me." She then physically smashed the riceball into Ko's face! It was then she knew. She was really in for it now. Before he could react, she took off running down the street in a fit of laughter. Even if he chased her, she was faster, there was no way he'd catch her. Though she'd love to see him try.

She was a kid... on a date... having fun.

#13Ko Lesalt 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 11:55 pm

Ko Lesalt

Honestly, Ko should have been paying more attention. It was clear that Rinni was taking his challenge seriously, wracking her brain for an idea she could use to get back at him. He could practically see the wheels turning in her head. Yet, Ko wasn't paying attention at all, because Rinni had unwittingly pointed out something incredibly distracting.

She was making him happy.

It was a simple statement, and an obvious conclusion. You don't laugh, at or with someone else, if they didn't make you happy. Sure, Ko was being a little more aggressive than most, but it wasn't as if he was embarrassing Rinni to put her down. He just found her reactions endearing; an enjoyable distraction. Never once had he considered that she was making him happy.

That was perhaps the saddest part of Ko's current state of affairs. He'd forced himself to be alone, drowning his traumatic memories, for so long that he had stopped wondering if he was happy. Unfortunately, before he could reach any kind of meaningful conclusions beyond the fact that she was right, Ko was shocked out of his musings by the sensation of rice being smooshed against his face.

The realization of what had happened hit him just as he saw Rinni hop up from her seat and take off, running away from the teahouse. Ko barely even hesitated. He scrambled a bit as he tried to get up, though he disregarded the concerned waiter that began to approach, clearly fearing an imminent 'dine and dash'. Of course, that was exactly what happened.

Ko wasn't even thinking about what he would do if he caught her. All he knew was that she'd done this with the clear intent of getting him to chase her, which meant she either wanted to be caught or was confident he couldn't catch her. Like hell Ko would turn down a challenge like that. "Oh you're in for it now, Kitten!" Though the words could have been a threat, his tone was entirely too gleeful to convey any ill intent. He sounded more like an older brother taking chase after a younger sibling.

Although, Ko immediately realized that his 'quarry' outpaced him. Easily. Embarrassingly easily, in fact. He hadn't even been chasing after her for a 15 seconds and he could see that he'd never actually catch her. Still, he couldn't help but think that being stuck running behind her wasn't an entirely unappealing prospect. At least the view was nice.

#14Rinni Faithe 

Aggressive Yelp Review [Social;Rinni] Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 8:10 am

Rinni Faithe
The Encan was laughing so hard it almost hurt as she ran away, easily staying at least 12 meters ahead of her opponent. This was the most fun she'd had since her and her brother were little and used to chase and play fight one another. It even topped the time Rinni beat her dad at Archery. And it was definitely more fun than cooking with her mom. She then remembered that Ko's mom was dead, and he had yet to mention his dad or any siblings. Maybe that's why he was alone and so grumpy and hateful. Because he had no one to show him how to be happy. This drove her into a sudden desire to be the cause of his happiness. Her heart skipped at the thought.

Was she happy? Did doing this make her happy?

Yes. Yes, it did.

Poor Winter wasn't nearly as fast as Rinni and was panting as she tried to follow her owner. At best the little six-tailed fox matched Ko's pace. Still, she tried. She tried so hard to keep up with Rinni. She made tiny panting yelps as she was left behind by her owner. Surely Rinni didn't intend to abandon her pet. She was clearly playing with Ko and had no intention of ditching him. If she had, she would have made sure her fox was with her. No, she was having fun. Perhaps too much fun. She honestly wanted to stay in this moment with the man she met on the farm forever.

Her heart was racing, but not from the run. Her face felt warm. Was she blushing again? She wasn't shy around him anymore, so why was she blushing like a schoolgirl? Her heart skipped at the realization.  Despite all her attempts to stop it. All attempts to convince herself otherwise. She was falling for Ko Lesalt. Oh, gods. Did she... love him? Or was it just a crush? A passing thing?

If she did... did he feel the same? How would she know?

It was then she decided to distract herself from such thoughts. There was no way she could flat out tell a man like Ko her feelings. He'd laugh at her for sure. I mean, on the farm he agreed with her when she called herself a stupid little girl for getting feelings for a stranger she knew nothing about. Did they know each other any better now? Probably not... maybe a little. But she knew he'd only make fun if she told him.

It was best to just keep him happy, playing their game of chase. Despite what her heart was trying to tell her. She was afraid. Not of Ko, but of the truth. Deciding it's best to hide her feelings for the moment, she disappeared around a building. Positive that her pursuer didn't see where she went, she ran back to the Teahouse and dropped some Jewels on her table to cover the meal. Before the waiter could thank her, she was gone again.

She then decided to turn the tables and hunt the hunter. Grinning, she soundlessly chased Ko, who thought he was chasing her. This would be easy. He was lucky she was only playing with him, otherwise, he'd be dead (or at least seriously hurt). She easily closed the distance between herself and him, and once she was in range, she playfully shoved him with both hands and kept running right by him!

"Gotchya, Tiger!" She laughed in an honestly cheerful tone as she was once again several meters ahead of him.

#15Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

This was embarrassing. Literally the only part of this situation that Ko appreciated was that the bystanders he was passing didn't know what was happening. If they had, he might have felt a little humiliated. As it was, only his personal pride was at stake here, and it was taking a beating.

Ko was no pushover, but he wasn't the sort to be mindlessly self-aggrandizing. He knew he wasn't the best; hell, he knew he wasn't even close. Still, he had enough pride to be a little peeved that this shy and easily flustered girl was so easily running circles around him. Sure, speed wasn't exactly Ko's biggest strength, but it was still irritating to be so easily outshone by someone he'd had in the palm of his hand earlier.

Even the snow vulpix was struggling to keep up with the woman, barely keeping stride with Ko himself. That might have softened the blow a little bit, but it wasn't much. Still, Ko couldn't deny that he was enjoying himself. He might have been an old hat at teasing people for fun, but that didn't mean he couldn't take as well as he gave. He wasn't just some violent thug, after all.

Suddenly, Rinni took a turn around a building, and by the time he and Winter arrived she was out of sight. Ko ran a hand through his hair, controlling his breathing as he tried to figure out which direction she went. Looking down at the snow vulpix, he huffed loudly. "Come here you. I don't want to catch any blame if you get lost." He stooped down and scooped the fox up, being careful not to grab her in any potentially uncomfortable spots. Last thing he needed was to get bitten.

Of course, by the time Ko had done so, his 'quarry' had managed to circle around him completely. He felt something collide with his back, shoving him momentarily off balance, before Rinni ran passed him yelling cheerfully. "Oh now you're just showing off!" His own tone was playful as well, and he showed it by picking up the chase once again, running after Rinni despite the space that she easily kept between them. "This wasn't what I had in mind when I offered you a meal you know!"

#16Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Winter made an adorable yip as she felt Ko lifting her off the ground, her back feet kicking in the middle of a run. Once she realized she wasn't going anywhere, she relaxed and allowed Ko to carry her. The little fox turned her head to lick his cheek, her tails wagging. At that moment, Rinni shoved Ko causing the fox to yelp in surprise as he staggered with her in his arms. Rinni laughed as Ko called her out for being a show-off. His tone was playful, and she realized she brought out a rare side of him.

She was starting to breathe heavily from their game of chase. She called back to him playfully, "Maybe I should call you Turtle instead!" She let out a giggle and took off around a building again. Her plan was to pull the same trick twice in a row! There was a chance it'd fail, but she was having so much fun she didn't care. So there she went, disappearing from view and sneaking up silently behind her prey.

She neared her target, and shoved him. But as she ran by, she got too close and bumped into Ko knocking them both to the ground. Poor Winter was stuck between the duo as they rolled along the street together. Rinni decided to use this moment to turn their chase into a wrestling match, in case he tried something first she could defend herself. She didn't use her full strength nor weapons, of course, as she had no interest in hurting Ko for real.

Worn out from playing so hard, they landed with Ko on top. Let's be real, she totally let him win out of pity. She was laughing and smiling so much she didn't even notice or care how this might look to others. If Ko released Winter during their tussle, the little Snow Vulpix was off to the side grooming herself to fix her messed up fur.

"I love you." Before she could stop it or even realize what she said, it was out. Her laughter stopped in a heartbeat as she realized what she said. Her heart picked up speed as she looked up at Ko in startling realization. She wanted to shove him off her and run, but she was too mortified to move.

No. This wasn't happening. He was going to make fun of her. Any minute he was going to laugh and call her some cute pet name meant to mock her. There was no way he returned any such feelings. Why the hell did she say those words for?

She was just lost in the moment, that was it. Things got crazy and... why wasn't there an undo button on life?

#17Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

The little lick on his cheek from the tiny fox was a surprise, but not unwelcome. Seemed the little thing had warmed up to him almost as fast as its owner had. Ko always did have a soft spot for pets though, so he was just a bit delighted by the prospect of inadvertently earning the fox's approval. Or maybe it was just lazy. He could work with that.

His own breath was turning a bit ragged by this point as well, as somehow this entire chase had become more tiring than his usual endurance exercises. He'd need to increase his training; Rinni's superiority in speed aside, Ko couldn't let himself languish at a substandard condition. Thankfully, Rinni seemed to have found the perfect way to motivate him. "Turtle!? I'll show you Turtle you jackrabbit!"

Properly motivated, Ko continued at full pace, trying desperately to close the distance between them. Alas, he simply didn't have the raw speed Rinni had, and before long he lost sight of her again. This time, however, Ko was on the lookout for another sneak attack. When she lunged this time, Ko moved to turn and try and meet her halfway, only to botch things and end up colliding with her bodily.

They fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs, wrestling for superiority. It was likely a ridiculous thing to watch, such mindless rough housing. But the mindlessness of it, the lack of intent or motive, let Ko enjoy it as wholeheartedly as Rinni did. For a few brief minutes, the rest of the world didn't matter, for all its painful memories and overbearing responsibilities.

When they finally settled, Ko found himself looming over Rinni, though to say he was victorious would be disingenuous. Of course, Ko was still going to claim he'd won, regardless. But, before he could speak, Rinni let lose three words that rocked him to his core.

"I love you."

Ko's gut clenched like he'd been punched, and a cold sensation seeped into his limbs. He looked just as shocked as she did, the words that escaped her without her will striking them both dumb. She couldn't possibly mean it. They'd known each other for a day; less than a day. Love doesn't happen like that except in story books. Even from Rinni vantage point, in the shade, the color in Ko's face drained away as the cold feeling in his limbs spread closer to his chest.

"Your Father was like...a Prince."

A familiar woman's face, quiet and drawn, yet beaming bright at a distant memory.

"Ah, your Mother! She captured my heart like an iron bear trap, that woman!"

A familiar man's face, bombastic and expressive, head tilted back in raucous laughter.

"Live...and be happy..."

A familiar woman's face, sunken with illness, in her last moments.

"She...she was my...monarch of moon and stars...I drowned in her eyes...I DROWNED! IN HER EYES!"

A familiar man's face, manic, eyes wide, lips stretched in a macabre grin, arms spread in exhultation.

Rinni's face, beneath him, a patchwork of stitching around her neck-


Like he'd been struck by lightning, Ko pulled himself off of Rinni, his face entirely pale. His breathing was shallow, harsh, and erratic, his heart pounding in his chest. His hands clutched at his face, visibly trembling. "No no no no not now, not now, dammit..." It had been months since this had happened last, and Ko had begun to hope he'd moved on enough. It seemed those hopes were unwarranted.

#18Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni's heart was beating out of her chest. She could feel it in her ears, and everything seemed so still. Although, it seemed Ko was just as shocked as she was. She wanted to run away so badly before he could hurt her, but she couldn't find the strength to push him away, instead, laying there waiting for him to say something. Anything. She just hoped, if he let her down, he let her down gently. She knew he could be a jerk. But something had changed during their date. He was actually sweet. Did she ruin things between them?

She stared up at him, trembling under his weight as she waited for him to move. To speak. ANYTHING. Why was he being so quiet? She was unaware of rather any passerby had been staring at them. She didn't even notice Winter sitting on the sidewalk staring at them. As she looked up at him, she could see the color drain and his eyes grow distant, as if he was looking at a ghost. Maybe he was.

What did he see as he looked at her? She was too afraid to ask. But after so long of silence she finally found her voice. "K-Ko...?" Her voice was a shaky whisper as she stared up at him. "Ko.. please... say something...."

Out of nowhere, he scrambled away from her (which was a relief as she was about to go into an anxiety attack of her own). But, despite being somewhat of a relief, it at the same time crushed her heart. He hadn't said anything. Just, climbed off her like he couldn't stand to be near her. She sat up as soon as she was free, and stared at him from her position of the ground. She felt tears welling up when he didn't look at her, answer her, acknowledge her existence.

She stood up and was about to take Winter and run away with her broken heart while it was still salvageable when something unexpected caught her attention. She heard Ko mumbling something out loud. Actually, it wasn't even a mumble as she easily understood him.

No no no no not now, not now, dammit...

What was going on? Something was wrong. She never saw anything like this though and wasn't sure what to do. The shy, awkward, and scared Rinni wanted to run away. To forget this ever happened. To just let it be a dream. Possibly the best dream of her life, up until this point. Now it was feeling more like a nightmare. Damn it, why did she say I love you?

However, she was torn within herself, as the playful, teasing, so-in-love with a boy she just met Rinni wanted to stay by his side. To comfort him. But... but how? She had no idea what to do. What to say. Ko now seemed like a broken man. He was plagued by something painful. How could she fix that?

"Ko..." She slowly approached him, her cheeks red, her heart racing. God, how she wanted to run. She hated being in situations like this. Then again, she was never in a situation like this before. It was completely new territory. And... She couldn't leave Ko. He clearly needed a friend right now. And he didn't strike her as a guy who had many. Very carefully, nervously, she put her arms around him and tried to get him to look at her.

"Ko... are... are you okay? I'm... I'm here, Tiger... I'm not going anywhere... you can... you can talk to me.... please....?" This was all she could think to say. After saying those three words broke him this baddly... she was afraid to say them again. Even if they were true.

#19Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

His blood was pounding in his ears, a rushing flood that drowned out the ambient sounds of the street. Even if he could hear the murmurings of passersby, Ko was in no condition to pay them any mind. His tremors continued, worsening as he started to fold in on himself, physically retreating from the sensations that had overtaken him.

It was always like this. The memories would wash over him in a wave, drowning him in overwhelming emotion and panic. If he didn't calm himself, soon it'd be just like he was back there again in that room, facing the monstrosity his Father had become and the abomination he'd wrought. He struggled to calm his breathing but it did nothing, each breath rushing out of him in a shudder.

Then something changed. Ko felt something warm circle around his shoulders, an unfamiliar weight that began to pull him out of his spiral. On the verge of panic he lifted his head, his own fingers still tangled in his hair, and locked eyes with Rinni. He hadn't expected it to be Rinni at all; even after all her previous behavior, he'd have expected her to turn tail and run after a display like this.

At that moment, through the turbulent storm of emotion rioting inside him, Ko felt true gratitude that she'd chosen to reach out instead. His panic waned, ever so slightly, and so Ko reached out in kind. His arms slipped around her, and pulled her in close, clinging to her like she was a life preserver. He wasn't showing any reservation now, and Rinni could feel his body shaking against her, his heart hammering in his chest as he fought to calm down.

"You're crazy. You're crazy. Who does this?" His speech was tremulous, disbelieving, barely even present. But slowly, as he held onto Rinni, burying his face into her neck, his pulse began to slow. His breathing became less erratic, though still labored, and his trembling stopped. "...Thank you." The words were mumbled, have spoken right into her shoulder, but she could hear them. His grip on her only seemed to get firmer as his tremors ceased, his embrace becoming less desperate and more meaningful.

Finally, he took a deep breath, his panicked hyperventilating having entirely ceased, and he leaned back to look at Rinni in the face again. He looked wrecked; his face was still pale, and there were bags under his eyes, but his gaze was steady. "...Well. This was embarrassing. Some Tiger I am, eh?"

#20Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
If this was any other situation, the Encan would have very well done just that. Turned tail and been gone before he realized she even left. But there was something different about Ko. Something in him that drew her in. After everything they did together in the last few hours, from awkward embarrassment to childish fun, she couldn't pull away. It was as though they were magnets, Ko negative and Rinni positive, being pulled together against all odds.

Rinni looked up at Ko with trust and compassion in her eyes as Ko finally looked at her. They locked eye contact, and she blushed but managed to resist the overwhelming urge to look away. She needed him to know she was there for him. That she cared about him. She wasn't good at expressing feelings of this magnitude... in truth, she never experienced feelings like this before. Her heart was still drumming pretty fast and hard in her chest as Ko and she gazed into each other's eyes. His fingers were tangled in his now messy (messier?) hair, his eyes wide and bloodshot, all color drained from his face. Was this why he got drunk? To stop these... panic attacks? What even was this?

Then, something unexpected happened. Ko slipped his arms around the smaller female and pulled her close. She let out a tiny gasp of surprise, her heart racing against his chest. Her face was very hot pink, and she trembled like a timid rabbit that had been captured by a wolf. It didn't last long, however. He was warm, and his embrace was strong. Probably stronger than he intended. She relaxed into his arms and had to balance on his toes for them to reach each other at a comfortable level.

She could feel the pounding against her chest and wasn't sure anymore if it was her heart or his beating so fast. To be fair, they were almost equal. He was the one trembling now, and her eyes widened in surprise. This entire time and she never seen him so broken. Her arms slid around his waist and she lightly rubbed his back, comforting him. She was well familiar with being scared or upset to the point of trembling. So she was well versed in methods of dealing with it.

She felt his face snuggling into her neck, his body quivering as they held each other. Though his grip was so tight she let out an adorable squeak. When he called her crazy and questioned her motives for doing this, she blushed as she wasn't entirely sure how to answer. "Maybe I am... crazy, I mean... but I... I couldn't leave you... when you needed me..." She whispered as she held him. She heard a muffled 'thank you' and a smile crossed her face. She nuzzled his shoulder in response.

Suddenly, something changed. His grip on her had increased the more he had calmed down. But, it no longer felt like a desperate person gripped in fear. It was different. It was less painful and more... meaningful? Loving? What was the word she was looking for here? Anyway, she found herself enjoying the feeling. It even allowed her heart to slow down until she too had been calmed.

When she felt him lean back to look at her, she managed to drop back to her heels, no longer forced to rise on her toes, as she looked up at him. His eyes had bags under them and he looked like a complete wreck but he appeared to have recovered from whatever that was. Not wanting to pressure him, she decided she'd let him tell her what was going on when he was comfortable enough to do so.

In the meantime, she'd never abandon him during an attack should he have one again in the future.

...Well. This was embarrassing. Some Tiger I am, eh?

Rinni blushed, smiling at Ko endearingly. She wanted to kiss him but was too shy to make something as bold as a first move. Then again, saying 'I love you' was a pretty unexpected first move. But she couldn't have predicted that. It just slipped out. Besides, if saying the L-word could trigger a panic attack, what would a kiss do?

Instead, she said, "Don't be silly... you'll always be my Tiger..."

#21Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

"You'll always be my Tiger."

Who was this girl? Where had she come from, that she could say these things so easily but with such conviction? When Ko had stumbled upon her in that random field, she'd been so fragile and worrisome that he'd almost dismissed her as a waste of his time. Their entire interaction had just been an excuse for him to entertain himself by teasing her. When had that motive turned from enjoyment at her expense to enjoyment at her behest?

Ko couldn't play at being oblivious anymore. It was clear as day that as much as she'd been enjoying this nebulous date, so had he. He did enjoy her, even when she wasn't quite the small, helpless thing he'd assumed she was. She was still small, and adorable, but she had a vindictive streak in her, like a strong spice that cut through all the honey. In this moment, holding her like this, Ko thought it could become addictive if he wasn't careful.

"Always, huh? That's an ambitious claim." He let one of his hand trace up her back along her spine, idly exploring the sensation of holding another person in his embrace. There was no point in pretending that's not what it was; they had both passed that point. "I just don't understand you. You seemed so innocent a few minutes ago, and now you're saying just the right things to drive me crazy."

If Ko hadn't just come down from a panic attack, he might have been more aggressive. Rinni was doing everything she could to set herself up, after all. He could see the way her eyes were flicking down to his lips, contemplating but not making the move. "What just happened, I...I'm a mess inside, Rinni. I thought I was getting better but its still there, just under the surface."

He leaned back in a bit, letting his head hang beside hers so his lips were by her ear. "Always is a lot to offer when you don't know what you're getting." It was clear what Ko was doing; he was giving her a chance to back out. Even if his arms hadn't slackened at all, and he was still holding her close, he was giving her a chance. After that? Who knew?

#22Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
She shivered slightly as his hand explored her spine, giving her chills. She was still blushing heart racing. Was this even real? She wasn't sure. But whatever it was, she honestly didn't want it to end as she kept her arms around his waist, clutching at him for dear life as if afraid he'd disappear if she let go. She couldn't stop looking at him. As if looking away for a moment would cause him to vanish. She trembled slightly in his arms, as if scared, but not of him. She couldn't explain what was happening. It was all so fast and her head was spinning trying to make sense of it all.

"Innocent...? Me? I... I think I'm passed those days..." She said awkwardly, her mind returning to the one simple truth. She was changing. Rather for better or worse. And she needed Ko as much as he needed her to get through this. "I... I don't understand any of this... myself..."

Her breathing was erratic but not heavy. She was so scared right now and unsure of anything. When Ko began to express the cause for his break down, she realized he had some sort of trauma he had been dealing with. Was it his mom? She wondered but didn't pry. Just looking up at him, listening. Her fingers idly traced his back without her even realizing she was doing it. It was just so natural. "Whatever... whatever you're going through... you don't have to go through it alone anymore. We'll get through it together..."

As he leaned in closer, her heart skipped. It was racing once more, drumming in her ears. Her breathing was in quick shallow breaths and his voice in her ear gave her chills. She wanted to laugh at his words. He was offering her a chance to back out. One last opportunity to run before it's too late. But, that wasn't what she wanted. They were two sides of the same coin. She could see that, even if he couldn't.

"You're... you're getting a wild beast..." She stated, referring to becoming a werewolf. "Do you honestly think I'm afraid of what I'm getting? In truth... you should be the one who's afraid..."

#23Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

Together. There was something Ko had never considered. Ever since that awful night, Ko had been struggling to carry the burden of what had happened on his own. He'd lost anyone who could have helped shoulder it, after all. In truth, he felt guilty even considering letting Rinni help him through his problem. It seemed horribly selfish to do so.

Then again, who said she had to know what had happened? Who said she had to know what he'd done? If she was willing to help bring him back when the memories took hold of him, why should he turn her away? Yes, it was selfish to think that way, but Ko had been struggling alone for so long. Rinni had unknowingly thrown a drowning man a line; there was no way he wouldn't find a reason to take it.

Her reasoning that he, also, didn't know what he was getting made him chuckle. It wasn't loud, more of a rumble in his chest, but it was there. That was an amusing thought, that she might be just as messed up as he was someday. "I don't know...a cute young lady like you, with the spirit of a wild beast? I can think of a few reasons why that wouldn't be so bad..." He whispered into her ear, getting back into the spirit of teasing her once again. If nothing else, he now had a plethora of new methods to tease her he couldn't have used before.

Just to make his point, he gave the same ear a quick nip before he finally pulled back, letting Rinni see the smug grin back on his face. His pallor seemed to be abating as well, restored along with his previous mood. "Well, I gave you a chance, Kitten. Since you just can't seem to turn me away, I guess I've got to take responsibility."

#24Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
I don't know...a cute young lady like you, with the spirit of a wild beast? I can think of a few reasons why that wouldn't be so bad...

His chuckle combined with those words was enough to cause a tiny yip to escape her lips as she began to blush furiously. He was back to his old self, it seemed. But now that she was, what? His girlfriend? That sounded right. Now that she was his actual girlfriend, he seemed to take his teasing to a new level, adding flirts and innuendos to his choice of words. She squirmed a little in his arms as embarrassment set in. She felt the heat rising from her neck up.

Was this what all relationships felt like? Or were they just unique? Either way, she secretly enjoyed the way he made her feel. Even when he teased her. Maybe, especially when he teased her. His voice in her ear had her heart racing so hard she thought it'd explode in her chest. When he gently nipped at her ear she gasped in surprise, and when he pulled away to look at her properly, she released a tiny whimper of disappointment, successfully embarrassing herself even more.

She quickly tried to avert the conversation away from her embarrassment by responding to his next statement (despite being cherry red). "Responsibility, huh? You gonna put me on a leash and take me for walks when I turn?" She returned his grin with a cheeky, yet shy smile of her own. She had no idea the kind of ammunition she just gave her boyfriend to use against her. This was the start of a very awkward, intense, and interesting relationship.

Winter yawned and looked at the sky. It was way passed lunch and turning dark as the evening was coming to a close. She walked over and circled both their legs in an attempt to get their attention. It was close to if not after, dinner time, and the little fox was hungry. As she caressed their legs in a circle, much like a cat, she accidentally pushed them closer (if that's possible at this point). Rinni bounced up on her toes thanks to her little companion and almost kissed Ko.

The problem?

She was too short and couldn't quite reach.

The embarrassment just seemed to continue.

#25Ko Lesalt 

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Ko Lesalt

If Rinni had been any other woman, Ko would have taken a comment involving leashes on the first date as a sign to run for the hills. Luckily for Rinni, it was clear to Ko that she was making any intentional innuendos. Unfortunately, that also made it twice as funny. Ko had to pull away a bit to stifle his laughter, struggling to decide whether or not he'd hold this against Rinni.

Ultimately, saving it as ammunition for some other day seemed like the best option. Maybe he'd bring it up and embarrass her in front of one of her friends. That thought definitely warmed his shriveled little heart a bit too much. "What I'm hearing is that we need to go shopping for a collar. I guess I know what we can do for date number two, then." Well, he would tease her too much about it.

Though Ko could feel Winter getting antsy, he wasn't expecting the small fox's antics to suddenly push Rinni further towards him, her face jutting up at him. If he'd been stooped like he had been previously, she'd be in a very compromised position. This, Ko couldn't resist taking advantage of. "What's this? Going for a kiss on the first date, Kitten? I thought you were moving fast with the hand-holding."

Unfortunately for Rinni, Ko's lessons on politeness didn't extend to situations like this. In this case, Ko found himself in a position to take advantage, and he saw no reason not to. She was the one who approached him, after all. With one hand supporting the small of her back, Ko leaned down that extra distance and gave Rinni the kiss she seemed to be asking for. It was quick, over in a moment, but it still had the tips of Ko's ears turning red. "Gotta save something for next time."

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